A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 21: “Please hear the plea for forgiveness…”

Brad looked into the eyes –or as much as he could – of the seven-foot creature standing before him under the moonlight, with his hands firmly planted on his shoulders. All he could do was contemplate his life to date, thankful for the memories, and maybe try to hope for the future – the lather not easy when at the hands of this beast.

However, like always, he wasn’t ready to back down. He believed in his love to Juliette, he believed in the family they could have together beginning with Melody, and wouldn’t go back on what he did previously. Every move made had been done for the right reasons, whether this thing wanted to agree or not.

“I don’t think I’m insane, but rather a true friend,” he begins his plead as he tries to focus his eyes on the thing. “A friend was in danger – I saved him. Another friend was being harmed at the hands of someone – I saved her. That’s all I see what I did. Then yes, I confessed my love to a vampire against every righteous belief, but I’d do it again no matter how many times redone. Am I insane? No, but I am in love, and nothing will change how much I love her. It’s only right that she knows how much I love her.”

“Did you know there could be consequences for your actions?” The furry creature questions and Brad nods his head as he tries to keep his calm demeanor.

“Everybody questioned it, and told me about that. I accepted that. I would do anything for her – that’s how much I love her. So therefore, I ask you please hear the plea for forgiveness, and allow us to unite together.”

“Forgiveness?” Brad could hear the anger laced in those words, knowing that maybe he shouldn’t have pushed the boundaries.

“Yes, please, for the sake of our love and the meaning behind that. For the sake of family, love, and everything important. We both respect traditions, hence why we called upon you to oversee the wedding. So please understand our reasons, give us your blessing, and allow this to happen…”

“I promise to follow any requests or reasonings that Brad has within your traditions,” Juliette then adds. “I promise to accept anything that you may say. Like him, I would do anything for what we have together. We’ve fought to get to this point, and I’m not ready to let him go again. So please…” The creature takes his paws off of Brad, looking towards Juliette as he looks her over.

“Marking?” He questions and Juliette nods her head, lifting her dress to show the mark on her skin.

“He truly loves me so he wanted to protect me. I accepted, and promised to offer the same in response. Please….” The creature glances over them both, before making his way over to Melody. “Leave her-”

“Let him,” Brad interrupts, earning an intrigued glance from not only Juliette, but everybody else.

“Baby….” The creature states as he looks her over, before lifting her up in his arms. An immediate howl escapes her lips underneath the moon as her tail and ears fully form, with her eyes looking into his. “Cute baby…” He coos her a couple times, earning some giggles, before sharing a couple howls together. He then hands her back to Yolanda, before turning his eyes back to the couple. “A family is a couple who care about each other no matter what, and are willing to do whatever they can for their child as they grow together. Your daughter is beautiful, despite her vampire qualities.”

“Her fangs are questionable,” Joey whispers, remembering his questionable experience her that afternoon. Hence why he was glad to be sitting opposite side of the circle right now.

“I will give you the chance to be a couple and be together, with a blessing,” the wolf continues. “But if you dare cross the paths of what you’re allowed and not, don’t be surprised if I come back for both of you.” Juliette and Brad both nod their heads.

Just like he came, he was gone as he disappeared into thin air right after their heads nodded together. The pair then glanced at each other, down to the rope, and back to each other.

“Father Montagee is not coming back,” Alice Cullen announces, feeling none of his presence in the air.

“Then how are we supposed to officially be married?” Brad and Juliette question, now feeling let down more than ever. It was nice to be able to say they had a moment with the great all mighty, but they would rather hear the words of marriage.

“Chylder surrounds and has given the power to the one of his choosing….” Alice then looks towards Edward, who glances back at her in surprise.

“Me?” Edward questions and Alice nods her head.

“You helped them become a couple with your experience,” Alice reminds him. “You answered the numerous questions that they faced. If it wasn’t for you, who knows where they’d be. For them to stand here, they needed a guide. The guide gets the right away to marry – only if thee believes the couple is ready for that life together.” Edward knew there was no questioning what their future could hold together as he stood up and made his way into the circle without any hesitation.

“Excuse me if I am rusty while trying to remember the ceremonial words….” He then takes a deep breath, thinking it over a couple times, before placing his hands on top of their right hands. “As both your arms and the cloth form the symbol of eternity, may your love endure through this life and all others. As the Gods and the old ones are witness with those of us present now, I proclaim them Husband and Wife, and thus are they bonded forever. The two are now one.”

Brad and Juliette smile together as it felt amazing to hear those words.

They each then take a ring out of their own pockets, slipping it on each other’s fingers, with their smiles not fading a bit.

Edward then loosens the ties, glancing between them with a smile of his own.

“I present to The Juliette Daniels Forever Bound, Eternally Free!” He speaks out loud. “You are Wife to thee husband now for eternity.”

“Forever?” Joey questions and Alice nods her head.

“We don’t fade away nor do we end our lives, and when you cross paths, you better be certain,” she states as Joey looks at her, a little afraid.

“Or else?” A smile then forms on her face as she pats his shoulder.

“We’ve worried you enough, my friend….”

“You may not kiss – or the traditionally words, you may bite…” Edward says as he backs away from the couple.

Without a drop of hesitation, Brad pulled her towards him, firmly kissing her lips with all of his might, before standing with a smile before her. It felt beyond amazing to finally be able to call her his wife.



A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 20: A Wolf’s Tradition

Dawn smiled as she took her own step forward, eyes focused on her brother and Juliette before her. She couldn’t believe that she once hated the young lady that stood beside her brother now and was the mother of her niece.

How was that possible?

Regardless, she couldn’t wait for what the future held, knowing that the pair were due for a ton of happiness in their future for what they had endured to be together. Glancing back at their daughter being four months now, she knew it’d be fun watching the first vampwolf grow more.

“Ritual beginnings, please…” the father requests as Dawn takes a deep breath.

She begins her first movement of the request, with her and Brian making the circle around the couple. She couldn’t help but glance at the sky a couple of times to make sure the moon was truly full, and even took a glance at her watch to make sure the time was right.

“Is this why we’re here so late?” Brittany Logano questions as she watches.

“The wolves tradition is midnight weddings, and vampire tradition is night time for obvious reasons,” Edward answers as she nods her head.

“Man, if you guys tried a daytime wedding, it’d be fun watching you crystallize as you marry…” Joey comments, earning a stern glance from Edward.

“You realize that we’ve come a long way from that crazy folklore and have developed skin creams and guards? You do realize that you can’t believe every movie that you watch, right?” Joey rolls his eyes as Edward takes a deep breath.

Everybody’s eyes watched as the fire in the center of the circle came to life with a big flame, thanks to the hard work of Brian and Bob. The father then takes an iron vessel that had sat at the side thus far, placing it over the fire. In the vessel, there was a pint of water – as directions specified.

“A substance of question must be added….” The father starts as Brad reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small vile. He hands it over to the father, allowing him to pour it into the vessel. “How do you become of this liquid?”

“I went to one of our religious spots of question, and requested it solely based on the act of love,” he starts, remembering that trip a week ago. “Needless to say, the reaction that I got once they learned I was marrying a vampire wasn’t that kind. However, they said the spirits could determine my fate, as we usually see fit.” Brad takes a deep breath, still remembering how chilling those words were that day. However, he didn’t feel he had anything to fear as a glance towards his daughter thus far showed how the spirits had been – fair, allowing her to grow to her own self. He smiled as he saw the ears pop out a little amongst the blond hair as Melody sat in Yolanda’s arms.

“Thank you….” The father then stirs the liquid accordingly, as Brad and Juliette glance towards each other. Juliette couldn’t help but glance down, saying an extra prayer to herself, as she hoped this wasn’t where everything failed at once. “It is at this time that we pray to the Great Spirit of the Unknowns to allow a union of such unique nature…”

Alice looks around, taking a deep breath, as she tries to read the emotions in the air, curious as to the strength and power that this spirit would bring to the table. She could only wonder with how it’d clash with Chylder.

“Come, spirit so powerful!” Father chants as he places his hands on top of the left hands of Brad and Juliette. “Come, sprit so dread. From the home of the werewolf, the home of the dead. Come, give me thy blessing! Come, lend me thine ear!” Brad closes his eyes, knowing that the moment of truth laid just beyond the horizon. If there was no blessing, then everything they had done to this point was worthless.

“Oh spirit of darkness! Oh spirit so dear! Come, mighty phantom! Come, great Unknown! Come from thy dwelling so gloomy and lone. Come, I bessch thee; depart from thy lair. And body and soul shall be thine.” Juliette remembered the tales she had heard about werewolf homes, and the darkness that clouded their vision in being stuck to who they were. She remembered the tales of how Brad and his family had overcome those. She wondered if the great unknown would give them a break, despite being different, because of that. She wondered if maybe he’d have sympathy from knowing those feelings.

