Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 29

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“You do realize that you didn’t need to give me the perfect flight usher in to Georgia, right?” Sarina questions as they pull up to the house.


Chase chuckles, knowing that he may have gone overboard – but he wanted to make things perfect. He had been spending the past couple of days in Georgia and with Sarina coming in on Christmas Eve, he spared nothing on her arrival. He personally flew out to North Carolina to pick her up, followed by flying to Georgia and driving up to his parent’s house.


“Well I called Santa and asked if he could pick you up on the way, but he said that the sleigh was full with toys for all the good little boys and girls,” Chase informs her as he pulls up behind his mom’s car in the driveway. He then shuts the truck off before glancing over at Sarina. “The next best thing was settling for picking you up myself.”


“Well as I said, I appreciate it so thank you,” she replies before getting out of the truck. They then walk towards the house together, holding hands, as Sarina finds herself locked in her thoughts. She had been trying to avoid them since accepting Chase’s offer a coule days prior. “I just hope that your parents like me.”


“Mom offered her reaction that day at the track and didn’t seem to have a problem. My dad was very accepting of you driving for the team, and even had no issues following the Snowball Derby DQ despite those worries.” Chase then stops and grabs her hand, causing her to face him and look directly into his eyes. “You have nothing to worry about so wipe those worries away and enjoy this time together.” He then leans in and kisses her lips as she gives him a quick smile, though the worry still remained under the surface.


“I hope you’re right, Chase. It’s just this is different. We’re actually coming out as a coup-”


“It’ll be fine. Come on.” He then leads her up the steps to the front door, opening and entering the house.


He helps her slip off her jacket as she slips her shoes off, before they head into the main living room. Their appearance in the room immediately catches the attention of the pair of parents on the couch, as they look back to see Sarina standing there. Chase had said that he was going to pick up a friend and bringing her for Christmas, but were given no other details as to what their son had in mind.


“Sarina, what a surprise!” Bill immediately comments first as he looks at the girl, before glancing at Chase with a glance of surprise. He had accepted the offer solely based on the girl’s credentials. He had no idea that the pair was actually as close as they seemed to be. He wondered whether that complicated things, or he was overanalyzing things.


“It’s nice to see you too, Bill,” Sarina simply comments with a smile as she shakes his hand. She then gives Chase a nervous glance, not feeling totally confident in Bill’s reaction as they sit down on the couch together.


“Chase mentioned that he was picking up a girl to bring home for Christmas. I never expected it to you, though.” Sarina takes a nervous deep breath, wanting to run away and hide in that moment. Each reaction that she received was making her regret accepting this.


“I have to admit – I should’ve been more honest and open with you that Chase and I were together before accepting the offer and such to drive for the team next year. I do apologize for how we went about that. However, I wasn’t comfortable at that point with discussing the possibilities surrounding the relationship. I’m sorry, and I understand if it changes things.” Chase takes a deep breath, hoping that this discussion would soon be over as he wasn’t sure they were ready to take a step in explaining why they made the decisions that they had made. It certainly wouldn’t be easy explaining Sarina’s history.


“I’m going to be honest, even though I should be understanding with the holidays. It does add a whole other layer to the discussion, and curiosity as to how much Chase wanted you to drive the late model next year. It certainly has me thinking a lot right now. However, I accepted based on your credentials as a driver and for that reason, I am not going to go against that. As far as you both being together, I haven’t quite decided how I feel yet.” Sarina shakes her head slowly, understanding, with a slight sigh. Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to come out with a relationship given that Bill wasn’t as open as she thought he’d be.


“I understand your perspective, Bill. I didn’t expect you to automatically accept us being together. I knew that it was going to take some time, obviously.”


“I can assure you that you don’t need to worry about her intentions Dad,” Chase interrupts the pair. “But I also understand what you’re saying.” Cindy couldn’t help but smile as she watched the pair, giggling to herself. She knew that the motorcoach visit was probably the start of something as she had expected to find out about a relationship at some point. “Mom, you’re quiet.”


“I’m just watching you guys with a smile on my face,” Cindy comments. “I think Sarina is a great lady and it’s nice to see you both find that special connection in each other. It seems that you have lots in common and it’s great to have someone to spend time with. I take it that she’ll be enjoying some more race sights in the future?” Chase’s cheeks start to go red immediately by her comment, catching the reference immediately as Sarina wanted to bury her head and run away.


“Mom, I told you the truth that day,” he instills. “There was nothing goin-”


“Oh I know there was nothing going on that day, Chase. I believe you. But I knew that it was probably the kick off to something going on in the future based on the chemistry between you both.” Bill then looks at Cindy with a shocked glance, before looking over at the pair and back at his wife.


“You knew?” Bill questions as Cindy laughs.


“The mother always knows before the father as she knows the signs to watch for,” Cindy concludes. “As I said, I didn’t know – but I suspected that there would be something. It was obvious to see that they had some sort of connection by how easily they could hang out together and talk about everything. You could also tell that they wanted to spend time together as they would squeeze in conversations together all over. Do I need to go on?” Bill shakes his head no, but found himself in his own thoughts. Why was he the only person who hadn’t figured it out before now?


“Well, rather then dwell on my thoughts, why don’t we play a couple games?”


“Games?” Chase and Sarina question with intrigue as Cindy smiles.


“Let’s just say that your mother was out the other day and found some Christmas based board games that she thought would be fun for us to play on Christmas Eve,” Bill states as Chase glances over at his mother, surprised.


