Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 35

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Repeating the call time after time ended up working, as they were able to get through, and get enough information to the nearest airport that they had an idea of where to send emergency personnel.

“Chase?” She questions as they await for the emergency personnel to arrive.

“I’m here, I’m sore, I’m fine,” he tells her calmly as he glances over at her. “They’ll be here soon, figure a way to get us out of this mess and everything will be okay.”

She wanted to believe his words. However, it didn’t erase the fears that swirled in her mind. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Was there a certain reason this happened, possibly connected to her past?

She also found herself pressed on more current questions, like their conditions. She was pretty sure that she hadn’t broken any bones, but rather suffered a series of bruises in some of the worst places. However, that didn’t answer the questions surrounding Chase. She knew that he was trapped in there, had been knocked out and even made a comment about being dizzy a little. She knew that it probably added up to a simple concussion, and probably some simple injuries; however that didn’t mean that she didn’t feel any worry.

Though worst of all, if it was due to her past, than there was a sense of fault for bringing Chase into her world. This is why she didn’t close to people.

“Sarina?” They hear a male voice, immediately catching both of their attention. “Chase?” They then watch a pair of male paramedics look on them, both glancing up with hope in their eyes. At least they had a decently quickly rescue. “We’re going to get you both out of there, and to the local hospital to be looked over, okay?”

“I think I can climb out easily…” Sarina comments from her perspective, having already predicted a way to get out. However, she hadn’t chosen to do so sooner, wanting to be there by Chase’s side. It wouldn’t be fair to leave him stuck there by himself. “He is trapped, though, by the wreckage.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

It took a bit in waiting, but they managed to cut away the debris that had him trapped in there, and helped him out of the wreckage. They were both then loaded into the ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, the pair were set to be taken ways, though they had a good grip on each other’s hands.

“It’s going to be okay…” Sarina said as she looked into his eyes. “It’s going to be okay…”

“I know,” Chase replies in response. “We’re both alive – that’s the main thing. We can get through this.” Chase slowly lets go of her hand, feeling every bit of tinge of worry through him. He wanted to be strong and believe in his words, but there were worries on his part. It wasn’t comforting in knowing what had happened. “Can someone call my parents, please?”

“We can handle that for you, no problem sir,” the doctor says, with a glance towards one of the nurses as he walks over. “Mr. Elliott, it is my understanding that you were involved in a plane crash. Is that correct?” Chase simply shakes his head yes as he puts his hand on his forehead, taking a deep breath. “Can you tell me what is bugging you at the moment?” Chase knew the first answer out of his mouth wouldn’t be good for the doctor as he couldn’t help answer the question of what happened.

“I have a headache, I feel a little dizzy, and my entire body is sore – especially my left side.” The doctor makes a quick note on the chart as he lifts Chase’s shirt a little to look down the side of his body.

“He was trapped in the plane virtue of it crashing down on his side,” the paramedic offers from his vantage point.

“I can tell based on the bruises that go from his shoulder, all the way down his body…” The doctor comments as he pushes in one spot a little, which causes Chase to let out a groan of pain. “Possible cracked or broken ribs. I’m going to need an x-ray run.”

“Yes sir,” the nurse states from her spot as she checks over his vitals, before showing them to the doctor.

“Everything else looks stable.” He then takes out a flash light, shining it in Chase’s eyes, in which he immediately blinks. “Good reaction time. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, and then I want to run a CAT scan and an x-ray, okay?” Chase shakes his head yes. “Do you remember the plane crash?”

“No…” Chase wished that he did, though, as perhaps that’d answer the question to what happened. Did he make an error? Did he overlook a problem that they were having? Did something that he couldn’t control happen?

“What’s the last thing that you remember, if you think about it?” Chase closes his eyes, tracing back the events for the day thus far, to the moment that he woke up.

“We were flying, headed for Georgia after spending the week in North Carolina. We heard a bang and I immediately began checking everything. I don’t remember anything else…” He wondered if he had found a mechanical function, or if there was something that he overlooked before flying that day. He also wondered what followed the bang hat resulted in them being crashed in the middle of a field.

“So, you lost consciousness?” Chase shakes his head yes.

“Ms. Ott stated that he had been knocked out for about a minute,” the paramedic fills the doctor in. The doctor then makes a couple notes, before returning his eyes back to Chase.

