The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 45: After The Lap

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“So how did it go telling the guys?” Juliette asks after Brad had returned back to the house later that Tuesday night.


“They took it pretty well,” Brad answers with a smile, honestly believing that. He had been expecting them to freak out and such, which didn’t happen despite some of their interesting reactions. “Paul yelled at me for not saying something soo-”


“Told you that you should’ve said something.” Brad lets out a sigh, now believing that she was right based on the calm reactions. “What else happened? Any strange from Joey and Dale?” Brad shakes his head no, causing a shocked expression to form on Juliette’s face.


“They were extremely concerned about how she was doing, and then started debating which of us she looked more like and whether she’d be a vampire, werewolf, or a combination of both and what percentage.” Juliette shakes her head, not surprised based on the craziness of that crowd. It seemed that everything seemed to go easy with them.


“So what did they each say?” Brad thinks it over, not sure if it was fair to tell her how they all thought that Melody was a total daddy’s girl based on how she looked. It seemed none of the guys brought up a comparison to Juliette.


“Dale noticed the ears immediately.” Juliette looks at him cautiously, as Brad points to the top of Melody’s little head. Juliette then looks on surprised, noticing how the bits of hair that adore her head were raised a little in two spots at each side of her head.


“So she’s definitely got some werewolf in here. Nice shot, Brad!” Brad lets a smirk form on his face as he wraps an arm around her.


“I am pretty good at it, aren’t I?” She then rolls her eyes as she gives him a little slap. “Hey!”


“What else did they say?”


“Joey commented that she has my face shape.” Juliette then glances closely at Melody, before glancing over at Brad, and back at their daughter with a shake of her head no.


“Are you sure that your teammate isn’t blind?” Brad shakes his head no, knowing that Joey could hit a target if he wanted.


“Are you sure that you’re in denial?” Juliette then looks up at Brad shocked, who immediately takes a couple steps backward out of nerves. “Perhaps it was the lighting in the photo that caused that, maybe.” Juliette lets a small smile form on her face, before returning her eyes to her daughter. While she was glad to hear the compliments about Brad, she was hoping that their daughter would be like her in some way. “Paul then commented that she’d probably end up being a daddy’s little girl.”


“I think that’s obvious, Brad. We both know that you’re going to spoil her.” Brad shakes his head no as Juliette simply lets out a laugh. He then walks over and wraps his arms around Juliette, giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“So what if I do spoil our daughter? Can you blame me? She’s too adorable to not love her that much.” Juliette couldn’t help but smile in response to the comment.


No matter the qualities that she ended up, she was certainly going to be a great addition to the family.




“This is making me uncomfortable….” Juliette lets out as she lies back in the bed. She had put the NASCAR After the Lap up on the television screen, watching as Brad hung out with his fellow Chase drivers telling ridiculous stories and jokes. It was always a fun event for the fans, and she could easily see why by the laughs.


“What is making you uncomfortable?” Danny asks as he peaks into the room. Juliette had been left to watch the slew of events with Yolanda as Danny was stuck on doing other things, not fully have grown enough interest in Brad’s racing to care to watch.


“The drivers are joking about their kids dating eventually down the road.” Danny then looks between the incubator and the television screen, curiously. It was enough having one racecar driver that so happened to also be a werewolf in the family. He couldn’t imagine his niece dating another racecar driver that so happened to be a human. Could you see trying to explain the werewolf/vampire factor to them?


“They’re just joking, Juliette,” Yolanda assures her and Juliette wanted to stick by those words. However, it was difficult to live by those reservations as she knew the stories of what happened in the garage area. They seemed to always spend too much time together.


“You don’t know how things work in the racing world, though,” she comments. “Everybody spends 10 months of the year together and if you’re around each other that much, you know what can happen.” Danny felt a shockwave come over him in imaging a pair of kids sneaking off together while their parents raced by that confession from Juliette. Perhaps it’d be of interest to know which kids to watch for.


“So who are the candidates that we have to watch out for then?” Danny questions, earning a surprised glance from both the females in the room.


“Seriously?” They both question and he shakes his head yes.