“It’ll give us a chance to get to know Sarina more,” Cindy comments as she stands up and heads over to where she had stored the games. “Besides, it could be fun.”



A Proposal – Chapter 4

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“So, was dinner everything that you expected?” Lance asks as he glances back at Emma.


“It was perfect,” she answers as she leans in and grabs a kiss. “Thank you once again. It was the perfect release from a long hard day.” Lance then unlocks the door, glancing back at her.


“I’m glad that you had fun. I thought it’d be perfect. Now, how about we have a nice relaxing night together?” She then smiles as she opens the door and heads inside first. Her jaw immediately drops as she looks around the room.


“Lance?” He then smiles as he follows inside behind her, closing the door.


The afternoon had consisted of Ryan and him decorating the apartment with photos from throughout the relationship, along with some cue cards that included favourite moments that they had between them. Emma glanced from card to photo to card, reading some of the moments and taking in the photos, finding herself in total awe of the memories from the past two years.


Once Lance and Emma had left the restaurant, Lance had sent Ryan a text for him to go by the apartment and put the final piece together. Ryan had laid a series of battery-powered candles throughout the room underneath the balloons that held the photos and cue cards in the air, lighting up the display with a romantic display.


“Lance?” Emma questions once again as she looks back at him.


“I wanted to show you how much I love you and appreciate you,” he tells her before pulling her in and kissing her lips. “We never got to celebrate our anniversary of getting together earlier this year, and I felt bad. You’ve stuck by me throughout this whole season, the highs and the lows, and I wanted to thank you for that. So therefore I came up with this beautiful set-up…with some help, of course.” She then places another kiss on his lips.


“It’s beyond stunning. Thank you so, so, so much. You’re certainly special.” He then glances back to the cue cards and photos, watching her closely as she shifts through them.


“What’s your favourite?” She shook her head as she glanced around at the different images that he had displayed, along with the written cue cards throughout the room.


“I can’t just choose one, Lance. There’s so many throughout the room.” She then moves towards a photo on the wall, smiling as she remembered that day in September a couple years ago. “I remember when you unveiled the truck to me that weekend for Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. I stood there in disbelief in watching how you had put the boutique logo on the tailgate.” He then smiles as he wraps his arms around her and holds her close.


“You deserved it for what you had done for me that weekend. Read the cue card….” Emma then moves closer to the photo, removing the cue card that hung on to the balloon with the photo. She then unfolds it, smiling immediately as she recognized the handwriting.


“I am not the person to give up on dreams easily. You’ve heard that numerous times. However, there was a time that where I so focused on my frustration that I didn’t even think that I could do something. But yet, here you stepped in and helped me. You stood up and told me that I shouldn’t let anything stop me, but yet I should do something about it. You put the pieces in motion for me to do something that I wanted to do…..”


“You can take a couple hundred dollars off of that total already,” Emma states as she walks into the room, placing a couple pieces of paper in front of him. “Consider this my way of helping you in the way that I can.” Lance looks at her confused, before picking up the pieces of paper. He then looks over them, surprise written over his face as to what she had planned.

“Emma, you didn’t have to do this,” he tells her as he looks over at her. “You need these profits to maintain the shop.”

“Business has been really good lately that our profits are higher than what it costs to maintain,” Emma explains, opening her business book up to the accounting pages. “I can afford to give up a week’s profit to help you make this happen.”

“100% positive?” Emma shakes her head yes.

“You just better be there on Monday to help boost sales. If I can help get you at least some of the money, that takes it off your shoulders in all that you’re doing.”

“I love you.” He then leans over and kisses her lips.

“I love you, too.”


“…….That weekend, I was able to accomplish a dream – racing in a NASCAR race for the first time on home turf,” Emma continues reading the cue card. “As I remember, it turned out successfully with a top-five finish, too. However, that part doesn’t matter. The part that mattered was being able to accomplish the dream, being able to do that, and everything that went into it. Thank you so much. I cannot tell you even to this day how grateful I am for that experience. Thank you.” She then looks over at him with a smile. “Awww Lance….”


“I mean every word that I wrote there,” he tells her as he pulls her close and kisses her lips once again. “You are amazing and I am totally grateful for everything. Thank you.” She then glances back at the cue card.


“Can I keep the cue card?” He shakes his ehad yes as he glances around the room.


“Tomorrow, if you want, we can take each of these down and put them in a scrapbook together. It could be our memory scrapbook together.” She then smiles, shaking her head in agreement. It would certainly be a special way to savor this as she didn’t want to let any of these moments go.


“Why do we have to wait till tomorrow to do this?” He then kisses her lips once again as he runs his hands along her lips.


“Tonight is about making this a nice and relaxing night for you after a busy day at the shop. Tonight is about us spending time together and having our own version of fun.” She then leans in and kisses his lips lightly as she runs her hands up underneath his shirt.


“I have no problem with doing that as I can’t resist you at all.” He then smiles as he runs his hands through her hair.


“Face it – you’ve never been able to resist me.” She then laughs as she glances towards one of the photos – the pair cuddling at the apartment on an afternoon, which was meant as the perfect reflection back to their first time together.


“I think we discovered that in one of our first moments together…..”


“Are you okay? Are you sure about this?” He asks and she shakes her head yes as she slips off his shirt.

“When I told you that I was ready for this, I meant it,” she assures him. “I even stuck up for your ass about it in front of my brother so you better make it worth my while.” Lance then looks at her completely surprised by her words.

