Rekindling – Chapter 5

Gonna cuss the morning when it comes
Cause I know that the rising sun
Ain’t no good for me


Following the shower together, the pair headed to the bedsroom together, laying down in the bed with their eyes focused on each other.

Ryan had been careful with the steps that he had taken thus far, slowly closing the gap, growing more comfort with each one. He didn’t want to push it and ruin the progress that he had made between them. It was all about finding the magic, reassuring her and rekindling the fire that they once knew.

Though a glance over her shoulder at the clock revealed that it was already quarter after one in the morning. He could only let out a sigh, knowing that meant about six more hours before morning when he had to fly out to do a sponsor appearance. If only he could buy himself more time with her…

“You’re thinking of something,” Devon cuts in his thoughts as he lets out a sigh.

“I don’t want this to end,” he offers. “I want to lay here for hours upon hours, spending time with you, kissing your lips, and enjoy the love that we have for each other. However, six more hours and I will be boarding a plane to fly across the country.” She hated to see have to leave, either. She had been planning on going with him, though still wasn’t comfortable with going out too much, especially that far. With that said, she had planned a girl’s day and night with Shelby and a couple others while Ryan was gone.

“It’s only for two days, and then you’ll be home once again.” She then closes the space up that was between them, lying closer to him than she was before. “Then we’ll be back here together and can continue what we’ve started.” She then wraps an arm around his neck. “And perhaps we can take another step further.” She then pulls him closer, kissing his lips once again.

“I’ll be open for that, as long as you’re comfortable.” She then smiles as she looks into his eyes.

“Ryan, you don’t need to worry about that. I am comfortable here in your arms and I know that I can trust you. I can also assure you that I’m taking things at the speed that I can handle.” He shakes his head, glad of that reason. At times, it had him frustrated, but a deep breath and realizing just deeply he loved her made him realize that it was all for the right reason.

“As long as you know that, and know that I’ll never hurt you, that’s all that I need to know.” She smiles as she kisses his lips once again.

“I’ve always known that deep down. It’s just been hard to bring myself to have you touch me.” She then takes a deep breath. “Every time I think of a hand on a certain body part, or a certain feeling, it flashes my mind back to what happened. Though, slowly, with each touch, I’m realizing that there is no way to connect the pair of them together.”

“Anything that feels uncomfortable, you just say the word and I will immediately stop. I don’t ever want to push those boundaries.” She shakes her head, trusting Ryan with his word. If he could hold back and allow her to go about this at her pace, it showed enough commitment to go forth with that step.

“I know I’ve said it a ton of times, but I cannot thank you enough. I can’t thank you for the patience that you’ve shown. I can’t thank you for how you’ve helped me grow, and shown me love. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a second chance. I just can’t say it enough.” He smiles as he was used to these spells from her, but they weren’t needed. There was a reason that he had done all of those things, and that boiled down to one single thing.

“I did it all because of how much I love and care about you. I know the sweet side of you, Devon, and I want to be there to reach, touch it and enjoy it. As much as those crazed sex night, and the pressure to rekindle everything back to that is there, I also cherish simple moments like this in having conversation. It’s nice to have someone that I can lay my heart on the line to, and is there to support me no matter what.” A smile forms on her face as it was nice to hear that in return. Love was something that didn’t happen much in her life, and it was nice to know that despite all trials, it hadn’t changed one single bit.

“I love spending time with you. You let me be myself and do my own thing. You inspire others to do things beyond belief.  You are one of the most sweetest kindest people that I know. You’re always pushing the boundaries. Most of all, I also believe in you and what you can do on any given Saturday afternoon. I’m going to say this once and only once, but I think I may get to celebrate with you some this season in a big way.” Ryan knew what she meant by those words. He knew that the competition would be tough, and the new Chase format would present a unique challenge. However, as he put the ices together, he knew that he had a team that could possibly contend.

“No promises, but I will try to do you proud.”

“Ryan, you don’t have to do anything to make me proud. I’m proud of you everyday for what you’ve done in accomplishing your dream, pushing the limits and doing this. You don’t need to do any special to make me prouder.”

With each comment back and forth, it seemed that the barriers were falling and she felt herself willing to accomplish taking the next step forward. It was a thought that she went to sleep with that night, and knew that she had to work something up with the girls on that note.


Moving Forward – Chapter 14: The Article

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February 2016 – Wednesday

Alan walks up into the hauler, set to meet up with Chase before the first drafting practice of the weekend. He walks into the lounge, noticing the eyes of concentration on his face as he looks at something on his Ipad.

“What are you doing?” Alan wonders as he takes a seat on the couch.

“Reading an article,” Chase answers as he glances up from the Ipad. “I opened it as it showed up in my twitter notifications for curiosity.” Alan then looks over slightly confused as Chase hands over the Ipad. The article pertained to the media day session and Chase’s thoughts on the attack that happened.

“Oh…” Alan then glances through the article. “Is it really best to be reading this?” Chase lets out a sigh, knowing the nerves that the crew chief was having.

“It’s not bothering me, and I was curious as to how the media handled my comments.” Alan shakes his head, understanding, recalling that there was a balance in giving information without crossing the path of personal space. “I have to admit – the article isn’t that bad. I was worried that some would take the comments out of proportion and such, but so far the media and fans haven’t been driving me insane.”

