A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 1: Atlanta


Thanks for reading the previous stories of the series, and having as much fun with this as I am. I’m not sure on how the wedding will go, nor am I sure how traditional weddings go for vampires and werewolves (that’ll take some research). So for now, let’s just hope that we have some fun along the way.


Juliette walks down pit road, stopping at the No. 2 Ford and leaning against it as she cradles her daughter in her arms. Since having Melody, this would mark her first trip to the track with her parents. Juliette had skipped the previous two days for extra insurance that the time was right, though knew that she couldn’t stand watching another race from home.

The appearance of the newest addition to the family caught attention from all directions with fans glancing over curious, along with fellow drivers and crew members. There were even some drivers and crew members that came over, wanting a closer glimpse. She could also sense the flash bulbs going off around her from all directions in photographers catching their appearance at the track. She noted that she was glad to have put on her own skin lotion, as well as Melody’s; she wouldn’t want to develop any skin conditions from the light on their first day back.

“Daddy hasn’t had the best car all weekend,” she tells Melody quietly as she watches Brad head their way following driver introductions. “Perhaps you can make him smile and give him hope that today will be successful.” Brad smiles as he reaches them, leaning against the car beside her.

“Perhaps she’ll bring me some luck today,” he offers, taking the baby from Juliette’s arms into his own. “Of course, I know no matter what happens that I can’t be grumpy after the race. How can you be grumpy looking at this precious face?” Juliette smiles as her eyes remained focused on their daughter.

Glancing at Brad briefly before returning her eyes to their daughter, it was hard to believe just how much her life had changed in the past year or so. She had escaped a relationship that seemed like death was written all over it, to being so deep in love that it was almost scary at times. Was it this possible to be this much in love? She had made it through the questions from everybody around her, to not only develop a relationship, but become engaged and have a baby of her own. It seemed everywhere she looked that she had beaten the odds, something that didn’t seem possible when she had originally crossed paths Brad those years before.

As she looked ahead to the future, there was also a lot of hope and smiles. She couldn’t wait to watch their daughter grow and try new things. She couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding, mixing in all sorts of things together. She knew that it’d be interesting mixing humans, werewolves and vampires together for the perfect wedding, but she was up to the challenge. Most of all, the details didn’t bother her as she just wanted to be able to carry the name Mrs. Keselowski one day.

“I don’t think I could frown in seeing that face either,” Juliette shares with a smile of her own as she looks into the dashing eyes of her daughter. “I will tell you, though. She’s going to break a lot of hearts when she gets older just by those eyes.”

“Listen, she’s not dating till she’s 18,” Brad states as Juliette rolls her eyes. Typical protective father comment. Although knowing Brad’s instincts, she knew that warning every boy that crossed Melody’s path would be necessary.

“We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Maybe she’ll have no interesting in boys. Maybe she’ll be focused on a budding racing career.” The comment caused Brad to smile. While most parents normally expressed concerns of their children following their racing footsteps, he felt as though he’d be honored if his daughter did. He also knew that he’d support her more than anything.

“That’s fine. I’d rather handle that than boys.” Juliette shakes her head in agreement. She knew the pain that boys could cause and didn’t wish her daughter to see the things that she had gone through herself. She just hoped that her daughter was able to find immediate happiness.

“Considering we’re both around the track all the time, love racing and can’t go by without it, I’d say there’s good chances of that.”


Brad lets out as a sigh as he climbs out of the car post-race. It had been quicker than he had expected based on practice, and they’d been able to make in words on finding the right handling. They had a good short run car, though struggled on the long runs. All in all, he couldn’t complain too much with a ninth place finish after everything.


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