“I, Father Montagee, offer to thee, Great Spirit of the Unknown, this night of July 4 my body and soul, on condition that thou grantest me, from this night to the hour of my death, the power of love. I beg, I pray, I implore thee unparrellled Phantom of Darkness, to bless thee couple.” Brad couldn’t help but keep his eyes closed, fearing the worst, as he didn’t think there could be sympathy given. How was someone so dark and evil supposed to understand what he had with Juliette?

The father then strikes the ground three times with his foot, before taking a couple of the hot simmering liquid and sprinkling it on the circle around Brad and Juliette. He repeats the process until the entire circle is sprinkled.

As if on cue, Brad and Juliette go down to their knees, glancing up, hoping everything falls together as it was supposed to.

“Is this normal?” Edward questions as he looks over at Paul Wolfe, who simply nods his head. “And they call our tradition strange….”

“Don’t bash the tradition – I don’t want to take a chance of offending him,” Paul instructs, as he also had silently prayed to himself over and over that things would go smoothly.

“Do you think it’s going to go smoothly?” Joey wonders and Paul shrugs his shoulders. “What’s that supposed to mean? We should get to know if we’re in danger he-”

“We warned you so hush!” Alice instructs as she looks around the beach, trying to pull from all of the senses. “Feel thee senses….”

As if on cue, a big flame erupts from the fire, seven feet in height, with a spirit like figure forming out of it. Everybody outside of the circle takes a couple steps back, with Joey wrapping both arms around Brittany protectively.

“Ahh yess….” Paul commands as he had grown used to that in previous ceremonies. “The Unknown…” 10 seconds…20 seconds….30 seconds….and then they watch Father Montagee run off as the creature remains. “Oh no….”

“What’s wrong?” Edward questions almost instinctively.

“He’s supposed to disappear after 30 seconds, but he’s not. Instead, he’s forming a sterner shape…”

“What do we do?” Paul shrugs his shoulders.

“He’s angry, he’s frightful, he’s…..” Dawn starts as she watches the shape form more definitely.

“Angry? Frightful?” The clouded shape questions as it’s total formation come to truth.

“Did that cloud shape formed from the fire turn into something real, for real?” Joey questions and Brittany slowly nods her head, fear engulfing her as she fights the urge to scream.

“The Great Unknown,” Brad states, before forcing Juliette to bow down before it with him.  “I bow to you, and accept your presence….”

“Good, because you know my reasons….” He speaks as he circles the couple. “A wolf marrying a vampire in front of fellow wolves, vampires, and humans. Is this actually happening?”

“Yes….” The seven foot tall fury wolf stops, facing Brad directly.

“Do you realize how many rules you have broken?” Brad nods his head, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. “So why do you dare present this to me?”

“I love her. I want to be with her for life. I want to be one with her. We have a special connection and I wanted to make it official. Sir, I believe we can make it work together, please.” A great roar escapes in response.

“And who is that?” Brad follows the length of the long finger, swallowing another lump.

“My daughter – our daughter, Melody.” Another big roar escapes as he swirls around them in quick fashion.

“Please, have mercy and understanding….” Kay pleads as she feels all the fears that she had about this wedding coming true in that moment. The seven furry wolf then moves closer to Melody, with Danny instantly standing up and in front of it.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” He yells in response as Juliette’s jaw drops in response.

“Danny!?!” She yells as Brad looks to the binds that held him and Juliette together. He was almost set o break them for the sake of safety, though wondered if this was a test instead.

“I could never harm a child,” the furry man states before turning back to the face the couple. “The pair who formed against wishes and truth, that is another story. After all, this union comes following the killing of a wolf.” Juliette shivers as she thought back to that night.

“He was harming her, threatening the life of a friend – I had no choice,” Brad pleads, remembering how instincts kicked into gear before anything that night.

“You killed a wolf for a vampire and a human….” Brad nods his head. “That is against everything known, but now you plead to me to be happy of this union?” The furry man then walks right up to Brad, placing both hands on his shoulders. “Are you insane?”

A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 19: Chylder’s Approval…

As the ceremony progressed, eyes focused on the couple and the red band that never covered the band previously wrapped around their wrists.

“I like the flowers and ribbon better,” Amy whispers and Brittany nods her head in agreement.

“Flowers and ribbon symbolize wolves coming together, while red cloth is a vampire tradition,” Edward Cullen whispers over their shoulders. He had chosen to sit behind them, rather than with the usual circle of vampires and wolves, to explain any questions that they may have.

“As they tied that cloth, the waves grew larger…” Brittany observes, glancing out to the ocean underneath the moonlight.

“Aw, that’s the work of Chylder of the Blood. It’s her way of symbolizing her warth over the ceremony, which can be a good thing. While she may not fully approve according to legend to Brad being a wolf, she is at least in attendance and giving them attention. That is something to be thankful for, and wise about. It goes against the nerves of Alice.” Alice glances over at her brother, intrigued by his comment.

“You weren’t supposed to mention,” she whispers as Edwards rolls his eyes. He always believed fair warning was necessary, just to be prepared in danger. He could only imagine if something were to happen without that. Meanwhile, Alice was set on keeping their vampire and werewolf lives secret from humans due to not wanting to disrupt their world.

“Should we be worried?” Amy questions and Edward shakes his head no.

“There’s nerves about a possible disturbance due to disapproval of ceremony and marriage for the pair,” he starts, recalling the discussion had with Brad and Alice previously. “I don’t see that as being a problem, especially if Chylder is here in spirit already.”

“So what would he be saying if it wasn’t a little windy to cause that?” Joey whispers to Paul Wolfe, who could only chuckle lightly. The chuckle earns a stern glance from the others, but they quickly overlook it as focus returns to the ceremony at hand.

“Stand now as ye will stand forever,” the father continues with a glance between the pair. “Like this crimson cloth, your hearts are tethered.” Juliette and Brad didn’t need a reminder of their hearts being together forever – their lives to this point were enough to convince them, otherwise. Besides, a marking left on her skin also represented that better than anything. She laughed when some people believed it was a tattoo. “This goblet’s wine is your blood of devotion, so sup from this dedication potion.”

“With all due respect, your honor, I am not a bloody thirsty vampire,” Juliette states as she looks at the glass. “I am a vampire that will thirst upon packets if need be for survival purposes, but mostly stays on course with a human diet. My dear husband-to-be, also sticks to the human diet and not the blood thirst of an animal chaser. It is how we blend day-to-day with the humans.” The father looks towards the glasses, before his eyes turn solely on Juliette.

“You already know how the church feels about human and vampire interaction, as well as this anti-blood deal.” Juliette nods her head, remembering the lecture received when she was a little girl at eight years old. It almost made her want to run away from the church and vampire life forever, fear of the future and what was to come. However, Father Montagee was one of the founding figures who was willing to let that fact go and give her a chance, only remaining focused on other beliefs. “To break ceremony code is also a vow against what it stands for. Therefore, to break code of ceremony, that breaks code of your marriage. Do you accept the chances you’re taking before thee great Chylder of the Blood?”

“For sake of ceremony and reasoning, I can accept a sip. I just thought honesty of myself and Brad was important before thee wise one.” The father nods his head as he picks up a glass, placing it in her right hand. “Brad, you don’t hav-”

“I respect traditions, rightfully,” he interrupts, holding out his right hand.

The pair each hold their glasses firmly, drinking their glasses fully as Brad makes a couple faces along the way. Through the stages, the tail and ears pop a little out, with animal instincts beginning to fight through. As they do, the waves on the beach become even stronger, with a wind blowing through the middle of the couple’s ceremony.

“Now do you laugh at the legend of Chylder?” Edward questions with a glance towards Joey, who immediately shakes his head no. “That’s what I thought.”

“Is she showing approval or denial?” Amy wonders, having grown more intrigued as she continued to learn more details.

“Jasper?” Jasper glances towards the group, taking a wiff of the air as she tries to read the senses that are swirling around them.

“I feel approval, happiness, acceptance,” Jasper comments. “It’s as if Chylder is approving of them and accepting them for who they are. Perhaps honesty is the best policy, as they say, for at least Juliette was honest in her ways so Chylder was not left guessing and wondering as to Brad’s existence.”

“It’s as if there’s a shift in the universe and premonition that I had a wedding fear dissipating with her warmth,” Alice adds as she glances around the area.