“If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable, don’t be afraid to tell me,” he tells her. “I won’t be mad at you. I want to do this on your terms.” She shakes her head agreeing as he undoes the button while she reaches for his. She then begins slipping the jeans down his legs, before pulling them right off as he lifts his butt up the couch a little.

“Is it wrong that I’m staring somewhere?” He then chuckles as he slips her pants off. “Do girls normally do…that…their…first…time?”

“Of course, because it’s something new and it’s going inside of them. I don’t blame you for looking.” He then grabs her hand lightly and places it on the waistband of his boxers. “Of course, you’d get a better view if you do something first.”

“This is true.” She then slips his boxers off, slowly, before tossing them with his jeans. He then follows suit in taking her underwear off as the pair lay on the couch naked together. “It feels so good to lay like this with our skin touching together. It just feels…..sweet…romantic….”

“Brings us closer together more than you believed possible?” She shakes her head yes.

“I never thought meeting you that day at the shop or being at New Smyrna with you that we’d get to this.”

“Sometimes you have to take chances and see where life leads you. I took the chance by accepting the contract from Brad and moving down here away from my family. You took the chance on seeing me. Life is about taking chances and having no regrets.”

“You honestly have no regrets?” Lance shrugs his shoulders as there were a couple things that he always thought back on, wishing they were different. “Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing with opening my own fashion business. Sometimes when sales are down and things are hectic, I wonder if I’ve dug a hole too deep.”

“I can assure that you haven’t as your business is spectacular and you’re doing a great job.”

“Why, thank you. I appreciate that, and you’re doing a great job behind the wheel as well.”

“Well thank you. Now, are you ready for the next step?” She looks at him confidently and shakes her head yes. “That’s great….because I was worried that I went shopping last night for no reason.” He then reaches down to where his jeans were, reaching in the pocket and pulling out a condom. “I don’t want to get you pregnant. Your brother may kill me.” Emma chuckles lightly, knowing that Lance was probably right, as he slips it on himself. “And that whole pull out at the right time theory – don’t trust it. You never know when the right time is.” He then slips up off the couch and holds out her hand before leading her to the bedsroom. He then lays her down with him, before slipping himself slowly inside of her. “If it’s a little tight, that’s natural for the first time. If it hurts though, tell me and I’ll stop.”

“I trust you – stop trying to assure me or make sure that I’m ready.”

“Yes dear.” He then begins to move himself inside of her as a small moan escapes her lips.


“Rather than dreaming back to that moment, why don’t we go make some more magic of our own?” Lance offers with a curious grin as he leads her to the bedsroom.


“I thought you’d never offer….” She retorts as she easily accepts without any objections.

Lost, Dazed & Confused – Chapter 7

I hope one day I am stronger than I feel
And I hope that it feels different than today

Following the disappointing news, Devon had to admit that it was tough to get into the Christmas spirit.


It was tough watching all the other parent search through the toy isles for those special gifts without being able to have a child of her own. It was tough to shop for her cousins with that burden on her shoulders.


She wondered how long the pain would last on her shoulders, or whether it’d be something that’d continue forever.


It also was tough to get into the spirit of giving and everything with a level of pain on her shoulders that wanted to make her crawl up in a hole.


Was that something that’d last forever? Or would she be able to find the happiness that she knew before?


Letting out a sigh as she sat around the tree with Ryan’s family, she felt that pity grow more in watching his little cousins crowd around the tree, ripping into presents and take in the joys of the season.


A glance from Ryan and she simply offered a small smile, not wanting to worry everybody else with her feelings. That was something that she wanted to keep private just between her and Ryan. How could she ruin everybody else’s Christmas?


“Devon….Devon….” She hears a small voice as one of the younger cousins runs towards her with a package. “This was under the tree for you. It say from Ryan.” Devon simply accepts the package, glancing over at Ryan whom simply smiles in return.


“I wonder what Ryan got me…” She thinks out loud as she looks towards the box on her lap. She then tears into the wrapping paper carefully, revealing a box beneath the paper.


“This is something special that I’d gotten for you awhile back,” he offers with a kiss. “And I threw in a surprise, as well.” She then smiles back in return, pushing every bit of feelings surrounding the news over the past couple of days that had formed.


“What is it?” His cousin questions as she opens the box. She couldn’t hide the smile that was forming on her face as she noticed the gold chain inside of the box with a peridot stone at the end of it. “Is it green?”


“Yes, it is. That’s my birthstone.” The little girl then looks at her confused.


“Birthstone?” Devon then looks up from the package.


“Each month of the year is represented by a stone. I was born in August so I have the peridot.” The little girl looks at her slightly confused and then over at her mother.


“I born in March…” She then looks back at Devon. “What am I?” Devon thinks it over, trying to remember all of the birthstones.


“Aquamarine,” Karla cuts in with the answer. “It’s a beautiful light blue color, just like the ocean. Perhaps we can get you a necklace with your stone, okay?”


“Yay!” The little girl then goes back over to the tree to search for more gifts as Devon stares back at her necklace in awe. She then noticed the earrings that were in the box with it, also containing her birthstone.


“This is beautiful Ryan,” she tells him as she looks over at him. “Thank you very much.” She then leans in and kisses his lips. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” he offers. “I love you. I hope you enjoy them both.”


“I’ll wear the necklace everyday.” She then pulls the necklace out of the box, opening it and placing it around her neck. Ryan then reaches over to help clasp it close.


“It looks beautiful on you.” She then looks back into the box, noticing that the movement of the foam had caused it to come up and reveal some papers underneath. She reaches for the papers when Ryan places a hand on top of hers. “Let’s save this for later when we’re alone. It’s something special for you and me.” She then looks at him curiously, but simply accepts. Knowing Ryan, there was a good reason for it.




