A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 10: “We need to have a talk”

Brad sat in the motorcoach, debating over the ideas that had been handed to him the day before from his parents. Considering the ideas at hand, it could result in a couple different routes for their wedding to take.

He was set focused his phone and the ideas in mind when he hears the door open, instantly catching his attention as normally people would knock. However, he immediately relaxes in seeing both his siblings.

“We need to have a talk,” Dawn says right away, catching Brad’s attention once again.

“That doesn’t sound good,” he replies as he sets his phone down. If his sister was using a serious tone with her brother in toe, it meant full attention.

“What is this that I hear about dad trying to change the day and time of the wedding?” Brad was caught off-guard by the question, not expecting either his siblings to hear about the details as being discussed. Besides, he hadn’t even brought it up to Juliette yet.

“How did you find out?” Dawn crosses her arms, unable to withstand questions like this as they were beside the point.

“Mom may have mentioned it in passing, but that doesn’t matter Brad. I thought we were done with allowing our parents to control our love life. I thought you and dad were past the point of him trying to control what happens with Juliette. Didn’t you guys have a truce? But yet, here we are, and supposedly he’s trying to change the plans.” Brad shook his head, knowing he and his mom needed to talk about where discussions went, and how they were presented. It was clear that Kay hadn’t done a good job in presenting the information for whatever reason.

“Dad isn’t trying to control or manipu-”

“It sounds like it based on changing your wedding pla-”

“He hasn’t changed anything, Dawn!” It was now Dawn’s turn to looked shocked as it was rare that her brother raised his voice with her. “I asked him and mom to come by and explain some warewolf traditions. Juliette and I are planning a traditional wedding that combines a bit of both – like the fact that she’s got a white dress, to match with the red roses. One of the traditions includes hosting the wedding at midnight and under a full moon. That’d involve delaying the wedding for a week, and obviously a time change. I haven’t agreed to it, but I told both mom and dad that I’d discuss it over with Juliette, depending on the direction we’re going to take.”

“Oh. Well, it seems Mom forgot to include that part.” Brad rolls his eyes, having figured that. “It’s just I don’t want you guys ruining what you’re planning or not doing things as you wish because you want to please mom, dad and her brother Danny.  This is your wedding, and your guys’ day. I just don’t want to see compromise because of everybody else.” Brad shakes his head, understanding.

“Like I said – it’s up to Juliette and I to decide.”

“Did Dad also mention the spiritual part of the midnight moon ceremony and how it means whether you’re blessed or not?” Brian interrupts the pair, and Brad looks over, shaking his head yes. It was why he had thought about avoiding all together.

“Mom and dad fully explained how all three traditions work fully without hesitation,” Brad assures his brother. “I’m aware of how that ceremony is supposed to go.” Dawn felt her stomach turn at the immediate thought, remembering the stories told to her as a child about vampires. It was why she wasn’t sure about Brad’s relationship at first, either.

“Folklore says that vampires and werewolves don’t mi-” Dawn starts.

“So I guess my daughter is just a figment of imagination and the love isn’t real?” Dawn shakes her head no.

“If that part of folklore is failure, then dare try the hands of other pieces of folklore and blessings? What if the blessings are just figment of everything?” Brad thinks it over, having considered that thought while discussing the wedding ideas with his parents.

“Hence why I was going to avoid that, but rather go with the other two pieces possibly, and something that she has to offer from vampire tradition.” The siblings shake their head, feeling very open to accepting.

“You do realize there’s going to be questions about the fact that not many people are going to be invited to the wedding, right?” Brad shakes his head yes, having already considered dumping tradition totally so he could invite every friend he knew. However, a thought process quickly deemed that out of the question.

“I’d rather have this more personal and proper than satisfying for others to come. Joey and Paul both know, so they’ll be there. Dale knows so he’ll be there for both myself and Juliette as he’s partly why we got together. Danny, Yolanda, Edward, Bella, you guys, our parents, Melody, and a couple other close friends – that’s all we need. I’m fine with that as the rest of them don’t need to be there to make the day what it is supposed to be for me.”  The siblings both smile in response, building in their own excitement as they knew the day continued to near closer.

“So, have you decided on a best man as I’m guessing Yolanda is her maid of honor?” Brian questions, as Brad looks over curious for a subtle hint. In truth, he was tossing back the idea of either Joey or Paul as they’d both been by his side pretty close throughout all the events.

“First I want to plan the ceremony, and then get to planning the other little pieces.”

“Well, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask,” Dawn reminds him and Brad shakes his head yes, accepting.

“We should be fine, but thanks for asking,” he replies as he watches the siblings leave together.

He picks up his phone, continuing to muse over the ideas while also wondering whether Juliette would have any interesting traditions of her own when they met to discuss things.


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