“Chylder thanks you for drinking your glasses in full,” the father states. “Now we shall begin the vows, in accordance to proper vampire tradition….” Juliette takes a deep breath, remembering their sessions spent with Father Montagee going over those.

“I will stand by your side, hunt at your back, and fly within your soul,” Juliette states as she stares into Brad’s eyes. Brad had no denying that she’d do any of those things, having seen her abilities to fly previously, remembering his initial shock of a reaction. “I will stand between you and all which would harm you.” Brad nods his head, having seen her ways of protecting him against those who vowed vampires and wolves should never meet. “I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh….well, not really, but you get the idea.” Brad chuckles, knowing she was good at helping his wolf tendencies, as well as Melody’s weird ways right now.  “I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul, and my Life.” Brad smiles, nodding his head in approval. He knew it was now his turn to say those same words.

“I will stand by your side, hunt at your back, and fly within your Soul,” he begins as she smiles. She knew his hunting instincts were strong, remembering the night that Jason had attacked. “I will stand between you and all which would harm you.” She knew that was true, seeing his protective skills on full display that night. “I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh.” She smiles, knowing he was good at helping her follow proper skin rituals. “I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul, and my Life.”

Father Montagee then picks up the goblet, pouring the drops that remained between the pair on the stone altar. Juliette knew the ceremony was finding a close, and hoped the blessings of Chylder remained.

“Above you are the stars, below you are the stones,” the father begins. Brad couldn’t help but look up and smile as the clouds had cleared from earlier that evening, forming a beautiful sky full of bright sparkling stars.

“As time passes, remember, like the star should your love burn brightly, like the stone should your love be firm. Be close, yet not so close that you restrict one another.” Juliette chuckles, knowing that could never happen as they’d always let each other follow their dreams. She also knew that she could never grow old of spending time with him, still unable to forgive herself for the time they lost apart.

“Possess one another, yet grant each other the freedom to grow. Be understanding and compassionate, and have patience with each other, for storms may come, but they will quickly pass.” Brad nods his head in acceptance, having seen that already, through the incident with Jason and Juliette’s pregnancy. A quick smile trade with Melody, and he could only wonder what was to come as she grew more.

“Be free in giving affection and warmth. Fear not, lest the ways or words of the unenlightened give you unease. For the Lady and Lord are with you, now, and always.” Juliette nods her head, silently saying thank you a couple times as she continued to feel the warmth around her, proud that Chylder had been more accepting than she could’ve originally believed possible.

“With Chylder in approval, it is with our deed that we plead to the Gods of the Wolves, and make sure they are as equally accepting of Ms. Juliette Daniels as the Chylder and the bloods have been of Mr. Brad Keselowski. May the present wolves take a step forward, as we begin the midnight moonlight plea of love.” Brad takes a deep breath, saying his own prayers as he knew they were only halfway there. He just hoped that everything went off smoothly.

A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 17: Axaltra Pocono 400

“Are you sure we should be here?” Alice Cullen asks as she glances over at her brother.

“We need to warn her,” he answers. “It’s the only fair thing to do.” Alice rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms.

“But really, warn her here? In front of everybody that she knows who isn’t supposed to know a drop of her world?” Edward knew the timing could’ve been better, but he wasn’t about to waste any either.

“I’m sure we can find some quiet time, and you can be here since you have that pass.” Alice looks down at the pass around her neck, reading it over, before letting it go and rolling her eyes. She still wanted to know how Edward had gotten it for her quickly.

“Why doesn’t Danny or Yolanda do this stuff?” Edward knew the answer, obviously, having spoken with Danny.

“It’s called they’re babysitting Melody and she can’t be around humans right now. Hello full moon time, hello random changing. Do you want to scare everybody and make them thing Keselowski is an alien?” Alice thinks it over, having some doubts over Brad. It wasn’t that too shabby of a plan.

“Hey….” Brad says as he opens the door, glancing between the pair confused. “I wasn’t expecting guests this weekend….” Edward walks past Brad, with Alice following in toe. “Don’t I get any explanation?”

“Shut the door,” Edward states as he glances between Juliette and Brad, both looking at him with confused glances. Brad closes the door as requested, before focusing his eyes on the pair.

“You don’t normally come around….” Alice shakes her head no, not really having any desires to deal with vampires after the first round. “Why are you here?”

“Because she came with me on an important assignment.”

“Assignment?” Juliette questions and Edward shakes his head yes.

“You see visions of the future….” Brad recalls and Alice shakes her head yes this time. “Why don’t I like this idea at all?”

“Because perhaps it means danger is coming your way and you’re scared,” Alice comments as Brad lets out a sigh. He knew it was never good to see her. “Alright, look. Word has spread that you guys are set to get married in a month and that obviously doesn’t sit well with people. Needless to say, there’s some vampires who are out to find you and well, destroy you.”

“How did you come across this information?” Brad wanted to laugh it off, believe it was just another random scare.

“How the hell am I supposed to protect him when we’re busy with our lives?” Juliette demands, feeling a shake of fear as she knew what the people were capable of.

“The message was dropped off by a fellow mate who knows the group but actually likes you,” Edward informs Brad. “He told me it would be wise for me to warn you. So here I am with your warning, sir. As far as protecting him, just be careful and watchful. They’re not going to strike during the day so just watch what you’re doing at night and who you’re hanging around. Oh, and never go anyplace alone.” Juliette glances over at Brad as he rolls his eyes.

“He’s serious, Keselowski,” Juliette says with a stern voice.

“I have seen visions of a meeting with a deadly consequence,” Alice starts. “People in a room, discussing, plans of death for someone else. Needless to say, this fits that vision adequately.” She then pulls out a piece of paper, handing it to the pair. “Those are the people I see. Stay far from them.” Brad and Juliette unfold the piece of paper, looking at it together. They couldn’t place the people anywhere from the drawings.

“Thanks….” Juliette didn’t want to be comfortable with the news, given the danger that she knew laid over their heads.

“We must be going. But we thought we should tell you. Goodbye.” Alice and Edward then head for the door together.

“You’re not even going to stay for the race?” They look back, shaking their heads no. “That’s crazy!”

“We got things to do, people to see. We just wanted to protect you.” Without another word, the pair left the motorcoach, leaving Juliette and Brad standing there, facing each other in silence.

“We’ll be fine,” Brad says quietly as he reaches out, pulling her close and kissing her forehead. “We’ll be fine. I love you, and I’ll do whatever it takes for you. We’ll be fine….”


Brad laces his fingers with Juliette as they head back to the motorcoach lot together. It had been a great day at Pocono Raceway. He had a solid finish, and watched one of his good friends Ryan Blaney snagged his first career victory. Needless to say, they also knew it’d be a late night with the party about to ensue.

“Looks like we have a party to go to,” Brad comments as they reach the motorcoach. “I know you’re missing Melody so you can go see her with Danny, and I’ll do the party alon-”

“There’s no way in hell that I’m letting you out of my sight!” Juliette cuts him off, causing Brad to spin around instantly. “You heard what Alice and Edward said. They’re also most likely to strike at night. Perfect opportunity while you’re drinking your ass off with Dale and Ryan, and not aware.”

“So you’re coming to play bodyguard?” She shakes her head yes.

“Besides, I know Ryan just as well as you do. Don’t you think I deserve to come? Danny will understand.” Brad lets out a sigh, agreeing to it as he goes to the back to get changed.

“You know, you still owe me one….” She then smiles as she walks down the hall, leaning against the door frame. “You said that having a weekend alone, you’d offer me what I wanted more than anything. I haven’t seen that yet, sweetheart.” She then smiles as she twirls a piece of her hair with her finger. “I’m still waiting….”

“I did say that I owe you one, but I didn’t say this weekend or today, now did I?” Brad turns around, grin forming on his face as he walks right up to her.

“Yeah, but I know you want me…” He then slips his finger down her pants, running it along her slit. “You’re all wet and juicy and wanting me. You want me. You want all of me. You just don’t want to admit it.” She feels herself craving to his touch, almost kneeling over in slight as he pushes his finger inside of her.

“Bradley….” He smiles, hearing her purr his name.

“Yes Juliette?” She then lets out a low moan as she pulls him closer to her.

“Stop being a little tease and get the deed done. We have a party to get to, remember?” He smiles, continuing to push his fingers inside of her.

“I remember….but a party for two sounds so much better….” She couldn’t deny those words.

“Bradley, stop teasing….”

“Why sweetie?” He then leans in, kissing her lips, as he continues to fondle inside of her.

“Because I need you…..” He then backs up a little, smiling.

