The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story

With having been together now for two years, Sarina Ott has watched herself grow closer and closer with each passing day to the love of her life, Chase Elliott. While previously purely independent, dead set focused on her future and leaving the past where it belonged, she now finds herself living in the moment and not wanting to change a single thing.

But of course, her life is never without drama – but that’s to be expected with Chase’s career, her own career driving for Kyle Busch, and a family background that’d make you cringe. As the couple embarks and plans a future together, they can only guess what’s next 

This is the sequel to Short Track Lovin’. You don’t need to read the previous story to understand this one, but it would help you see their background.

Chapter 1: Christmas Eve

Chapter 2: Merry Christmas

Chapter 3: First Time

Chapter 4: “Are you ready?”

Chapter 5: “I just want to apologize…”

Chapter 6: “What are you doing here?”

Chapter 7: New Year’s Eve Party

Chapter 8: “There’s no way.”

Chapter 9: “I feel every part of me just ripped apart.”

Chapter 10: Vacation Time!!

Chapter 11: “I’m touched, really. You would do that for me?”

Chapter 12: His & Her Surprise

Chapter 13: “I’m not running, ever.”

Chapter 14: “Do I need to spell it out for you?”

Chapter 15: “You May Have Opened Pandora’s Box”

Chapter 16: “I should’ve just left it alone.”

Chapter 17: “Oh, so you think I can’t drive in the snow?”

Chapter 18: “Are you saying I’m crazy, Chase?”

Chapter 19: Fan Day

Chapter 20: “I don’t need babying!”

Chapter 21: “I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”

Chapter 22: Media Day

Chapter 23: Running Late

Chapter 24: Chilly Willy

Chapter 25: Surprise Success

Chapter 26: Qualifying Day

Chapter 27: Chilly Willy 150

Chapter 28: “Did you tell them to mind their own business?”

Chapter 29: California Bound

Chapter 30: “Just tell me what’s going on.”

Chapter 31: Winter Showdown

Chapter 32: “There’s no fun in that.”

Chapter 33: “Chase, are you okay?”

Chapter 34: General Tire 200

Chapter 35: Advance Auto Parts Clash

Chapter 36: “This is classified information”

Chapter 37: Media Day

Chapter 38: “Are you sure we went the right way?”

Chapter 39: Can-Am Duels

Chapter 40: NextEra Energy Resources 250

Chapter 41: Powershares QQQ 300

Chapter 42: Daytona 500

Chapter 43: “Are you sure you want to see that?”

Chapter 44: Active Pest Control 200

Chapter 45: Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500

Chapter 46: “Shelley is ready to torment with both of us.”

Chapter 47: Stratosphere 200

Chapter 48: “Are you kidding me?!?”

Chapter 49: Pennzoil 400

Chapter 50: Their Getaway

Chapter 51: “I’d do it all over again.”

Chapter 52: “I would rather talk about penalties over this all day.”

Chapter 53: Auto Club 400

Chapter 54: Snake….

Chapter 55: “Are you flipping kidding me?!?”

Chapter 56: “Someone doesn’t look happy.”

Chapter 57: “You’re never going to get away with this…”

Chapter 58: The Aftermath

Chapter 59: Martinsville Double

Chapter 60: Some Time Away

Chapter 61: “So about this weekend….”

Chapter 62: North/South SLM Challenge

Chapter 63: O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

Chapter 64: “I can’t do this…”  

Chapter 65: “How did you know?” 

Chapter 66: Zombie 150

Chapter 67: Food City 500

Chapter 68: Food City 500 (Con’t)

Chapter 69: Second, Again

Chapter 70: Geico 500

Chapter 71: “That can’t be true, Rudy…..”

Chapter 72: JEGS 200

Chapter 73: “Guilty or Not Guilty?”

Chapter 74: 37 Kind Days 250

Chapter 75: KC Masterpiece 400

Chapter 76: “I could easily take this off, and enjoy it all…

Chapter 77: NC Education Lottery 200

Chapter 78: The Charlotte Double

Chapter 79: Coca-Cola 600

Chapter 80: Pocono Double