“People have respect for the most part. They understand the pain and emotions involved so they know those aren’t buttons to push. As for those who are attempting to push those buttons, you just got to shut them out and focus on yours-”

“Myself, racing, my feelings and not let them get to me. Trust me, Alan. I don’t get bothered by their comments or concerns. The only critiques that matter to me are our my own, my team and my sponsors.” Alan shakes his head in approval of the answer as he looks back towards the article.


Chase Elliott Returns to Daytona Following Dramatic Turn of Events 

For the first time since an a hotel room attack in the summer, Chase Elliott is set to make his return to Daytona International Speedway, making his first start behind the wheel of the No. 24 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet.

Last season brought forth a dramatic season for the 20-year-old as well he won the XFINITY Series Championship and his first Sprint Cup Series victory at Charlotte Motor Speedway, he found himself involved through a series of off-track dramatic events. The youngster faced three attacks at the hands of Mariela Kastona Calente and Randy Roberts, including in a stabbing to the leg and being pushed in an ice hole in Canada. Both individuals were caught after their respective attacks, with Ms. Calente being shot by police and Mr. Roberts being put in prison virtue of a life sentence. 

The attacks came virtue of an inner-family feud between Calente, and her sister Marie-Anne Belle Kastona, whom is engaged to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Notably, Kastona is also the Queen of Pitronia.

Despite these series of events, Elliott assured the media that everything was fine, and he was ready to handle the task at hand this weekend. There were concerns entering the weekend, though, after Elliott froze on stage during the NASCAR Media Tour. When asked to speak of the details, Elliott froze up without a single word as his teammates helped escort him off of the stage.

“Certainly, I admit that I froze up on stage and had a bit of a panic attack in hearing the question in the memories that it brought up,” he said late last week. “However, I can assure you that I am fine. Since everything, I have been working on handling things through help with friends, and psychological counseling. Given everything, it will not be a problem this weekend as you are probably implying.”

Despite having grown more comfortable with the situation, he did refuse to depict any details, stating that he wouldn’t be comfortable in doing so, asking the media to ask to another topic of discussion.

The Daytona 500 will mark Elliott’s first time behind the wheel of the No. 24 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports, which has been driven by Jeff Gordon since 1993. Gordon retired at the end of last season from racing, becoming a commentator for Fox Sports 1.


“That’s not too bad,” Alan sounds off after reading the full article. “They touched upon it, but didn’t push boundaries in including unfair details or making it look bad on your part.” He then sets the Ipad down on the small table as he looks over at Chase. “Are you sure everything is okay?” Chase shakes his head yes.

“Alan, I trust you,” he starts. “I’d tell you if something was bugging me. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m just ready to get out there today and get some drafting done.” Alan smiles, excited for what was to come during the rest of Speedweeks. He saw how Chase performed in the XFINITY races at Daytona and Talladega, showing a good understanding of the draft. As a result, he felt encouraged that they’d have good results to start the season.

“Well, we better head out as it’s actually time for first practice.”

Meanwhile back in North Carolina, the day had started as normal, like any other day. Dale got both Alyssa and Marie breakfast for the morning, while going about the normal routine of hanging out in the living room. Dale had settled on playing some games with Alyssa, while Marie was relaxing on the couch. They both figured that they’d hang out for the day and take it ease, while enjoying the Daytona coverage.

As afternoon broke, Marie felt a pain in her side, like a small cramp, making her groan slightly.

“Are you okay?” Dale immediately asked afterwards as he looked up and over at her.

“I’m fine,” Marie comments as she takes a deep breath, relaxing. “I probably just twisted the wrong way, or maybe a little indigestion again. I’m fine…” He shakes his head, understandingly, returning back to playing with Alyssa. It seemed that this had been the same routine for the past couple of weeks as they waited for Elsa to be born.

About a half hour later, Marie got up and made her way to the bathroom, having to simply go. After going to the bathroom and giving her face a rinse, she made her way back to the front room to rejoin the rest of her family.

As she was walking back, she felt a strong pain once again, this time in the back. She then froze, grabbing the edge of the chair closest to her, letting out another groan. She could feel her breath being taken away simply by the amount of pain riveting through her body.

Is this it?” She wondered to herself. “Am I going into labor, or this normal pain issues? Maybe it’s just Elsa kicking again. She did that a couple weeks ago.”

She didn’t know the proper pains that you got before going into labor, except for warnings from other mothers and her doctors to watch for severe pain and her water breaking. When it came to having Alyssa, she went through a pre-planned c-section due to the doctor being worried about complications following some early pregnancy issues.

Relaxing herself once again, she continued to make her way into the living room, though found her to freeze as she grabbed the arm of the recliner, feeling a pain shoot up her back once again. It immediately caused her to tense and arch her back, looking up to the ceiling. She thought about checking her cervix, out of curiosity, but there was no way that she could move with the pain that she was going through.

“Marie?” Dale asks as he gets up from his spot on the floor with Alyssa and walks over to her. “Marie?” She then lets out a moan as the pains continue. “I think it’s time…”

“Mommy okay?” Alyssa questions as she looks over from her spot, worried. “Daddy?” Dale takes a deep breath, knowing that he needed to remain calm, despite the worries that were flooding his mind.

“Mommy is okay. I think it’s time for Elsa to come out and say hello. Why don’t you run next door and send Anut Kelley over, while you stay with Karsyn?” Alyssa immediately jumped up, feeling excitement as she couldn’t wait to meet her little sister.

“Okay!” She then ran off as Dale focused his eyes back on Marie, knowing what they needed to do.