“I thought you’d never say those words.” He then kisses her lips once again, before moving his tongue down to her, licking the entire way, sucking ever so lightly where the scar from the bite mark remained.

“A deal is a deal….”

“So you’re finally craving….” He then goes back to sucking her neck as she feels herself reaching out, craving him, thirst building in her mouth.

“Bradley…..” He then moves down her neck to her shoulder, slipping the strap off from her tank top, before licking and sucking there, too.

“Yes?” He then repeats the process on the other side.

“Why are you making this so damn hard? I thought you wanted this more….” He then laughs, enjoying the tease he was creating.

“Because I want to make it worth your while and wait…” He then slips her tank top up, pulling it off. He reaches around her back, unclasping the bra before sucking one of her nipples.

“Bradley….” There was no holding back the moans anymore, as she badly wanted to move over to the bed.

“Didn’t you try to talk me out of this? Have you changed your mind?” He then switches the sides.

“Oh gosh yes…..”

“So now you want me?” He then picks her up, carrying her over to the bed, laying her back on it, before climbing on top of her and continuing where he left off.

“Bradley….” He then lets his tongue move down to her belly button, doing a circle around it as a giggle escapes her lips.

“Ticklish, are we?” She didn’t need him having any distractions.

“Keep focus…” He then lets his tongue roam down further, licking her along the waist line.  “Damn Bradley….”

“What’s wrong my little vampire? Are we thirsty for something?” A small growl escapes her lips as a response to the question as he slips her jeans off, followed by her underwear.

“Just already, please…” He then goes along her waist again, before down her thigh and back up, while placing a finger back in her slit. “Bradley….”

“What do you want, Juliette?” She then reaches for him, pulling at his firesuit, followed by his underwear, stroking his cock.

“You know what I want, jackass.” He then looks at her in surprise.

“Desperate, are we?” She then lets out a moan, stroking him once again.

“Please…..” He then pulls his fingers out, smile crossing his finger as he moves his cock closer, brushing it along her slit, moan escaping her lips. “Please Bradley, please….”

“Your wish is my command….”


The pair walk up to the front door, glancing at each other with a smile, before opening it and going inside. They had arrived an hour later than they had anticipated due to their extracurricular activities, but neither was going to let the smile disappear off their faces in response.

A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 15: “Necessary Conversation”

Edward Cullin walks through the halls of Brad Keselowski Racing, glancing around as he takes everything in before reaching the office in question.

“He’s in there,” Austin Cindric simply says before walking away.

“He?” Edward questions as the young driver looks back.

“Yeah, Brad. Isn’t that who you’re here to see?” Edward pulls out his phone, re-reading the text message.

“Usually it’s Juliette that sends me messages to meet her different places.” He then reads it over, once again, “But nope, this time it is Brad. Thanks…”

“You’re welcome.” Austin then heads down the hallway, glancing back a little curious as he watches Edward enter the office, closing the door behind him.

“You know, normally it’s Juliette that wants to talk about things. You never want to talk vampire things…” Brad looks up from his desk, knowing that Edwards was right. However, this was important.

“Let’s just say this is a necessary conversation about my daughter,” Brad informs him as Edwards sits down, slightly confused.

“Everything okay?” Edward asks, a little worried based on Brad’s tone.

“They are – but only because Juliette stepped in. Let’s just say that she tried to bite my teammate a week and a half ago.” Edward’s jaw drops in surprise, though he had to admit it wasn’t totally a worst case scenario. He remembered when Bella met his family for the first time.

“How did that come about?”

“He came to my motorcoach for a band-aid as his finger was bleeding. A bit dropped on the floor, and she smelt it before going for a bite. I pushed him out of the motorcoach and her way, while Juliette grabbed her.” Edward was thankful for the quick movements by both, only wondering as to what would’ve happen should the teammate been bitten.

“What was his reaction?” Brad remembered the pair of conversations clearly. It was why he called Edward.

“Caught off-guard, scared, fearful, wondering whether he should even spend time around myself and Melody. He questioned it twice to me. Let’s just say that it wasn’t the most settling experience. Now, Joey is my best friend and we spend a ton of time together. I can’t be having this happen, especially not again.” Edward understood the concern, remembering the concerns he had surrounding Bella before he eventually bit her.

“As long as you keep her away during the full moon hours, and make sure there’s no more bloody sightings, there shouldn’t be a problem.” Brad took in those words, wanting to leave the topic alone.

“There shouldn’t be? I want a guarantee.” Edward lets out a sigh, wishing he could do that.

“Look, there’s a 95% chance of nothing hap-”

“But there’s a 5% chance that she’ll go after him again? Do you realize this isn’t a chance that I want to take?” Edward could only sigh once again.

“I get that. However, nobody has ever done this before – werewolf and vampire. Nobody knows how that’s going to mix and affect things. Hence why I can’t give you perfection. I know it’d be fine vampire world, but I don’t know how being a werewolf affects that.” Brad could only shake his head in response, accepting.

“Sometimes I just wish we didn’t have to deal with this at all. I just wish there was something I could do and it’d magically go away. It becomes more a problem than a good thing. The worst part is trying to make people like Joey, Brittany and Paul understand.” Edward could only symphasize, remembering his experience with Bella’s father.

“Give it time. As they learn more and see that things aren’t as strange or weird as they seem, or at least somewhat more balanced than given credit for, they’ll get it. I know it’s stressful and painful at times, but it’ll be fine. Besides, I think they can all attend the wedding without fear of incident.” Brad lets out a sigh as he knew that was now just over a month away, and yet plans hadn’t been finalized yet. “Bad topic?”

“Sometimes I just wish we could go to the local court house, get married and be done with it. Trying to balance ourselves with tradition is just pain staking at times.” Edward smiled as he remembered his and Bella’s wedding together.

“You’ll figure it out. You both always do.”

At home, Juliette sat on the couch, holding Melody in her arms as she rubbed her back.

“You know, your ears are sort of cute,” she comments, seeing the werewolf formation of her ears. “Perhaps cuter than your father…”

“Dada…” Melody says as Juliette just smiles, holding her tighter.

“Yeah, dada. You’re like your dad in many ways sweetheart.” She then glances down, noticing something tickling her by her stomach, laughing as a little tail sticks out. “Oh Melody….”

“Race…race…” During days like this, she’d just jabber random words, not noticing a single thing different despite furry ears and a tail. The only ones who noticed the difference was those around her.

“Yes, sweetheart. We get to see daddy race this weekend.” Juliette glanced at the calendar, knowing it’d all fade away that night with the full moon phase over for May. In a way, she was glad as it brought some normalcy back to their lives. However, she had to admit that she was cute with it.

A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 8: “Are you kidding me?”

Juliette smiled as she held the baby in her hands, rocking her back and forth, seeing the little blue eyes closed.

“Are you kidding me?!?” She hears from the kitchen, glancing down the small hallway in surprise.”Like really?”

“Care to clue me in?” She calls out, hearing the footsteps make their way down the hall. She could tell that he was angry about something, and could only imagine what it could be.

“Todd is suspended for two weeks – rear-end suspension infraction, and Joey’s win doesn’t count for the Chase.” Juliette’s jaw drops in shock as she was not expecting that news – especially so soon after another penalty against Penske, which Paul was still dealing with.

“That’s certainly a morning shock and a reason to be upset.” She then watches him sit on the couch, sending a couple text messages back. “What are your thoughts?”

“It’s part of the game, right? We have to push harder than ever before to find an advantage, and sometimes you go too far. It’s better to know the boundaries now rather than in October, too. I’m not going to crucify Todd like some people on twitter.” She could easily understand both sides of the coin as she sat there in disbelief.

“Just promise me that you won’t cause a shit storm on twitter today?” He looks over.

“You’re not the first person to warn me of that, and don’t worry – I’m staying off twitter totally today.” She smiles, glad for that. They didn’t need any other chaos surrounding them.

“My other piece of advice? I know that it’s all about pushing limits, but maybe it’s time that a talk was had with both Todd and Paul, and they were warned to relax a bit.” He then looks at her, shocked. “It’s not creating the best image, and it just means the heat will be turned up that much more on you guys. There’s got to be a line in the sand somewhere.”

“Am I hearing this from the girl who spent years working at Hendrick Motorsports? Are we hypocritical much?” She shakes her head no. “What about Knaus?”

“Just because we made those press releases sound the way they did, and created that culture image for the public eye didn’t mean that I agreed with his actions. Just go ask Dale as he heard a couple of my rants through that.”  He wanted to bite back at her, explain how pushing the envelope, sometimes breaking the rules and racing  was all part of the game – just go back in the years. However, it wasn’t worth an argument having.

