The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 147: Birthday Surprise

Thursday, November 29 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarina walks back into the room, earning glances from everybody as she walks by them. A couple jaws even dropped, scanning every inch as she makes her way over to where Chase was sitting.

“To the birthday boy goes the spoils,” she whispers in his ear. “I told you it’d be worth your while. Keep behaving tonight, and you can have your special gift later….” He had to smirk as he immediately turns her, kissing her lips immediately.

“I can’t tell you how much I am simply turned on by this, and how I just want to blow this party early,” he confesses as she smiles back in return. “Although showing all this to everyon-”

“Let ‘em stare and be jealous. You’re the only one that ever gets to have it all to yourself.” He places his hands on her hips, holding her close to him.

“I’m glad, because you’re amazing….” He then kisses her lips once again.

Through the next couple of hours, the pair continued to mingle with everyone, even kidding as they watched William’s 21st festivities fully commence. A couple more drinks enjoyed by Chase, along with Sarina happily discussing the upcoming wedding and pregnancy certainly made the night enjoyable.

Around 2 o’ clock in the morning, Chase snatches her hand, pulling her close to him, placing a kiss on her lips.

“Follow me,” he whispers in a low, seductive tone in her ear, before tugging on her hand for her to follow. They make their way out of the ballroom, finding the quickest route to the elevator.

“You know, it’s bad custom to leave your birthday party early,” Sarina comments as she enters the elevator.

“It’s not my party anymore sweetheart.” He then presses the button for their floor, watching the door close. He then walks over to her, pinning her in the corner. “It’s also wrong to tease so much without delivering.”

“Patience, my king.” She easily accepts the kiss from him, letting him push himself against her. The pair leave their lips locked together until reaching their floor, getting off the elevator together. It was a short walk down to the room, with the key inserted and door opened in a flash. As soon as they were inside and the door was back closed, the lips were clashing back together once again. Keeping her pinned in the small corner by the doorway, Chase then reaches around, slowly undoing the zipper on the dress.

“I’m glad you chose such a light material after all.” He then lifts the dress off, tossing it on the back of the couch not far from them. “Have I told you that you’re sexy lately?” She then begins undoing each of the buttons on his pink shirt.

“I can’t argue with how handsome you looked today.” His eyes immediately focus on the black bra she was wearing underneath, his tongue tugging at the shoulder strap.

“I aim to please you, even on my birthday.” She then undoes the last button, taking off his shirt.

“I can’t say that I am upset about that.” His lips then find their way back to hers, as he reaches around to unclip her bra. “Hence why I am just as excited for tomorrow’s banquet to see you dressed up once again. But first, we need to rid of these clothes for tonight.”

“Are you saying that we need to get a head start on getting ready for tomorrow?” He then slides the straps across her shoulders, followed by down her arms. He finally separates from the kiss once again, leaving a trail along her jaw, followed by down her neck, before lightly sucking on one of her breasts.

“Clyde….” The low moan was the only cue that he needed as sucked a little more, feeling her hands tighten around him more. “Oh man…”

“I could do this all day….” She knew that she wouldn’t complain, but she knew it wouldn’t bring her the satisfaction that she needed.

“There’s something else that I need from you, though..”

“Oh really?” She nods her head. “What’s that?”

“One simple thing…” She then reaches down his dress pants, lightly stroking his cock. “I need you, Clyde.”

“Are you sure that you deserve a party favor tonight?” She nods her head, before running her finger lightly across the tip as she bites the edge of his ear.

“You know you want it just as much…” He then lets out a low moan.

“Damn….” He then looks into her eyes.

“What can I say? You just make me honry, baby.” He just shakes his head, picking her up his arms and carrying her through the hotel room, slowly laying her back on the bed.

“I love you so much….” He then slowly pulls her underwear off, as she works at sliding his dress pants off, letting them drop to the floor. “I love you….”

“I love you, too.” She then wraps her arm around his neck, bringing him down to her so she can kiss his lips once again. “Oh…” She immediately places her hand on her stomach.

“Are you okay?” Every bit of worry ran through his mind immediately as she just looked up with the biggest smirk on her face.

“Place your hand here…” She takes his hand, placing it where she had previously put hers. “Push just a little.” He does as instructed, with a smile immediately forming on his face as he feels the kick against his hand. “I think your baby wanted to come in and say happy birthday, even if a little late.”

“That feels so amazing…” She had to smile back in response as she places her hand beside his. “I can’t believe that feeling.”

“I started feeling some of the movements last week, but wanted to wait to tell you until you could feel it as well. Once I felt one earlier today, I made sure to tell this little one that there had better be another later on just for daddy.” Chase then lays down beside her.

“I just want to lay here and feel that all night.” Sarina chuckles a little as she looks over.

“Oh, so you’re going to forget about pleasing Momma just because baby is everything right now?” He then glances up at her. “I see how it is, Chase.”

“I could never disappoint Momma.” He then brings his lips to hers, kissing them once again. He slowly moves so he’s back on top of her where he was before, slowly inserting himself inside of her. He then begins to rock his hips against hers lightly, moving the full length inside of her.


Sarina opens the door to the hotel room, smiling immediately as she looks up and down her best friend’s appearance. Lindsay had chosen a lengthy blue gown, showcasing her ever-growing belly with Baby Blaney due next month. It also helped to hide the flats she was wearing underneath to keep her feet from getting sore.

“You look absolutely stunning!” Sarina lets out as she backs away from the door, letting Lindsay enter the hotel room.

“That gown just suits you perfectly,” Lindsay comments as she notices the black gown that Sarina had chosen for the banquet.

“I just hope it’s not too much….” Lindsay shakes her head immediately.

“You can never go too much when it comes to this banquet,” Samantha states as she walks out of the bathroom, causing both of the girls’ jaws to drop immediately. “Uh oh…”

“I love that shade of green!” Lindsay immediately lets out as she walks over, fully walking around Samantha to take in the appearance.

“Is that a good reaction then?” Lindsay and Sarina both nod their heads in approval.

“That dress suits you perfectly,” Sarina offers. “You look absolutely stunning!”

“It perfectly shows off you best elements,” Lindsay adds as Samantha glances between the ladies before her.

“I’d say the same for both of you as well,” Samantha comments. “That blue dress just highlights that stomach to perfection, Lindsay. And Sarina, the dress is perfect. It fits the appearance for tonight, while not being too over the top as we know you’re not one to do that normally. It’s also not too crazy to overshadow what you’re doing next weekend.” Sarina then glances at herself in the mirror once again, making sure her hair was perfectly back as she wanted.

“I’m his guest tonight so I don’t want to show him up,” Sarina says as Samantha just smiles. she knew the dress that Sarina had picked out for the truck banquet next week with having gone to alterations with her. She knew that they’d defiantly be catching everybody off-guard when she walked out.

“Do I want to know what you’re wearing next week?” Lindsay questions as she hadn’t seen it yet.

“Let’s just say it’s amazing….” Samantha comments with a smile.

“I’m just glad that we ladies get to spend time together,” Sarina says, wrapping her arm around the shoulders of each of them. “It’s also amazing that we get to be pregnant together, too.”

“Yeah…” Samantha then walks away from the pair, sniffing back the couple of tears that threatened to fall.

“Samantha?” Sarina had seen that reaction once before from Samantha, and knew it wasn’t a good thing.

“I found out Monday that Kyle and I lost our baby girl…” Samantha sits on the couch as Sarina and Lindsay immediately walk over, sitting on either side of her, wrapping their arms around her. “We didn’t want to say anything yet. We didn’t want to talk about all during banquet night.”

“Sam…” Sarina clutches her even tighter, leaning her head on Samantha’s shoulder.

“You’re an amazing show of strength to be able to be here all week without showing a single sign,” Lindsay comments. “I also know with the strength that you and Kyle have together that you will be able to move forward with Brexton as a family.” Samantha smiles a little, nodding her head.

“My heart totally breaks for both of you, knowing how much you’ve gone through to get to this point and how badly you both wanted the perfect family.” Sarina then reaches with her hand, clutching Samantha’s. “I want you to know that anything you both need, just let me know. I’m here for you no matter what, anything you need, anything you want, just like you were there for me and Chase. I wouldn’t had been able to move forward without you. I wouldn’t had been able to get the answers that I got without you. I wouldn’t had been able to get to this point of my pregnancy without you. You’ve been there for me through everything, and I want to make sure that I’m here for you.”

“I’m also here for whatever you need as well,” Lindsay adds as Samantha sniffs back the final bit of tears.

“I appreciate it ladies, I really do,” she tells them with a small smile as she glances between them both. “Thank you..” She then wipes the tears away, slowly standing up. “Now, are we ready to have some fun tonight?”

“If you are,” Sarina states as Samantha glances in the mirror, fixing the bit of make-up that had been messed up in the process.

“Let’s go see those handsome men of ours…” Samantha then leads the ladies to the door, as they head out ready for the banquet as much as they could be.

Chase makes his way over to the beginning of the black carpet, stopping dead in his tracks when he sees Sarina and Lindsay heading towards them.

“Damn…..” Chase and Ryan both let out together as they glance at each other a little surprised, before looking back towards the ladies.

“How do we get so spoiled?” Ryan questions as Chase shakes his head.

“I don’t know, but they look beyond amazing,” Chase answers. “Are you sure you don’t want to pop the question already?” Ryan chuckles a little, used to the teasing already.

“Let’s just enjoy your wedding first, okay?” Chase nods his head in agreement. If she looked this amazing dressed for the banquet, what was she going to look like on their wedding day?

“I may faint waiting for her at the altar.” Ryan then looks over surprised.

“Don’t expect me to catch you.” Chase then gives his best friend a playful smack as he takes a couple steps forward.

“You look absolutely amazing,” Chase tells her, kissing her lips, before twirling her around.

“I was worried that I went with the wrong dress at first,” Sarina confesses and Chase shakes his head no.

“No no, this suits you perfectly. Actually, it’s my favorite of all the dresses you’ve worn so far. This is amazing.” She smiles as she looks straight into his eyes, running her hands along the edge of his coat.

“I have to say that I am glad that you didn’t follow protocol and wear black, as the gray just suits you so damn well. It brings out those eyes..” She then leans, sharing a kiss with him.

“Stop smooching and come get your interview done,” a voice interrupts them, as Ryan gives him a tug on the sleeve. Chase then lets out a sigh, slowly letting go of her as he walks over to where Austin Dillon stood for NBC with Ryan.

“Can you believe that your fiancé forgot my man in the possible winners for the Most Popular Driver Award?” Lindsay questions as they listen to the boys with Austin. “I mean, we both know that he’s going to win the award tonight as it’s a done deal, but at least spread some love for my man.”

“For what it’s worth, I think Ryan is the second best man here,” Sarina comments, earning a glance from Lindsay in return.

“Even better than your boss?” Sarina chuckles, nodding her head, as she looks over to where Kyle and Samantha stood together.

With having a chance in between the photos and interviews, Chase walks over to where Sarina stood on the side, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

“Are you okay?” He asks as she leans back on his arms.