“Let’s get you ready to go…” He then helps her sit down, going over to grab her shoes and a coat. They had already packed a bag, having it placed by the front door for just the occasion. He had to thank his sister for that suggestion.

“So much pain!” Marie lets out as she tries to focus on getting ready to go, but finds herself in more pain than she think she can handle. The sweat then begins to form on her forehead, slowly rolling down her face. It was probably a combination of either a fever, nerves or the panic that was being brought forth. “Dale!?!”

“It’s okay,” he tries to soothe as he hurries over, shoes in hand, working at slipping them on her swollen feet.  “It’s oka-”

“Ugh!! I don’t think I can make it the hospital.” The comment instantly caused Dale to look up, the panic that he was trying to keep at bay coming forth immediately. “I’m going to have the baby. I’m going to have the baby now…”

“What?” The pair heard as Kelley came running in the door, joining the pair by the chair. “What do you mean, now?” Marie looks up, fear washing over her as the pain remains.

“The baby is coming…”

“Okay…” Kelley then takes a deep breath, debating their next set of actions. There was only one other option. “We’ll just have to have the baby here. There’s no other wa-”

“No, no, no, no….she can’t do that!” Dale lets out, catching both of their attention. “She has to have the baby at the hospital. The doctor said that she had to have the baby at the hospital incase there was any issues.” He then pulls his phone out of his pocket. “Keep her company, get her comfy – I’m calling 911.”

“Dale, you’re overreac-”

“I don’t care – I’m doing what I need to be safe and feel right about it for my wife and kid!”

He then takes a deep breath, as he starts the conversation with the emergency officials. Kelley, meanwhile, works at making sure Marie is as comfortable as possible with the amount of pain that she is in.

Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 36

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“Name please?” Bill hears from the secretary at the desk as he takes a deep breath.

“Bill Elliott,” he states. “I’m here to see Chase Elliott. I was called by a doctor saying that he was admitted here.”

The older gentleman was trying to remain calm, but had to admit that he was nervous. It wasn’t like he had much information to go thus far with regards to how his son was doing.

Sitting at home with Cindy, watching a movie, the pair weren’t set to be up to much for the day as there was nothing on the agenda. Considering that there was a good movie or two on TCM, might as well make a relaxing day out of it.

However, every bit of relaxation was removed when he received the phone call.


“Hello?” He answered the phone after hearing it ring.

“Hello,” he heard a serious voice on the other end. “Is this Bill Elliott, speaking?”

“This is. Can I help you?”

“I am calling to tell you that your son, Chase Elliott, has been admitted to Athens Regional Medical Center as a result of a plane crash. I can tell you that he was unconscious initially on the scene, but is conscious and was speaking to hospital officials upon arrival. I’m sorry but there is nothing else that I can tell you with regards to his condition at this time.”

“I’ll be there right away.”


Bill remembered the immediate pit that formed in his stomach upon hearing those words. He remembered the instant worry that flooded through his mind in wondering about how his son was, the extent of the injuries, and what had happened. It wasn’t that long of a flight. Was there a mechanical failure? Was there weather-related issues? Did Chase forget to check something? The concerns of what had happened immediately erased his mind, though, as he rather focused on the worry about Chase’s condition, as well as Sarina’s.

The only thing that he knew was that Chase was knocked out but conscious now, and knew nothing about Sarina. What did that mean? How serious was the crash?

The pit in his stomach had just continued to grow larger when he repeated the words for Cindy, remembering the tears that streamed down her face as she immediately worried about her son.

It was only an hour and 15 minute drive from Dawsonville to the hospital, however it felt like it was taking forever. Why hadn’t they received a phone call with any update? Why wasn’t there anymore information? The entire drive was pure silence as they both worried.

“You can head down through those doors,” the secretary said, snapping Bill out of his thoughts. “Mr. Elliott can be found in room 104.” There was a positive – they were allowed to go see him immediately, and without a doctor consult first. It had to mean something positive, right?

“Thank you,” he simply says before going through the doors with Cindy in toe.

The pair walked down the short hallway, glancing at each other before walking into the room.  They noticed the lights had been toned down immediately, which only helped to enhance the concerns. Their eyes immediately fell upon the first bed as they walked into the room, noticing the young man bundled up underneath the blankets. His eyes were closed, lost in their own thoughts, though slowly opened to look at them both directly.

“Mom…” Chase lets out as he sits up a little bit. “Dad…” The pair of them walk over, immediately wrapping their arms around him to pull him into a hug together. Being able to hug him, and seeing him speaking to them without a bunch of monitors, wires, or body restraints gave them easy relief. There was also relief in seeing how Sarina was laying in her bed, loosely. “Easy…please…” The pair immediately let go upon his comment.

“How are you, sweetie?” Cindy asks, concern laced in her voice as Chase takes a deep breath, laying back once again.

“Sore,” he tells her, knowing that the next question would be pertaining to his condition. “I’ve got a concussion, headache, feel a little dizzy still….” He then takes a deep breath, blinking his eyes, as he tries to get the dizziness to calm a little bit before continuing. “…cracked a couple ribs on my left side, and got bruises all down my side, too. Sarina is alright. She’s just got some bruises. They have us both here for 24 hours and want to wak-”

“…wake you up every three to four hours for precautionary measures.” Cindy then glances back over her shoulder at Bill, before returning her eyes back to Chase. “I’ve been through that with your dad so I know.” She then brushes a bit of stray hair out of his face. “At least you’re going to be okay, and it wasn’t more serious. Just relax and take care of yourself…” She then leans down and kisses his forehead. “Just take it easy, okay? I’m glad you’re okay. You gave us quite a scare.”