“I might as well have a heads-up if this is the case and I’m learning your world.” Juliette lets out a sigh as this seemed to just make the whole conversation that much more awkward. However, she was going to go along with the conversation. She wanted Danny to understand why she loved racing so much, and possibly fall in love with it so any discussion that surrounded it, she was willing to interest him with.


“Leo Gordon,” Juliette starts off. “He is the son of Jeff Gordon, one of the most respectable drivers on the tour. Oddly enough, the 2015 season marked his last year as a driv-”


“So why is he on the list of possibilities?” Danny wonders as Juliette smiles. She knew that Leo and Ella would be around the track, even if Jeff was retiring.


“Jeff will helping with the NASCAR on FOX broadcasts so he’ll be around the track, and we know the kids love racing. If Leo is like his father, he’d one of the best to partner up with Melody. However, many people have him pinned with either Geni or Lydia Johnson.”


“Jeff and Jimmie were teammates, right?” Yolanda double checks and Juliette shakes her head yes. “So by them spending time together at the track and away from the track, it has created this suspicion.” Juliette shakes her head yes once again.


“Anyways, like I said – least likely suspect.  The next one – Keelan Harvick, son of Kevin Harvick. If he’s anything like his dad, he’s going to have one of those personalities that out there. Trust me, he’s already been a flirt. I could show you the videos of him saying ‘babe’ to Danica Patrick and others. He’s going to be a handful.”


“So he’s the one to avoid?” Danny questions and Juliette easily shakes her head yes. She was still a little pissed off of Kevin for how he acted last year in the fight with Jeff and Brad, and then how he handled things this year at Talladega.


“He may be one of many to avoid by the fear on her face,” Yolanda comments and Juliette laughs, shaking her head in agreement though. There were certainly some troubling kids out there.


“Cash Bowyer, son of Clint Bowyer,” Juliette rattles off the next name. “Clint has one of those all-out personalities and the stories make it as if Cash is taking after him. He may be a loyal dear, but you’re going to need to be a bit crazy to handle him.”


“Perfect suspect for this family!” Yolanda and Danny comment together as Juliette looks at them surprised.


“How is that fair?” Yolanda and Danny glance at each other, before glancing over at Juliette.


“Face it – we’re a bit crazy to some,” Yolanda comments. “We’ve also been dubbed extra crazy for breaking some of the so called rules in having you and Brad date each other. It’d be fitting to add more crazy to the equation. Besides, it may be easier to tell him about the truth than the others.” Juliette shakes her head no immediately, picturing a younger Clint Bowyer blabbering to the world about each single detail, just like Clint was blabbering on right now on the stage.


“If this is the bachelor and you want every detail of our lives spread for the world, feel free to hook Melody and Cash up today,” Juliette tells them, as she thinks over the rest of the list. “Carter McMurray, son of Jamie McMurray. Jamie is the sweetest guy that you could meet in the garage. He always has a smile, always willing to share a conversation, and handles the toughest moments like a charm. If Carter is like his dad, it’d be hard to deny the charm.”


“Jamie certainly is looking like a darling here tonight.” Juliette laughs as she watches Yolanda licks her lips as she watches the video feed.


“Remember, he’s taken. Good try. However, I could work my way through the list of drivers and find someone else that is willing and open to dating.” Yolanda thinks it over, perhaps wondering if it’d be a good idea. She hadn’t the best of luck finding anyone to date. What if it took her best friend setting her up on a blind date?


“I’ll think about it and let you know, okay?” Juliette shakes her head yes. “Any other potential partners?”


“Brexton Busch, son of your series champion Kyle Busch. Kyle had the biggest most brash attitude that was known to manki-”


“Worse than your husband’s known, bugged about attitude at times?” Danny interrupts and Juliette shakes her head yes, remembering how much Kyle had ticked her off over the years.


“He was the worst of the bunch, to be honest. However, since the birth of his son and the crash at Daytona, he’s matured quite a bit over the past year. When it comes to Brexton, it’ll just depend what side of his dad he takes after whether I’ll open those doors.”


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