The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 47: Post Holiday Talk

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Juliette couldn’t help but let out a sigh as she laid back in the bed, after going through reading some of the stories that surfaced following the Snowball Derby.


She loved attending all racing events, whether NASCAR or the short tracks. She hated that she had missed the event this past season, even more when she heard that Chase had won.


Though her sigh didn’t pertain to the Derby, but what happened at Thanksgiving.


She still couldn’t believe the argument that happened on the table, including her lashing out about Bob’s anger towards vampires and her past. However, she had gotten over that – he deserved to hear that out.


The worst part of the day? The fact that she had walked out. The fact that she left Brad standing by himself, set for the rest of the dinner after she left. The fact that she had turned her back on her family. She learned at a young age that you turn your back on your family and those that you love, as you may turn around and they won’t be there the next time.


“You’ve got something on your mind…” Brad comments as he enters the room, sitting down beside her. “I can tell by the look on your face. What’s up?”


“Was it right to walk out on Thanksgiving dinner?” She questions as Brad lies back beside her. He had to admit – he wasn’t pleased with watching her leave the house, and expressed that disappointment to his family afterwards. However, he totally understood her position based on what was said.


“You were upse-”


“I’m an adult, though. I should work out the situation and figure a solution. I should discuss it and find a way to make amends.” Brad glances over at her.


“Why is this bugging you so much? I, along with those that care and matter, know why you walked out.” She then looks over at him, eyes locked his way.


“Danny and I promised each other, along with those that we met in the future, that we’d never turn our back on family and friends. We know how much it hurts to lose someone. We know the pain better than anyone else around here, probably. No matter what happens, if you love someone, you shouldn’t turn your back on them as they may not be there the next time.” She then slowly gets up and looks back at Brad. “I love you, so therefore I shouldn’t have left you to be stuck there by yourself with them. I also love some of your family – well, all of them even if we don’t agree. I should’ve stuck around.”


“Juliette, I’m not mad at you. You don’t need to be so hard on yourself.” She shakes her head as he gets up and walks over to her. “I mean it. There’s no hard feelings, honestly.”


“That’s not good enough…” He then wraps his arms around her and pulls her close.


“Then what would be good enough?” She didn’t want to say it, or rely on this answer, but she knew that she had to do this to make everything feel right in her mind. She wanted to stick by her family word, and didn’t want Melody to witness any arguing whatsoever.


“I need to figure out a common ground with your father. I don’t know how, but I need to figure out something.” Brad wanted to see that himself, but knew that it was next to impossible. Once his father got set on something, it was hard to change his mind.


“You’ve tried everything that you can.” Juliette knew that Brad was telling the truth, but you could never try hard enough.


“That doesn’t mean that I am going to stop trying, though.”




“I can’t believe that we let them talk us into this,” Juliette comments with a glance over at Brittany.


“It could’ve been worse,” Brittany says as she sits back in the eye chair.


“I guess….” Juliette then went back to overlooking the brochure.


It was the truth – both her and Brittany had poor eye sight, as they had noticed themselves by always having to squint to see things far away. Juliette had worried, though, about coming for LASIK with being a vampire and how that’d affect things.


After talking it over with her doctors, they assured her that the eye doctor wouldn’t notice anything odd with her color-changing contacts, and that it’d be the same procedure that they’d follow. She even questioned whether they’d notice the contacts and whether they’d have to removed, in which both questions received an answer of no.


So there she sat with Brittany and the boys going through the process.


Brittany now knew the details of her being a vampire, as well as the birth of Melody. It took them awhile to get Brittany to believe what they were saying, and a couple odd questions in the process. However, she eventually understood the news, and promised to keep it a secret. For Juliette, it felt nice having a girl that knew the truth to talk to about some girly things should they come up during weekends.


“Just think, it’ll be easy to see now, right?” Joey offers as Brittany throws a glance his way.


“Are you sure that you want me to be able to see?” Brittany questions. “I may walk away from you.”


“Ouch!” Brad comments with a small snicker as Joey looks at them, unimpressed.


“Well, some people say that you’re too hard on the eyes.”


“You can’t be serious, can you?” Joey questions as Brittany looks on shocked, followed by a laugh and a shake of the head no.


“It was interesting to see your response, though,” she offers. “But no, Joey, I would never leave you. Remember – I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Don’t think that I’m going to change that based on being able to see well. I know what you look like.”


“I love you, too.” Joey then leans in and kisses her lips.


“Do I get any loving?” Juliette questions as Joey gives her a glance and shakes his head no. “I wasn’t speaking to you, dummy! We’ll save that for when Brittany isn’t around, right?” Brittany and Brad then give her a questioning glance as she winks.


“As far as loving, you know that I could never stop giving you loving,” Brad says before giving Juliette a kiss on the lips.


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    1. Well they can see her via the incubator. The more so question would be – are they allowed to hold her in their hands? I think given that she was originally due for February, it may be a little early for her release in December.


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