Beautiful Nightmare


Summery: Denny Hamlin played the playboy lifestyle in NASCAR – to the point that he had a book with a girl for each track. Though in the blink of an eye, all ended – on the heels of a girl named Diane Chainwood. She captured his heart and there was no way that he could turn back to the life he knew prior.

But what happens when the life he thought he’d have with her doesn’t go as planned?

Based on the song “Beautiful Nightmare” by Skylar Gray

Author’s Note: A couple years ago during champion’s week, the drivers played the newlywed game. It was mentioned something along the lines of Hamlin having “a little black book” and nobody wanting their daughter to date him. That’s where the inspiration for this came, despite how he’s grown and changed with Jordan and Taylor.

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Chapter 1: Can’t Let Go

Chapter 2: Keeping Busy

Chapter 3: Sleepless Nights

Chapter 4: Sleeplesss Nights Con’t

Chapter 5: Continued Nightmares

Chapter 6:  Tired @ Work