“I am feeling very blessed tonight,” she answers as her hands find their way to her stomach, remembering the heartbreak in Samantha’s voice, as well her own heartbreak from January. “How can someone so heartbroken appear to be so strong and act like nothing is going on?”

“What do you mean?” She then lets out a sigh as her eyes don’t leave Kyle and Samantha.

“Samantha suffered a miscarriage on Monday.” Chase’s jaw drops in shock as his eyes now look over at the couple together.

“That’s why Kyle couldn’t go run the Snowball Derby for you….” Sarina nods her head, remembering Kyle mentioning he had a reason he couldn’t be there without handing over details.

“She told us before we came down for the banquet. I mentioned how it’s great with us three ladies being pregnant together, and she told us.”

“I don’t even know what to say.” Chase remembered how torn up both he and Sarina were in January, and that was being in total surprise without warning. He knew it had to feel 10 times worse with having all their dreams connected to it.

“I told her that I’m there for her no matter what she needs after everything she did for us. But look at them, Chase. How can she just act like everything is perfect?” Chase admittedly was shaking his head in disbelief.

“That’s Samantha. She’s a rock in the midst of crisis, putting everyone first. She and Kyle will be okay.” He then kisses Sarina’s cheek. “Just like we were okay and we found our way through, and now we’re ready to start our new chapter together.”

“It makes me more thankful than ever that things have worked out so well, so far.” She then takes a deep breath, hands continuing to rest on her stomach, a small smile forming as the baby gives her a kick as if to offer reassurance.


The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 146: Myers Brothers Luncheon

Tuesday, November 27 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Sarina glances over at the monitor, smile marked on her face in seeing images of her baby on the screen. It almost made her want to cry in being able to hear the heartbeat, see that the baby was growing a little more each day inside of her.

“So we’ve decided to not get the paternity results, correct?” Dr. Grayson double checks, earning a nod from both parents. “That’s fine. If you ever do change your mind, please let me know and we can go from there.”

“I still say it’s a girl,” Chase comments, eyes also focused on the small screen that showed the ultrasound images.

“As long as she, or he, are healthy, that’s what matters,” Sarina says as she clutches his hand tightly.

“On that note, we did originally schedule this meeting to also discuss your MSAFP test results,” Dr. Grayson states, catching both of their attention. “I am happy to report that everything came back clean and looks to be right on track as normal, so there should be no surprises in that department. We just need to keep a close eye on how the baby grows, and the location of the baby inside of your uterus and whether concerns arise.”

“Is there anything that you can do if something was to happen?” Chase wonders as Dr. Grayson hands Sarina a cloth to wipe up the stuff on her stomach.

“It depends on how far along she is with her pregnancy at that time, as well as the health of the baby, her health, and the location. There are measures that can be implemented to help if needed, like putting her bed rest. Now I know you’ve been the type to over-concern yourself, so please do not do that to her right now as she doesn’t need to.” Sarina just looks over with a smirk, glad that point was made knowing the direction things would probably go already. She had heard enough comments already from Chase, and even Cindy on Thanksgiving.

“That doesn’t mean you push yourself over the edge….” Sarina just rolls her eyes.

“He is right about that, too. If she’s far enough along and a significant concern arises, we could induce her to have the baby early – or do a c-section. But again, I wouldn’t worry about that as everything is growing normally so far. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the baby co-operates and follows course the rest of the pregnancy.” Chase knew if they’d gotten this far and survived the likes of Talladega, it was meant to be and things were probably set to go full steam ahead. However, he couldn’t help but wonder at times.

“And she is okay to go to Las Vegas and Florida?” Dr. Grayson nods her head in response.

“She is fine with flying until she reaches 36 weeks, or I say otherwise.” Sarina had to chuckle as she could see Chase doing the math already in his head.

“Will you just focus on writing your acceptance speech for Thursday night?” Sarina questions, earning a glance from him. “We both know you’re getting Most Popular Driver.”

“I can’t argue with that,” Dr. Grayson admits as she hands the couple some print-outs. “I know you both are already in love with this baby, so feel free to stare at these images until we see each other again.”

“Thank you for everything, truthfully.” Dr. Grayson looks back over at them.

“You’re welcome, and I hope everything goes according to plan for you both. Have fun at the Snowball.”

Wednesday, November 28 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarina focuses on herself in the mirror, fixing the fluff on her shoulder, followed by making sure it crossed her body as it was supposed to. She had just finished getting her hair angled how she wanted, and knew the next step was making sure the dress sat correctly on her body.

She then hears her phone go off once, ignoring it at first as she wanted to make sure she was ready on time. However, after hearing the phone go off another 10 times in a row, she began to wonder as she walked out of the bathroom to where it sat on the dresser. Were they running late? She also knew there were probably going to be other messages throughout the day, as everybody worked out plans for later on that night. With Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson supposedly organizing the bulk of the birthday party, she was a little skeptical.

“You…look…stunning,” Chase slowly comments, having caught the first glimpse of what she was wearing for the Myers Brothers Luncheon. “That color suits you perfectly.”

“Are you sure we’re not running late?” She questions out-loud as she unlocks her phone.

“I was told to be ready for 12 and down in the lobby. We still have 15 minutes.” He then hears his phone go off, walking over to where it sat beside hers on the dresser. “You’re popular today.”

“Congratulations?” He then looks over at puzzled. “I’ve got five text messages saying congratulations, and they’re all from people who knew I was pregnant already…”

“That’s weird, as I have one that seems off, too.” He then shows her the phone so she can read the text message. After a pair of confused glances at each other, they went back to scrolling through the other notifications. “Actually, congratulations is in order my dear.”

“What did you find?” He then holds the phone up, which showed the notification from twitter that NASCAR had sent out. They elected to announce the Truck Series and XFINITY Series Most Popular Driver Award winners prior to the luncheon and tomorrow’s Cup banquet. While Elliot Sadler had gotten the award for XFINITY, it was Sarina taking the award in truck. “Oh wow….”

“Congratulations to Sarina Ott on being the Most Popular Driver. She’s the first female to win the award in NASCAR’s national series history, and brings home the first recognition for Kyle Busch Motorsports.” Her jaw drops a little as she would’ve expected KBM to have at least one with talents like Christopher Bell and Erik Jones through the years. “I’m surprised Kyle hasn’t called you yet, but I guess I get to be the first one to say in person – congratulations.” He then gives her a kiss.

“Thank you….” She then looks back at the notifications once again, replying back to a couple as she stands there in disbelief. “Is it wrong that I don’t even know what to say?” Chase shakes his head no.

“You’ve got a whole week to plan your speech for the banquet.” She had to chuckle a little, as it seemed weird having the truck banquet after the Cup ceremonies.

“But seriously, Chase. A small town girl who was considered an outkast at times, who some people wanted nothing to do with, who continued to alienate people and make mistakes, and admittedly isn’t easy on trust is this year’s most popular driver.” She then looks over at him, disbelief written in her eyes still. “Seriously?”

“I see someone that has inspired a nation. You showed everybody that no matter what happens in your past, you can find a way to overcome that and become the person you’re truly meant to be. You showed everybody the value of strength, perseverance and determination with everything that has been thrown at you. I also see your drive on track to succeed, and the success that you’ve been able to have. You’ve earned this all the wa-”

“Oh come on, Chase. You can’t seriously say that without admitting that there’s got to be some influence on the award being that I’m dating you, going to drive for Dale next year, and I drive for Kyle this year.” Chase takes a deep breath, remembering advice that he was given a couple years back when he won the award in the XFINITY Series.

“I can’t deny that, okay? There’s certainly fans that will vote for you for those factors alone. However, I also see those who are genuinely Sarina Ott fans from the beginning, the late model days, and seeing you as a driver yourself. Do you remember the little girl that you helped at the hall of fame? Do you remember the father we met in Amsterdam who knew nothing about racing, but yet his daughter knew of you and admired your strength? There’s always going to be those who gravitate to you because of who you’re surrounded by. However, there’s also those who like you for who you are, and appreciate every bit of who you are. So when everybody tries to shove those reasons down your throat, just damn well remember those little moments. Remember everything that you’ve done to get here, and remember every person whom you directly affected to get here. You earned this, you deserve it, and we’re going to celebrate it next weekend at your banquet.” She didn’t know what to say in response, surprised he had even remembered those small moments. Certainly they were glued in her mind as they meant something, but for him to remember took it to a whole new level for her.

“Have I mentioned how much I love my Georgia Peach birthday boy lately?” He had to chuckle in response as she leaned over, snatching another kiss. “Thank you for being my rock, and always being here for me.”

“Thank you for being here for me, too.” They then finish getting ready, grabbing their phones and her clutch before heading out of the hotel room. Immediately upon exiting, they spot an envelope on the floor.

“Seriously? I mean, how does she know already what room we’re in?” Chase picks it up, shoving it in his pocket as he walks down the hall. “You’re not going to open it?”

“I’ll alert security that she’s in the building and knows what room we’re in, and they can handle it.” He then waits for her to catch up with him, followed by wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Why  should we mess up our good day?”

“I still like how you wore pink to match my dress.” He then smiles as they reach the elevator to head downstairs. “You look very handsome, sir Elliott.”

“We had to celebrate your accomplishment in a small way, and you look extremely charming, Ms. Ott.” He grabs another kiss, before leading her into the elevator to head downstairs to the luncheon.

For the most part, the luncheon was a pretty dull event in watching their various competitors go up to accept awards, along with Todd Gordon’s Championship Speech. The only thing that caught either of their attention to really watch was William Byron’s rookie of the year speech.

“That’ll be you one day,” Chase comments, as Sarina leans her head against him. “I’ll be sitting here holding our baby as you tell the world how you succeeded at the highest level.”

“It doesn’t hurt the dream,” she admits. “I just hope William knows what he’s in store for later on tonight.” Chase had to chuckle a little, having heard a couple rumors as he glances over at her.

“Has Jeff or Jimmie given you any details yet?” She shakes her head no. “You’re not lying to me, are you?” She shakes her head no once again.

Even though there was no awards for him to accept at the Luncheon this year, he was required to take part in a mandatory media availability to answer questions for the media that wanted to speak with him.

Sarina stood back, watching as she knew it wouldn’t take too long with the focus being on the likes of William and Joey. Though she had to admit she was caught off-guard with various people walking up to congratulate her on receiving the Most Popular Driver Award.

“Maybe there’s hope for me tomorrow yet,” Kyle comments as he stops by, earning a chuckle in response from her. “Oh, I see how it is. I let your fiancé drive your late model and this is how you treat me….”

“We both know that you’re going on a hope and a prayer to win that award tomorrow,” she offers with a smile.

They were almost done when she hears her phone go off, pulling it out of the clutch that she was holding. She smiles as the party details had finally arrived from Jeff in where they were to meet, and at what time. Everybody was supposed to go to dinner as many had sponsor obligated functions to go to, and then meet up at the chosen location at 8pm. There’d be cake and drinks to be had by everybody, with those going past midnight to make sure that the young teammate – William Byron – got some for his 21st tomorrow.

