Rekindling – Chapter 4

I’m set on cruise control
I’m slowly losing hold
Of everything I got
You’re looking so damn hot


Once they had arrived home, their eyes locked on each other, simply sharing a smile without any words as they both got out of the truck. They then headed inside, as she glanced back at him.

“Are you coming?” She asks as he looks at her surprised. “What?”

“Ladies first,” he offers. “You can go get a shower first to warm up, get some cozy pajamas and then I will get mine.” She shakes her head no as she grabs his hand and pulls him close.

“Ryan, you’re not sitting around in wet clothes as you’re going to get a cold. I think it would be best if we both got in the shower together so we could warm up and then get cozy.” Ryan was caught off-guard by her comment. There was a unique shyness to her through the process of healing from what happened. Though now here she stood, sounding like the girl that he had fallen in love – leader and powerful, set to get what she wanted. It reminded him of the many nights where they found themselves tangled up in the sheets.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you’re not just doing this because of our discussion and feeling ba-”

“I’m 100% certain so you better start marching your ass up those stairs.” She didn’t have to say another word as he quickly followed her up the steps and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

The actions that followed were easy and like a flew of motions without emotion – strip out of clothes, setting them aside to go in the wash, followed by her turning the water on. They waited till it hit the perfect temperature before climbing in together.

Without a thought, he simply wrapped his arms around her bare shoulders, rubbing them as they stood underneath the warm water together. It felt nice to have this closeness together. From the moment that her attack happened, he wondered if they’d ever get back to this stance. He kept wondering, and even asking Elliott time and time again.

“Give her time,” Elliott kept telling him. “Give her time to heal and she’ll come to you when the time is right. She trusts you because she can tell you anything that is on her mind. That is the first step. You can tell that she loves you because of how much she wants you to be around. That is the second step. When she feels comfortable, everything will return to normal.”

At times, it was hard to believe those words were true – but yet here they stood, heading back to those sweet moments that they knew before. What if things could simply move forward easily?

As Ryan rejoiced in the moment, the feeling was starting to wash over Devon, slowly.

Since the attack, she had tense, closed, not wanting to feel anymore pain ever again. She was afraid to feel the simple thing called love, because she didn’t want to have her walls shattered again. She was afraid to show her skin and body, not wanting to share the scars that were left from had happened.

Though feeling his tender hands on her shoulders, followed by his soft lips, she found herself losing control. She found the boundaries that she had put up coming down, one by one, just like he had done before. He taught her love when she was lost after her parents, and here he was teaching her love once again.

There were few people that she’d do anything for, but he was certainly one of them with how much that he had done for her.

Slowly, she turns around in his arms and faces him, kissing his lips, lightly, tenderly. There was part of her that was craving him deeply, wanting to just take over and take everything. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do that – the pain was stopping her. She knew that, for her sake, she had to take it slowly. First came the touching, and now the light face-to-face kisses.

“I love you so much,” she tells him as she wraps her arms around his body and holds him as close as possible. “I love you…”

“I love you, just as much, as I’ve always,” he replies as he looks into her eyes. “I’d do anything for you, and I’d wait till forever it that was needed. I told you I was here for the long run and I meant it.”

“I know, but I have to admit – I’ve missed this, and I’m glad that I’m brought back to it. Thank you.” She then lays her head against his chest as he runs his hands through her hair, untangling it.



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