“I’m sorry. I should’ve gotten them to call you, or cal-”

“Don’t fret about it. Just focus on getting better.” Cindy then takes a seat in the chair beside his bed as Bill looks over at Sarina, who has her eyes locked on them. He could a possible bit of loneliness in her eyes, combined with the fear and the pain of what happened.

“Is there anybody that I can call for you, or anything that I can get for you?” Bill asks as he walks over to her and she shakes her head no.

“I’m fine, Bill,” she assures him as she lets out a sigh. “I’m just focused on Chase and making sure that he gets better.” Bill then gives her a quick hug.

“You also take care of yourself, okay?” She shakes her head yes.

Bill then pulls the chair that was between the beds, sitting down in it himself as he looks between the pair. It was certainly a relief to know that they were both okay. That was the main thing on his mind at the moment, certainly after the initial worry that he felt.

“I wish I knew what caused it,” Chase lets out, catching everybody’s attention. “I can’t figure it out. We heard a bang. I started going through the checklist and she was looking for a place for us to land. Next thing according to her as I don’t remember – the engines cut out and we crashed. I can’t figure it out…” Cindy grabs his hand with her own, rubbing the back of it.

“Focus on getting better,” she tells him once again, “That’s the main thing. We can worry about what happened later. Besides, there are people that deal with investigating crashes and those things.” Bill shook his head in agreement, already guessing that the NTSB was on scene with the log books in hand, going through everything.

“Did you go through your normal pre-flight checklist properly?” Bill asks and Chase looks over, shaking his head yes. “Log books are in the plane, right?” Chase shakes his head yes, again. “It could be a mechanical failure, or something else.” Sarina felt her own breath hitch in hearing the words something else. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if this was connected with her, and the anger/wrath that would come her way.

“Bill, he needs to focus on getting bett-”

“He likes me, Cindy. He’s quiet, but he’s thinking about what happened. I was just trying to ease those worries.” Bill then looks over at Chase. “With that said, young man, your mother is right. Focus on getting better as we’ll figure the rest out on our own. The best thing that you can do is relax and let everything heal. If you continue to worry, you’ll just stress yourself out and that won’t help in easing that headache.”

“Yes, sir,” Chase replies as he takes a couple deep breathes, going through the breathing exercises that he was given for his ribs.

It was a lot to take in with the injuries, the pain, and knowing the time that was going to come in waiting for everything to simply heal once again. It was even more to take in contemplating what happened, getting checked on every four hours by the nurses, and remembering to do the breathing techniques after couple hours to avoid issues due to his ribs.

Though with his parents there, he instantly felt at ease. There was someone there to help take care of him, remind him of certain things, and answer the questions that he may have.

Chasing The Love – Chapter 99: Demi’s Story Con’t

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Alyssa sat on the couch, cuddled up with Chase, listening as he recounted the tale from one of the worst moments in life. Even though she had stressed that he didn’t need to say anything if he didn’t want to, he figured that it’d be worth telling her so she understood where he was coming from on things, and feelings within the relationship.

“We went up to the cabin together, and it started off perfectly,” Chase continues recalling the details. “We were quickly able to hit it off, sharing things back and forth that perhaps we wouldn’t tell others. I openly told her about what had happened in the past with Randy, and she openly shared some of her fears. Amongst that, we had fun skiing and going go-karting together. It was perfect…”

“You know what they say about things that seem to good to be true?” Alyssa questions as Chase lets out a sigh. He wondered what would’ve happened if he had never went up to the cabin with her in the first place. Would Randy have found him?


“Sometimes you need to take chances, and sometimes they pay off, and sometimes they backfire. As I told Darrell and Ryan, I met the one in a million crazy girl.” Alyssa couldn’t help, but shake her head in agreement.

“So obviously, given your brief description of the time spent together, it seemed that everything was perfect and I bet you were starting to fall for her right then and there.” Chase lets out a sigh and shakes his head yes. “It’s understandable. You were lonely, hurting, needing comfort and looking for an escape. You figured that being with her in your won fixated world away from everything was the perfect answer. It’s okay to admit that.”

“You know, you’re pretty smart for an 18-year-old.” She smiles as her eyes stay fixated on his.

“I wonder where I get that from. It could deal with my parents, but it could deal with a pretty smart best friend who was always there for advice.” Chase smiles as he knew whom exactly she meant. He could recall the nights where he’d given her advice, whether surrounding annoying people at school, racing, or relationships. For both of them, it’d always been easy to sit there and talk about anything that was on their minds. “So, when did this perfect world that you’d grown used to fall apart?”

“We were sitting on the couch and she got a phone call, in which she spoke to some person on the other end. I didn’t pay much attention to it till she mentioned that she had to go out. I asked her at that point what the conversation was about, and she told me that her cousin was having issues. There’s first warning sign – no details suggests that there could be a possible second motion. Make a note of that.” Alyssa then crosses her arms.

“Not everybody has ulterior motives as there are those can be trusted. However, I will keep that in mind.” Chase smiles. He didn’t want Alyssa to find any way of getting hurt in the future.

“Good girl. She told me that it was a two hour drive each way, and she’d be back in the morning. I simply accepted, although I didn’t want to be alone at the cabin. She told me to text her if I needed anything and then she left.” Chase then remembers when she got back the next day, the confession that she made of where she had actually gone, and the shiver that immediately leaves upon realization of the flashback. How could he have trusted that girl? “She returned the next day, as I noticed when I woke up that morning. I told her that I tried to stay up waiting, but fell asleep, which seemed to be no problem..”

