A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 5: Wedding Planning


“What are you doing?” Brad asks as he glances over at Juliette on the flight home.

With the Duck Commander 500 in the books, all the pair could think about was getting out of Texas Motor Speedway and not thinking about the night again. After believing that he could possibly have a good run, he’d ended up 19th after having to make an unscheduled stop at lap 128 with a loose wheel. He was mad about it, but couldn’t stay angry with the team as they normally treated him well. It was why he was already set to move forward.

“Looking at some wedding gowns,” she offers with a smile as Brad simply returns to the favor. He makes a glance in Melody’s direction, double checking that she’s still sleeping. “It’s a good way to distract myself from a disappointing night.”

“Can I see them?” Brad wonders and Juliette shakes her head no with a laugh.

“Good try, Brad. I thought you knew the deal in that you don’t see it till our wedding day.” Brad shakes his head, remembering that tradition discussion. It pained him as he kept wondering whether she was going long and flowing, or short and informal. However, he couldn’t wait for the surprise on the day.

“It was a good attempt though, right?” She just rolls her eyes. “At least I know that it will be white and you’ll be carrying red roses.” She shakes her head in agreement, remembering their initial discussions. They had decided that they wanted to get married on a beach at sunset time, with her wearing a white gown and the pair surrounded by red roses. The roses were a special touch to her vampire side, and reminded her of the special retreat that they took for themselves a year ago.

“Don’t worry – I will pick something nice and look prett-”

“Hey now, it’s not hard to do that. You would look good wearing a paper bag.” She then smiles as he leans over and gives her a kiss, trying to sneak a peek but she moves her phone away.

“Brad!” He then lays back and lets out a sigh.

“Oh, have you thought about my request?” She then looks over, reminding herself. Along with the previous conversation, they had wanted to the wedding in July – this coming year to boot. A Daytona Beach wedding, so to speak.

“That’d mean cramming all of this wedding planning into three months? I think that’s a little tough, Brad.” He then looks at her, curiously. What all was going into these plans?

“I thought we were going for a simple wedding.” She shakes her head, in agreement. She didn’t want to do anything too fancy, but rather just invite some close family and friends and do it simple.

“We are, but there are still lots of planning involved. I have to choose the right gown, we have to finalize the guest lists, get a minister, figure out our vows, figure out the rings, and everything that pleases ourselves, our families and our traditions.” Brad could only roll his eyes at that comment. He hadn’t even began to thought about traditions, nor was it something that he worried about. He just wanted to call her Mrs. Juliette Keselowski.

“So that means that we’re going to hold it off and do it….in February?” She had thought about that, thinking it could work as Daytona was somewhat warm and that’d give them some more time. However, it didn’t fit the theme of summer wedding.

“We wanted a summer beach wedding, Brad. What season is it in February?”

“I don’t want to wait a whole year to marry you!” She then sets her phone aside, focusing on him.

“What difference does it make if we rush it or if we wait? We’re still together, regardless.” He then takes her with his own, focused on her eyes.

“We’ve waited a long time for this. We’ve been through a lot together. We have our daughter together now. I want to officially be together, and I want to call you Juliette Keselowski on a daily basis. Hence why I’m being impatient.” She then smiles a little as a smile forms in hearing that name out loud.

“Well, you’ve never been patient, either.” She then glances back at her phone, knowing that she’d narrowed down her choices a little. “Alright. We’ll aim for this year in July, Daytona weekend at the beach on the Sunday after race weekend. If we find the plans aren’t coming together by June, we’re going to change it, okay?” He shakes his head accepting, glad that he had gotten his way, even with the stipulation.

Besides, there wasn’t much to planning a wedding. It’d all be planned out in the matter of the next couple months, right?


Love & Work: A Combo of Madness – Chapter 32: Date Night


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“This is crazy,” Travis comments as he looks over at Kevin. “We’ve been watching this man’s house and closely for three days and nothing. What makes you think that something will happen?” Kevin rolls his eyes as he glances back towards the house.

As discussed on the weekend, they had been keeping close eye on Dale, waiting for him and Angelica to do something that was out of the norm. They had been watching each car come into the driveway, while watching each place that he went to see if it was to see her.

“If they’re together, they will want to see each other outside of work,” Kevin offers as he relaxes back in the seat. “Are you starting to doubt this whole idea?” Travis shakes his head. All he could think about was getting caught.

“I think this has just been a big waste of our whole week,” Travis replies as Kevin rolls his eyes. Supposed the car chief was right, though, as they had nothing.

“Did you have anything else planned? At least you have some company….and I bought you dinner two nights this week.” Travis lets out a sigh and knew there were some advantages.

The pair’s attention is then alerted when they watch a familiar 2013 Camaro pull up to the gates on the property. They glance at each other with a smile, having recognized that car from the shop. Kevin may have memorized the license plate, too.

“Maybe this wasn’t a waste after all,” Travis comments with a smile as he watches the car drive through the gates. “But how are we going to get anything from out here?”

“She’s going to see him outside of wor-” Kevin starts.