After having desert and playing some games, the pair retreated back to Ryan’s room later that night. The only thing that was on both their minds – the box from Christmas. Devon couldn’t help but wonder what was written on the papers that Ryan had wanted to save later.


“Can I open this now?” She questions and Ryan shakes his head yes. She then pulls the paper out of the bottom of the box, unfolding it to read the details on the white sheets.


“There was a reason why I wanted to save this for now,” he offers as she stares at the pages in detail. She flips through them, taking in a couple of words on each paper, as a form of disbelief forms on her face. She slowly lowers the papers down from her face as she looks over at Ryan.


“But the specialist said….” He then curls up closer to her as he takes the papers from her hand, setting them aside.


“They always say that sometimes you need a second, or third opinion. I saw how heartbroken you were that day in the office. I decided to do something about it. I talked to some friends that had some issues with getting pregnant and such, one of those being Samantha Busch. She got me in contact with her specialist, whom agreed to look over the test results from the other specialists and consult those that she needed to.” Devon’s eyes then returned back to the papers as she picked them up, bringing forth the second piece of paper.


“I was told there was too much tissue damage. I was told that I couldn’t. But….” A small smile forms on Ryan’s face as he wraps his arms around her.


“A second and third glance over everything proved otherwise as in these specialist’s minds, you do have a chance to make your dreams happen. It’s just going to take being careful and doing everything right.” She then looks into his eyes as tears form in her own. Out of everything that she could’ve gotten for Christmas, this was beyond something of her belief.


“You were against the idea. You told me that you didn’t want to take any chances. But yet you did this, for me…”


“I did this for us. I understand how heartbroken you are. I understand that there are dangers involved. However, sometimes life is about taking chances and doing what you normally wouldn’t do. I’m willing to take a chance here to make your dreams come true. I want you to be happy.” He then leans in and kisses her lips. “I love you and I would do anything for you.”


“You’re truly amazing, Ryan. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She then leans in and kisses his lips once more, pulling him down on the bed against her.


Maybe they could indeed move forward from everything that had happened. Maybe she didn’t need to remain in a world that she didn’t know what to do.




Be on the lookout for the next story in the series titled Rekindling.

Chasing The Love – Chapter 92: Confessions

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Saturday night


Karsyn lets out a sigh as she glances around the small restaurant. She then perks up as she watches the man of the hour walk through the front door and make his way over to the table, taking a seat across from her.


“I can’t believe I agreed to meet with you – but hello,” she says without much of a glance.


“You’re getting a free dinner at your favourite west coast restaurant – where is the problem in that?” Her dinner partner responds as she lets out a sigh, glancing up from the menu.


“Hence the only reason why I agreed to meet with you tonight. Besides, Nickelodeon has been bugging me to get thinking of the new content for new episo-”


“Are you still seriously working with them? You started when you were a teen, right?” Karsyn shakes her head yes, remembering some of her first interviews on the show and how nervous she was. She had to admit, though, there had been some fun times. “So, you’re also going to use this dinner as a way to get me on the show?”


“Marshall, whether I like you or not, you seem to be turning into a little star since winning at Daytona in February. That has the network intrigued and therefore warranting a segment on the show. Need I say more?” Marshall shakes his head no as she simply smiles. “Good. Consider this – I’m doing you a favor by hearing you out tonight and being your company, and you’re doing me a favor by buying dinner and accepting the interview. We can simply call this a good business deal.”


“So you seriously don’t like me?” Karsyn laughs as she sets the menu down flat on the table.


“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Have you looked at what you’ve done over the past three years to piss a lot of people off, including myself at one time? Do I need to say more?” Marshall lets out a sigh and shakes his head no as his eyes fall down to the table. If he was going to make a change, it’d take more than he thought originally.


“I’ve messed up in the past. I know I’ve done some things that I shouldn’t have. But I’m learning and deciding that I need to grow up and behave. I need to make changes, starting with my behavior and actions, as I can’t keep doing this.” Karsyn looked on in surprise, not believing that she was hearing this discussion.


“What opened up your eyes to this reality? Chip?” Marshall shakes his head no, but knew that he had to pay Chip a visit to also apologize for the issues that he had caused him.


“Emma Vitty.” Karsyn laughs, shaking her head. She wished she could pull that woman’s hair out while breaking all of her shoes.


“Everybody warned you about dating her, remember?” Marshall shakes his head yes, remembering all the warning signs that had been displayed after she had broken up with Chase. “What’d she do?”


“Nothing in particular. She just became annoying with her thoughts of what she wanted to do to other people and her jealousy. I got sick of hearing it.” Karsyn didn’t care about the food or the earlier deal anymore as her eyes locked onto Marshall. There was a key in what he had revealed that her curious.


“So what is she wanting to do to other people? I know that she was mad at Chase for the break-up….” Marshall was surprised to hear Karsyn’s concern for Chase, considering how things went down between Karsyn and Chase at the beginning of the season. Had they remained friends?


“That’s exactly whom she is after – Chase and Alyssa.” Karsyn felt a tinge of anger immediately form, wanting to pull harder on the hair and break each nail piece by piece now to go along with it. What was wrong with this woman? “I needed someone to hear me out to see what I should do. That’s why I called you. I figured that you were a mutual person who had respect for those two, whom wouldn’t bite my head off.”