“I’ll keep your thoughts in consideration personally, but don’t expect me to be changing the ways of Todd and Paul. We’re successful for a reason.” He then stands up, walking back towards the kitchen.

“So where are you headed now?” He then glances back, caught off-guard by the question.

“It’s Thursday. I need to check in at BKR and then at Penske before packing for Dega.” She shakes her head, understanding. It was just per usual schedule. She thought that he was avoiding her based on the conversation.


“So is this getting caught cheating thing something that I got to get used to hearing then and pretend is nothing based on that explanation?” Edward questions her as she rolls her eyes. She had called him to discuss things surrounding Melody; however, she had been stuck answering stupid questions about Joey’s penalty for the past 10 minutes instead.

“Pretty much based on what Brad told me,” she answers as he looks on surprised. “I know it’s wrong, it’s a sin, it’s the worst deed ever – but that’s just how it goes. If you live our life, you’d get it.”

“I’m not going to try and get it, if you don’t mind.” He then looks over at Melody, smiling as he watches the little girl play with her toys. “Anyways, you called me about her….”

“I still am worried about what’s going to happen as she grows older, Edward. We’re already seeing automatic changes under full moon conditions. We’re already seeing the blood thirst go up, and be higher than I was at her age. I’m worried about the effects of both being werewolf and vampire on her, what’s going to show more and whether we can handle this.” Edward understood those concerns, and still valued them highly. However, he wasn’t about to scare Juliette out of her wits.

“I understand your concerns as nobody knows what to expect. However, you both handled dating each other and combining things there like champs, and faced the battles thrown your way with ease. I have a feeling that whatever happens with her as she grows, you both will handle wonderfully. As far as her ways right now, you know how that goes – first two years things spiral out of control, and then they relax.” She shakes her head, believing in his words. However, that didn’t mean she was set on everything.

“The werewolf thing – I get how that calms down, thanks to the explanation from Dawn and Brad. However, the whole vampire thing. We just don’t stop – we have to control that. If she is having urges, how do I control that till she’s old enough to understand resistance and handling it?” Edward knew there was only one answer, having lived through it himself with Bella.

“Home school her so that way she’s not around other kids. Then when she’s old enough to understand – say 10, then you can start working towards it.”  Juliette knew that’d only solve part of the problem.

“What about on weekends? All the garage kids play together and want to do things together. I can’t just come out and say that’s not happening.” Edwards knew that each situation was unique in itself. He was just glad that he could pin back on old experiences for now.

“Let her play with them for the first couple years no problem. Then when she gets four or five, come up with something. Teach her to not bite her friends, but rather ask mommy for a drink and then you can take her away and satisfy her.” Juliette smiles. It seemed that Edward had the answer for everything. Perhaps her nerves were getting the best of her.

“You’re amazing, Edward. Thank you.” He then pats her shoulder.

“No – you’re amazing for how you’re handling things, and how you will handle things throughout your entire lives. Everything will work out fine for you, Brad and Melody.”

The Mysterious Puppies – Chapters 36 Thru 40


Chapter 36: Chicago

“Great strategy – just didn’t give you a good enough car,” Paul comments after Brad gets done his final interview following the Cup race at Chicagoland Speedway. Brad had finished the race in the top-10 with an eighth place finish, despite having an ill-handling car mot of the day. “Sorry about that.” Brad shrugs his shoulders.

“Sometimes you have it, and sometime you don’t have it,” he offers. “We did the best that we could and still came out with a top-10. I’m not complaining.” Paul smiles as he watches the crew start loading everything up.

“The first round is about survival. We did that here and we can do that the next two weeks.” Brad shakes his head in agreement, confident going into both New Hampshire and Dover, more so New Hampshire.

“I think we should just notch off another win next week and not have to worry at Dover.” Paul smiles, liking the sounds of that.

“Are you sure that Juliette wants to see another live lobster?” Juliette glances over at the pair and shakes her head no. She wanted nothing to do with being close to the live animal.

“I don’t think it’s nice to torture the pretty girl with live crabby animals, Paul.” He then wraps an arm around Juliette’s shoulders, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Besides, that may get you a gift that you’re not wanting.”

“No, I’m good. I don’t think I want to be cleaning up any messes.” Juliette and Brad both laugh. “You can head if you want. I got nothing else to say and I know the lady needs to be closely taken care of.” Juliette then rolls her eyes.

“Not you too,” she comments with a sigh.

“Hey, it comes with the territory of being pregnant,” Paul offers. “We all worry about you, sweetie. You should soak it up and take full advantage, demanding full baths and back rubs and any comfort that you desire.” She then looks over at Brad as a smile forms on her face. Perhaps his over-worrying was a good thing.

“Suddenly, things just looked a lot brighter for me.” Brad then looks over at her shoulder at Paul, who laughs.

“Have fun Brad!” Paul then heads off as Brad rolls his eyes.

“Thanks a lot, buddy!” Brad tells him before looking back into Juliette’s eyes. “He’s right, though. I want everything to go perfect these next five months. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, keep you healthy and let our little buddy grow nicely.” He then leans in and kisses her lips. “Ready to g-”

“Brad, can I ask you a couple questions?” Brad hears and immediately freezes, glancing over his shoulder to see his least favourite reporter, Rory Stevens, standing there. brad then takes a deep breath before turning to face him.

“I’m not doing any interviews with you. I did my post-race interviews before you got here. Ford will release quote from the media scrum, which you can use. Have a nice da-”

“Brad, wait….please.” Brad shakes his head no.

“I mean it, Rory. I’m done doing post-race stuff and I’m just about to head out with my girlfriend. Besides, I heard about you sneaking around. I heard about you trying to dig up information on me and Juliette. I heard about you visiting Dale, Joey and calling up others in search of some gossip to make your baby reveal sound that much better. Great job, reporter. We’ll see how many friends that makes you.” Brad then walks over to Juliette, wrapping his arm back around his shoulder as they walk off together. As they walk away, he texts Michael, explaining what happened so the PR rep had a heads-up on what could possibly come.

He knew that Rory was probably there to play it off as doing a story on Brad’s day and ask the typical questions that they were asked post-race. If that was the case, he could use the quotes as Brad said.

However, he also knew what the reporter had been up to and wasn’t about to take any chances when it came to questions or answers about Juliette and their baby. Their business was their business. The media and fans knew enough that they needed to know – her name, the fact that she was pregnant and how they met. Beyond that, the rest didn’t matter for the public eyes as it didn’t concern them. It wasn’t their life and didn’t play affect to being a fan.

To his surprise, though, there wasn’t any story forth coming early that week that pertained to him and Juliette. Despite the supposed digging, nothing had surfaced. Perhaps the reporter was having a change of heart – never. Perhaps the search was coming up empty-handed.

That’d be just nice, though a little surprising as Michael had been waiting for something to surface about Juliette’s previous relationship with Jason Burdett.

The PR rep knew of the relationship as he had seen photos. He also knew of the details to why they broke up, with regards to the police report that Juliette had filed in saying that Jason was abusive. He also saw that it was dropped, pondering whether she was one of those that was after money and trying to set a simple trap. As soon as the suggestion came to mind, he immediately shook his head, knowing that wasn’t the case. Brad would’ve seen through it, Juliette seemed too sweet of a girl and Dale would’ve warned Brad if that was the case. He also heard of Jason’s untimely death as a result of an animal attack at a track, and wondered if it could be related. Shaking his head and perhaps even laughing to himself, he knew he had been in the office too long to even believe that was possible.

With no connections and unable to make things flatter in a way that would make the reporter look good – everybody would sympathize with Juliette and call the reporter a jerk should he try and make some story of Juliette’s past stand out – perhaps everything had dried up and the rest of the year would be smooth sailing.

Then again, this was Brad Keselowski that he was working with and he knew that when it came to Brad, he had to be on his toes.


Chapter 37: Concerns….

All I will say about this chapter is the idea came to me rather quickly as I was writing and SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!


Brad finished up at the shop, heading home that night. His plans simply consisted of a nice light dinner, followed by packing and getting ready to fly up to New Hampshire for the second race of the Chase.

He entered the house, slipping his shoes off as he closes the door behind him.

“Juliette?” He calls out, wondering where she is. Sometimes he’d come home and she’d be relaxing on the couch watching TV, while other times he’d come home and she’d be doing stuff around the house. There was then the times that he came home and found Yolanda over, which caused him to simply roll her eyes. She was a little crazy, if you will.

“I’m upstairs,” she calls out from the bathroom as she sits on the floor, leaning back against the wall. She lets out a sigh, wishing that she could simply leave the bathroom behind and never enter the room again.