“They could be spending extra time on wor-”

“Well, what do you suggest? Hopping the fence and sneaking into our boss’ property? You can do that, but it won’t be on my coincidence if you’re fired tomorrow.” Travis lets out a sigh as he flops back against the seat in the truck. So much for that plan. “Let’s just sit tight. Maybe there’s something more that they’re up to that we can see…”

Angelica pulls the camaro up to the house, turning it off before climbing out as she watched him step out of the house. She smiled, perhaps licking her lips a little, as she took in the view before there. There was nothing like seeing a sexy man dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.

“You went with the right outf-” He starts as he takes in a view of her tight blue fitting t-shirt, along with her denim – fit every curve known to man – jeans.

“You told me that we weren’t doing anything fancy and to wear something comfortable so here I am,” She cuts him off. “I can see that you found something very nice to wear as you look good.” He smiles, knowing that she always enjoyed the appearance. “So, what’s the plan?” He had long debated what to do and where to go, but came up with the right method to his madness. It just took some careful talking, though.

“I thought we could go for burgers and go-karting.” She couldn’t help but smile at that brought forth memories of one of their first nights together. “I may have been a dumbass and filled in the go-kart track here, but I know a friend that owns an outdoor track. It closes at 8, but he said that he’d leave it to us for an hour alone aft-”

“You told someone. I thought we agree-”

“He just thinks that we’re going as friends, and will be busy in his office to know nothing else.” She then smiles as he walks over. “Ready for a fun night?”

“Ready to get your ass kicked?” He then laughs, crossing his arms.

“Last time we raced, I beat you and the time before that, we wrecked each other. Good luck with that.” She then chuckles to herself.

“I may have had some teaching from someone since then.” He then looks at her intrigued as she gives him a wink. They then climb in his car together, as he glances over at her. “No, it wasn’t Hamlin jackass. It was Johnson.”

“I may be in trouble after all.”

They then head out of the property together, earning a pair of glances on their way out as the crew members look at each other with a smile.

“Just going to do work, huh?” Travis questions as Kevin starts up the truck. “Don’t tail too closely. We don’t want to draw suspici-”

“Will you shut up?” Kevin cuts him off with a glance. “I think I know what I should do.”


The pair stand by the track afterwards, eyes focused on each other as Dale smiles.

“Told you I’d win,” he tells her as she just rolls her yes, while putting her helmet up.

“Well, I’d expect that as you’re supposed to be winning races on Sundays,” she offers as she continues to follow him out. “But come on, it was better than the last time.”

“Least you didn’t wreck me, again.” She then gives him a surprised glance.

“And what do you call shoving me into those tires?” He then looks back with a smile.

“Strategic blocking. You didn’t say there couldn’t be contact.” She rolls her eyes.

“I want a rematch.” He couldn’t help but smile more in return.

“Next Thursday? Same spot?” She shakes her head yes as she wraps an arm around casually around him as they walk together. “I have to admit. This has gone a lot smoother than I thought it would.”

“The racing was nice, but the conversation was even better.”

Prior to taking to the track, the pair had sat by the track with their burgers and had a lengthy conversation. They talked about how things have been for each of them separately over the past several months.

She talked about how tore apart she was following the break-up, how she fell in love with Denny (friendship grew to more), but how it fell apart in realizing that wasn’t the right step for them.

He talked about how he had tried to find the right girl after her, but no girl seemed to measure up to the standards he had set. It was when they were reunited that he had realized he was comparing every girl to her, and missing her more than he wanted to admit.

“You never elaborated on your fears, though,” she offers, catching a glance from him.

“What do you mean?” He asks as he leans back against the truck, facing her.

“You said that you were going to tell me why you chased me away then. You were going to tell me about your fears. You never did.” He then glances down, knowing it wasn’t a topic that he wanted to discuss. However, he knew if he really wanted this chance with her, he needed to face it.

“You know my past. You know what happened with my parents. It tore me apart for awhile in watching two people that I thought loved each other dearly separate for reasons beyond their control. I tried to ignore it, but then I got into my first couple of relationships. I found girls that were using me for their own fame, or just wanted to say that they had slept with NASCAR’s most eligible bachelor, or whatever reas-”

“So you thought that I was doing that?” He looks up at her in the eyes and shakes her head yes.

“Jimmie was married, and Chad is the hardest man to crack so that’d be hard to get him in bed. That left the option of me. If you sleep with me, you become more well known and could boost your profile in the organization….or so I thought at that time. Sounds ridiculous now.” She laughs and shakes her head yes.

“Really ridiculous now. Do you think I wanted to be known as the girl that slept my way to the top of the food chain? Do you think that I wanted rumors spread through the shop? Do you know what Rick would say?” He knew that she was right, and that was why he could only shake his head in disbelief of his actions.

“Like I said, it sounds ridiculous now. But that was me then. I was so used to people using me, or trying to get what they only wanted through me at that time. I had girls clawing at me for their own reasons. I had people trying to tell me what they wanted me to do in my career for their own reasons. It seemed everybody was trying to use me, or control me.”

“So you automatically thought that I was one of those types?” He shakes his head yes.