As soon as everybody arrived, it seems the drinks began immediately with everybody and their best friend offering to buy Chase a drink for his birthday. Though in not wanting to deal with too bad of a hangover tomorrow, he was trying to keep it as minimal as possible.

“Since you won’t take my good damn Tequila shots, then maybe I can interest you in something else,” Ryan starts as he walks away from where Chase was standing.

“You could just do the shots yourself,” Chase offers as Ryan shakes his head no. “Okay, maybe we could pass them over to Jimmie.” Jimmie admittedly had to chuckle as he shakes his head no.

“With the travel whirlwind that I’ve been on since Miami, I need to take it slow if I am going to survive this week,” Jimmie admits.

“So that’s why you’re sticking to beer tonight…” Jimmie nods his head in agreement as he places a hand on the glasses.

“But don’t worry because if one birthday boy don’t want them, we have another at the crack of midnight.” Chase laughed as he looked over to where William was hanging out with Kyle Larson and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

“He has no idea what he’s in for with you guys. I almost feel bad, but then I remember what you did to me.” Jimmie immediately puts his hands up in the air. “Don’t act innoc-”

“That was Ricky and Kyle who thought it’d be a great idea to do that.” Chase rolls his eyes, but had to chuckle. It was definitely a new experience waking up on the roof. “Answering back birthday wishes on the phone?” Chase was trying to be discrete with his phone in hand, but obviously that hadn’t worked.

“Snowball Derby qualifying draw. Marcus (Richmond) sent me that he pulled 37.” Jimmie looks at him slightly confused. He had heard that Chase was running the event, but didn’t know whether that was a good number or not. “He wanted to pull between 15th and 30th as that’s normally when the track is at its best, but we missed that by a bit.”

“So when you don’t qualify on the pole, you can now blame the crew chief.” Chase smiles a little with a nod of the head. “Have some fun down there. It’s actually fun to see you back in a late model.” Chase couldn’t deny that as the more he thought about it, the more excited he was. Maybe that was influencing his decision to avoid as much trouble as possible these next couple of days before going.

“It’s certainly been a couple years, and it’s always fun going to the Snowball. I was surprised when Kyle asked me, but I wasn’t going to turn him down.” Jimmie admittedly was caught off guard when he saw the announcement, but understood the basis with Sarina’s pregnancy.

“It makes me wonder why Kyle wouldn’t just run himself.” Chase nodded his head in agreement, remembering he had brought that up without much response from Kyle.

“Since I’ve known you, there’s only been one cake that you’ve accepted for your birthday,” Ryan starts as he begins to walk back over towards them finally. “Now it may not be a good as your mom’s classic German Chocolate recipe, but I had to my boy a favor tonight considering I didn’t buy you a gift.”

“Seriously?” Chase questions, as Ryan just shrugs his shoulders.

“Pregnancy has got my mind going crazy,” Ryan admits as Sarina and Lindsay could only smile. Lindsay then reaches over, running her finger along the edge and licking it.

“Damn that’s good,” she lets out, going for another when Ryan smacks her hand.

“Oh my gosh….” Sarina lets out as she had done the same without being noticed.

“They won’t even leave my cake alone long enough for you to light the candles,” Chase comments, as the girls shrug their shoulders.

“I think this baby is all you. I’ve never been one for German chocolate, but damn, that’s good and I want some more.” She then snatches a candle from Ryan, placing it right in the center. “Go ahead and light this so he can blow it out and we can please his baby.”

“I’d rather do this,” Ryan comments, before snatching a good piece, stuffing in Chase’s face as everybody laughs.

“I see how it is….” Chase simply says with a smile. He knew that he’d get Ryan back later. “I guess I could say thank you for the ruined cake.”

“Now will you take the shots to go with the cake?” Chase lets out a sigh, slowly shaking his head no. “Seriously? Where’s the man that I traveled around the world with?”

“Looking out for my lady tonight…” Chase then wraps an arm around Sarina, pulling her close with a kiss. “Besides, Jack tastes a lot better…”

“I can take care of myself if you want to have some fun,” Sarina tells him. “But I will say, this will be worth your while.” He looks over slightly intrigued as she walks away.

“Someone is getting laid tonight!” Ricky lets out from his corner of the room with his glass up in the air.

“You’re just jealous….” Sarina gives him a wink as she leaves the room. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when she returned.

The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 136: “We have a wedding crisis.”

Wednesday, November 7 – Utah

After driving all day, the group finally decided that it’d be a good idea to stop for dinner. Ryan ultimately chose the stop, remembering it from a previous road trip for having good food.

“Anybody know what they’re getting yet?” Sarina asks as she scans over the menu, trying to find something that looked good.

“I just know that I am starving and I want to eat some big and good,” Lindsay answers as Sarina could only chuckle in response.

“Considering how many times we stopped for you to pee, I would think you’d be hungry,” Chase comments, earning a glance from Ryan.

“Keep talking Elliott,” Ryan warns. “You’ll be regretting those words when it’s you dealing with her symptoms.” Sarina then glances over the top of her menu at the boys.

“He’s already a pain in the ass about those,” she confesses as he just shrugs his shoulders in return.

“So it’s a crime to care now?” He questions, as she just smiles back in return.

Eventually they all settled on what they wanted, placing their order with the waitress – along with Ryan ordering a pizza for the table to split.

“Don’t tell nobody, but I did it just for you so you’d have something extra,” he whispers to Lindsay, earning a simple kiss back from her in return.

“So when are you two getting married?” Bill questions, earning a shocked glance from the couple. “You don’t have to answer, but you seem great together.”

“He hasn’t even asked yet,” Lindsay comments, with a glance over at Ryan. He could only wonder if she was implying something.

“He’s scared what his sisters’ reaction would be,” Chase adds, earning a kick from Ryan under the table. “Ouch!”

“Why do you always bring Emma and Erin into this?” Ryan wonders as Chase just shrugs his shoulders.

“Easy target…” Ryan lets out a sigh, knowing a certain reputation had been grown over the years. However, considering they had both warmed up to Lindsay while she was pregnant, he didn’t feel he had anything to worry about.

“Cale and Emma still happy?” Bill questions, earning a nod of approval from Ryan. “That’s great to hear. She deserves someone that makes her happy, as well as Erin.”

“Erin is having more fun right now enjoying life, between spending time with her girlfriends and school,” Ryan offers. “She’ll find someone when the time is right.” Bill knew that as both Blaney girls were sweetheart, and he even remembered the days he and Cindy pondered whether Erin and Chase had a future together. Of course, that all changed – slowly – when Sarina entered the picture.

“Are you kidding me?” Sarina questions, earning glances from everyone at the table as they looked over at her with her phone in hand. “We have a wedding crisis.”

“What’s wrong?” Chase wonders as she slides her phone across the table so he could read the e-mail. “Why didn’t they warn us while we were there yesterday?”

“I don’t know….” She then lets out a sigh as she takes her phone back. “You’d think an establishment would have a keen eye on their schedule, and realize if they were double-booked.”

“Venue problems?” Lindsay questions and Sarina nods her head.

“They’re double-booked so they’re taking the first person to book – which wasn’t us,” Sarina confesses, earning a couple moans from around the table. “They offered us another weekend, but it’s getting too close to media week and we need to be back in North Carolina due to needing to spend time getting ready for the seas-”

“You also have to be taking care of yourself then, too,” Chase adds, earning a low groan from Sarina in response.

“So what are your options?” Lindsay asks, beginning to feel bad as she looked between the couple.

“We do the wedding a weekend earlier,” Sarina starts as she glances back over the e-mail. “Or we change the venue, which means either way I have to re-send out all of the invitations.” Lindsay then reaches over, placing her hand on Sarina’s.

“If you need any help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m stuck on bed rest so I might as well help with decorating and invitations to give myself something to do.” Sarina gives her best friend a quick smile back in response.

“I just hate it because we had set our hearts on that, found every perfect reason to have it there, and planned everythin-”

“So let’s go for a week earlier,” Chase suggests and Sarina shakes her head no. “Why not?”

“While I understand the reasons Samantha and Kyle got married on New Year’s, and I get why Dale and Amy did it, I don’t want to repeat everybody else’s idea,” she confesses. Chase had to admit that it wouldn’t feel as special and unique to them to do so.

“There’s other cabins and locations in Colorado,” Bill comments. “I’m sure you both can find another spot – if not more magical than the first spot.” Sarina slowly nods her head, having a thought of her own.

“While Colorado is special to us, maybe it’s not meant to be the wedding location anyway…” Chase then looks over at her confused, but maybe there was a reason for the comment. “Colorado is our special place to run away, spend time just us together to escape everything. What if it we’re not supposed to bring all of our friends to our hide-out?”

“If you want to get married in North Carolina, Georgia, or even Florida, I don’t care,” Chase tells her. “I just want to be there that day to tell you how I feel, and say the words that matter. At the end of the day, all that matters to me is that it’s the wedding you drea-”

“I didn’t drea-” She cuts him off as he reaches over, placing his hand on top of hers.

“I know you didn’t dream of a wedding as a little girl, but I’ve seen you get caught up in everything as you’ve been planning it. The details don’t matter to me as I know you’ll make it special. Just make sure to give me the details so I know where to be standing.”

“So you’d accept City Hall?” Ryan questions, earning a small smack from Chase in return. “Sorry!”

“I don’t even know where to begin….” Sarina confesses as she tries to figure out what to search next on her phone.

“Then don’t begin right now,” Chase instructs as he takes the phone out of her hands, placing it on the table. “Take a break. Let the news slowly sink in. Then think it over slowly and fully, and figure out what your heart desires. Then start looking for a location.” She nods her head, accepting. “And for the record, I’m not doing a cliché race track wedding. That’s my only objection.”

“Oh hell no, I wasn’t even thinking that.” She then leans over the table, kissing his lips.

Their dinner was brought to the table shortly after, with everybody digging into their meal of choice. The pizza in the middle of the table also got picked apart, with slices being taken throughout the meal until there was only one piece left.

“Anybody want this?” Chase questions, with everybody quickly shaking their heads.

“Is that on your diet?” Ryan teases, as Chase peels the cheese off of the pizza. Chase then glances over, realizing that Ryan was filming it.

“Get away!” Ryan begins chuckling.

“You should’ve just ate the damn pizza, crust and all.” Chase shakes his head no.

“Is he always like that?” Lindsay questions, earning a nod from Sarina. “Suddenly, my pregnancy cravings don’t seem so strange.” Chase just gives her a quick flip of the bird as she laughs.

“Was it worth it?” Ryan asks, and Chase simply looks over with a smile. “You’re strange….”

Thursday, November 8 – Phoenix Raceway

With Ryan having to be back in North Carolina for a sponsor announcement, Bill had offered the gesture of flying him there to take part before flying him back out to Phoenix. Meanwhile, that left Chase to keep both ladies out of trouble in the process.