“Well, you do need your sleep….sometime…” Chase looks over with a sly smile. “I’m serious! There are sometimes that you get fixated on certain things, whether it be about the racecar or something else on your mind, and you don’t sleep. Sleep is good for you, boy.”

“Yes mother dearest.” She then gives him a small punch to the arm, in which he looks back at her with a shocked expression. “I see how it is…” He then takes a deep breath, returning back to the story of choice. “So I asked her how things went, in which she told me that things were rockier than she thought but decided to come back anyway. That was all that she had to say about that. I then revealed that Randy has escaped jail, as my dad had called me to tell me while she was gone the night before.”

“So wait – you were at a cabin by yourself for a whole night without anybody while he was on the loose?” Chase shakes his head yes, slowly. “That doesn’t sound like the safest idea.”

“I figured that he’d stick around North Carolina and Georgia looking for me. I had no idea that he’d be making the trek all the way to Canada. Does that sound logical when you’re searching for me?” Alyssa lets out a sigh, and shakes her head no. “So, she gave me the standard shocked expression that you’d expect – all rehearsed perfectly like a movie. I then told her that my dad had suggested for me to return hom-”

“Obvious parental decision in that situation as they want to keep their baby safe and sound. I wonder what would’ve happened if you had listened…” Chase didn’t need to wonder, having tried to put together a plan of that such.

“I already have your answer, actually.” She then glances over surprised. “She asked me what I was going to do next, and I told her that I was staying for the reasons stated. I then told her that it was fine wit hthem – as they reluctantly agre-”

“I can’t see Cindy agreeing to let you stay in Canada.” Chase shakes his head no.

“She didn’t agree. It was my dad on the phone, and he gave in and told me that he’d handle holding her off so I could do what I thought was right. However, it was known that your dad’s jet was available if they were to immediately want to come see. That was when Demi suggested that I should go home so that way they could offer protection and help me. I fought against the idea, but yet she kept going on about it. I couldn’t take holding it back any longer, so I confessed to her that I was in love with her and never wanted to lose her.”

“In times of desperation, the true feelings come out.” Chase shakes his head yes as Alyssa sits back, thinking it over. “I still can’t believe that she’d push you to go home, when she ended up being the one to betray you and help you further get hurt in the process. it just doesn’t make sense.” It never seemed to make sense in Chase’s head, either, as it was something that he battled with for years to come following the events. He had simply grown to accept the reasoning that she gave him.

“She loved me, but didn’t want to betray those that she was loya-”

“She was, or is a crime ring member?” Chase slowly shakes his head yes. “Whoa….”

“I guess she thought that she could get me out of there immediately without any trace that nobody would find out, and she could keep the divide that we had. however, when push came to shove, her true allegiance shown through.” Alyssa then looks at Chase, curiously. It seemed with the more that he revealed about Demi, the more he became intrigued.


“Let me go through this step by step so you fully understand, okay?” Alyssa shakes her head yes. “ She told me, eventually, that she felt the same way, but there were some issues there. I thought maybe she was thinking about distance, boyfriend, but that wasn’t the true. She told me that she didn’t go to see her cousin, but rather go to a crime ring meeting. Randy was on the hunt for me and was having no luck, so therefore he was attending each of the five meetings across the U.S., as well as the Canadian meetings to call upon a nationwide search for my hea-”

“How much was the bounty?” Chase then looks at her surprised by the question. “I can’t help but be curious. I’m curious by nature.”

“I never found out the amount, if that’s of interest. But anyways, it made me understand why she wanted me to leave. So we put the plan in action. We made an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers, called Dale to have the jet at Pearson International in two days, and that we’d be there. We were going to take the back roads and sneak our way there in hopes of not attracting Ran-”

“She sneak you in the wrong direction?” Chase shakes his head no. “Then how did she betray you?”

“How about you let me tell you, rather than trying to guess?” She then lets out a sigh.


“We were putting together pieces of the plan, and I came out and asked whether it’d be our last day together. She told me that she didn’t want to be a part of the crime rin-”

“Well, that was a lie.” Chase then gives Alyssa a stare as she lets out another sigh. “It’s true. She showed her alliance to them in the end.” Chase knew that she was right, but that didn’t mean that comments had to be made. “Continue…”

“And she didn’t want to come with me as people who try to escape usually end up dead, so she didn’t want me caught up with that. I asked why she couldn’t get he police invol-”

“That’s actually a good question. Why didn’t you call them for protection once you heard Randy was loose?” Chase lets out a sigh. It would be so much easier if he could just tell the story as it was.

“We didn’t want to attract attention since as far as Randy knew, I wasn’t there. Hence the idea of sneaking back down there.” Alyssa shrugs her shoulders – it sounded like a reasonable plan, supposedly. “She told me that wouldn’t work, as evidence by the past in how these crime rings work. Think about it – Randy was able to escape prison via deceiving the guards. They know how to do things. She told me that perhaps one day that we could be reunited. Lost in our sappy love, I told her that I wanted something to hold on to and reme-”

“You slept with her….” Chase lets out a sigh as he slowly shakes his head yes. “Chase…” His eyes immediately glance towards the ground, as he takes a deep breath.