Things with the pregnancy had been going smoothly without any issues, besides feeling a little more tired than she wanted at times. She found herself taking more naps than normal, but other than that had things under control. She just continued to despise having her daily blood drink.

Though this past week, things had taken a turn. Since returning home from Chicago, she had felt worse than ever, spending more time in the bathroom than any other room in the house.

As Brad entered the bathroom slowly opening the door, she could see the concern on his face. That concern had been written on his face all week as he was concerned about the amount of times she had thrown up. They both knew that morning sickness – and sometimes being sick throughout the day – was common with pregnancies. However, at times, both of them thought this was getting a little overboard.

“How long have you been in here?” He asks, not moving far from the door. Depending on her answer, he wasn’t set on moving much further but rather either getting her checked out by their doctor, or at least calling Edward or someone that could help them.

“Most of the day,” she offers as she wipes her face off with a wash cloth for what felt like the millionth time. “I came in here after I got up this morning and had breakfast. I came in here after a short nap. I had my daily drink at lunch, and found myself in here afterwards. I can’t keep nothing down, and I just feel awful.”

“Maybe it’s time that we do some-”

“Brad, it’s just part of being pregnant. Everybody that we’ve talked to had sickness during pregnancy.” She then rubs her stomach as she glances in the mirror. With only being a month and a half pregnant, you couldn’t see any signs quite yet. “I guess mine is just over the top because we’re doing something that you normally don’t do.”

“I still say that we should be safe rather than sorry and check this out.” She rolls her eyes, knowing that the paranoid side of Brad had been present since she had gotten pregnant. Though, truthfully, she was starting to believe that he was right. What was the worse that she could hear?

“Fine. You’re right.” She then lets out a sigh. “We should check in with the doctor.” She then grabs her phone off to the counter, sending a couple of quick texts as Brad looks at her confused.

“Okay. What’s the docto-”

“I already texted her. She said that she’d meet us at my brother’s place.” Brad could only let out a sigh. He knew that’d equal her brother adding some worry to the picture. While he liked Danny, he didn’t need his overbearingness right now – unless it made Juliette realize that she should’ve done something sooner. Perhaps this could be to his advantage.

“Okay. I’m ready to go, even though I don’t think I can’t used to this flying.” She could only chuckle at his comment. Rather than drive, they always flew to her brother’s – not in a plane, but simply pushing feet off of the ground and going into the air. It was a simple trick that vampires knew that’d get them from one place to another within seconds. She wished that she could do that on race weekends, as well, but then realized how odd it’d be for Brad to arrive without a plane. There’d be a lot of questions asked.

“I texted my brother. He’s coming to get you because I don’t have the ability with how I am feeling to hold you up, as well.” She knew stating that was admitting a sign of weakness, but it was what she needed to do. She knew if she tried to fly them both, she’d lose what bit of strength that she had instantly.


“How is she?” A new voice fills the room as Edwards walks in the room.

As Juliette set-up, Danny showed up and flew Brad to the house while Juliette followed. Dr. Melissa Shack met them there, and immediately began checking out Juliette. The fact that he was having some trouble got out rather quickly, with Edward and the majority of his family arriving. He had watched Bella go through her problems while pregnant with their child, and could only wonder about Juliette.

“Melissa is checking on her right now,” Yolanda offers from her seat on the couch. She was working her way through a blood cake in an attempt to kill the nerves that had found her. “Brad and Danny are in there with her. Danny said he’d come out with an update as soon as Melissa had one.”

“Did this just flare up or what?” Edward then sits down on the couch, figuring he might as well pass the time with some light conversation. It didn’t seem like they’d be moving anytime soon.

“She said that things were alright till Monday when she got home from Chicago. She started feeling sick then, thinking that it was just part of the process. Brad then made her get it checked on just to be sure. It could be nothing, Edward.” Edward shakes his head, understanding. He remembered being jut as nervous about the smallest things with Bella, just as Brad was being with Juliette. It was love speaking. Sometimes those concerns were warranted, while other times were just normal parts of being pregnant.

“She hasn’t bled-”

“No, and I don’t want to hear any talk of that nature. The baby is going to be fine, Brad and Juliette are both going to be fine and they’re going to live happily ever after.” Yolanda takes a deep breath, thinking back to all the tough times that she had been through with Juliette, from when her parents died to the trouble with Jason. “She deserves this and there’s no other way about it.”

She then relaxes back, not having much else to say as her own worry began to take over. She just hoped that Danny would appear soon with some sort of update.

About 20 minutes later, he walked out of the room, which resulted in both Edward and Yolanda looking his way immediately.

“Things are more serious than she thought,” he offers as he sits down in the chair that sat across from the couch. “Her body is fighting against itself, as having a puppy in a vampire is obviously a foreign concept. Therefore, her body is trying to push the object out of its system.”

“The baby isn’t ready….” Yolanda lets out and Danny shakes his head, agreeing.

“That’s what all of us said in there. However, Melissa says there’s no other choice but to remove the baby from her stomach or else her body will start to eat itself from the inside.” An immediate drop of sadness formed on Edward’s face, as he couldn’t believe the words that he was hearing. Just like that, everything that had worked for was disappearing.

“There has to be something that they can do for the baby, Danny. They can’t just do this.” Danny takes a deep breath, having more to say to them as Melissa had explained only minutes ago to Juliette and Brad.

“Melissa says that the baby isn’t lost, yet, despite having to remove it from Juliette early.” Edward then looks over at him, confused. “They’re going to put the baby in an incubator, just like you do with baby chickens and pigs when they’re first born. They’re also going to hook up other tubes – like breathing aparthis – to allow it to grow. They will leave it there till it’s fully grown and really to be removed, whether when it was supposed to be born in February or before then, or after.”

“So is that happening right now?” Edward wonders and Danny shakes his head yes.

For the next couple of hours, the three of them sat in the room with worry as they waited for someone to emerge from behind the door. During their wait, they heard a knock at the front door, in which Danny answered. A pair of people entered with the equipment that Melissa needed for the baby when it was removed from Juliette’s body, in which Danny simply led them to the room without a comment. Besides that interruption, the room had remained quiet with concern.

With two hours and 45 minutes of waiting time in the books, Dr. Melissa Shack came out of the room with a mall smile on her face. The three of them could only resonate that meant that thing had gone well.

“The baby is in the incubator and responding well to everything,” Melissa tells them. “I’d like you both to meet Melody Daniels-Keselowski, born on Thursday, September 24 at 6:50pm. Given her size and acceptance of the treatment, she should be set to be released to the world in February, as planned. I am also proud to announce that Juliette is doing well, despite having her stomach cut into. She’s currently resting quietly with Brad by her side as they watch the baby.” The group could only smile at the news that they had heard. It was great to hear.

“So what happens now?” Danny wonders as Melissa motions for the group to follow her. She then led them to the room, where they could smile as they look into the incubator. The little girl was so small, barely visible and probably only a couple ounces in weight. They then looked over at Juliette, immediately smile as they saw the look on her face.

“We’ve been looking at Melody’s growth and situation, and the parents have some planning that they’ve done. It’s just a matter of whether you will accept.” Danny and Yolanda then glanced at each other confused, but looking towards Brad and Juliette.

“I can’t just give up racing over the next couple of weeks because that’d just seem odd,” Brad starts. “Everybody knows that Juliette is pregnant. We have talked and she’s going to not come to the races over the next couple of months to finish the season, simply because she’s pregnant and going thru the highs and lows of that. Being the caring mother that she is, she wants to stay here and keep an eye on Melody.” Danny then looks on confused.

“Couldn’t we take Melody to your hous-” Danny starts and Brad immedialtey shakes his head no.

“I have friends that come over that don’t know the truth about…well….Anyways, I don’t need them seeing that and asking questions. Is that fair?” Danny shakes his head, understanding. He had forgotten some of the elements of Brad and Juliette’s life with humans.

“Brad is going to spend his weekends at the track racing, and some days during the week at the shop as he is obligated to,” Juliette continues. “He also has media appearances and such that he has to stick to, as well. He will spend any free time that he has among that, along with his nights, here with me taking care of our daughter. Danny and Yolanda, with that said, I want you to be in charge of his transportation, if you get my drift.” The pair easily caught on, knowing that they’d be flying Brad back and forth accordingly.

“I have no problem doing that for you sis,” Danny offers.

“Besides, she has been trying to get me to go to a race,” Yolanda adds. “I could fly you to a race, check it out as a team guest and then return you here.”

“Can I trust her to not eat my team members?” Brad questions as Juliette laughs.