“I have my reasons, as I said. Now, what is her plan?” Marshall shook his head as he remembered the phone conversation that Emma had with Leo that night following the break-up that he had with Alyssa. It seemed obvious what she was trying to do. Why hadn’t he cut off Leo’s confessions earlier in the evening?


“She called Leo and acted all buddy-buddy to him. She got him to reveal a lot of things about his feelings about the break-up. She then combined that with he sneaking around that we saw in Daytona to send to a bunch of gossip magazines. She’s trying to drag them through the mud that way so she doesn’t get caught as being the one that did it.” Karsyn could only run her hands through her hair, thinking of the complications that could arise should the details be spread as per Emma’s plans. Not only would it complicate and cause issues for Alyssa and Chase, but it’d break Leo’s heart.


“Do you know whom she contacted?” Marshall shakes his head yes, having made a mental note when Emma made the phone calls. “We need to get a hold of them and find a way to make sure that it doesn’t get spread. You also then should tell those three, even though they hate your guts and want to kill you, to spare them some pain. Besides, it may work as a good peace offering after everything that you’ve done.”


“Can you help me?” Karsyn shakes her head yes, knowing that she didn’t want any of them to get hurt in the process.


“I’m only agreeing because I care about those involved, not because I like you quite yet. However, I will admit that you’re not a bad guy.” She then picks up her menu with a small smile. “Now, let’s order some grub and discuss what I need done by you.”


Back at the track, everybody had retreated back to the motorcoach lot to relax with some desert following the post victory celebration for Alyssa’s victory.


“So, has Kassie bugged you since last night?” Elsa wonders and Alyssa shakes her head no. “Has she bugged you, Keira?” Keira shakes her head yes, catching Alyssa’s attention. “Oops.”


“What did she have to say?” Alyssa wonders as Keira takes a deep breath.


“She wanted to know where I stood and offered her apology,” Keira explains. “I simply told her that I accept the apology, but want nothing to do with her fake ass. I’m not going to stand around and hurt my friends like she decides to do.” Alyssa smiles, glad that nothing had changed between her and Keira. It was hard enough with the events between her and Kassie.


“I always knew that I could trust you.”


“How do we know that you’re not acting or ly-” Elsa starts.


“Elsa!” Dale and Marie both yell at the same time as Elsa shrugs her shoulders.


“She does bring up a good point though,” Keira interjects as she looks over at the blond-haired teenager. “It comes down to trust, and whether Alyssa feels that she can trust you. You can’t know for certain 100% but I have belief that she will trust me because of our friendship. Also, for sake of argument, she could look at the text messages on my phone if she questioned it.”


“Friendship is all about trust and finding those that you can get along with and trust more than any other person,” Alyssa adds, catching Elsa’s attention. “I have that with Keira. She also doesn’t pressure me to do anything that I don’t want to do, or talk about something that I may call personal to my relationship. As you grow older and search for your popularity within school and what you call the perfect look, just remember that and stay away from the fake girls. They’ll just hurt you in the end.”


“Should we make her watch Mean Girls?” Alyssa laughs and shakes her head no.


“I don’t think she could put up with the bad acting from Lindsay.”


“Hey now, Lindsay wasn’t a bad actor,” Marie offers. “She actually did a decent job in both Means Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. There was just issues with her drugs and choices outside of that.” The two younger girls simply just roll their eyes at Marie as Elsa smiles.


“Don’t worry – I’ll be careful,” Elsa assures everyone. “I may seem like the delusional, only wanting to be pretty, not so smart girl, but I know how to make wise choices.” Alyssa shakes her head, knowing that her sister was right about that as Elsa wasn’t so bad despite the corks.


“Right – because you always make the wise choice to not do your homework?” Elsa lets out a sigh as she holds up her math textbook.


“I’m sorry but it just can be so boring and annoying at times.”


“But a wise person would realize that they need to be smart and graduate from school, so therefore they’d do their homework. Just remember that.”


“Hence why I have my math book right here beside me.”


“You don’t have it open,” Robby teases as Elsa looks over at her little brother.


“The worksheet is complete dumbass,” she retorts, causing her parents to give her a glance.


“Why did we agree to have two more kids?” Dale wonders as Marie laughs, cuddling up close to him.


“Because we wanted something to keep our life interesting, I suppose,” Marie offers, giving him a quick kiss.


“Let’s just have one kid, okay?” Alyssa offers to Chase as he looks over at her surprised. “Too soon?” He then laughs and shakes his head yes.


“It’s just a tad awkward but I understand your reasoning,” he comments. “However, siblings can be fun. You have to admit that those two aren’t totally bad.” Alyssa looks over at her little siblings and shrugs her shoulders before looking back at Chase.


“Trust me – they’re the worst pain in the butts ever…..but I couldn’t picture life without them as I love them both a lot.” She then leans in and kisses his lips. “I love you more, though.”


“I love you, too.”


“Awwwww!” Elsa coos as she watches them. “Can I start to plan the wedding now? I have the perfect dress idea!”


“Focus on graduating from school and then we’ll talk,” Alyssa tells her, though keeps her eyes on Chase. She could already picture them heading to chapel together. She just hoped their wedding would be as magical as her parents. For now, though, they had the next week to focus on and the confessions that they’d have for each other.


So I’m thinking this story may go to 150 chapters, perhaps 200. Is everybody okay with that? 

The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 51: The Proposal

“So, are you going to show me the ring?” Joey questions as he meets up with Brad.


As per the e-mails back and forth, Joey had agreed to meet Brad at his house one night after they got done at Penske with the truck. In trade, Joey was hoping that he would get to see the ring that Brad had been talking about for Juliette.