“She was my first ever. I had been waiting and saving my first moment for someone special. I thought that she was that person so I slept with her.” He then slowly looks up and looks into Alyssa’s blue eyes. “That’s why I’ve always called it the biggest betrayal in life, for that reason. It left me crushed beyond belief. Regan, your dad, Bubba and Ryan all made suggestions to help me feel better about it, but nothing could break that heartbreak for the longest time. It took me a long while to get over it.” He then lightly grabs her hand with his own, holding it tightly. “Remember when we had a discussion about firsts?” Alyssa shakes her head yes.

“You mentioned Demi….”

“Demi taught me something – the biggest regret over the most ill-timed decision in my life through a series of emotions. I don’t want you to regret it. I don’t want you to feel hurt, or anything. I want it to be the right, special moment for you so you don’t feel what I felt. That’s why I told you that we would wait till you were ready, set for the right moment to have sex for the first time. That’s why I want to be patient and wait. That’s why…”

“Chase, it’s okay. I understand, and I really appreciate that. it means a lot to have someone who truly loves me who isn’t going to push me to do it before I am ready, or because of peer pressure. It means a lot to me. It touches right here…” She then brings his hand to her chest. “…and I don’t know if there’s many things that could feel just as sweet as that.” She then leans in and kisses his lips lightly.

“I’ve made some mistakes and regrets. I don’t want you to do the same.” He then takes a deep breath as he looks away, before turning back to her. “That experience with Demi tore me apart for a long time. It was hard to fall in love. I fell in love with a girl about two years later; her name was Brittnee. We had a decent connection, but yet I couldn’t bring myself to truly love her because I was still wondering if it was going to be a repeat of Demi. Of course, then there was Emma and we know how that played out.” Alyssa laughs.

“It’s alright. She was a way to bring us together, right?” Chase then shakes his head yes.

“I just want you to know that if say I should mention something that questions things, worries, or anything that’s od-”

“I understand. It’s because you’re still stuck on that moment and not sure. I understand. I am willing to be patient and understanding with you, and help you if we should come across something like that. You’ve been understanding with me in the age gap, and the things that I’m going through. Therefore, like the partners in life that we are being, I can do the same for you.” Chase smiles as he leans in and gives her a light kiss of her own.

“I appreciate that. I love you so much. I don’t even think I can describe it.” She smiles as her cheeks blush a little.

“I love you, as well. I’ve always felt something…” They then both get back into their comfy spots as Alyssa takes a deep breath. Despite this much being in the open, she knew that they needed to touch upon the rest. She had to know where the betrayal went wrong to answer the curious questions of her mind. “Alright. So what happened the next morning to lead to her betrayal?” Chase takes a deep breath, looking for the right place to start in his mind.

He had to admit as he got started to continue, though, that it felt good to have that off of his chest.

Moving Forward – Chapter 13: Elsa

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February 2016 – Monday

“Mommy, is Elsa ready to come out?” Alyssa asks as she finishes her breakfast that morning. Marie could only let out a sigh and shake her head no. She wished that she had a different answer, though. “Soon?”

“I hope, sweetie,” Marie comments with a smile.

“Okay!” Alyssa then runs off to go play with her toys as Marie glances over at Dale.

“You know, Dale, I have to wonder when she will be here actually,” Marie comments out loud as Dale looks over, shrugging his shoulders. “She’s due to be here by Wednesday if you ask the doctor, but will she come on time?”

“Alyssa came a week early,” Dale recalls, as he remembered the surprise that he experienced when Marie said that her water had broke. “Perhaps Elsa will follow the trend, or maybe she’ll come on her due date.”

“There’s also the possibility that she could be stubborn and wait.” Dale knew that was possible, and had thought about the possibility of what could happen if she hadn’t come by the weekend. They also both knew that stubbornness ran in the family, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

“The guys, by the way, are debating when she will arrive this week. Steve predicted that we’re going to sit here anxious all week, just for her to arrive on Sunday. He says I can have a Daytona 500 victory and baby in a day, with an excuse to miss the media tour.” Marie shook her head as she wasn’t set to go through that experience. She was set to have the baby, and be in Daytona with him. She didn’t want to be at home on edge of possible labor without him there, running the 500.

“Steve can kiss my ass because I am not dealing with that option, no matter what happens. You are going to be here with me when this baby is born because this baby is coming this week before you have to go to Daytona.” He had to laugh at the determination in her voice, and hoped that she was right in her assumptions as to what would happen.

“Hey, it’s a possibility depending what your dear child decides. You never know…” She shakes her head no with a sigh “Perhaps if it comes down to that, I could get a Chase waiver for a baby. Do you think NASCAR would allow that?”

“We’ve seen stranger things lately with the caution clock and such. Given that you’re Mr. Superstar, I wouldn’t put it past them.” She knew that it probably wouldn’t be a possibility, and knew missing a single race without a “chase waiver worthy reason” was not an option. She wasn’t about to ruin the championship chances. If she had to, she knew that she could probably own up to sitting there pregnant watching the race without him. Besides, she’d have Sharon and Kelley if anything was to happen. “So, anybody have any better predictions?

“Greg said that she’d come on Friday. She’d putting us through the stubborn ringer of waiting, but will let daddy run his big race on Sunday without worry. It’ll just mean winning the race from the rear of the field.”  Marie could only smile at the comment, knowing that was possible.

“You did it last year, despite being in pain and the unique circumstances. What is stopping you from doing it this year?” He simply shook his head in agreement, as that’s why he wasn’t worried with the plan that they had put in place. He had confidence in the car, and everybody knew how well he could work the plate races to his advantage.