“You were the young engineer. It would make sense….in my crazy mind at that time, anyway. You were either using me for your own gains, or because I was someone that you could easily get your way with.” He then takes a deep breath, thinking over his words carefully. “That’s why when I saw you close with Denny, I began to worry. What if you’re just some pit lizard? What if you’re just one of those girls? What if…. I asked myself so many questions that I couldn’t take it anymore and cut the cord. I forgot who you truly were out of my own worries.” She shakes her head, understanding. His reasoning makes sense, based on those around him and everything that happened. She still felt pain really deep in what had happened, but felt it lessen in hearing some reasoning.

“So what’s going to stop that from happening again?” He wasn’t ready for her to come out and ask that. He wasn’t even aware that they were all the way to fully committed. However, he wasn’t going to back away from the question.

“I’m older and wiser. I also know that having the ability to forgive me for hurting you like I did and hear me out, you’re not one of those girls. I also realize looking back at all those moments we had together – not just the sexual fun ones, but our deep discussions in how you heard me out on frustrations and offered advice – that you weren’t one of those. You were someone that I shouldn’t have let go of, and should never let go of again.” It was all that she needed to hear as she stepped forward and gave him a hug.

“With what you’ve told me, I’m willing to give you another chance, and accept another date next week so I can see if I can kick your ass fairly.” He looks into her eyes.

“You’re on.” She then reaches up and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

“Good.” She then lets him go as she walks around the other side of the truck. “We have a flight to catch soon, don’t we?” He shakes his head yes as he climbs into the truck.

As the pair drove away, the crew members couldn’t help but smile as they glanced at each other. Travis sat there with the camera in his lap, flipping back through a couple of the photos.

“You’re a sneaky bastard….” Kevin teases as he looks at the photos that Travis managed to snag of them together. “But God damn I love you, and can’t wait to show these to William tomorrow.”

“Just don’t let Angelica and Dale find out that we got these or else we’re dead.”

Beautiful Nightmare – Chapter 1: Can’t Let Go

I can’t let go
I’m addicted to your torture
I’m a prisoner to the pain
Although you’re gone
All the misery remains


Denny Hamlin glances at his glass, letting out a sigh as he shakes his head in disgust. It still pains him, even a couple months later, everything that he found himself going through virtue of a single brown-haired female.

Running his hands through his hair, he places them both back down on the table before him. His eyes immediately draw to the scar left on his left arm from the one of the many nights that he found himself at her mercy.

He could still hear the loud voices being shouted across every room of the house. It didn’t matter which room he chose to sit in, he was reminded of those moments.

He could still feel the pain that she put him through. There was the ache he felt climbing into the car for each of those weeks, not wanting to show a sign to anyone of what was going on behind the scenes. There was the sharp, direct pain when his arm was originally cut, followed by the pain in getting stitches. Every bit of pain that he felt still haunted him.

The mental pain was there, as well. He found himself reflecting back, thinking of how much she had put him through. He couldn’t let go of the fear that she gave him. He couldn’t let go of the pain that he felt. He couldn’t let go the betrayal and the feeling of being used and controlled.

Short and sweet, it seemed that each day that had followed even though she was gone was met with misery.

What was he supposed to do to move forward?

He looks back at the glass once again, wrapping his hand around it to pick it up when he feels a hand touch his shoulder. He immediately jumps, spinning around on the stool out of fear. He was ready for the attack, ready for the blow that this person was set to deliver.

“Easy Hamlin,” Kyle says quietly as he rubs his shoulder. “It’s just me.” Denny lets out a sigh as he sets the glass down. It wasn’t strange for his teammates to stop by and check on him, worried as to how he was doing.

“You could’ve cal-” He starts as Kyle sits in the stool next to him.

“I tried your cell twice before coming over.” Denny points to the phone sitting over on the charger. It had gone dead earlier in the day, and he couldn’t care less. It wasn’t like he wanted to talk to anybody about anything. “Well?”

“Why did you just come in? You should’ve knoc-”

“I’d been knocking for the past 10 minutes with no answer. I got worried and used the spare key.” Denny reaches for the glass, though Kyle reaches it first and pulls it away, catching his teammate’s attention. “Given your breath and this glass, I take it you were busy.”

“Can’t a guy enjoy a casual drink?” Kyle rolls his eyes, knowing better than that. He knew what Denny had been up to since the break-up. It was why he constantly stopped by the house to check on Denny, and even offered to let Denny stay with him, Samantha and Brexton for a while.

“We both know that’s not what you’re up to, Denny.” Denny lets out a sigh, knowing that he couldn’t lie to his teammate. “You can’t keep beating yourself up and letting it bother you. You need to do something about it.”

“I don’t know what to do…” Kyle could hear the defeat in Denny’s voice, knowing that he was growing frustrated with his own situation. In Denny’s eyes, this was just supposed to disappear with her being gone out of the picture.

“Have you called the psychiatrist’s number that Joe gave you?” Denny shakes his head no, as he threw the number away right after leaving the boss’ office.