“I’m sure she’ll be behaved,” Juliette comments. “She’s been behaved so far when (Joey’s fiancé) Brittany has come over.” She then glances back towards her brother and bet friend. “But, are you sure that you’re okay to agreeing to the idea?” The pair shake their heads yes.

“We’d do anything for you,” Danny tells her before giving her a hug.

“Besides, you have a very cute daughter to boot,” Yolanda state as she glances towards the little tiny girl.

“We won’t know how much vampire and werewolf she is till she gets bigger,” Melissa comments. “It just depends if we see some fur, ears and a tail forming.”

“I don’t care what happens as she gets bigger, as long as she’s healthy,” Danny states as both Brad and Juliette smile. “So, when do we tell your parents?” Brad’s smile immediately disappeared. He had thought about telling them right away, but was worried as to their reaction.

“Give it a week and I may let it slip to them,” Brad comments. He had to first figure out whether it was the right decision based on the relationship, and current situation the baby was in. Did he want them wanting to come to Danny’s place? Did he want to risk the progress that they had made already? “Everybody outside of this room and family doesn’t find out till February when they were supposed to meet her.”

“Are you sure you can keep a secret from Paul?” Juliette questions, knowing that Brad told the crew chief everything.

“Trust me – he doesn’t need to know this. I’d be annoyed with a series of questions and need for photos.”


Chapter 38: Leaving for Dover

“So I was thinking – maybe we could get together for dinner tonight,” Paul suggests after they finish their normal Wednesday meeting.

As per schedule each week, they’d meet on Mondays to debrief the previous race, and on Wednesdays to look forward to the next race. Considering that a restart penalty and 12th place finish came their way the previous weekend at New Hampshire, Brad was certainly looking for a rebound this weekend in Dover.

Though while it had been a frustrating day at the track, Brad couldn’t help but be in a good mood. Despite the concerns, Melody was doing great under the breathing system and Juliette was feeling stronger as her body healed from the emergency procedure. For Brad, being able to see his daughter and girlfriend each night, it was the best feeling ever. He had almost not come into the shop that morning as he wanted to spend more time with Juliette.

“I got plans for tonight,” Brad simply tells his crew chief, knowing the plan. Yolanda would be by around 5pm when he’d be done for the day. She’d give him his ride back up to the house, where he’d spend the evening and night with his two favourite girls. Life couldn’t get any better than this, right?

“Oh, okay,” Paul accepted as he keeps his eyes on his driver. He could always tell when Brad was hiding something, and it seemed like one of those times again. “I haven’t seen Juliette lately. Everything okay there?” Being the proud father that he seemed to be growing into, he wanted to bolster about Melody’s birth and growth, while showing photos. However, he remembered the agreement with Juliette – nobody would know anything till February. He could tell his parents if he wanted, but nobody else.

“Yeah, everything is going fine.” He knew that he had to tell the crew chief something or else he’d keep bugging. “With how she’s been feeling lately, the doctor advised a strict rest schedule so she won’t travel here on out in making sure she takes care of herself and the baby.” Paul shook his head, understanding. He didn’t know the details of a werewolf-vampire pregnancy, but understood that type of thing from regular human pregnancies.

“Well, glad that she’s doing alright and things are going according to plan. I can understand the doctor’s concerns as what matters most right now is her health.” Brad shakes his head in agreement, simply flashing the crew chief a smile.

“Perhaps we could do dinner next week.” He thought there may be a chance to get Juliette to come home for an hour and play the part. It would be hard to pull her away from Melody as he hated being away himself, but figured she’d do it to help keep the story as is. Besides, a little break wouldn’t hurt as they knew that she was in good hands with Danny and Yolanda.

“That sounds great, Brad. See you later.” Paul then heads out without another word as Brad goes back to his e-mails, smiling. He just hoped hat he could keep up his guard for the rest of the season.


“Are you sure about flying out in the morning?” Yolanda questions late Thursday evening as they finish up dinner. Yolanda and Danny had learned some of the human foods, training themselves via recipes and suggestions of what to make via Brad and Juliette. So far, both were satisfied with what they had been able to make, enjoying the tastes. Brad had to also admit that they were both good cooks.

“I have to be there this weekend,” Brad answers, wishing that wasn’t the case.

“But what about this weather? It’s supposed to rain all weekend anyway!” Brad lets out a sigh, having looked over the forecast earlier in the day. With the tropical storm in the area, it was supposed to rain all day Friday and Saturday, with a slim chance of possibly racing on Sunday. Most other tracks had cancelled their shows, or postponed to another date. He wished that NASCAR would do the same, but knew better than that.

“Incase there’s even a small window that we can get track time, they won’t cancel. If they cancel off the day’s activities, though, I’ll be prepared to fly out right away. Besides, I have a media appearance and some sponsor appearances, too.” Yolanda could only roll her eyes at the thought. It seemed purely ridiculous in her mind.

“I’ll make sure to pack my rain gear incase, I guess.” She then takes the dishes out to the kitchen, beginning to rinse them off. “Oh, what’s the plane plan?” Brad smiles, having traded some interesting comments with the pilot and Paul lately.

“I told Paul and the pilot that I had taken a ride with a fellow driver early due to an appearance. The pilot is flying the plane out tonight with Paul only on-board. I will fly back to Charlotte following the race, and you will pick me up from my house.” Yolanda makes a note of the plan while rolling her eyes. She wished that she could simply pick Brad up from wherever she wanted without reservation. Why couldn’t humans just get what they were doing?

“I’ll be there as soon as you arrive back at the house, sir.” Brad smiles as he offers her a quick hug.

“I appreciate everything that you’re doing for Juliette, Melody and I. It means a lot.” Yolanda could only smile in response, while glancing over Brad’s shoulder at her best friend.

“I’ve been close with Juliette since we were toddlers playing together. There was no hesitation in doing what was needed, Brad. Besides, you make her happy – and that’s something that I’m so glad to see.” Brad shakes his head agreeing, knowing Juliette’s background with her parents dying when she was young. That was of course followed by the trail of events with Jason.

“You don’t have to worry, Yolanda. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure things stay this way.” He then heads over to where Juliette was laying, lying down beside her as his eyes fixate on the incubator that holds their daughter. “I think she’s going to have your eyes as she gets bigger.”

“How could you know that without having a glimpse at them yet?” Juliette questions as she looks over at Brad with a smile, lightly kissing his lips.

“Because she’s so beautiful lying there that I guarantee that she has most of your traits,” Brad answers as Juliette simply smiles.

“Don’t be so sure of that, Brad. I don’t think there’d anything wrong with her picking up some traits from you.” Brad then lets Juliette lay her head on his shoulder as they both keep an eye on their daughter. “Do you have to go in the morning?”

“I have media and sponsors appearances, and I can’t just hide and tell the guys that I’m in the motorcoach all day. I got to make some appearance…” She then lets out a sigh as he brushes a bit of her hair aside. “Don’t worry. I already told Yolanda that if it gets cancelled early, I’m out of there immediately without looking back.”

“I wish I could be there with you. I just can’t see myself leaving our daughter.” Brad shakes his head, understanding. Truthfully, he was fine with that right now.

“Our daughter needs to have one of us here. I can’t be here so you need to be here to take care of us for us both. Don’t worry – I don’t plan on retiring soon so you’ll have lots of races to go to.” Juliette smiles as she knew that was the truth with how much she saw their future growing together. That didn’t mean the future not seem odd at all with the recent announcements.

“I saw Tony’s announcement coming, truthfully, with what happened.” Brad shakes his head in agreement. It was obvious to everyone around that something big was going to happen with Tony.

“He said that the announcement had nothing to do with his injury or the accident. He also added that he plans on racing a lot even past his retirement, just not NASCAR.” Yolanda smiles as that didn’t surprise her. While doing PR for JR Motorports, followed by Dale Jr.’s personal PR, she found herself at race events that Tony was either in charge of, and possibly running to, while her driver was there as a special guest to sign autographs.

“Just promise me that you’ll be careful this weekend.” Brad then looks down at Juliette, giving her a kiss on the lips.

“I promise. I’m going to do everything that I can to win the race and make the next round of the Chase – while being careful, okay?” She shakes her head yes.

“I wouldn’t mind you bringing Miles to visit.” Brad laughs, knowing that’d be a great way to cap off the weekend.


Chapter 39: Busy Schedule

Juliette could only let out a sigh as she sat in the bed playing Skip-Bo with Yolanda.

She was feeling better since the baby ordeal and was moving around the house more. She would go take a shower and do some things around the house, but spent a lot of time in her room wanting to keep a close eye on Melody.