“T.J. agreed with Steve’s theory, because he says we seem to take the dramatic approach to life. It’d be unique to say that our daughter was born on the day of a big win, anyway.” She smiled, as it did have a special unique sense to it if it were to happen. They say that sometimes things are done for a reason and meant to be, and perhaps that was why was taking place as it was. “Chase said she’s going to put us through the ringer of worry, only to come on Tuesday after Speedweeks.”

“She’ll be grounded till she’s 18 if she does that, mister.” Dale laughs, though had to agree. There had to be some special payoff to the worry and nerves that they were going through. “We have an appointment on Wednesday if she hasn’t come so they can check on her.”

“Didn’t he mention the possibility of inducing you if you haven’t had her yet?” Marie shakes her head yes, remembering that discussion. It wasn’t something that she was too keen on, as she preferred to let things happen as they would. However, with these circumstances, perhaps that’d be for the better.

“I also told him what I thought about that, too.” Marie then lets out a sigh as she glances down at her belly. “She’ll come out when she’s ready, hopefully sooner than later. Perhaps she’s giving us a good lesson in patience that’ll come in handy later.”

“Are you saying that she’s going to be a troublemaker?” She then glances over at him with a sly smile. “Okay, so we got spoiled with Alyssa thus far. Perhaps we’re right to be a little worried.”

“You have to remember the genes that she’s getting from us. We weren’t always the most behaved people, were we?” Dale shakes his head no as he walks over and kisses her forehead.

“I remember that I broke a country’s law of falling in love with their princess.”

“And I broke a country’s law by accepting the love of someone that wasn’t pre-approved for the family.” She then glances over at his laptop that he had left sitting on the table. She knew that he was probably working on a mix of things for JRM, but also things pertaining to the country. Since she had began the third trimester, she had been suspended from working on country business, per Dale and Sharon. They assured her that they’d handle it all. “Hey, do you think we’re doing a good job at running the country?”

“I think so. There are not a lot of complaints, and we’re working through the corrupt business practices that plagued the country before. I think in a couple of months, everything will be sorted out. Sharon says morale seems up.” She was comforted by the words from Dale, though still had her reservations.

There was so much that went into running a country, from deciding laws to punishments to making sure business practices were fair for everybody involved. There was also making certain decisions and keeping the people happy with the amount of money circulating around. She still doubted that she had what it took to do the job that had seeminglishly fallen in lap without any training, or teaching as to things to expect.

Despite that, though, things had gone quite smoothly in decisions being made. She had gone through making sure to out-think her decisions and make sure that they were fair to everybody involved. Sometimes they’d take longer than some people were wanting, but she was willing to do that if it meant things getting done properly.

It was just a matter now of keeping that balance, while raising a family and enjoy her life as it was. For now, the main focus was on a little girl and making sure she arrived as soon as possible.

Perhaps they’d get lucky and she’d show up later that day.

Rekindling – Chapter 4

I’m set on cruise control
I’m slowly losing hold
Of everything I got
You’re looking so damn hot


Once they had arrived home, their eyes locked on each other, simply sharing a smile without any words as they both got out of the truck. They then headed inside, as she glanced back at him.

“Are you coming?” She asks as he looks at her surprised. “What?”

“Ladies first,” he offers. “You can go get a shower first to warm up, get some cozy pajamas and then I will get mine.” She shakes her head no as she grabs his hand and pulls him close.

“Ryan, you’re not sitting around in wet clothes as you’re going to get a cold. I think it would be best if we both got in the shower together so we could warm up and then get cozy.” Ryan was caught off-guard by her comment. There was a unique shyness to her through the process of healing from what happened. Though now here she stood, sounding like the girl that he had fallen in love – leader and powerful, set to get what she wanted. It reminded him of the many nights where they found themselves tangled up in the sheets.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you’re not just doing this because of our discussion and feeling ba-”

“I’m 100% certain so you better start marching your ass up those stairs.” She didn’t have to say another word as he quickly followed her up the steps and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

The actions that followed were easy and like a flew of motions without emotion – strip out of clothes, setting them aside to go in the wash, followed by her turning the water on. They waited till it hit the perfect temperature before climbing in together.

Without a thought, he simply wrapped his arms around her bare shoulders, rubbing them as they stood underneath the warm water together. It felt nice to have this closeness together. From the moment that her attack happened, he wondered if they’d ever get back to this stance. He kept wondering, and even asking Elliott time and time again.

“Give her time,” Elliott kept telling him. “Give her time to heal and she’ll come to you when the time is right. She trusts you because she can tell you anything that is on her mind. That is the first step. You can tell that she loves you because of how much she wants you to be around. That is the second step. When she feels comfortable, everything will return to normal.”

At times, it was hard to believe those words were true – but yet here they stood, heading back to those sweet moments that they knew before. What if things could simply move forward easily?

As Ryan rejoiced in the moment, the feeling was starting to wash over Devon, slowly.

Since the attack, she had tense, closed, not wanting to feel anymore pain ever again. She was afraid to feel the simple thing called love, because she didn’t want to have her walls shattered again. She was afraid to show her skin and body, not wanting to share the scars that were left from had happened.

Though feeling his tender hands on her shoulders, followed by his soft lips, she found herself losing control. She found the boundaries that she had put up coming down, one by one, just like he had done before. He taught her love when she was lost after her parents, and here he was teaching her love once again.

There were few people that she’d do anything for, but he was certainly one of them with how much that he had done for her.