“I’m not talking to no stranger. It was hard enough going to the cops that night wit you.” Kyle shook his head, understanding. He remembered the physical pain that he saw Denny was going through when he finally opened up about the issues. He also remembered the mental pain, as it was one of a few times that he had seen his teammate cry.

“Well, why not talk about what you’re feeling to a friend to start, then? I told you that I’m here to listen to you. Matt, Carl and Joe have said that they’re both here for you. I bet there’s others, too. All it takes is to open up to one person.” Denny shakes his head as he couldn’t face doing that. It was hard enough to explain things on that night. How could he explain all the emotions that was going through now?

“I can’t-”

“Stop giving me that bullshit. You need to do something, Denny. This is tearing you apart and I hate to see that as your friend. Please do something to help yourself, anything.” Denny glances up from the counter and looks over at Kyle, thinking it over. Perhaps Kyle was on to something as perhaps it’d help to talk about it.

“Is Sam expecting you home early tonight?” Kyle shakes his head no as he had texted her already that he was going to stop by to see Denny. She knew on those nights, it’d sometimes be 3a before Kyle would walk through the door.

“She wants what’s best for you, too.” Denny takes a deep breath as he gets out of his seat, walking over to the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water. He leans back against the fridge afterwards, unscrewing the cap as he focuses on his teammate. Perhaps the cold water would allow him to keep his cool in reciting details.

“I don’t know why I fell in love with her to begin with. Maybe it was her sweet supposedly charming personality. Maybe I was just fixated on something. But that was a one night stand that I couldn’t get out of my mind because the next four weeks, she was all that I could think about. I just wanted to be able to see her again.”

“I’m guessing the sex was really good…” Denny laughs, though had to believe that Kyle was probably right about that.

“It was different with her. She was more take the lead and get what she wanted, make me do what was needed. It was different than most girls that leave you in control because they want you happy so you’ll call them again. Her taking the lead I guess was a turn on….” Denny takes a deep breath as he glances at his water. “And that should’ve been my first sign of what was to com-”

“You could’ve never known that. There’s many girls that take charge in bed that aren’t like that.” Denny looks up with raised eyebrows as Kyle shakes his head.

“You wouldn’t tell me anyways if it was true so why do I ask? So I called Diane up, and boom – she said that she was open to getting together. It seemed that we found everyway to please each other that we kept calling each other, and eventually after three months of fun, I asked her to move in with me to make it easier.”

“So that’s why you couldn’t wait to leave the shop some nights…” Denny chuckles, thinking back to that as he shakes his head yes. He was so carefree, having success on track and having the time of his life at home. It seemed nothing could go wrong – of course, that didn’t last. “When did she change?”

“I can’t honestly recall a moment that she did, Kyle. I think it was one of those things that happened gradually and grew before I realized what I had gotten myself into. Maybe the couple of orders that she gave in wanting to control what we did together should’ve been a clu-”

“Some people like to have a say in what happens. It doesn’t mean that their over controlling and abusive.” Denny shakes his head, knowing that Kyle was right.

However, as he stood there, he kept asking himself – where did it go wrong? Where did it really begin, and why didn’t he get out of it sooner?

Back to Square One – Chapter 8: The Offer



Ron walks into the house, smiling as he sees her relaxing on the couch, tuning into something on the television. She glances over and smiles in return.

“I was thinking you’d never come home,” she offers with a glance at the time, seeing as it was 8 o’ clock at night. “I made myself dinner a couple hours ago. There’s leftovers in the microwave for you to warm up.” Ron smiles as he could get used to coming home to a meal already cooked. He wasn’t the best cook himself, so normally dinner consisted of a frozen dinner, some sort of pasta, or whatever basic item he could find.

“Thank you,” he replies as he heads to the kitchen. He opens the microwave, already excited to indulge in the baked chicken and mashed potatoes. He closes the microwave, letting it reheat the food as he looks back in her direction. “As far as being home late, that’s something that you need to get used to with me. Long hours, lots of work put into being successful is the name of the game.”

“Have you always liked being the mechanic more than the driver, or do you sometimes think back whether you could’ve raced yourself?” Ron leans back against the counter and thinks it over. The answer always came to him quickly, even if he could run with the best during those days.

“I was a good driver, but there’s something about turning those wrenches and trying to see what it needs to find that extra edge.” He then hears the microwave beep, taking the food out and carrying it to the living room, sitting beside her on the couch. “By the way, if you’re going to cook awesome meals, I have no problem with you sticking around.”

“Consider it my appreciation for this.” He smiles as he glances at the TV, seeing as she’s watching one of those cliché soap-operas.

“Do you regularly watch this?” She shakes her head as she turns her eyes back to the TV.

“I forgot to watch it earlier today, actually, so I’m watching it now. Gotta love me some Jason Morgan and Sam.” He rolls his eyes, knowing how girls could get with their soaps. It was an immediate invitation to change the topic.

“So, remember how I offered to help find you a job? Well, I think I have an open position for you.” She then looks at him curiously. “Not working for me, but working for my boss.”

“Just because I was one of those girls then doesn’t mean that I know all those car things that you know, Ron.” Ron chuckles as he figured that, seeing how close she was to the crew that she ran with. But he knew something about then that could be useful.