“Did you tell Chase about the theory that I had about last weekend?” Lindsay questions, earning a nod from Sarina as she glances over at him.

“He said he would keep an eye out as nothing surprised him anymore,” Sarina answers. The girls had agreed to share simple conversation and relaxation, while Chase played fortnite. “Well, obviously except the person that just killed him.”

“I almost lasted until the end that time,” Chase comments, pointing up to the fact that only four other players remained. “I was so focused on trying to kill that guy, I didn’t realize someone had been following me.”

“Gotta always keep yourself on a 360 and watch out for anything – just like you tell me.” He simply glances back with a smile, glad that she had picked up on the advice. He had been tying to share anything he could think of for times that they were split apart in the garage area.

“Damn that car looks good….” Lindsay offers, as she glances at the live stream of the announcement. She then shows the image to Sarina, who simply smiles in response.

“That’s a nice greenish blue actually,” Sarina comments.

“Do you even have any idea what color the car is next year for you?” Sarina shakes her head no.

“We’re still finalizing sponsor plans.” She then looks back over at Chase as he starts another game. “I’m just glad that the white firesuit back for Mr. Peach over there with Hooters.”

“Been checking out my ass?” He questions as she reaches over, giving it a little smack as he lays on his stomach on the floor. “Hey, that’s a foul mood. You’re going to distract me.”

“I wouldn’t want to do that as you find your own ways to die in that game…” He gives her a quick flip of the bird as she laughs.

“I’ll get you back later, don’t worry….” Lindsay could only shake her head watching the pair of them together.

They all then heard a knock on the door, immediately glancing around confused at each other as Chase stood up immediately.

“Were you expecting anybody tonight?” Lindsay questions, earning a shake of the head from both Chase and Sarina.

“Who is it?” Chase questions as he leans against the door, hand resting on the knob. He also was strategic and reaching for the broom that had been sitting by the door.

“Shelley,” they hear, with Chase instantly rolling his eyes as he glanced over at the girls.

“I thought we told you that we were done with you.” Shelley takes a deep breath, almost set to walk away and leave him to Alison’s mercy. However, her morals kept her standing there.

“I came here to warn you about something that Alison is planning.” Chase was now a little intrigued as it seemed weird that Shelley would have the information, given Alison’s record.

“How do I know that I can trust this information?” Shelley rolls her eyes.

“Isn’t any information better than no information?” Chase knew that was a valid point.

“How did you come by this information, though?” Shelley glances down, taking a deep breath. She couldn’t reveal the full truth.

“She reached out to me in hopes that I would help and I turned her down.” Rejection was one thing, but that hadn’t fulfilled the necessary goals.

“So why haven’t you gone to the cops and turned her in?” Shelley begins to raise her fist, set to punch the door in frustration, though resists.

“Do you want to know or not?” Chase had to admit his curiosity was pegged given Alison’s recent track record of doing at least one thing every weekend. However, he also wasn’t very trusting of Shelley given her track record as well.

“I don’t need to open the door for you to tel-”

“I’m not going to tell you unless you open the door, Elliott.” Chase was taken back by her tone, and knew that meant only one thing.

“Then you can take your information to the police. Besides, I am going to let them know that you were here and said you had information, making you an accessory to anything that Alison does moving forward. Furthermore, Lindsay heard your voice. We can put you in the warehouse.” Shelley had to chuckle in response, knowing that was only partially true in what he said.

“Heresay is one thing, darling. Good luck proving it.” Chase looks over at the girls of the admission that they were just given.

“You’ve said all that I need to know. Excuse me while I call the cops.” Sarina tosses him his phone, and he dials the number that he had gotten to used to dialing at least once a week for the past several months.

It didn’t take them long to get there, though by the time they did, Shelley was gone without a trace left behind. The investigator promised to pass word to NASCAR security to not allow Shelley on the grounds moving forward, as well as put out a warrant for her arrest in connection to the events.

“Just make sure you do your job for once,” Sarina comments with a quick wave as the investigator leaves the motorcoach once they were done discussing. “What do you think she was going to share from Alison?”

“I don’t know,” Chase confesses. “For all I know, it was a trap to get her hands on me for Alison and she had nothing to share.” He then sits back down on the floor, picking up the controller. “I can’t worry about the what if. We just need to focus on the here and now, and making sure we all stay safe this weekend. That includes you too, Lindsay. Make sure you listen to everything that you’ve been tol-”

“I know how to take care of myself, Chase,” Lindsay cuts him off.

Though she had to admit that last weekend had scared her more than she wanted, and she would be glad when the weekend was over and she was back home with Ryan.

The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 135: Time Away

Tuesday, November 6 – Colorado

Chase makes his way into the living room, seeing the girls curled up on the couch.

“Are you okay?” Chase asks as he leans over the back of the couch, placing his hands on her shoulders.

“Absolutely,” she answers as she glances up, giving him a kiss. “I was just texting Kyle. Samantha had her embryo implanted today. He says according to the doctor, everything went smoothly so now it’s just wait and see…”

“When will she know for sure if it worked?” Lindsay wonders as she looks over at Sarina.

“After Homestead. I hope it works for her and Kyle because I know how much they’re both looking forward to a second child.” Lindsay had to chuckle at her own thoughts.

“Just imagine if you have a little boy and she has a girl…” Sarina had to laugh in response as Chase just shook his head. “Oh come on. You could have a boy and it could end up with Taylor.”

“Hey now, Denny and I are finally cool,” Chase concedes, earning a bit of a surprised glance from the girls. “We talked it out and we’ve been fine all year. I’m over what happened.”

“Have you told your fans that?” Sarina wonders and Chase lets out a sigh, knowing they probably wouldn’t let it go for awhile.

“So we’re going to go out now finally. Are you sure that you girls are going to be fine by yourself?” Sarina and Lindsay nod their head yes.

“I’m not supposed to be doing anything so I’m staying right here on the couch by the fire,” Lindsay confesses.

“And I’ve got my snacks, the remote, and lots of goodies to watch so we’ll be fine,” Sarina adds.

“Text me if you need me, okay?” Chase tells her and she nods her head back in return.

“Make sure you boys be careful as well…” He leans over, snagging another kiss. The same could be for Ryan as he snagged one from Lindsay before they headed out.

With using the time to get away, the boys had decided to go on a skidoo ride through the trees. There was enough snow on the ground to have some fun, but not enough to go skiing quite yet.

“Lead on sir….” Ryan instructs, as he hops on his, ready to follow the Elliotts through the forest.

Having spent several years up there, both Chase and Bill knew a trail that was always fun to ride, with a couple little tricks up its sleeve. It was that trail they had chosen on Tuesday.

The ride was set to take them around an hour as they weaved through the trees, sharing a couple jokes along the way. As they picked up speed, the scenery of the outdoors was no doubt the perfect escape before next weekend.

Alison could see the squad riding up through the trees, and having stalked them for long enough, she knew the exact route that they were planning on following. It was just a bummer that two others had chosen to come with Chase that day as she had a pretty clear plan in mind.

“Now what are you going to do?” Shelley asks, standing over Alison’s shoulders.

“There’s no way that we can take down all three easily and do what I want with Chase,” Alison starts. “We’re going to have retreat and re-plan for another day.” Shelley simply nods her head in return.

“We could go back and see the ladi-”

“Not a single chance that is happening.” Alison then instantly spins on her heels, facing Shelley. “Lindsay is pregnant. I’m not taking a chance of causing harm to that baby. An innocent life shouldn’t be lost due to a difference of opinion.”

“Your miscarriage really had an effect on you, huh?” Alison then begins to walk away from Shelley, who simply follows quietly. It was odd in trying to understand the girl that she now called her boss. “What were you thinking of doing to Chase, anyway?”

“I told you that I wanted Chase for myself. You told me that you wanted the perfect revenge for Sarina in watching everything that she had done fall apart, piece by piece. I almost accomplished both with one thing…” Shelley nods her head, knowing what she meant already.

“They were at odds the weekend that Sarina found out that you were pregnant, and possibly with Chase’s child.” Alison smiles as she remembered hearing about Sarina stomping out of the room in tears. Everything would’ve worked out perfectly if not for that DNA test getting in the way.

“I’m taking away the possibility this time. It’s going to be his baby, whether he agrees or not.” Shelley knew what that meant, and found herself once again questioning whether being involved was really worth it.

“So this is where we planned the wedding for….” Chase starts as they walk up to the cabin.

After getting back from their fun, the guys had picked up the ladies with Chase and Sarina ready to share the details surrounding the wedding. It was a short drive from their cabin, but the bigger log cabin that they had found was perfect.

Once they were inside, it was enough room to set-up a full isle and seating area for everybody to enjoy the ceremony.

“This is beautiful…” Lindsay comments as she walks around, checking everything out.

“We were going to do the reception here as well,” Sarina adds. “There’s enough room upstairs for everybody to chill and relax, as well as the perfect scene outside for photos. That’d give time to quickly turn this around for our reception because you will absolutely enjoy the food.”

“It’s nice,” Bill comments as he takes a look around, before stopping to glance over at Chase and Sarina together. it was almost surreal to think that his son would be married in a matter of months.

“This is where we’ve always found our peace together,” Chase starts. “No matter what is going on – racing wise, Alison wise, or even her family drama, we could come here and just be ourselves. We could escape from everything and just get back to the love that we knew together.” He then wraps his arms around her from behind. “That’s why we decided that we wanted to get married up here. White dress, white and blue flowe-”

“Please tell me there’s a snowball touch in this somewhere,” Lindsay interrupts, earning a chuckle from Sarina.

“Hence the big white flowers that I got – they’re like mini snowballs,” Sarina confesses, earning a little shout of excitement from Lindsay.

“I had to throw it back to where you guys officially decided to tell the world that you were together.” Chase chuckles, remembering how that discussion came about and their initial fears.

“The next year we went down here was more special, though…” She then reaches up, clutching her fingers around the snowball necklace. “It’d be easy to do a beach wedding, but we wanted to do something different, and special to us. It’s not hom-”

“Home is where the heart feels fondest,” Bill interrupts her, catching her attention. “Georgia is home because that’s where Chase grew up, and he feels most comfortable. North Carolina is home because that’s where you guys are spending so much time. I’m sure that you have a connection to Michigan, too.” Sarina nods her head, accepting. “Finding a place that you can go and just be yourselves, escape, and finding that even footing again – not everybody has that. But it’s good that you have that as you don’t want to get lost in everything that’s going on, either. This may not make sense to everybody, but it makes sense to me as to why you would do this. It’s why Cindy and I come up here quite a bit in the winter.”

“Ya’ll are just a bunch of crazy snowbirds,” Ryan comments, earning a couple chuckles.

“If you endure the cold for their wedding, I’ll make sure you get your beach,” Lindsay says as she wraps an arm around him.

“I just have to make sure that the wedding dress fits on the day of,” Sarina comments as she glances out the window. With a glance down at her stomach, she could tell that she was beginning to pop out just a little bit, having already noticed the firesuit being a little tight last weekend and bras not quite fitting.