“Fine….” Brad gives in as he leads Joey into the house. He lets Joey follow him to his office, opening up the door and going inside. He sits in the chair, pulling out his keys from his pocket.


“You have it under lock and key?” Joey questions surprised as Brad unlocks the lock.


“I wouldn’t want her to find it by accident, now would I?” He then slides the drawer open, reaching in for the box. He then picks it up carefully and slips it forward to Joey. “Open it carefully. Do not break it.” Joey shakes his head yes as he takes careful procession of the box. “Don’t lose it. I don’t want to go looking for another like someone else here.”


“It’s not my fault that it was a little loose on the finger.” Joey slowly opens the black box before him, taking in the ring that laid in the box. He checks out the silver band features certain swirls and features, as well as the dark ruby that lies in the middle. It wasn’t a traditional wedding ring of any sorts, nor what he would’ve expected when thinking of Brad or Juliette.


weddingring_vampire“You don’t look pleased….” Joey looks up from the box, caught off guard by Brad’s comment. He wasn’t wanting to disappoint his friend.


“It’s just not what I was expecting. It caught me off-guard.” Brad slowly takes the box out of Joey’s hands, closing it and placing it back in the drawer.


“That should be expected. You’re a mortal so you wouldn’t understand the significance.” He then closes the drawer and locks it back out. “That’s a traditional vampire ring. The small swirls each have special meanings, in which I can’t exactly remember right now, to the traditions of the ‘breed’ as they call themselves. The ruby is a significant colo-”


“Red for blood, obviously.” Brad shakes his head yes. “So you got her a traditional vampire ring?”


“I wanted to show that I accepted her for whom she is, vampire and all, and want to fully embrace that in my life, family and with our love twirled together for marriage. The wedding rings will symbolize that moreso with my side of the equation.” Joey then looks at Brad slightly confused as Brad takes his phone out. He then slides through a bunch of photos before handing his phone over to Joey. “That’s what I have discussed for a potential wedding band and maybe her ring.” Joey looks over the photo with a particular interest. There was something new that he learned each day about Brad.


“You certainly have put more thought than I would’ve expected, but it’s sweet and nice.” He then hands the phone back to Brad with a smile. “So, have you asked Danny yet about the propos-”


“Easssy.” Brad then stands up and walks out of the office. “I’ve got to worry about one thing at a time. Right now, that’s my family getting along with Juliette and Christmas plans.” The comment caught a bad reaction out of Joey as he had heard the story from what had happened at the Thanksgiving dinner.


“Any luck with that?” Brad shakes his head no as he fidgets a little nervously. With picking up the truck and going out for a couple last minute gifts, it was the next thing on his list to do before returning home.


“I’m going to speak to my dad about it tonight actually.” Joey looks on surprised, as he had expected an answer sooner.


“You do realize that today is the 23rd, right? You’re not giving yourself a lot of leeway. What if he and Kay have already started getting Christ-”


“I’ve talked to my mom, Dawn and Brian already. They have accepted without hesitation. My mom just didn’t want to tell Dad herself so that’s why I am doing it.” Joey could only imagine the awkwardness if Bob said no, and what could transpire over the next 48 hours as a result. He could only hope that Dawn and Kay had a better reading than he had of Bob.


“Fingers crossed – but that’s all I have to say for you. I mean, if he doesn’t accept, you’re going to have a couple problems Brad.” Brad shook his head yes, agreeing. It was why he wasn’t going to accept no for an answer.


“Trust me – it has to work. This has to work if the rest of my Christmas plan is going to come together.” Joey then looks on confused, but a glance back towards the ring answered the question.




“Danny, can we talk?” Brad asks later that night upon returning back to the house. Danny glances over, caught off-guard by the seriousness of Brad’s voice.


“The last time you used that tone, my sister was pregnant,” he starts. “Please tell me that she’s not pregnant again.” Brad shakes his head no, though feels the nervous grow in Danny’s response. He didn’t want his sister pregnant again. Did he have reservations about them still?


“It has to do with my relationship with Juliette, though.” Danny crosses his arms, curious. What could Brad have to say?


“You told me that your dad was coming for Christmas and I accepted. There is tension between the pair. Are you saying something in relation to that?” Brad knew that his father wouldn’t react the best to the idea of an engagement, but he wasn’t going to sit back and deal with his father’s apprehensions forever.


“It doesn’t deal with my father, Danny. That’s dealt with for now.” Danny thought otherwise, just hoping for peace on Christmas because they didn’t need to have any fights. “I actually have a bigger question than that for you. I love your sister a lot. You know how much I care about her and what I’ve been willing to do for her. You understand that I’d do even more for her if I had to. She’s my world and she means everyth-”


“Bradley Keselowski, are you planning on proposing on Christmas to my sister?” Brad froze immediately hearing his full name used. He was not expecting that at all, but knew it meant that things were definitely serious. He just hoped that they’d go as he hoped now.


“That is the plan. I want your permission, though. I know how much you mean to each other and it wouldn’t feel right without your permission first.” Danny wanted to say yes as he understood how much Brad and Juliette loved each other. However, he couldn’t bring himself to spit out the word.


“I can’t give you permission to do that quite yet.” Brad looks on surprised as he thought he had taken the right steps necessary. What was he missing?