“You were always watching for the smallest detail. Beyond being a helluva racer yourself, you were always watching for the smallest thing to stand out. Remember when you told me that little note on Shaun’s Nova in how it gets squirrely at the 60 foot? Remember when you told me that note about timing the light? You have a fascination for the smallest details.” She couldn’t help but smile as he recalled those memorable moments. It made her feel bad for allowing them to grow apart and watch their friendship fade.

“So what does that deal with working on a race team?” He smiles, remembering the discussion with Jimmie.

“Our crew chief – team leader if you will, Chad Knaus, is looking to hire a new notetaker for shop meetings. He just doesn’t want to hire anybody, but someone he can trust and someone that pays attention to details. You’d sit in on every meeting and make up notes, while helping to input his notes, as well as other engineer notes, into the system.” The job sounded like one that she could handle, and perhaps enjoy in being around cars and the guys more. It’d be nice to see Jimmie, again.

“Someone that he can trust. How do you know that he’ll trust me? You, yourself, even said that you didn’t know if you could fully trust me yet but were willing to give me a chance.” Ron shakes his head, remembering the conversation. He also could feel himself opening up quicker than he thought with each of their moments together.

“It’s different than that. He’ll trust you because you’re not coming from another team so he knows that you’re not a spy. Heck, you don’t know the people down here so it’s not like you can be guilty by association. Furthermore, he knows that we’re friends and we have a past together so he knows that you’ll keep the notes in house. So, what do you say?” From her standpoint, it was an easy answer.

“Yes. It sounds like something that I could handle, and will allow me to land my feet here in Charlotte.” Ron smiles as he was glad it had worked out. He already wanted to text Jimmie the happy news.

“You’ll come to the shop with me tomorrow and meet Chad and the guys. If you fit his approval, he will hire you on the spot; with my recommendation and Jimmie’s, you’ll be fine. You will then begin with next weekend’s Monday morning shop meeting. We’ll get some team attire that’s your size to wear. You will also be attending races on the weekends – this weekend to see what goes on, next weekend working. Is that a deal?” She shakes her head, accepting. She always liked traveling before when she had her cosmetic line and spreading news about it. She couldn’t wait to travel again, but this time to experience different race tracks. There was nothing like being at a track, whether a drag strip or oval, in her mind.

“That’s a deal. Thank you for the opportunity.” He then gets up with a glance towards her.

“Don’t thank me. Thank Jimmie. He gave me the idea.” He then walks away from her and heads to the kitchen as she looks in his direction surprised.

“Jimmie knows that I am here?” He then turns back to face her, letting out a sigh. Perhaps that wasn’t the best way for her to find out. Now she knew that he was talking about her to other people.

“I was a little tired when I got to the shop as I was up later than normal las-”


“So I was taking a quick nap before the meeting. Jimmie woke me up and asked what was up, and I sort of blurted it out. He was rather accepting.” He then heads down the hall to his room, knowing that he needed a good shower.

It was also a good way to escape discussing the topic further. He didn’t want to tell her the real reason for the nap in his office, just like he didn’t tell Jimmie for the real reason for the nap. Those were demons and thoughts that he’d rather keep to himself as there was no way that he could find words to say them out loud. It took every ounce of strength the night before to tell Greenlee what he did.

Moving Forward – Chapter 25: Wedding Thoughts

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Dale sat in his office, staring between two separate things on his desk.

The first pertained to work and JR Motorsports. There were a couple of things that Kelley wanted to look over and review, and either sign off on them and write a note as to why he couldn’t.

The second pertained to his wedding.

A glance at the calendar and being that it was now March, there was only nine months till he’d officially be married to a Queen. She was just his sweetheart, life partner, buddy and everything else, while to the world she was also a queen. Heck, he was already dubbed a king despite not officially being married yet and was still getting used to that.

Marie had given him a couple different things in the morning, pertaining to ideas surrounding the wedding. She asked him if he got a chance to glance over it so they could talk about it later that night. He knew a lot went into planning a wedding, but nine months worth? It seemed too much.

He had always envisioned himself having a simple wedding. Him, his bride, their wedding party, along with some close friends and family. They didn’t need a guest list that expanded beyond 200 people, max 300 if that. He also pictured it being in a simple spot, with some decorations but nothing that’d be featured as the next big hit wedding.

Though as he glanced at the stack and could only let out a sigh. This was going to be bigger than he had thought originally.

Letting out a sigh, he figured that work could wait as he had been doing interviews through the morning so far. He picked up the first folder that Marie had handed him.

“Dates of interest,” he reads out loud as he thinks about it intriguingly.

He opens the folder as he remembers their conversation about when they wanted to get married. It seemed easiest to do an off-season wedding so that way they could get everything done without having to worry about outside distractions. It was why they had decided to go with early January, if they could.

He couldn’t help but smile as he saw the date Saturday January 14 written on the page with a heart around it. He saw other dates scattered across the page, but noticed that she had written that one bigger with the heart. It was the second Saturday during the month – early in the month as they discussed, and on a weekend where they could make sure friends and family were available.