“Samantha made sure that the tailor is available that day, right?” Chase questions and Sarina nods her head.

“She’s available for whenever I need her before the banquet, and before the wedding. I just need to call 24 hours in advance. I already told her that she better be there the day of both, and she has locked those dates up for me.” Chase smiles as he honestly couldn’t wait to see her dressed up for both, remembering just how magical she looked last year. “Oh, and I told Samantha to put the order in for the new firesuit, a little bigger. I think I would’ve broke the zipper in Miami if I tried to use the same one the next two weeks.”

“Maybe the new firesuit will bring you some luck.” She smiles, hoping that was the case as she was willing to do whatever it took to bring home that championship for her, Kyle, and Samantha – as long as it meant keeping Baby Elliott safe in the process.

“Has anybody made any comments in the garage about it?” Bill wonders as Sarina glances back at Chase with a smirk.

“Christopher made mention that somebody has been touching my belly a lot,” Sarina comments, earning a smirk back in return from Chase.

“I can’t help it,” he tells her, as he wraps his arms around her once again in the familiar spot. “I’m just so excited already, and I can’t wait until I can feel the baby….”

“It’ll feel weird at first, but it’s so magical,” Ryan comments as he stands to the side with Lindsay.

“Other than Christopher, I’ve avoided comments from everybody – so far,” Sarina adds. “I just need to make it these next two weeks and then boom – confetti.” The room was filled with chuckles.

“Could you imagine the reporter who comes up to ask you about winning the championship, and then you add that you’re pregnant?” Lindsay offers, as Sarina couldn’t help but chuckle. She was actually excited to see what the various reactions were going to be.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Let’s win the championship, and then we’ll discuss how to drop the bombshell.” Though with a glance back at Chase, Sarina knew that waiting until the banquet probably wouldn’t work as she knew a photo with them like this would be in the cards.

Wednesday, November 7 – Utah

With Lindsay being told to rest and limit flying as much as she could, the decision was made to drive out to Phoenix rather than fly from Colorado. As the group piled into the car, they didn’t think it’d be too bad of a drive being only 12 hours.

However, they also forgot about one single detail.

“I have to pee again!” Lindsay lets out from the backseat, four hours into the trip. They had only been four hours into their 12 hour journey, and this was set to be the third stop for a bathroom break.

“Didn’t you just go?” Bill questions as Lindsay nods her head.

“I literally thought I pee’d out a lake, but I got to go again.” She then glances over at Sarina. “The joys of pregnancy. Having to pee a lot, leg soreness, cravings – sometimes I wonder if this is a demon child.”

“It is a miniature Blaney after all,” Sarina offers, earning a smack from Ryan as Chase simply laughs.

“Oh you just laugh it up Elliott,” Ryan starts. “Wait until we get to January and you’re dealing with the same symptoms.”  Chase holds up the bags of chips in the backseat.

“Do you know how many times she’s woke me up at 3 in the morning to go get her these stupid chips?” Chase questions as Ryan just sticks his tongue out in return.

“Can we can the jokes please?” Lindsay requests. “I am going to pee my pants if I keep laughing. Where’s this next bathroom, Bill?”

“Soon,” was all he offered from the driver’s seat as he looked on both sides of the highway for a place to stop. “If we’re stopping every hour, we might as well add another two hours to this trip boys.”

“Aren’t you just glad that you decided to come spend a week with us?” Chase asks with a smile.

They were able to find a bathroom in good time, each of them getting out of the car as they let Lindsay hurry inside to go. Sarina was set to follow her, wanting to give her company, though stopped suddenly.

“Hey….” Chase says as he grabs onto her shoulders. “Are you okay?” She slowly nods her head as she easily accepts him for support. “Sarina….”

“I’m fine,” she replies after a couple seconds, before standing straight back up. “I just got a little dizzy. I’m fine.” She then goes to walk away, but Chase keeps hold on her hand. “Chase, I said I was fin-”

“That’s the second tim-”

“In the span of three weeks. I talked to Dr. Grayson, remember?” He nods his head, remembering the conversation as he was in the room when she brought it up. They were told it was normal sometimes during pregnancy, due to a change in blood flow with the body ever changing. either Dr. Grayson was only concerned if it continued to get worse, but advised against getting up quickly and insisted on remaining hydrated.

“I’m just concer-”

“I know, and I appreciate it Chase, but I don’t need to babied by you 24/7. I probably just go up too fast wanting to make sure to follow her quickly.” He could easily understand that, given that she had been sitting in the car for awhile. However, he wasn’t quite set on letting her wander off.

“Ryan is in there in case Lindsay needs anything. So how about you just take a seat, and I’ll go get you something to drink?” She was ready to argue, but knew it wasn’t worth it as she simply nodded her head, letting him head inside.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Bill questions, as they were the only ones left waiting by the car now.

“I’m fine,” she answers as she looks over at him.

“So you’re not hiding anything from Chase?” She shakes her head no.

“I wouldn’t dare do that to him, Bill. I’ve learned my lessons about secrets, and I want him to be fully there for the pregnancy every step of the way and that means being honest. That’s why he’s attended every single appointment with Dr. Grayson. That’s why he knew why not to be overly concerned right away.”

“Just take it easy, okay?” She lets out a sigh, nodding her head. There was no point in arguing with anybody anymore as let’s face it, she was going to have to get used to this for the next several months.

The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 134: AAA Texas 500

Friday, November 2 – Texas Motor Speedway

Ryan was standing there posing for photos, forcing a smile the whole way as his heart was set on one thing – Lindsay. Where was she? Could he trust Chase’s words? When would they find her?

“I’ve got something!” A voice interrupts everything, catching Ryan’s attention immediately. He looks over, watching Chase walk over and unfold a note. “It was left by my hauler, probably during qualifying. But it has the coordinates.”

“Let’s go,” Ryan states, ignoring all the hustle around them as he follows Chase back out of victory lane.

“You’re going to bring that?” Ryan knew the rifle was in his hands for winning the pole, and it remained there for good reason.

“There was a good motivation for winning the pole. We can take care of business.” Chase wanted to be caught off-guard by the attitude, but totally understood it as they climbed in the rental car together.

“Buckle up and hold on children,” were the instructions from the front seat as the drivers did as instructed, while Alan peeled out of the parking lot, following the instructions in the GPS.

“Should we trust his driving?” Ryan questions, and Chase could only shrug his shoulders.

It didn’t take them long to reach their destination, which only earned a couple glances of confusion. The three climbed out of the car, Ryan still clutching tightly onto the rifle, as they walked closer to the building.

“Unit 9 – surprise surprise,” Chase states, looking back over the note.

They worked their way down the warehouse units, finally reaching the ninth. The pair glanced at each other, before Chase reached the door knob. It easily turned, as another glance was traded.

“Hello?!?” Chase called out as he entered first, slowly, hands in the air, half-expecting Alison to come out of nowhere and grab him. However, not a single voice could be heard. “Hello?”

“Lindsay!!” Ryan lets out as he followed Chase through the door, flicking on the light switch, seeing her tied up in the middle of the room. Ryan immediately runs over, undoing the mouth, followed by working on the ropes. “Are you okay?”

“My… stomach….” Lindsay slowly says as she takes a deep breath. As soon as her hands were loose, they found their way there immediately. “It hurts…” Ryan places his hands on top of hers.

“You’re going to be okay…” He then runs his hands down her shoulders, before resting back once again on top of hers. “You’re going to be okay, and the baby will be okay”

“She ran as soon as I complained of stomach pain, saying she never meant to hurt the baby….” Chase closes his eyes, remembering the notes that were left.

“She lost her own baby and regretted that pain,” Chase tells them. “She may be twisted, insane, and willing to do whatever it takes to get to me, but she will not harm a baby to do so. I am going to call for help, okay?” Ryan simply nods his head as he keeps his eyes locked on Lindsay’s, praying for the best.

Chase climbs the steps of the pit box, letting out a sigh as he grabs his headset from Rudy.

“Is Lindsay is okay?” Rudy asks, having heard from Sarina that was where Chase was.

“Yeah, her and the baby are fine,” Chase answers. “Go ahead and tell Sarina, please…” Rudy nods his head, accepting, before relaying the message over the radio.

“You’re not lyi-” Kyle starts, earning a glance from the young driver, who shakes his head no.

“She was in some pain, but the doctor says that she’ll be okay. The pain came from stress, and a bit of Braxton hicks.” Kyle nods his head, remembering when Samantha went through her first round of those. “She needs to be strictly on bed rest for a couple days, but everything will be fine, thankfully.” Kyle then palces a hand on his shoulders.

“And you’re okay, right?” Chase simply nods his head as he takes a deep breath.

“I’m just glad that she’s okay…..”

Starting second, Sarina put together a solid opening stage, running up front en route to a sixth-place finish. However, the race was set to go down the tube over the next several laps. She would lose several positions on pit road due to a fueling issue, followed by contact on track with Johnny Sauter.

“Are you flipping serious?” She questions on the radio, immediately growing frustrated, as the damage was significant.

Rudy got her to bring the truck down pit road a couple different times, continuing to make repairs to the damage, sending her back out to restart 21st. She would make her way back up to 10th by the end of the second stage, but was unable to make anymore ground up through the final stage.

Climbing out of the truck post-race, she was admittedly frustrated with how the night played out. However, that wasn’t the only thing on her mind as she was rather concerned about her best friend.

“Are you sure her and the baby are okay?” She questions Chase once she is done interviews.

“As long as she stays on bed rest and doesn’t stress out anymore, she’ll be fine,” Chase answers. “Ryan texted me that the pains have already died down, and she’s been chilling comfortably all night in his arms in the motorcoach.” Sarina nods her head, accepting.

“I can’t imagine going through something like that. I mean, what if something happ-”

“Stop right now.” He then places a finger on her lips. “Let’s just be thankful that she and the baby are alright, okay? Just like we’re thankful that your pregnancy has gone smoothly so far. Alison isn’t going to touch you, or Lindsay for that matter again.”

“How can you be so sure of that?” Chase wasn’t quite certain, but he knew he was going to do whatever it took.

“We’re putting the right protective measures in place. We’ll be fine….”

Saturday, November 3 – Texas Motor Speedway

The first of the two practices hadn’t gone as planned, with Chase once again timing in only 19th quickest. The lack of speed brought forth a lengthy debrief for driver, crew chief, and the rest of the team in the hauler as they tried to figure out what was missing on the No. 9 Chevrolet.

“Where’s Sarina, anyway?” Alan questions as they finish up, ready to leave the hauler and get set for the second practice.

“She’s back with Lindsay,” Chase offers. “Lindsay is stuck on bed rest, and Sarina didn’t want her to be by herself so they’re having some girl time. Personally, I can’t complain….” Alan nodded his head, remembering their discussion about Sarina possibly pushing herself too much sometimes last week.

“Was she mad that you let her sleep in last week?” Chase shakes his head no. “That’s progress.”

