The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 44: Las Vegas


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“I can’t believe my family acted that way,” Brad comments with a sigh as he lays with Juliette in the bed. “I feel so ba-”


“It’s not your fault, Brad,” Juliette cuts him off for what felt like the 100th time. “You can’t control what your father thinks. He may change his mind in time, but you can’t control that. You can just do what you can, and leave it at that.” Brad lets out a sigh as he glances over at her.


“I still feel bad.” She rolls her eyes, having forgotten about the spur of events already.


“And I told you how I felt so let it go and let’s focus on something more important.” She then pulls her phone out, bringing up the schedule for Las Vegas. “What are we doing for the banquet? I obviously can’t attend or everybody will know.” Brad smiles in return, having already thought of the reasoning for her disappearance.


“Let’s just say that you are pregnant and unable to travel, so therefore were unable to attend the banquet as my date.” She smiles, easily accepting the answer.


“Now, you have to be there on Wednesday for the Fan Fest, and Thursday all day for those activities. There is obviously Friday and the actual banquet, too.” Brad shakes his head, surprised that Juliette was bringing it all up with him right now. He had already talked to Yolanda about things.


“Yolanda has the schedule and will pick me up at the end of each day, as well as deliver me in time to be there in the morning. Anymore questions?” Juliette shakes her head yes as her eyes focused on Brad.


“Obviously not being there to party will catch some people off-guard. Don’t you think it’s time that we tell at least a couple of those that you know, closest to you? Since Joey, Paul and Dale know about the werewolf-vampire thing, it’d seem logical.” Brad had been thinking about it for the past bit, and was seriously considering it now. If they knew, they could help in getting him to escape the parties and leave to see Juliette sooner once things were done each night.


“You know, you’re pretty smart.” He then leans in and kisses her lips with a smile.




“So there’s something that I have to tell you,” Brad reveals as he sits in the hotel room in Las Vegas, staring at the three individuals before him.


“You brought us up to a private hotel room together – I think that’s obvious,” Paul states as Brad lets out a sigh. Figured there’d be wise cracks rather than serious behavior.


“We know that Juliette isn’t here due to her pregnancy so does this deal with the fact that you are going to escape each night to see her?” Joey offers, catching a surprise glance from Brad. Perhaps this would be easier to tell them.


“That’s exactly what I was wanting to tell you, actually. Her best friend Yolanda will be coming to get me each night, and returning me in the morning.”


“Must be nice to have your own vampire airplane.” Brad shrugs his shoulders. It was sometimes tricky flying with Yolanda, but he couldn’t complain when it came to the flights with Juliette. He still found himself locked on that first flight at the shop.


“It can be nice, but tricky at times.” Brad then takes a deep breath, eyes drifting down. He knew that he could leave tings how they were with the guys, but felt it was fair to be totally honest. “I actually have something else to tell you about the pregnancy, actually.”


“You’re having twins?” Dale predicts and Brad shakes his head no. He knew that one baby was going to be enough to handle.


“Is something wrong?” Joey questions, worry filling the room as the question escapes his lips. Brad shrugs his shoulders, causing all the fun static to drop immediately in the room.


“The baby was actually born early…..a lot early. She was born back on September 28.” All the jaws drop in the room in surprise at the reveal.


“And you’re just telling us now?” Paul asks, shocked that he hadn’t figured it out sooner. It made sense why Juliette wouldn’t meet up for lunch, and why Brad kept disappearing.


“Is everything okay?” Joey questions once again, still feeling worry about the baby. It wasn’t the most chilling feeling to hear that the baby was born months ahead of schedule.


“I’m proud to tell you that Melody is growing well thus far, and has the doctor impressed,” Brad reveals, causing Joey to let out a sigh of relief. “She has been an incubator since she was born, and as of right now will stay there till February. However, if her growth continues as it has been, she may be released earlier. The incubator has been at Danny’s house and that’s where I have been escapin-”


“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Paul questions once again, still surprised to hear the reveal now. It would’ve made his worry about everything easier to deal with over the past couple of months.


“We were worried about the baby, complications and whether she’d make it, and didn’t everyone to get worried and involved. That’s why we waited for a while to make sure that things were going to be okay.” Brad then reaches into his pocket, smile firmly planted on his face as he places a couple photos on the table. “Does this make up for it?” The photos are immediately snatched up by his friends as they stare the photos in awe, making sweet sounds.


“So, is Melody a vampire or a werewolf?” Dale questions following the compliments on the photos. Brad rolls his eyes, having expected the question to be asked. He just didn’t expect Dale to ask it, but more so Joey to ask about that.


“We don’t know yet, and won’t know till February,” Brad answers. “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”


“I think she’s just like her daddy; she’s starting to get the ears.” Brad then looks at the photos closer, noticing the small points on the top of her head. He couldn’t help but smile as he remembered seeing those on his own photos.


“I have to agree Dale as she has your face shape, too,” Joey adds with a glance between the photo and Brad.


“She’s certainly adorable, and will probably end up being a daddy’s girl,” Paul states as Brad couldn’t help but glance around with a smile.


“I don’t have a problem with that,” he tells his friends as he puts the photos away. “Just promise to keep this a secret for now, okay?” The group shakes their heads yes. “Thank you.”


“Don’t worry – I’ll make sure that you can escape as soon as you can on Friday night to be with her.”


“And we’ll look out for you on Wednesday and Thursday,” Dale adds, though glances over at Joey. “Although, he’s a lightweight so that may be my responsibility.”


“He’s actually better at his drinking game than I am,” Brad reveals as Dale looks between the pair surprised.


“But yet Miller Lite sponsors you? So weird.” Brad shrugs his shoulders as he kicks back and relaxes.


“I guess they feel I’m a better fit for their image by the look. Anyways, enough about me. What have I missed?”


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