“That was easy,” he tells himself as he flips to the next page.

The second page included some more written words than he had intended on reading, but thought he might as well go with it. He was this far into her notes, right?

Pitronia law states that we must announce our marriage within a week of being eloped.

“Can’t we chang…” he starts to say out loud, but his eyes catch the second line and a smile forms.

Yes, we can change the law – but I want to keep some of my country’s traditions, and that is one royal tradition that seems fair.

When she went in power as the Queen, they had adjusted a bunch of laws – the majority focused around crimes, and marriage. It seemed that her father wasn’t hard enough on certain crimes, had some ridiculous crimes that shouldn’t exist, and was okay with forced marriages. They immediately, within a couple of weeks of power, wiped that out with Marie making a speech that people should love whom they choose to love, not for other reasons such as family greed. It was a lesson from her own life that she wanted her people to learn from. So far, there hadn’t been many issues.

He had no issue with her proposal in announcing the marriage a week after. He glanced at the calendar, thinking out a plan of his own. They could married on the Saturday, go on a Honeymoon where they wanted for three to four days, and then travel to Pitronia with their daughters. They’d spend a week there, announcing their marriage on the weekend, before returning back just in time for NASCAR Media Week.

He made his own note for her at the bottom of the page, before flipping to the next page in the book. He saw that it was blank as he closed the folder, setting it aside.

“The Royal Announcing,” he reads out loud, immediately setting it aside as well. “I can read that closer to the date. Why would I want to memorize the proceedings and traditions now?” He then flips to the next folder, looking at the title intrigued. “Location.”

Despite the additional traditions and wants that she had requested, he wanted to stick to his guns – simple location, simple decoration, simple guest list, fun reception. Why did they need to go out when that wasn’t their laid back style? They were already having to be more fancier than he would’ve preferred with her country’s tradition, but he could compromise there.

He read over her jot notes, easily smiling as it seemed their thoughts were aligned with each other. She wanted to do a wedding that was close to home, in a location that meant something to them. He thought about the suggestion of doing it on the lake, but knew it may be a little too cold for that. He thought about a church or place in town, but wondered about the publicity mess that could cause. As he read the final suggestion on the page, he knew that his mind was made up.

The church that was part of his western town was perfect as it’d seat the amount of people that they’d probably have at the wedding, and they could do the reception in the saloon. He immediately checked it off as being the spot, closing the folder and sliding it across the floor to join the others.

He then glanced at the next folder, seeing wedding vows and ceremony ideas, shaking his head no. He wasn’t about to look at the list. He knew that was something that was better suited for conversation, just like the guest list and wedding party.

It was that moment that he decided that he’d done enough, and knew that he had better get his work done so he focused back towards the work stack that sat on his desk.

Though as he read through the third proposal, he couldn’t help but smile at the doodling by Marie on the back of one of the folders.

Queen Marie-Anne Belle Kastona Earnhardt.

Short Track Lovin – Chapter 47: Easter Bunny 150


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March 2016

Chase glances off of the scales and gives her a quick nod of the head, giving her the cue to climb out of the late model. She walks over and glances at the numbers that he had jotted down.

Determined to beat Ty and everybody else this weekend, they had been spent the past couple days in the shop with Ricky Turner. They had gone over the car from front to rear a couple of times, making sure that everything was tip top for this weekend. They then discussed a couple set-up changes, finally agreeing what way to go moving forward. with the new set-up under the beast, it was time to check the weight and then load it up for a trip to Hickory for the Easter Bunny 150.

It wasn’t a race originally on her schedule, but they knew that they needed more laps if they wanted to figure out what they were missing for the front field runners. It was why Ricky suggested going to run it, in which it didn’t take much following that to convince the pair otherwise.

It just took some time in telling Bill and Cindy they’d be missing Sunday Easter dinner, but they both understood. Cindy was used to spending Easters at the track with Chase.

“What’s on your mind?” Sarina asks as she walks back over to the garage door, opening it.

“I get a weekend off from racing, and here I am headed to the track with you,” he answers as he shakes his head. “You’d think that I’d want to get away from it.”

“We both know that you can’t get away from it, no mater how hard you try.” She then smiles as she sees Ricky standing there, with the trailer open and ready, before returning back to the car. “At least this weekend is in your own backyard.”

“At least we’re getting to spend the weekend together.” She then hops in the car, driving it over and on to the lift before shutting it off as Chase walks over. “I still can’t believe that you’re not coming to Martinsville next weekend.” She then climbs out and lets out a sigh. If there was any race on the Sprint Cup schedule that pained her to miss, it was next weekend at Martinsville. However, she wasn’t going to skip Southern National as she knew that was going to be a great race and battle with Ty and Bubba.

“Trust me, I wanted to go badly. We’ll just have to tell the sweet people who arranged this year’s schedule that it sucks.” Chase smiles, and shakes his head in agreement.

“As long as you have fun, and do well, I guess I could let you go.”

“You owe me a good run then, too.” He then pulls her close, wrapping her arms around him.

