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~*~ Ryan Reed & Devon Aspray ~*~

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The series focuses on the love of one Ryan Reed and Devon Aspray. The pair had an interesting road of how they initially met, and will go through a journey of emotions together as the stories unfolds.

~*~ A Cowboy’s Chance ~*~

Lance Zeeko got the chance of a lifetime – he was hired by Brad Keselowski Racing to run their late model, as well as some Camping World Truck Series races throughout the course of the 2014 season.

Emma Blaney found herself in the eyes of many – after all, she was the brother of BKR’s truck series star Ryan Blaney and daughter of Dave Blaney. In the midst of her life, she found her balancing fashion endeavors, as well as keeping tab on the family’s racing.

What happens when Emma and Lance cross paths? Will they fall in love? And what will those around them think of their love?

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~*~ A Night Out ~*~

What happens when Chad Knaus is persuaded to go out with the crew guys, and comes across a girl that he can’t resist? This story is set to the song If We Ever Meet Again by Timberland and Katy Perry. Click here to read the story


Denny Hamlin played the playboy lifestyle in NASCAR – to the point that he had a book with a girl for each track. Though in the blink of an eye, all ended – on the heels of a girl named Diane Chainwood. She captured his heart and there was no way that he could turn back to the life he knew prior. But what happens when the life he thought he’d have with her doesn’t go as planned? Click here to read the story


Ryan Blaney has been talking to this girl that he met via twitter for the past six months, and they have gotten really close. They have gotten to the point that they sharing feelings for each other, and at times, calling each other a significant other. However, the pair have yet to meet each other, video chat or talk on the phone. They only trade messages via twitter DM and text.

Ryan’s best friend Darrell Wallace Jr. and his sister Emma Blaney think that he is totally being catfished, while Chase Elliott is willing to give his friend the benefit of the doubt. For everyone involved, they are ready to get to the bottom of it – and Darrell makes a call to get that process started. Click here to read the story

~*~A Proposal~*~

Summery: After spending dating for almost two years, Lance Zeeko knew that it was time for that crucial part of his relationship – it was time to propose to Emma Blaney. He didn’t want to rush it, but he wanted to do it before he headed home for the holidays. It was just a matter of balancing it all together. This is the sequel to “A Cowboy’s Chance”.

The second half of this story will be based on the song “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. Click here to read “A Proposal”

~*~A Season’s Quest~*~

Summery: After a successful season, Lance Zeeko is set for his second full-time season behind the wheel of Brad Keselowski Racing’s truck. Meanwhile, life is busy outside of the truck as he is freshly engaged to Emma Blaney. How will he balance racing full-time while in love? Stay tuned.

This is the sequel to “A Cowboy’s Chance” and follows suit with the off-season tale “A Proposal”.You do not need to read each of the previous stories to understand the storyline, but please note that they do detail how the pair got together and engaged, in which will be referenced to in this story. Click here to read “A Season’s Quest”

~*~At Dusk~*~

She’s a vampire. He’s a werewolf. Neither are supposed to be near each other with that set in mind based on the parameters and history. However, they have feelings for each other and aren’t set to let anything stand in their way.

Click here to read the series


They say not to mesh past relationships and work together. So when Angela Lockson was named Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s crew chief, why is a surprise that there was drama? Click here to read the story

~*~Racing Royalty~*~

Click the link above to read a special, royal series that features Dale Earnhardt Jr., Earnhardt’s own special Queen, Chase Elliott and the rest of the gang that you know you love. (crappy summery, sorry)

Stories Featured: Flight 88, Mayday #9, The Runaway, Moving Forward, Chasing the Love


Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne both know the thrill of going flat-out on the streets, and so far both of them have done a good job keeping it under wraps. But what happens when the two of them cross paths on the drag strip?

This is the official crossover between supercarXS’s story The Run and ladybugprincess8848’s The Street Racing Stig. Check them out if you like this one! We loved coming up with this idea and hope you guys enjoy! Click here to read the story


Summery: Chase Elliott has a crush on a fellow short track racer that he has watched over the years – Sarina Ott. They had talked a couple of times, but nothing beyond that.

Read the story by clicking here.

With having been together now for two years, Sarina Ott has watched herself grow closer and closer with each passing day to the love of her life, Chase Elliott. While previously purely independent, dead set focused on her future and leaving the past where it belonged, she now finds herself living in the moment and not wanting to change a single thing.

But of course, her life is never without drama – but that’s to be expected with Chase’s career, her own career driving for Kyle Busch, and a family background that’d make you cringe. As the couple embarks and plans a future together, they can only guess what’s next 

This is the sequel to Short Track Lovin’. You don’t need to read the previous story to understand this one, but it would help you see their background.

Click here to read the story


Summery: Now engaged, Willow Salone is set to move forward into the next chapter of her life with Tony Stewart. But, it won’t be as easy as she thinks as the demons still lie in the shadowsThis is the sequel to Winter Dreams, and based on the song Demons by Imagine Dragons. 

Read the story by clicking here

~*~ The Roller Coaster Ride ~*~

Click the link above to read the series

Summery: From abusive relationships to a mystery daughter to a mob princess of a fiance, you could say that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in for a roller coaster ride as he deals with everything life throws his way. Follow the journey of Dale Jr., along with his lover Lindsay and daughter Angelica as they fight through everything

Click here to read the series

~*~Tales From The Street~*~

Summery: If the streets of North Carolina and California could tell stories, these are the stories that they would tell about the antics of Jimmie Johnson, Candiss Vanders and Ron Malec.

Click here to read the series



Fallen in love completely with the most unexpected guy of her dreams, Willow Salone reflects back on how her relationship has evolved with Tony Stewart in the past three to four months.

This story is based on the song Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song) by Kelly Clarkson

Read the full story by clicking here


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