The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 50: Holiday Planning Part 2


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“Brad, can we talk?” Juliette questions as she glances over at him.


While she was settled up cozy on the couch watching some Christmas movies, Brad sat in the lazy boy doing some things on his laptop. It meant the perfect balance for the pair while keeping an eye on their daughter.


Brad had to admit that it felt weird not being at his house or his parent’s right now with Christmas around the corner, but knew that they were doing what they needed to do for Melody. Besides, he was growing quite fond of Yolanda and Danny.


“What is it ma’am?” He questions, catching a casual glance from her. “Well, when you use that tone I know that you’re serious and something has to be up.”


“I’ve been thinking about Christmas….” Brad couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He had been doing enough thinking himself, thinking about the conversation that he had with Dawn. How was he going to make this work?


“I know that things got off to the wrong foot with my father and you at Thanksgiv-”


“Brad, this has nothing to do with your family and how thing went at Thanksgiving. It has to do with Melody.” Brad then looks at her, slightly confused. He had heard discussions prior about Melody being able to get out of the incubator sooner than February, and wondered if that was their Christmas present. “I don’t want to be away from Melody on Christmas. I know we want to do Christmas at either your place or your parents with them, but I don’t want to leave our daughter.”


“I perfectly understand, and whole heartedly agree. Our first Christmas as a family should be spent togeth-”


“What about your parents, and siblings then?” Brad smiles, now believing more and more in the plan that was discussed. He just hoped that he could overcome the last stipulation that remained – his father. Perhaps a baby would be enough to overcome the differences.


“Dawn and I were talking about Christmas plans the other day and we thought about this. If we could convince my father, what about doing Christmas here with Danny and Yolanda? Everybody could see the baby and meet each other, finally.” The plan immediately brought a smile to Juliette’s face as it solved the baby problem, not wanting to be away from her brother either, and Brad’s family dilemma. The smile didn’t last long, though, knowing the stipulation on that plan.


“And what about your father?” Brad lets out a sigh as he thinks it over.


“I’ve been thinking about it. I’m going to go ask him fair and square and see what he says. Perhaps what you mentioned at Thanksgiving has set in, or perhaps the baby will push him over the edge. Besides, Dawn says he has a special spot for Christmas and being in the spirit. Could that be enough for him to put aside his differences for a couple of hours?” Juliette could only sit there and wonder at the offer from Brad. It was something that would certainly be curious to see what happened.


“I hope it can work out. Now, there’s something else that I’m going to tell you but you can’t tell anyone.” Brad then looks over at confused, but curious. What secrets could there be, besides shopping and presents? Shoot – he needed to get Danny or Yolanda to help him out one day.


“Go on….”


“Have you realized how close Danny and Yolanda are together?” Brad shakes his head no as he saw them having nothing but a three-way even relationship with Juliette. “Okay, then you’re blind. Anyways, Danny was talking the other night about combining a special future day for two into the Christmas gift.”


“Seriously?” Juliette shakes her head yes. “That sounds like an awesome idea. I mean, I knew they were good friends but not that well.” Juliette hadn’t given it much thought herself as a result of how things had been their whole childhood together. However, with more discussion with the pair, it became more obvious.


“I just hope that it doesn’t catch Yolanda off guard and cause an issue.” Brad could only wonder now about what happening, hoping that wouldn’t blow up with the other Christmas plans in the works.


“I don’t think it will be.”


“Juliette, can you come help me?” They hear from the kitchen as Juliette lets out a sigh. She then gets out from under the covers and heads out to see what Yolanda was up to as Brad goes back to what he was doing on his laptop.


As he was working through some random e-mails, he notices one that stands out from Joey. He opens it up, immediately bringing the photos up on the screen that were attached.


Here is the truck as you described that you wanted to get for Melody. Brittany helped me style it out right to match as described. I think it’s adorable and perfect for your daughter. She’ll look super cute cruising around BKR with it. Let me know what you think, and when you’re going to come pick it up.


Oh, Brittany and I have your gifts for when you come, too.


Brad froze upon reading the final line. He hadn’t bought a gift for Joey and Brittany yet. He hadn’t bought a gift for Paul yet. He hadn’t bought any gifts for his family. He hadn’t even shopped for Juliette yet, and it was almost Christmas.


“Ahhhhhh!!!” He lets out a scream of frustration in forgetting, which radiates through the whole house. The scream immediately catches the attention of everybody, causing Juliette to come running back into the room.


“Are you okay?” She asks, worried. Brad shakes his head yes as he looks up from the screen.


“Have you done any Christmas shopping by chance?” Juliette casually shakes her head yes as she opens the closet door, revealing a bunch of gifts. She then grabs a piece of paper and hands it over to Brad.


“I found something perfect for your siblings, and got Brittany something. You just need to do Joey, Paul and your parents.” Brad lets out a small sigh as he reads over the list, pleased with her selections. She was always good at picking stuff out.


“Do you think Danny or Yolanda could help me out with that in the next couple days?” Juliette shakes her head yes, knowing that the pair would help with the shopping. They always enjoyed Christmas and giving out gifts. “Thank you so much.”


“Now, no more making us all panic, okay?” Brad shakes his head yes as Juliette leans in and kisses his lips. “Good.” She then leaves the room once again, as Brad thinks it over.


What could he get Juliette for Christmas?


Note: The comment about the truck for Melody drew from seeing this on twitter from Brad.


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