“You just worry about your sweet self and Mr. Majeski.” He then kisses her lips.

“Is anybody going to help me load things up tonight or what?” Ricky interrupts them as he walks by to go get something from in the shop as the pair laugh. “I’m going to find you a bloody rabbit this weekend to play with before you start acting like bunnies. Better yet – no bunny action or I’m telling the parents.”

“Ricky….” Chase says in a stern tone as the crew chief laughs. Sarina then follows Chase, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him back against him, rubbing against him.

“Oh come on, Chasey, he can know our secret,” she offers with a grin as Chase laughs, catching Ricky’s attention.

“I know Chase better than that, Ms. Ott,” he states with a smile. “Nice try.” She then lets him go with a sigh and shrug of the shoulders.


The pair arrived at Hickory Motor Speedway, and it was obvious through practice that the adjustments they had made had worked. She topped both practice charts, followed by qualifying to start on pole for the race.

The race went smoothly, as she was able to lead all but a couple of laps, holding off a father-son duo in the final laps to pick up the win. It was satisfying for the team in knowing just a couple races into this deal and they already had two wins under their belt.

Though, they weren’t letting the win go to their heads. Chase and Ricky had been carefully watching her times throughout the race. She had picked up the win, but the lap times still weren’t where Ricky would’ve preferred. With many big names missing out on the race to prepare for Southern National another way, he knew that they still needed to find a little more if they were going to do well as they hoped next week.

“I’ve got a couple more ideas,” Ricky offers as they walk away from technical inspection after the race.

“Please tell me that hey don’t deal with tungsden,” Chase states as Ricky gives him a glance.

“Are you ever going to let that go?” Chase lets out a sigh and shakes his head no. There was nothing more disappointing than dominating the Snowball Derby, to just lose it in tech due to a small thing like that. “And for the record, no, it doesn’t deal with that. I think we need to go a little softer in the rear so it’s a little looser and gives her some movability with it off the corner.”

“That could work. She’s got it so tight now that she’s having to back off a bunch to make sure it’s straight off. Let it be a little loose, and she may get that run off sooner.” Ricky shakes his head yes. “I didn’t mean to offend you with that. I knew that you had a good ide-”

“So, how serious are you two now?” Chase then stops as they reach the trailer and looks back at Ricky in surprise. “It just seems that you’re closer now than you were a couple months ago.”

“Everything we went through in January brought us closer together,” Chase starts. “I can feel it, and I know that she feels it too. We both showed each other just how much we care for each other, and want to be there for each other. We also told each other more than we perhaps would’ve otherwise. I think it made us realize that we can’t live in worry – she can’t be scared of her past, I can’t be scared of moving too fast. We need to live in this moment because you never know.” Ricky smiles as he crosses his arms. It was nice to see the young teenager that he started crew chiefing for several years ago continue to grow up.

“So where are you guys right now?” Chase shrugs his shoulders, not sure how to describe it. “You’re in love, officially in a relationship. You’re maki-”

“Living together, cuddling, and a couple kisses here and there, but no making out. We haven’t started to figure it out each other in that way, yet.” Ricky then looks at Chase, intrigued by the additional word. “I guess I’m ready to admit that I’ve completely fallen in love and am ready for it. I’m ready for those couple moments with her. I’m ready for those dates, and make out sessions, and all those things that other things I would’ve called disgus-”

“Sex?” Chase then freezes and shakes his head no, immediately, as Ricky can’t help but smile. “Just like I thought the other day in the shop. You still haven’t changed, and that’s a good thing. There are a bunch of people who do it too soon or just for the sake of doing it. Don’t let yourself be one of those people – I shouldn’t even tell you that, actually, as I know you’re smart enough to realize when the time is right.”

“When we get married, on our wedding night.” Ricky glances towards the trailer, where he knows Sarina is getting changed inside.

“Does she know?” Chase shakes his head no.

“We haven’t talked about it. I’m not going to bring it up if she doesn’t.” Ricky shakes his head, understandingly.

“Okay. Just don’t let her pressure you into something that you don’t feel comfortable with, and make sure that you guys keep it real with each other.” Chase shakes his head, understanding.

It was nice after the mixture of thoughts that he felt last week in discussing things with Dale, T.J. and Amy to have this discussion with Ricky. It really allowed him to figure out where he thought they were in their mind, and figure the right way to move forward.

As long as he stuck to his feelings, instincts, and kept things with honest with her, there was nothing to worry about……except another lagging thought on his mind.

He had contacted Kendall at least five times over the past couple of weeks, hoping she had some sort of update on the plane sabotager, Harry Butler. While she had learned details of his past and places to check for him, it seemed each lead came up empty and they had been unable to catch him.

The continuing thought that Harry was out there somewhere had him nervous, and wondering. Would he manage to strike again? What would happen when he struck again? Would they get as lucky as they did the first time? Why was he after them in the first place?

The nervousness had him lying awake at least twice a week, trying to answer all of his own questions that he had. Though when he was asleep, he made sure to hold Sarina close to him, wanting to protect her and hope that if something happened they’d be okay.