“She’s understanding that she needs to take care of herself for the baby.” Chase and Alan then walk through the garage area, only freezing to glance up at the BIG HOSS television screen on the infield. “Of course….”

“Chase….” Alan places a hand on his shoulder, as the video had caught his attention as well. Alison had managed to hack the Texas Motor Speedway system, turning off coverage of XFINITY Series qualifying to instead show a video reel that included stuff from the motorcoach camera hacking at Talladega, along with videos that she had saved of previous attacks.

“How does she continually get away with crap like that? You’re telling me that she snuck around their security and all that to do that?” Alan could only shake his head, feeling disgusted. “Someone had to have seen her. Someone had to have wondered what she was doing.”

“She was working with someone on the inside, before…” Chase didn’t even want to think about the possibility, knowing the access that could grant depending who it was. However, it made sense with what she was able to do on a weekly basis.

“I just want to get in the car and focus on making it better.” Chase then walks into the garage stall, fixing his firesuit as he goes to climb in the car.

“Chase, are you sure that you’re in the right fra-”

“Let’s just focus on our job, please.” Alan takes a careful deep breath. He hated turning moments into preaching like this with Chase.

“I’m just worried about how you’re fee-”

“To tell you the truth, I’m not surprised anymore. She has done everything in the play book pretty much, Alan. I’m done letting her run my life and my feelings. I’m done letting her get away with everything. Can we please just focus?” Alan takes another deep breath, giving a nod of the head in return. “Thank you.”

“Ugh….” Sarina lets out as the second practice finishes with Chase ranked 17th on the board. “I know I shouldn’t read much into the score sheet, but with no speed, how the heck are we supposed to run up front tomorrow and win?”

“What do you always tell me?” Lindsay questions as she glances over at her best friend.

“Have faith as he’ll di9 his away out of this hole.” Lindsay then just simply smiles in return as Sarina lets out a sigh. “I’m trying, but it’s so hard when you see that the team is struggling in practice, on top of everything that is going on.”

“Did they catch anything with her video deal?” Sarina lets out a sigh, shaking her head no. “I just don’t get how she can sneak around.”

“Alan says she may have someone helping her again.” Lindsay then made a disgusted face.

“Who in their right mind would help a freako like her?” Sarina could only chuckle in response, shrugging her shoulders. “I will say something felt weird about yesterday, though. Like there was some familiarity to her.”

“But yet you never crossed paths with Alison before, did you?” Lindsay shakes her head no, having avoided everything the first time around. She could attribute that to just having started dating Ryan then.

“But it still almost felt like I knew the person as I really almost recognized the voice.” Sarina already had an explanation in her mind.

“You were in the court room when she pled her cas-”

“I know, and it didn’t sound like that, but yet different and familiar.” Sarina was now getting a little confused herself.

“Were you standing on pit road when Britney Teals, or fake Britney bitch as I call her, was there?” Lindsay shakes her head no. “So it can’t be the fact that she’s using that voice…”

“No, I’m talking real familiar. Like family familiar, Sarina.” The confusion only grew more for Sarina – until she was hit with a realization.

“Shelley?” Lindsay’s jaw slowly dropped as she nodded her head. “She wasn’t happy about our last meeting, or the fact that I have blocked her. But do you think she’d go as far as helping Alison because of that?”

“We do have a strange family, even if Shelley never got involved before. If you’re looking for loose ends, I would have that checked out.” Sarina was ready to pass this by as another dead-on, but knew she owed it to Lindsay to follow through.

“I’ll make mention of it to the investigator..” Sarina then sends a text message, making sure it went to both Chase and the investigator. Perhaps they were finally getting a step ahead of Alison.

Sunday, November 3 – Texas Motor Speedway

Despite concerns about the car before the race, Chase was able to make his way forward once the race started. However, it wasn’t the progress they wanted as once he hit the top-10 at the start of the second stage, he was unable to go much further, stuck there for the rest of the day. Thankfully, he got a good restart at the end, able to make up some ground to finish sixth. But still, it wasn’t the win they needed now.

“Can you talk about your day?” The reporter asks as Chase takes a deep breath.

“Yeah, just a really frustrating race track ever since they ruined it two years ago,” he answers. “I hate that.”

“You pretty much have to win at Phoenix now.” Chase lets out a sigh, knowing that more than anyone else. It’s why it made today that much more frustrating despite the comeback to finish strong. “Do you feel pretty confident going in there having that one goal in mind?”

“I mean, yeah, I feel better about Phoenix than I did about today, for sure. Yeah, we’ll see. I mean, I don’t know till we get there. Yeah, tough spot to be in. But ultimately you got to be in a must‑win situation at Homestead if you ever make it down there, so you might as well get used to it and like it.”

“It looked like it was hard to pass out there for everybody. Was it as hard as it looked?” Chase nods his head.

“Yeah, I mean, absolutely. I don’t know what genius decided to pave this place or take the banking out of one and two. Not a good move for the entertainment factor, in my opinion.”

He then makes his way over to where Sarina was waiting on pit road, with Bill.

“Can we get out of here?” He questions, earning a nod of approval from both parties.

“We’re just waiting on Ryan,” Bill answers, as Chase lets out a sigh. The sooner he was out of Texas, the better.

Sunday, November 3 – Colorado

Chase wraps his arms around Sarina, kissing her cheek, before laying back on the couch. She easily got snuggled up against him, only trading a smile with Lindsay as she curled up with Ryan.

“Mom could’ve come….” Chase reasons with his dad as Bill shakes his head no.

“She didn’t want to come on this little escape this time,” Bill tells him.

“I just feel bad as we’re all cuddling and you….well….” Max then hops up in Bill’s lap.

“I’ve got the dog. That should matter….” Chase could only chuckle back in response.

“This was a really good idea,” Sarina comments, only to earn another quick kiss from Chase. He couldn’t deny that it was nice to get away from everybody and the chaos for a bit, and get some of the pressure that he was feeling right off of his back.

“I told you that we could always come here if you needed to get away,” he recalls, as she smirks.

“I just can’t wait to come back here in December and marry you….” He smiles as he had to admit that he was getting more excited with the date looming that much more closer.

“I can’t wait to call you Ms. Sarina Elliott.” She had to smile, and swoon a little at hearing the mere mention of the name.

“I thought we could stop by the spot, and make sure everything is good to go while we’re here.” Chase nods his head, easily accepting. That’d be a good distraction rather than thinking about Alison or everything on track right now.

“Oh, so you’re finally going to let your friends in on the details?” Ryan questions, with Bill looking over his way.

“Try also sharing with the parents of the groom finally, too,” Bill adds, earning a laugh from Chase and Sarina. They had been quiet about a lot of details, wanting to keep the planning as private as possible. They wanted to make sure everything was done the way they wanted, without everybody trying to throw in their sense.

“All the planning is done so I guess we could share,” Sarina quietly reveals as she looks back at Chase. “I mean, I think it’s beyond perfect.”

“Only the best for my princess,” he tells her, giving her another kiss. Max then barks, catching their attention. “Is there a problem, sir?”

“I think the dog is jealous,” Bill comments as Max lets out another bark.

“How did you manage to get him away from Mom, by the way?” Bill then looks down at the puppy.

“Do you want to go tell Chase what you did?” Max then jumps off the chair, burying his head in the blanket by the fire. “He decided that Bella was a chew toy, and ripped her head off.” Chase then looks over surprised, knowing that was one of Cindy’s special bears. “Needless to say, it was come with daddy or be stuck in the dog house all week.”

“I bet she would’ve let him out by mid-week….” Bill chuckles, nodding his head in agreement.

The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 133: “Are you, Ryan Michael Blaney, weak?”

Thursday, November 1 – Texas Motor Speedway

Sarina had just walked back to the garage area – well, make shift garage area, ready for the second truck practice. After timing in second quickest in the first session, Rudy had set the goal of fine tuning the No. 18 Toyota Tundra for the long runs.

“Sarina, can we talk?” She hears, glancing over her shoulder. She immediately had to roll her eyes, and shrug her shoulders, not feeling anything about this conversation at all.

“Can we not and say that we did, Justin?” She answers him, causing a bit of surprise to form on his face.

“Considering that I handed over the information that allowed the police to put the pieces together about this Alison and Britney confus-”

“You handed it over a week late, Justin. You did it out of personal guilt for the situation. You also did it to probably save your ass since you could’ve been sent to jail for withholding information. What else is there left to say?” Justin was almost ready to not say a word, but figured he better anyway. After all, she was bound to find out from someone else.

“Alison came to see me last night.” Sarina then looks over slightly confused, but now giving him her full attention. “I alerted the cops as soon as I could, but she was there and gone before I could do something about it. She expressed her clear displeasure in the fact that I shared her secret with everybody, and told me that it would have consequences. She obviously had a plan in mind, but ran off when she heard noises.”

“You just said that you alerted the cops, right?” Justin nods his head. “Okay, that’s good. They can figure out a trace of her actions as she saw Chase on Tuesday, if that even matters anymore.”

“Is Chase okay?” Sarina nods her head.

“Thankfully. I mean, I’m glad Ryan and Bubba got to him when they did – but that’s another topic.” She then takes a deep breath as she puts her hair up in a ponytail. “If I was you, I’d warn your team, I’d warn your teammates, and I’d warn anybody around you. If she says there’s consequences, she may come back and as much as you piss me off som-”

“The feeling is mutu-”

“I wouldn’t want her to hurt you, okay? I wouldn’t take it that far. I mean, the only person I’d probably wish her on is Denny, but that’s even pushing it.” Justin had to chuckle in response. “Just be safe, and thanks for the heads-up.”

“I figured you’d want to know. Now, I look forward to kicking your ass tomorrow night.”

“Likewise.” She then grabs her helmet off the roof, setting it inside the truck, before climbing in, ready to follow with the plan as originally designed.

“Of course she has a fast truck,” Alison comments as she looks at the live timing and scoring from of the second practice. As she had in the first session, Sarina was quick once again, timing in sixth quickest.

“Why do you even bother keeping up with it?” Shelley wonders as she watches her closely.

“If you get to know their schedule, you can figure out the weaknesses and where to strike accordingly. It’s also nice to check-in as you can see if you’re going to make their day bad, or just worse. Besides, I have to make sure neither of them win a race and make that Championship 4.” Shelley just lets out a sigh as she goes back to staring at her own phone. “I need to know something from you, though. You saw how easily I got my paws on Chase on Tuesday, and how easily I delivered my message to Justin. So how in the hell did you miss picking her ass up last weekend?”

“There was lots of people arou-”

“What did I say about finding the weaknesses, and hiding spots? You could’ve hid between the haulers as you heard her say that she was going to pick up his coat from his hauler to wear.” Shelley just lets out a sigh, with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Look, I don’t know. I screwed up, okay? I’m not seasoned and have practice at this like you do. I’m sorry.” Alison then walks over, getting right in her face.

“Sorry is not good enough. Sorry doesn’t accomplish our goals, now does it? You wanted to make their life hell, and now it’s time you start participating. I told you that you had no choice now…” Shelley slowly nods her head. “Besides, you have an advantage. If I’m spotted by anyone, I could be arrested. If you’re spotted, you can pass it off as something – like you’re coming to see her again or whatever.”

