At Dusk


A series of notes find themselves on Brad Keselowski’s doorstep, bringing forth a strange new feeling for the Sprint Cup Series Champion – fear. As the events unwind himself, Keselowski finds himself faced with new fears and challenges that he never thought were imaginable.

Chapters 1 Thru 5

Chapters 6 Thru 10

Chapters 11 Thru 15

Chapters 16 Thru 18


Summary: Brad Keselowski remembered the day that he fell in love with Juliette Daniels clearly. He also remembered the day that they broke up. Though she came crawling back to him, needing his help as she wrote a series of letters. He would easily crave, helping her escape the madness that invaded her life.

Through the process, the pair rekindled the relationship of the past. But yet again, it wasn’t meant to be as there came a day where she packed her bags, and left – without much to say.

Now as Brad looks towards the future, there’s questions that surround his thoughts as to what happened. But most importantly – will he ever get the life that he wants with Juliette? Follow Brad and Juliette through a journey that includes love, fights, drama and a touch of business outside of reality.

This is the sequel to The Mysterious Letter and given the way this story is set to head, you may want to read that one first so you understand the past.

Chapters 1 Thru 5

Chapters 6 Thru 10

Chapters 11 Thru 15

Chapters 16 Thru 20

Chapters 21 Thru 25

Chapters 26 Thru 29


She’s a vampire. He’s a werewolf. Having weathered the storm that started their relationship, Juliette Daniels and Brad Keselowski are set to move forward into the new season together. They are also looking to expand their personal lives, but that is something that will challenges within themselves, and in the eyes of others

Chapters 1 Thru 5

Chapters 6 Thru 10

Chapters 11 Thru 15

Chapters 16 Thru 20

Chapters 21 Thru 25

Chapters 26 Thru 30

Chapters 31 Thru 35

Chapters 36 Thru 40

Chapter 41: Martinsville

Chapter 42: Texas

Chapter 43: Thanksgiving

Chapter 44: Las Vegas

Chapter 45: After The Lap

Chapter 46: Post-Banquet Party

Chapter 47: Post Holiday Talk

Chapter 48: Future Plans

Chapter 49: Holiday Planning

Chapter 50: Holiday Planning Part 2

Chapter 51: The Proposal

Chapter 52: Christmas

Chapter 53: Testing in Las Vegas

Chapter 54: Media Day

Chapter 55: The Proposal

Chapter 56: Proposal Part 2

Chapter 57: Full Moon Impulses

Chapter 58: Daytona Dreaming

Chapter 59: Melody’s Escape

Chapter 60: Cam-Am Duels

Chapter 61: Daytona 500


Summery: With a daughter, a truck series team to run and a full race season of his own, it’d seem that Brad Keselowski has his hands full already. So what happens when you throw in planning a wedding with his vampirish fiancée Juliette Daniels?  

This is the fourth story in the “At Dusk” series, following after “The Mysterious Puppies”.

 Chapter 1: Atlanta

Chapter 2: Las Vegas

Chapter 3: Off-Week

Chapter 4: Melody Concerns

Chapter 5: Wedding Planning

Chapter 6: Dress Decision

Chapter 7: Melody

Chapter 8: “Are you kidding me?”

Chapter 9: Parental Discussion

Chapter 10: “We need to talk”

Chapter 11: Talladega Disaster

Chapter 12: Post Bite Scare

Chapter 13: “It looks like you’ve seen a ghost…”

Chapter 14: 400

Chapter 15: “Necessary Conversation”

Chapter 16:  Winstar 400

Chapter 17: Axaltra Pocono 400

Chapter 18: “Are you ready?”

Chapter 19: Chylder’s Approval

Chapter 20: A Wolf’s Tradition

Chapter 21: “Please hear the plea….”


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