“May I ask why not?” Danny hated to do this and he knew that he was asking a lot, but it was something that he wasn’t going to budge on. It was one of those things that meant a lot with his own situation that wouldn’t change


“Family is something that is very important to myself, Juliette and Yolanda. We’ve always said that family will come before anything, as it has with our lives. We’ve experienced heart breaking loss and know the pain at the opposite end of love. Right now, your father isn’t accepting of my sister. Therefore the family aspect is not complete, and therefore I have to decline your offer. I’m sorry, Brad.” Brad was surprised to hear Danny’s reasoning, but was also understanding given how he had gotten to know Danny over the past year and a bit. It was why he wasn’t going to put up an argument right now despite his frustration.


“So you won’t accept at any cost till my father accepts your sister?” Danny shakes his head yes. “Well then I guess I better ask for a Christmas miracle to happen.”


Brad then walks away without another word. He knew if he stood there any longer that he would get into a bickering match with Danny about how unfair his response was, and how changing his father’s ways wasn’t quite as easy as it seemed. He wasn’t going to burn that bridge right now, whether fair or not.


Instead, he had about 36 hours to come up with a peace making miracle.

Moving Forward – Chapter 7: Daytona

“Settling in fine?” Chase hears, causing him to freeze as he glances out of the doorway to the bedsroom in the back of the motorcoach.


After arriving at the airport, he and Regan flew down to Daytona, landing with tons of time to spare before he had to head out for dinner with the parents. As a result, he made a trip over to the track and figured he might as well unpack all the stuff that he hated packing and get organized. Least he’d have something done off of the list.


He wasn’t expecting company, though.


“How’d you get in?” He asks as he walks out of the bedsroom towards the female by the door. He couldn’t but smile as he saw his mom standing there.


“You gave me a spare key and the code incase I needed it, remember?” Cindy reminds him as she holds up a key. He shakes his head, remembering, before returning back to the bedsroom. “I don’t even get a hello or a hug?” He then stops and looks back towards her.


“You can have your hug at dinner, and hello. As far as settling in, it’s coming along fine. I’ve got most of the stuff away.” She shakes her head, understanding as she follows him into the bedsroom.


“And how are you feeling?” Chase looks back at her, curious, as she lets out a sigh. “It’s a year since, and it’s your rookie Cup season taking over a legendary ride at HMS. It’s a combination for a lot of thoughts, Chase.” Chase shakes his head, agreeing. That was why he had gone about the steps that he took before getting down there. Thus far down there, nothing had crossed the paths of worry for him.


“I’m feeling fine. No worries, no problems, nothing to complain about. So far, it’s just like any other race weekend.” He then closes the gap and gives her a hug. “I love you, momma, and you don’t have to worry about me. I’m going to fine these Speedweeks without nothing worry about.” She looks into his eyes, hoping that he was right. She had been through enough worrying over the past 12 months.


“You better hope that there are no surprises then, because you have pushed the limits of worry too much, boy.” Chase shakes his head in agreement. That was all he wanted – the next 10 days or so to go as smooth as possible. “So you’re running both races this weekend?”


“If Marie hasn’t had the baby by Friday, I will be practicing the XFINITY car for Dale. If she hasn’t had the baby by Saturday, I will be racing the car for Dale. He thought that the baby would be here alrea-”


“Children never listen to deadlines, dear. You came about a week after you were supposed to.” Chase shook his head, having been reminded of that. Every time he was a little late for something – even if by a couple minutes, his mother reminded me of that fact.


“So he asked me earlier this week if I’d fill in if needed. It was either Kasey or I, but I simply accepted. I love those guys and I wouldn’t mind spending time with them.” Cindy shakes her head, understanding, as she’d grown to like everyone at JRM as well. She just hoped that there wasn’t too much on the plate this weekend.


“And you’re sure that it’s not too much on your plat-”


“I’d rather be racing a car, than sitting on my hands bored.”


“It won’t interfere with your Cup Series responsibilities, from meetings with Alan & the team to sponsor obligati-”


“I told Rick, Alan and Jon that I may run the XFINITY race, and they accepted without any issues, understanding the situation and saying that it wouldn’t interfere. Mom, I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself.” She then kisses his cheek as she finally lets him out of the hug.


“I know you’re a big boy, but I’m your momma and as your momma, I’m always going to take care of you.” He then heads out to the kitchen, grabbing a drink out of the fridge.


“Do you want anything?” She shakes her head no as she follows him out, sitting on the couch. “So, why did you come over anyway?”


“I just came over to check on you, that’s all. Dad and I got down here early so I figured I’d come check on you while he went over to Bass Pro. It seems that he wants to do some fishing on Lake Lloyd tomorrow.” Chase shakes his head with a small chuckle. It was a tradition for drivers and team members to the lake in the infield for a bit; sometimes you’d get some fish, and sometimes you’d get a random car part on your fishing line. Either way, it resulted in some fun stories over the years.


“You don’t need to come over and check on me. I told you, I’m fi-”


“And I told you that no matter your age, I’m going to take care of you.” Chase then sits down beside her, thinking it over. He knew no matter how the discussion went, he wasn’t going to change his mom’s ways. Though part of him was glad as it was nice to have his mom in his corner at times.


“Want to play a game of monopoly?”


“Admitting that you’re not going to win this discussion?” Chase chuckles as he opens the drawer and pulls out the game.


“Are you going to play?”


“Are you going to admit it?” He lets out a sigh, knowing that neither would give in. This would be one of those arguments that’d go on for a couple of hours.


“Fine – you’ll always take care of me, but I will also take care of you and dad when you need me. Now, excuse me while I beat you at this game.” She then laughs as she helps get the pieces out.