“Look, I won’t screw up next time….” Alison then slowly walks away, returning to her previous seat.

“We’ll just have to wait and see…..”

Friday, November 2 – Texas Motor Speedway

Chase lets out a sigh as he climbs out of the No. 9 Kelley Blue Book Chevrolet, glancing up at the board. It wasn’t any surprise to him that they were sitting 18th based on how the car was handling.

“I know what you’re going to say,” Alan starts right away. “But I am going to tell you right now – we’ll be fine.” Chase simply nods his head back in response. “That’s it?”

“You already know what I’m going to say so why bother?” Chase questions, earning a simple shrug of the shoulders in return. He was about to head back to the hauler without any regard, though an envelope caught his attention. “Ala-”

“I don’t know anything about that.” Chase picks it up, seeing the familiar handwriting of his name on the outside. “You know better than anybody that only our guys have access to that bench. You know how protective of our notes…”

“So are you trying to say one of the guys just dropped this here?” Alan shrugs his shoulders.

“You know better than anyone that she is good at what she does.” Chase glances down at the envelope. “You also know that it’s going to bother you in whatever she wrote insi-”

“It bothers me more when she goes after you for not allowing me to read these notes, and it bothers me more when she goes after me and freezes me.” He then runs his finger along the edge of the envelope.

“I heard about that….” Alan’s voice trails off as he watches Chase pull the piece of paper out of the envelope. “You could just appear you’re reading it and not read it.”

“If you keep letting someone take advantage of you, they’re going to keep doi-”

“Aren’t you letting that happen by the head games?” Chase glances up over the top of the note to look at Alan.

“What if she left a clue?” Alan had to chuckle at that.

“When does she ever leave clues, Chase?” Chase glanced back down at the paper, actually realizing that there hadn’t been any clues in these since mid-summer.

Knowing he had to stay focused on that weekend ahead, he followed the instructions of staring at the paper without actually focusing on the words at hand. He did that for awhile, before returning the letter back inside the envelope.

“I’m going to call the investigator….” He offers, earning a nod from Alan, as he knew that meant handing over the note.

Though with Chase not reading the contents, Alan couldn’t help but be curious as he looked at the piece of paper back sitting on the bench. Once Chase was out of range, Alan slowly slips the piece of paper out, unfolding it.


It’s amazing the effects that water can have the skin. I mean, I was impressed with just how quick you were shivering at the touch of those ice cubes. I was also impressed in how you weren’t freaking out, but hey, that’s what a sound barrier can accomplish. It’s just too bad that your friends found you so quickly and helped you. I mean, it’s weird seeing Christopher Bell help you when we both know that he’d rather jump your girlfriend. Like I told you before, it’s amazing how many people will do things for you.

It’s too bad that everybody knows that I am indeed Britney Teals that Justin saw, and such now. I actually felt bad for having the doctor murder her as she was just being a sweet girl, making her way through life, without even harming a single file. Isn’t it great to have the guilt of an innocent, sweet girl being dead on your conscious now?

As I told you before, we will see each other soon, as you will once again give me what I want. I may have missed out this past time, but we both know that you want to explore those feelings once again. maybe next time I can taste those lips, your neck, and of course finally taste your lollipop that I so badly desire. I still say it’s beautiful how it hardens by the touch of my fingers, babes.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so I suppose that means that I better think of some big surprise for you. Don’t worry – you’re going to thank for it this time. I also hope that you can get to know my friend because just like you, my friend can help me just as much. She’s a darling, I tell you.

Look forward to tasting your lips, feeling you against me, and feeling you harden again….

See ya soon, Alison Reynolds.

“Go ahead and try bitch, and you’re going to meet your fate – finally,” Alan comments as he folds the piece of paper back up, placing it back in the envelope and where it was sitting previously.

Sarina climbs out of the truck, giving Rudy a high-five, followed by a hug.

“Great job on the truck,” she tells him as he just smiles in return.

“Great job on the driving, superstar!” he replies, before going around to high-five each of the crew guys.

While they hadn’t gotten the pole, they would be starting in the front row courtesy of a second-place qualifying effort. They just needed to stay up front all night, and perhaps everything would come together for a big celebration.

Knowing that it was only a couple hours until the race, she begins to make her way back through the garage area, set to grab a bite to eat before peaking on Cup Series qualifying and then heading to the driver’s meeting.

“Sarina!” She hears, catching her off-guard as she spins around, surprised to see Ryan running her way. “Have you seen Lindsay?” She then slowly shakes her head no.

“I’ve been so occupied with qualifying and the race and such that I haven’t seen had a chance to say hi to her today,” she confesses. “You look worried….”

“I haven’t seen her since this morning. She normally always stops by the Penske hauler after practice, but she never came. I checked the motorcoach and she’s not there.” Sarina then takes her phone out of her pocket, but Ryan places his hand on top of hers. “It goes straight to voice mail like it’s dead.”

“What the hell is going on? This isn’t like her at all, Ryan…” Ryan slowly nods his head as Sarina furiously texts Chase, as well as anybody else that she could think of who may have seen or know where Lindsay is.

“She’s due next month, Sarina….” Sarina glances over, placing a hand on Ryan’s shoulder.

“She’s also strong, Ryan. You’re probably worrying over nothing.” Ryan then lets out a sigh.

“Or what if I am not? Hell, how am I supposed to qualify while panicking?” He then runs his hands through his hair, debating where he could look next. He also had sent his own series of text messages, ranging from crew members to teammates.

“Come with me….” Sarina’s instant instruction caught him off-guard, but he easily listened as they hurried through the garage area together.

“Someone see her?” Sarina didn’t say anything, but rather kept walking as quickly as possible – while trying to somewhat careful herself, as they reached the No. 9 hauler. “Well?”

“Take a deep breath….” Chase instructs as he walks out, placing a note in Ryan’s hands. Ryan didn’t need to unfold the note to know what was going on.

“Are you fucking serious?!?” Ryan questions, and Chase could only slowly nod her head. “So the crazy chick that’s been after you for over a year has my girlfriend now?” Chase slowly nods his head once again. “Why the hell would sh-”

“It’s about sending a message…” Chase then unfolds the note, considering Ryan hadn’t gone far enough to do that. “It’s her proving that she can get to anyone weak link around me just like that.”

“So where is she?” Chase then glances down as Ryan lets out an aggravated sigh. “And what’s being done?”

“There’s a garage-wide, state-wide search already being started, and security is checking every camera possible.” Chase then finally reaches out to his friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Remember what you told me when Sarina was kidnapped last year. She’s going to be okay. She’s just being used as a message. Alison isn’t going to hurt her, but rather return her when she feels fit.”

“You can’t guarantee that she won’t hurt her….” Chase closes his eyes, silently praying to himself that he was right by his words.

“You’re going to have to trust me, Ryan. We’re going to find her.” He then pulls his best friend into a hug, as he reaches out and squeezes Sarina’s hand, seeing the worry on her face as well.

“I can’t quali-”

“Are you kidding me?” Sarina and Ryan then both look at Chase with a bit of shock. “No, you’re going out to qualify. By just throwing in the towel, it shows that you’re giving up to her, that you’re weak. Are you, Ryan Michael Blaney, weak?” Sarina was now even shocked as Chase’s tone as Ryan took a deep breath.

“I’m so worried and scar-”

“I was beyond scared and worried when she had Sarina last year, but what did I do? I raced that race because I knew that Sarina would want me to do that the best that I could. I also knew that it’d prove to Alison that no matter what she does, she won’t ever get the upper hand and succeed. We can’t do anything to find Lindsay right now, but we can show that we’re stronger, and we will do whatever it takes. So what are you going to go do right now?”

“I guess I am going to go qualify and try for that pol-”

“No, you’re going to win that damn pole!” Sarina finally gives a nod of her head.

“What about you?” Chase wanted to feel better about his chances, but knew based on practice they weren’t quite there yet.

“I’ll be lucky to find the top-10 with how the car is right now….”

Chase had to pump his fist in the air as he watched the quickest lap of the session be laid down by Ryan Blaney, giving him the pole for Sunday’s race. Meanwhile, as he expected, they missed the top-10, ending up 16th.

“Are you even listening to me right now?” Alan questions, catching Chase’s attention.

“That’s kind of hard to do right now,” he answers and the crew chief nodded his head sympathically. “I’m sorry….”

“I understand. Has there any been any leads to where she is?” Chase shakes his head no.

“Regardless, I believe in what you’re thinking of doing to the car for tomorrow. We were a little better. We just need to keep working that direction.” Alan peaks in his notebook, scratching something down, before re-closing it.

“I have some ideas for tomorrow that I think will help.” He then glances down pit road to where Ryan was standing doing interviews. “I just hope that they do find her soon….”

“Alison led me to where Sarina was when she figured that I was ready to find out. She’ll probably do the same once again.” Alan then reaches out, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t fall for her same trap again. You said it yourself. If you continue to let someone run your life, they’ll keep doin-”

“Lindsay is also eight months pregnant, Alan. Do you think Ryan is going to forgive if something happens to that baby?” Chase then walks off as Alan lets out a sigh.

The Tale of Love & Racing: Sarina’s Story – Chapter 132: A Freezing Halloween

Tuesday, October 30 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Ryan and Darrell had been standing at the end of the haunted house for a bit now, tapping their feet, now almost impatient as they waited for Chase to make his way through.

“Where is he?” Ryan questions with a sigh, even trying to take a peak back through the exit he should’ve used.

“It’s Chase we’re talking about,” Darrell starts. “He gets afraid by the smallest little scare…” Ryan lets out a sigh, knowing that was true. Hence why they always avoided scary movies.

“That’s why he has a dinosaur to protect him.” Darrell had to chuckle in response, though also noticed a bit of hesitation in his friend’s voice.

“What are you thinking?” Ryan wanted to shrug it off, but couldn’t virtue of his own previous experiences.

“Alison.” Darrell freezes immediately as he looks over surprised.

“You don’t thin-”

“She’s stalked him secretly before, she’s done everything imaginable. I wouldn’t put it past her to know that we’re here tonight.” Ryan then takes one more peak. “Screw it, I’m going looking.”

“Are you serious?” Ryan then makes his way through the exit, set to follow the halls back up through. “Wait for me!”

The pair make their way through the halls, ultimately catching the characters off guard who were questioning them going the wrong way.

“We lost something,” Ryan quickly pawned it off each time. “The manager said we could look through.” Each character simply nodded their head accepting, before retreating back to their hiding spot. Clearly, it hadn’t been the first time.

They had been going for awhile, before they noticed a wall slightly off, almost a secret door open.

“You don’t think, do you?” Darrell questions, and even before he was finished, Ryan was opening it the rest of the way.

“Shit!” The only words to escape Ryan’s mouth as he ran over right away, trying to find the break-open latch.