Slowly, she turns around in his arms and faces him, kissing his lips, lightly, tenderly. There was part of her that was craving him deeply, wanting to just take over and take everything. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do that – the pain was stopping her. She knew that, for her sake, she had to take it slowly. First came the touching, and now the light face-to-face kisses.

“I love you so much,” she tells him as she wraps her arms around his body and holds him as close as possible. “I love you…”

“I love you, just as much, as I’ve always,” he replies as he looks into her eyes. “I’d do anything for you, and I’d wait till forever it that was needed. I told you I was here for the long run and I meant it.”

“I know, but I have to admit – I’ve missed this, and I’m glad that I’m brought back to it. Thank you.” She then lays her head against his chest as he runs his hands through her hair, untangling it.


The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 57: Full Moon Impulses

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Since their last bit of discussions, Brad had been doing some behind the scenes work out his own. Some of that work included speaking with their baby’s doctor, Melissa, and seeing how well Melody was progressing.

According to the latest report from Melissa, it seemed that everything was on schedule, with the release set as per the original plan – the beginning of February. Immediately, Brad put the math to Melissa, knowing that Melody had to be hidden out for a week but then could see humans with easy interaction without worries of being caught. Given the prospective escape date, it seemed that everything would work in order for her to be in Daytona.

Now it was just sharing the happy news with his fiancé.

“So I have the perfect plan,” Brad starts, catching Juliette’s attention. “Remember how you said that you wanted to be at the track with the baby?” Juliette shakes her head yes as she glances up from her laptop. She had been in the midst of checking a couple e-mails from friends, wondering how her pregnancy was doing. With a bit of internet research, she was able to con up the perfect response for them. She wasn’t going to share with her human friends the details of what was going on.

“I said that it’d be the perfect scenario if we could make it happen.” Brad couldn’t hide the excitement on his face as he flopped down beside her, glancing over at the incubator.

“I spoke with Melissa and she said that everything is on schedule, which mea-”

“Melody can come out in about another week, and then we can take her to Daytona with us.”  Juliette immediately pushed her laptop aside and focused on Brad. “You can’t be serious, are you?” He shakes his head yes. “That’s amazing.” Brad then leans in and kisses her lips, before standing up and peering in on the incubator at their daughter.

“Sometime in the next week or so, we will finally get to hold our baby girl in our hands, and touch her. She’s certainly grown a lot in the past couple of months, and is certainly a cutie.” Juliette then walks over, wrapping her arms around Brad.

“With the engagement and Melody’s birth, there’s only one thing missing – a trip to victory lane for our dear daughter. It’d be amazing if she could have that during her first weekend at the track.” Brad wanted to believe in that being possible. He knew that Penske had strong enough cars to win the Daytona 500, as evident by Joey’s win last year. He also knew how to draft and put himself at the front of the plate races, as evidenced by his win at Talladega. Could he put the pieces together to make the perfect scenario for his family?

“As I’ve always said – I will do the best job that I can, in hopes that I make it happen, and the plan is to win the race.” She then keeps him held close, as she takes a deep breath. The sight of victory was certainly a sweet touch, but there was something more apparent. She couldn’t help but replay the wreck that Austin was involved in last summer over and over in her head. Combined with her nerves over plate racing, and you had a nervous picture.

“Just promise me that you’ll be smart and safe each lap, please.” Brad then turns to face her, brushing a piece of stray hair out of her eyes.

“I will do the best that I can to stay safe – that’s always the most important thing at the end of the day. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here with you and Melody for the long run.” He then leans in and kisses her lips lightly, before wrapping his arms around her. He then kisses her lips once again as they back away from the incubator, flopping down on the couch below them.

“Brad….” Juliette lets out as she pushes away from the kisses that he is pressing on her as he lets out a sigh. He should’ve known as he lies there, panting. “I love you, but it’s just in appropriate in front of our daugh-”

“I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry. It was totally on impulse.” He then sits up, giving his arm a little scratch. “Full moon phase this month is tonight. Full moon makes for a very horny doggy, it seems.” She then looks at him, confused, as he works at pushing those feelings aside. “Girls have their time of the month in their cycle, right? Well, guys have their time of mont-”

“I haven’t heard of a hornier than normal time of the mon-”

“You also haven’t learned the rules of a werewolf, have you?” He then walks over to her. “Think about it. Look at the times that we had sex and where I may have pushed those boundaries more so than normal. It all coincides with the moon patterns. It seems with us dogs we howl at the moon and want to express some interesting feelings.” She then stood there, roughly putting the pieces together as a form of disbelief fell over her. She then shook her head as she walked past him, back to her laptop.

“Any other surprises, wolfy?” Brad shakes his head no as he lays down on the couch, facing her, letting his paws come to fruition as he lays them on armrest. “Your paws…”

“I’m comfortable around you and sometimes when I’m really comfortable, it just seems to come out. You haven’t noticed that at times when we’ve been cuddling at night?” She then finds herself flash back through again, recalling that as well. “I love you. I trust you. Therefore, I feel that I can fully truly myself, and that includes letting my impulses to change and kiss come out when the moon acts funky with me.”

“Perhaps if you let me finish off what I need to do this afternoon, I can help you with those impulses tonight.” He then licks his lips before rolling over, and taking out his own laptop.

Despite being the time of the month in the moon cycle, the rest of the world wouldn’t wait for him to get through that. Therefore, he knew that he better answer back the e-mails that were probably sitting in his inbox from various people at Penske and BKR.