“You haven’t beat me in the 100 other times that we’ve played. What makes you think you’ll get lucky this time?”

The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 50: Holiday Planning Part 2


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“Brad, can we talk?” Juliette questions as she glances over at him.


While she was settled up cozy on the couch watching some Christmas movies, Brad sat in the lazy boy doing some things on his laptop. It meant the perfect balance for the pair while keeping an eye on their daughter.


Brad had to admit that it felt weird not being at his house or his parent’s right now with Christmas around the corner, but knew that they were doing what they needed to do for Melody. Besides, he was growing quite fond of Yolanda and Danny.


“What is it ma’am?” He questions, catching a casual glance from her. “Well, when you use that tone I know that you’re serious and something has to be up.”


“I’ve been thinking about Christmas….” Brad couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He had been doing enough thinking himself, thinking about the conversation that he had with Dawn. How was he going to make this work?


“I know that things got off to the wrong foot with my father and you at Thanksgiv-”


“Brad, this has nothing to do with your family and how thing went at Thanksgiving. It has to do with Melody.” Brad then looks at her, slightly confused. He had heard discussions prior about Melody being able to get out of the incubator sooner than February, and wondered if that was their Christmas present. “I don’t want to be away from Melody on Christmas. I know we want to do Christmas at either your place or your parents with them, but I don’t want to leave our daughter.”


“I perfectly understand, and whole heartedly agree. Our first Christmas as a family should be spent togeth-”


“What about your parents, and siblings then?” Brad smiles, now believing more and more in the plan that was discussed. He just hoped that he could overcome the last stipulation that remained – his father. Perhaps a baby would be enough to overcome the differences.


“Dawn and I were talking about Christmas plans the other day and we thought about this. If we could convince my father, what about doing Christmas here with Danny and Yolanda? Everybody could see the baby and meet each other, finally.” The plan immediately brought a smile to Juliette’s face as it solved the baby problem, not wanting to be away from her brother either, and Brad’s family dilemma. The smile didn’t last long, though, knowing the stipulation on that plan.


“And what about your father?” Brad lets out a sigh as he thinks it over.


“I’ve been thinking about it. I’m going to go ask him fair and square and see what he says. Perhaps what you mentioned at Thanksgiving has set in, or perhaps the baby will push him over the edge. Besides, Dawn says he has a special spot for Christmas and being in the spirit. Could that be enough for him to put aside his differences for a couple of hours?” Juliette could only sit there and wonder at the offer from Brad. It was something that would certainly be curious to see what happened.


“I hope it can work out. Now, there’s something else that I’m going to tell you but you can’t tell anyone.” Brad then looks over at confused, but curious. What secrets could there be, besides shopping and presents? Shoot – he needed to get Danny or Yolanda to help him out one day.


“Go on….”


“Have you realized how close Danny and Yolanda are together?” Brad shakes his head no as he saw them having nothing but a three-way even relationship with Juliette. “Okay, then you’re blind. Anyways, Danny was talking the other night about combining a special future day for two into the Christmas gift.”


“Seriously?” Juliette shakes her head yes. “That sounds like an awesome idea. I mean, I knew they were good friends but not that well.” Juliette hadn’t given it much thought herself as a result of how things had been their whole childhood together. However, with more discussion with the pair, it became more obvious.


“I just hope that it doesn’t catch Yolanda off guard and cause an issue.” Brad could only wonder now about what happening, hoping that wouldn’t blow up with the other Christmas plans in the works.


“I don’t think it will be.”


“Juliette, can you come help me?” They hear from the kitchen as Juliette lets out a sigh. She then gets out from under the covers and heads out to see what Yolanda was up to as Brad goes back to what he was doing on his laptop.


As he was working through some random e-mails, he notices one that stands out from Joey. He opens it up, immediately bringing the photos up on the screen that were attached.


Here is the truck as you described that you wanted to get for Melody. Brittany helped me style it out right to match as described. I think it’s adorable and perfect for your daughter. She’ll look super cute cruising around BKR with it. Let me know what you think, and when you’re going to come pick it up.


Oh, Brittany and I have your gifts for when you come, too.


Brad froze upon reading the final line. He hadn’t bought a gift for Joey and Brittany yet. He hadn’t bought a gift for Paul yet. He hadn’t bought any gifts for his family. He hadn’t even shopped for Juliette yet, and it was almost Christmas.


“Ahhhhhh!!!” He lets out a scream of frustration in forgetting, which radiates through the whole house. The scream immediately catches the attention of everybody, causing Juliette to come running back into the room.


“Are you okay?” She asks, worried. Brad shakes his head yes as he looks up from the screen.


“Have you done any Christmas shopping by chance?” Juliette casually shakes her head yes as she opens the closet door, revealing a bunch of gifts. She then grabs a piece of paper and hands it over to Brad.


“I found something perfect for your siblings, and got Brittany something. You just need to do Joey, Paul and your parents.” Brad lets out a small sigh as he reads over the list, pleased with her selections. She was always good at picking stuff out.


“Do you think Danny or Yolanda could help me out with that in the next couple days?” Juliette shakes her head yes, knowing that the pair would help with the shopping. They always enjoyed Christmas and giving out gifts. “Thank you so much.”


“Now, no more making us all panic, okay?” Brad shakes his head yes as Juliette leans in and kisses his lips. “Good.” She then leaves the room once again, as Brad thinks it over.


What could he get Juliette for Christmas?


Note: The comment about the truck for Melody drew from seeing this on twitter from Brad.