Chasing The Love – Chapter 110: Birthday

Alyssa woke up, stretching as she looked around the room. She fully expected to be greeted with breakfast in bed, morning kisses – something. Though as she looked around the bedsroom, it looked the same as any other day, but even worse actually.

There was no boyfriend to greet her, even.

Letting out a sigh, she climbed out of bed and smiled. He was probably in the kitchen making her breakfast.

She then walks down the short hallway to the kitchen, feeling the smile grow as she takes in the scent – bacon, eggs, hashbrown, toast – it was smelled delicious.

She walks into the kitchen, fully expecting to see Chase standing there, though freezes immediately.

“Dad?” She questions out loud as Dale spins around and smiles. She then looks around, slightly confused, before turning back to the counter and seeing only one glass. “Where’s Chase?”

“Read this…,” he simply says as he hands her the envelope that as sitting by her plate. She then takes it from him as she sits down before her plate of food.

“Scavenger hunt for my birthday? He is playing one of the common tricks. Like, really?” Dale then chuckles as she opens the envelope. She then stops and glances at him with a shocked expression. “What are you laughing about?”

“Just read it.” She then lets out a sigh as she returns her eyes back to the envelope, pulling out the folded piece of paper. She unfolds it, recognizing the writing right away.


Happy Birthday princess!  

I got something planned for you later today, but can’t you know what yet. I figured that well I get it all set-up and ready to go, you can spend the morning and afternoon with your dad. I hear that he has a fun activity or two planned for you.




She then folds the letter back up as she slips it back into the envelope and places it on the counter, looking up at her dad.

“Let me guess – he’s planning a surprise birthday party with family and you’re supposed to distract me?” She questions and Dale shrugs his shoulders. It was better that he kept his mouth shut to save his butt from being kicked.

“He never told me what he was up to,” Dale lies, wanting to take away any chance of something slipping out. However, the lie didn’t go unnoticed by his daughter.

“You’re full of shit so good try. So does he have a date night planned? Are you going to lead me to somewhere special?” Dale just simply shrugs his shoulders once again as he picks up his glass of orange juice.

“Why don’t you just enjoy your breakfast, get dressed into something comfortable and see what I have planned?” She then looks at him curiously as he walks by her.

“Do I even get a clue as to what we’re doing?” He then stops and looks back at her.

“Wear something comfortable, like jeans and t-shirt. Oh, and perhaps a pair that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or stained.” She then looks at him confused – for a second before a smile crosses her face. She remembered those words growing up and knew where they were headed.

“Paint ball for my birthday?” He shrugs his shoulders.

“I thought we could do a fun activity to start off our day, unless you’re worried about getting your butt kicked.” She then laughs as she smiles.

“There’s no way that a daddy would kick his girl’s butt on her birthday.”

“We’ll see about that.” Dale gives her a wink before heading to the other room.


The pair head to the back field of his property as she glances at some of the obstacles. She had heard the story previously in how he started this racecar graveyard, using old wrecked cars. As she looked through it now, about 20 years since it began, she knew that it could tell stories beyond disbelief in what it had seen through the years.

And now they were set to use the racecars as things to hide behind, and in, to avoid being shot by each other with a paintball.

“What color do you want?” Dale asks as he pulls a couple packages of balls out of the back of the ATV. She glances back with a surprised look. Normally everybody was simply assigned colors and sent to play. “It’s your birthday, so you can choose.”

“Rainbow,” she answers, referring to the new package of rainbow balls that they had gotten a couple months ago. When they were shot, they created a splatter of different colors.

“Here you go.” He hands her the gun, fully loaded with the first round of balls, while handing her some extras to load if necessary. He then picks up the package of blue balls, putting them in his gun.

“I’ll give you 20 seconds to hide before I begin shooting.” He then looks up as he finishes loading his.

“What happened to the 10 seconds?” She shrugs her shoulders as she leans back against the ATV.

“Let’s just say that I want to give you a fair chance before I make you look like a random painting.” He then gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You can talk the talk, but it’s a question as to whether you can walk the walk.”  He then heads off to hide as she heads the other direction.

Over the next couple of hours, the pair shot the balls back and forth at each other, with some hitting and others flying over their heads. They laughed, rolled, and yelled at each other in the name of the game.

By the time it was over, there was no telling who won as they looked at each other covered in paint, laughing.

“I win – since it’s my birthday,” Alyssa declares after a bit of discussion as Dale smiles.

“You can only get away with that once a year,” he tells her as she smiles. “I still can’t believe you’re officially 19.”

“What’s wrong? Daddy all misty because his little girl is growing up?” Dale shakes his head no as he wraps an arm around her.

“No, because I know that my little girl will always be my little girl and come to me when she needs something. I love you.” He then gives her a kiss on the side of the head before they both get on the ATV to head back up to the house.

“So what else do you have planned today?” He looks at her with a smile, before focusing back on the trail. “Oh come on – give me something since you won’t tell me what Chase is up to, although I have a couple ideas.”

“You’ll find out what he’s up to later this afternoon. For now, we both need to go get something to eat for lunch and keep enjoying some quality father-daughter time together.”