Stuck in a tall glass tube, they saw their best friend – with his dinosaur unfortunately deflated, shivering as cold ice and water came down over top of his head.

“Here it is!” Darrell then opens it immediately, which releases cold ice water on them right away.

“Chase?!?” Ryan questions as he gives him a pull out of the center, getting a shivering response.

“So…cold…” Chase managed quietly, shivering before them as he tried to wipe any bit of water away.

“Go get help!” Darrell gives a simple nod, pulling out his phone to dial 9-1-1 while running off to find someone. He wouldn’t mind that dead doll popping out for a change now. “Get your wet clothes off…” Ryan then helps pull the costume that Chase was wearing off, before throwing a roll of paper towel.

“How’d you know?” Ryan knew him standing there shivering with nothing on wouldn’t help, as he stripped out of his own costume next.

“You were taking too long.” He then hands him over the beast costume. “You need to get war-”

“What about yo-”

“I’m not the one that was just standing in ice water for who knows how long!” Chase easily instructs, slipping on the pants, before Ryan helps him out with the shirt. “Better?”

“Still…freezing…” Ryan could tell by the shivering that his legs were still really cold.

“Try dancing around.”  Chase tried to move around as much as he could, as Ryan tried to find anything that would help. “Damn it, hurry Bubba!”

“Wrap this around your legs,” a new voice chimes in, causing both to look over as Christopher Bell was standing there, dressed as Chef Boyardi, handing off the apron.

“Thank you,” Chase simply replied before doing as instructed.  “What are you doing here?”

“We came to check out the haunted house – just like you probably did,” Morgan Kemenah comments as Ryan could only chuckle at her cardboard noodle costume. “Keep wiggling your toes, keep moving your legs. That’ll get the blood flowing and help warm you up with the layers.”

“Put these gloves on and rub your legs too,” Christopher adds, handing over the oven mitts that went with his costume. “The friction should help.”

After what seemed like an eternity, the manager arrived over to them with some paramedics in toe. Despite assurances from Chase that he would be fine once he got some more warmth, he was sent with them to go get checked out at the hospital.

“You go with him,” Christopher instructs as he looks over at Ryan. “We’ll go pick up Sarina.”

“Okay,” Ryan replies, accepting. He would’ve preferred to tell Sarina himself, but also knew it’d be strange in sticking Chase and Christopher together. “Hey Christopher, be careful in telling her the news. Make sure that she knows he’s alright.”

“I got thi-”

“I mean it, Christopher. Make sure that she knows he’s alright and she doesn’t panic or freak or anything. Just make sure that she stays calm, please…” The repeated comments initially caught both Morgan and Christopher off-guard, but Christopher gave a nod of approval.

“I promise Ryan, I’ll be careful.”

It didn’t take Christopher long to reach where he had parked, with both him and Morgan set to head back to the Elliott household.

“Ryan repeated that a couple more time than necessary,” Morgan comments as she puts her belt on. “It’s almost like there’s a hidden mess-”

“Sarina is pregnant,” Christopher cuts her off, earning a surprised glance in return from Morgan. “I wanted to say something the other week myself to her about it, but I noticed that her firesuit was looking a little tighter around the stomach area.” He then pauses, realizing how that probably sounded saying it out loud. There was also a time that I stopped by to see her, that Chase had his hands resting very suspiciously there.”

“You’re going to need to warn him about that if they’re trying to keep it secret…” Christopher nods his head as they head out to the house. “And Christopher, I know what you were thinking. I’m not worried.” She then reaches over, placing her hand on top of his as it rested on the shifter. “I know you love me, and I love you with everything. I know that we have nothing to worry about with you doing something with her, or vise versa. So if you’re worried about that looking comment, it’s fine. You guys spend lots of time together as friends so it’s bound to happen.”

“I love you.” He then turns to her, giving her a kiss, before focusing his eyes on the road.

Tuesday, October 30 – Carolina Medical Center

Sarina walks into the room, walking over to Chase and wrapping both arms around him immediately.

“Are you okay?” She questions, earning a nod in response. “Are you sure?”

“I told them that I was fine there,” he answers. “But with these nice warm blankets, I am toasty right now. Every bit of feeling, warmth, whatever is back in my legs.” She then kisses his lips, feeling the blankets as she does so.

“Those are nice and toasty. Do you think we can get some for the trailer?” He smiles back in response.

“Anything for you, as always.” He then leans in for another kiss, which she obviously accepts.

“Did they say anything?” Christopher asks Ryan as the couple embraces.

“They’ve given him their seal of approval,” Ryan answers. “There doesn’t look to be any longing effects or anything, so I think we got there in the nick of time for that. They’re just keeping him for a couple hours to make sure nothing develops.”

“I got what you were saying when you repeated it twice…” Ryan then looks over, a bit of horror and surprise mixed together. “Relax, I won’t say anything, I promise.”

“They’re doing whatever they can to keep it a secret until the banquet.” Christopher looks back over at the pair cuddled up together.

“Well, just warn him about hand placement in the garage area. I mentioned to Morgan that I saw something suspicious a week ago, and combined with your repeated messages, I figured it out.” Ryan knew he would have to pass along the message in a timely fashion. “So that announcement about next yea-”

“Stay tuned. She’s going back racing once she has the baby in the new year.” Christopher smiles as he was looking forward to competing against her once again. “She’s like 15 weeks along.”

“Really?” Ryan nods his head. “So she was pregnant at Talladega. That’s why she was crying afterwards.” Ryan nods his head once again. “Well, I hope for the best as they deserve it.”

“Hey Christopher!” Chase says, getting his attention, before throwing the apron and gloves back at him. “The chef needs his apron and oven mitts if he’s going to get any baking done. But thank you, once again.”

“I’m glad that I could help,” Christopher replies. He then glances over at Ryan with a comment of his own in the mixing, as Ryan rolls his eyes. With a look back at the couple, he couldn’t hold it in. “I heard you were doing some baking of your own. Congrats on the bun in the oven.”

“You figured it out?!?” Chase questions, earning nods around the room.  “Thanks…”

“And be careful on your cuddles. I almost figured it out without Ryan’s help..” Chase looks over at Sarina, giving her a wink.

“I’ll try, but man, I can’t wait for this little baby to be here..” He then places his hand on her stomach as he had been doing so many times recently. “I still say it’s a little girl.”

“I don’t care, as long as he or she is healthy,” Sarina comments, placing her hand on top of his.

Wednesday, October 31 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Chase fixes the outfit once again on Max, taking a step back and giving himself a nod of approval.

“You look good Max,” he says, before giving the dog a treat for co-operating as he dressed him up.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Sarina questions from upstairs, earning the millionth eye roll of the day. “I mean, I think you should be relaxing.”

“I could say the same thing for you.” She then lets out a sigh, growing very tired of his repeated remarks.

“Meanwhile, I wasn’t the one in a hospital just last night because a crazy chick had attempted to freeze me alive while holding a gun to my face.” While Alison’s other attacks had left him with after thoughts for days, surprisingly he was moving forward very smoothly after last night’s events. It just further enhanced his rules about not entering haunted houses anymore, though.

“She also killed my dinosaur, remember…” He checked over his own appearance in the mirror. He had managed to get his hands on another Mario costume, though wasn’t able to find the one with Yoshi in time. “I think that’s a good thing, though. Max didn’t like the dinosaur.”

“Did the costume fit Max, by the way?” While he had spent the morning relaxing per Sarina’s orders, she ran to the store to grab his new costume, something for herself, and managed to get an outfit for the dog in the process.

“He looks great. Now, can I finally see your costume?” She then makes her way out of the bathroom, down the stairs, and stopping at the bottom with a smile.

“A Mario needs his Peach to save…” A smirk forms on his face immediately, as he wraps his arms around her, picking her up.

“No Bowser would ever kidnap this Peach.” He then kisses her lips, before slowly setting her back down on the ground.

“You may be my Georgia peach, but I am your Peach tonight.” He then gives her a wink in return, as she just chuckles with a smirk of her own. “I almost want this Halloween night to be at the end to see what you’re thinking.”

“I don’t know if you can handle all of this sexiness.” She then grabs the straps of the overalls, pulling him close.

“I’ve handled them before, and I plan to handle them again accordingly…” She then slowly kisses his lips, as she backs him against the wall. “I don’t know if you can handle everything that I want to give you.”

“I’m not complaining, ever….” A bark from Max cut their fun off as they both knew it meant someone was at the door. “You should’ve dressed Max up as Yoshi.”

“I looked but they were out of Yoshi dog costumes.”

They had been having a smooth evening, handing out candies to the various kids that stopped by. Although they had critiqued some of the outfits for going too far to themselves, they had to admire others as there were some cute princesses and monsters.

In-between handing out the candy, the pair were naturally spending their time in the living room, playing either Mario Kart or Super Mario Brothers. It was Max’s bark that alerted them to pause and hand out the candy, accordingly.

“Beat ya again!” Sarina lets out, having crossed the finish line first.

“That stupid shell,” Chase commented, as he had been leading until a green shell she threw hit him.

They then heard Max’s familiar bark, glancing at each other before both getting up and going to the door. Chase reached the door knob first, opening it, before having to look down at who was there.

“Here to save the day!” Brexton let out, before a classic superhero pose. Both Chase and Sarina chuckled in response.

“Is that so?” Sarina questions, earning a nod from Brexton. She then scoops him up in her arms.

“But whose going to save Brexton from Tickle Monster Mario?” Chase asks, before beginning to tickle him as Sarina kept a hold on him. The giggles immediately escaped from the little boy.

“Daddy…Mommy,” he lets out in between chuckles.

“Let him go!” Samantha and Kyle appear from their hiding spots, both dressed in superhero costumes as well. Chase stops immediately, as Sarina puts him down.

“My princess!” Brexton then gives Sarina a big hug, which she easily accepts.

“I think you lost your princess for the night now,” Kyle comments, earning a shrug of the shoulders from Chase. HE actually thought it was adorable in seeing the bond that Sarina had formed with Brexton this year, and it had him ready for moments like these with their own child one day.

“So I heard that you lost Yoshi last night,” Samantha adds, earning a nod from Chase as Kyle simply gives her a glance. “I’m glad you’re alright.”

“Just thankful that Ryan came looking when he did,” Chase says, before looking back over at Sarina and Brexton with a smile. “Say, what do you say for a treat?”

“Trick or Treat!” Brexton lets out, before going back outside to grab his bag off of the porch.

“That’s a lot of candy!” Chase then drops a couple chocolate bars in as he looks up with a smile.

“Thank you.” Brexton then gives him a hug, as well.

“Ready to go visit more houses?” Samantha asks and Brexton nods his head.

“Have fun!” Chase tells him, as Sarina offers one more hug for him before watching the Busch family leave together.  They stood on the porch together, with Chase wrapping an arm around Sarina’s back. “That’ll be us in a couple years. Are you ready?”

“I’m in charge of the costumes, right?” She questions, earning a chuckle from Chase.

“Do I trust you?” She then gives him a playful punch, which just increases the chuckling.