So far, things were going alright with Melody. Melissa (the doctor) didn’t have any complaints about the baby’s progress thus far. She was developing according to schedule and progressing towards being set for her normal expected delivery date.

She then lets out a sigh as she glances out the window. The plan had been for Brad to focus on his racing on the weekend, and then spend time with her through the week. He was supposed to do his necessary daily meetings, but would spend every other moment with her. Why was that not happening this week?

“Where did you say he wa-” Yolanda finally questions, seeing Juliette’s annoyance.

“Phoenix, Arizona testing ahead of the race there in November,” Juliette cuts her off, remembering the discussion before Brad had left early in the morning. She understood the reason why he wanted to test there and knew it a necessary. That didn’t mean that she didn’t agree with him going.

“Why does he need to test? I mean, isn’t it same track, same car every week?” Juliette looks over at her friend and can’t help but laugh. There was so much that Yolanda hadn’t learned yet.

“Every track is different in its own way and requires each car to be a little different to work at that track. They also don’t use the same car every wee, but rather different cars suited to different styles of track.” Yolanda shakes her head, understanding.

“Why is this so complicated?” Juliette laughs and shrugs her shoulders as she takes her turn in the game.

“Don’t worry – you’ll get the hang of it as I teach you more.” She then glances over at Melody before returning to the game. “I’m mad at him for going. I want to be able to spend more time with him with our unique situation here. But, I also understand why he needs to test. If he wants to win the championship, he and Paul need to have everything working perfectly. That includes testing to get better at tracks that they still have left on the schedule. That’s why I can’t be mad even though I feel mad.” She then lets out a sigh as she leans back, grabbing her glass of water. “Does that even make sense?”

“Your personal needs require your boyfriend to be here in your arms, however you don’t want to be selfish and understand why that can’t be happening. It makes sense. Welcome to long distance relationships and why they’re stressful. Just be glad that he will be here tonight and you’ll get some time then.” Juliette shakes her head agreeing. Some time was better than no time, and she knew she couldn’t take that for granted.

“Oh, I may go home next week for a day. Brad wants me to check in with Paul so he doesn’t go absolutely nuts in not seeing me. I’ll probably also spend time with Joey’s wife Brittney as we have a nice friendship and she’ll want to see me.” Yolanda shakes her head, understanding. She knew the situation with Melody was going to include balancing being there and watching her grow, while taking into account the rest of their life.

“That’s fine. I can keep an eye on melody and warn you if something goes wrong. I told you that from the beginning. If you take a day every other week, that’ll work out fine.” Juliette shakes her head in agreement as that was her plan. It was just the holidays that she hadn’t worked out yet.

“What about Christmas? Brad hasn’t told his parents or siblings yet about Melody. How are we supposed to do the holidays?” Yolanda sets her cards down, knowing that there were a lot of questions to be asked about the future. She wasn’t even sure herself.

“You’re going to need to talk to Brad about things. Perhaps by then, it’d be a good opportunity to share the news with them. Perhaps something could be worked out so that way they could meet her then. I can’t answer all these questions for you. I can only help you where I can help you.” Juliette shakes her head, knowing that her friend was telling the truth.

It felt fair to tell his parents as they would be curious about the pregnancy. It also seemed that Brad’s sister was just starting to warm up to her, while Brad’s mom and brother loved her.

However, the big of sting left from his dad held her back. If they revealed and wanted to share Melody, which would involve bringing them here while they waited for her to big enough to release her from the unit. Could that be something that she could handle?

“Why do I have to make things so complicated?” Juliette finally questions as Yolanda laughs.

“Because as we’ve said many times – life isn’t just an easy road that you travel without hiccups along the way,” Yolanda reminds her. “It’s all about the journey along the way and teaching yourself more about you, and other lessons to make you a better person. You’ll figure it out. You always do.” Yolanda knew by those words that she needed to have a serious chat with Brad about how they were going to deal with things surrounding Melody moving forward.

“I hope you’re right.”


Chapter 40: Family Discussions

Juliette glanced over her laptop, catching up the latest bit of NASCAR news.

Being secluded up in the house had its ups and downs. She was close to her baby Melody without interruptions, but had to spend time away from Brad. She was having a much-needed break after a crazy life over the past couple of years, but was missing in some of the biggest news stories.

The latest? The fact that Brian was going to drive for Brad at Talladega. She had always wondered why the brothers hadn’t been closer in the past, and possibly working together. Though reading both Brad’s blog and a couple articles that Brian was interviewed for, it seemed to make sense now. She knew that she’d be cheering for Brian to have a good run on Saturday.

“So how is Austin doing anyway?” She asks with a glance over at Brad as he had returned that evening after a busy day at the shop. He had spent the morning doing a couple meetings with Paul, followed by an afternoon at BKR finalizing things for Talladega.

“He says he’s feeling better and able to move more,” Brad shares from his latest conversation with Austin. “Everything is going according to plan. He may be able to run some more races before the end of the season.” Juliette couldn’t help but smile. From the times that she had spent with Austin, he seemed like a sweet guy and he had talent behind the wheel to boot. It’d be nice to see him get an expanded opportunity.

“That’s great. Hopefully Brian does well this weekend.” Brad shakes his head in agreement. He knew that anything was possible at Talladega, but he also knew that his brother was good at working the draft. If all the pieces came together, it could be a successful time together.

“I have all the belief in him that he’ll do well.” Juliette only smiled in response as she took a deep breath. While it was fun to keep the discussion light hearted, there were more serious matters at hand, especially after her discussion with Yolanda.

“Speaking of family, we need to have a discussion about things.” Brad then looks over at her curiously as he watches her close the laptop and scoot closer. “We need to figure out what we’re doing for the holidays – thanksgiving and Christmas. We also need to figure out telling your parents, Dawn and Brian about Melody.” Brad lets out a sigh as he was gladly enjoying the avoidance of that topic. He loved his family, but their reservations about Juliette made the discussion touchy. “I think we’re going to need to tell them sooner rather than later, as we originally intended. We can’t come up with excuses around Thanksgiving.”

“So what are you saying? Do you think we should tell them next month?” Juliette didn’t want to control Brad’s life. However, she wanted to try and make the situation as easy as possible.

“Thanksgiving is next month. My family doesn’t really have a tradition for that, but I know that yours does. Your mom will want you there for a big dinner with the family. Now, Yolanda and Danny can watch Melody for us as she still can’t leave then. However, we could mention it to them then.” Brad shook his head no immediately. He knew that upon mentioning it, they’d have 20 million concerns, demand to see the child and question the whole process of the pregnancy.

“It’s still too soon for them, Juliette. I know that you feel that’s right, but it’s too soon.” Juliette could only shake her head in an understanding way. She wanted to believe what Brad was saying as he knew his parents best.

“So when do you think we should tell them?” Brad had thought it over, debating time and time again whether this would be a fitting idea.

“Christmas. Let it be our Christmas surprise. We can reveal that she was born – total truth and explain why we kept it quiet as we had. At that point, they can come see her if they want to – as long as they listen to certain guidelines of behavior.” Juliette shakes her head, seeing as to why Brad wanted to wait till then. It made sense with the concerns and it would make a great gift. “Wait – if you go to Thanksgiving dinner, they are going to see you and see that you no pregnant belly. They’re going to think that you miscarried and demand answers.” Juliette then smiles as she crosses her arms. This was exactly what Yolanda talked about.

“So, now what are you thinking?” Brad lets out a sigh as he knew his back was up against the wall. If they were going to do Thanksgiving dinner properly, it would have to be revealed then.

“We are going to have to tell them. If we try to use your pregnancy and inability to fly as an excuse, they will want to come to my house. Whether I like it or not, we are going to have to reveal it next month.” Juliette felt her breath hitch in her throat at that thought. Could she handle the reaction that she’d receive?

“Yolanda and Danny have said that they wouldn’t mind allowing your family to come see her.” Brad was glad to hear that understanding and appreciated it. However, that didn’t make things perfect at his end. He knew how Dawn and his dad felt about things.

“I’m sure my mom and Brian would welcome that. It’s just about convincing Dawn and my dad.” Juliette knew that Dawn would be easy – she was excited about having a baby sitter. His dad? That was going to be a challenge.

“Well, no matter what happens, it will work out. As long as we have a game plan and understanding, it’ll work out. Melody is growing and nothing is wrong there so everything else is the least of our worries.” Brad could only smile as he glances over the little incubator, seeing how Melody had changed in size in just the past couple of weeks.

“She’s certainly adorable. I can’t wait till we can both hold her in our arms.”