“Any seizures, nausea or vomiting?” The doctor asks and Chase shakes his head no. Despite feeling as dizzy as he was at times, he hadn’t wanted to throw anything up.  “Alright. I’m going to run a CAT scan, but given that you hit your head, it’s probably a concussion. We’ll determine the severity and go from there. I will say this, kid, but I think you got quite lucky out of this ordeal.”

“Thanks….” He then closes his eyes, trying to relax himself and erase the worries. He couldn’t wonder about the plane crash right now.

There was something more important – his health and Sarina’s. He could only wonder what tests Sarina was going through, and whether they were coming back alright or not.




Following the series of tests, the pair were placed in a small white room together, each laying on their own bed. Chase could hear the beeps of the monitors by him, knowing that they were monitoring everything with regards to him for precautionary reasons.

“What did they tell you?” Sarina finally breaks the silence as she glances over at Chase, curious. Neither had heard each other’s diagnosis, except that they were going to be under hospital supervision for 24 hours.

“I’ve got a concussion which I figured anyway,” Chase starts quietly. “That’s why they’re keeping an extra eye on me right now, incase something else develops as a result. They told me that they never know how long it could take to heal, but for tonight, they’re going to come in and wake me up every three to four hours to make sure that I’m okay. Besides that, it’s a matter of Tylenol and waiting for it to heal. Oh, and I cracked a couple ribs on my left side.” Sarina could only cringe in hearing both details. They weren’t too bad, considering the situation, but they also weren’t’ the lightest details either.

“How long till they’re healed?” Chase hated saying the words out loud, considering that it was going to overlap with the start of Speedweeks. There was all this excitement in the air in his first full season in the Sprint Cup Series, first Daytona 500, and setting this deal up with Sabrina….and now there was this.

“Four to six weeks, depen-”

“What about Speedweeks?” He could only smile at Sabrina’s question, as that was the same thing that he said to the doctor. The doctor tried to brush it off, but that didn’t get far either.

“Depending on my pain tolerance and how they’re healing will depend on what happens. Either way, I’m running the 500 – as long I get over this concussion, obviously. They told me to practice some basic breathing exercises. Oh, and I can show you every tone of black, blue and purple if you want on my side.” She couldn’t help but chuckle at that as she rolled up the edge of her shirt.

“I can relate. I got bruises on my shoulders, back, legs, everywhere. Bracing for the impact, I cracked my wrist so that’ll take six to eight weeks. By the way, I can drive with a cast so they can kiss my ass.” Chase had to laugh as they were both thinking along the same lines – doing whatever it took to get back in the car.

“Regardless, I’m canceling Cordele this weekend. You can make your debut at New Smyrna, but only if you’re healthy enough. No pushing the envelope, okay?” She shakes her head yes in agreement, having already decided upon that herself. Anyways, her most important focus right now was Chase and making sure he recovered fully. “Oh, and my parents will be here soon. They called my dad, and he was flying out.” Sarina immediately shivered upon hearing the flying word.

“Chase, do you know what happened?” Chase lets out a sigh, wishing he could give her comfort as he shakes his head no.

“I remember the bang and that’s it.” He then takes a deep breath, not sure if he wanted to know the rest of the story. They said that sometimes the least you know, the better if you want to return to doing something one day. Even with this, he could still see himself flying one day again. “What happened afterwards?”

“You were going through your checklists, and I was checking the map to see where we could make an emergency landing. I was just about to tell you a spot when it suddenly got quiet and we went straight down, no warning.” Chase knew the answer to the question immediately.

“The bang was a malfunction of something with the engines, then. It’s just a matter of determining what, and why.”

He knew that those answers would come, too, given that the crash would probably be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. It was answers that he wanted to know, whether freak mechanical failure, pilot’s error causing stall-out, mechanical failure due to failed protocol, or perhaps another reason. He knew having an answer would give him comfort and reasoning as he wanted to make sure this was something he never expected again. Though the more he thought about answers, a bit of worry began to brew. What if there was an answer that he didn’t want to know, or should know?

For now, though, he couldn’t worry about that. Taking a deep breath and trying to relax in hopes his headache would ease, he knew the main priority right now was healing.


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