A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 6: Dress Decision

Juliette lets out a sigh as she looks through the book of potential options for dresses.

“This is just getting ridiculous,” she comments out loud as Yolanda flops down on the couch beside her.

“Still haven’t decided on a dress?” Yolanda asks and Juliette shakes her head no.

“I get married in three months and yet here I am, nothing to wear.” Yolanda chuckles as she snatches the book out of her hand.

“Well, Brad said you looked good in a paper bag. You could just get married in that.” Juliette laughs as she shakes her head no. “What about this dress?” Juliette looks it over, and shakes her head no.

“Too skanky for a wedding, especially a traditional wedding.” Yolanda then looks over at Juliette surprised.

“There’s been nothing traditional about you guys and here you are discussing traditional for the wedding?” Juliette lets out a sigh as she knew it was probably ridiculous. However, some things meant a lot to her.

“Brad and I discussed it, and figured it’s only fair. Besides, it pays homage to our beginnings and our family. Danny and his parents will be pleased.” Yolanda shakes her head, remembering Danny’s comments on traditions and such. She just hoped that it didn’t mean things were getting screwy for Juliette in the process.

“So that means red roses, red theme, and red dre-”

“White dress, actually. Since I get my roses and the majority of my theme, I’m following werewolf tradition for the white dress.” Yolanda shakes her head, understanding.

“There’s got to be something in here that you like. I mean, you weren’t ever picky on dresses.” Juliette knew her best friend was right, but something felt different about this time.

“I just want this to be perfect. I love him so much. I want everything just the way it has to be – including our wedding. Hence why I just haven’t settled on a dress and said that’s the one.” Yolanda shakes her head, understanding, with a smile. It was nice to see how much Juliette loved Brad.

“Well you’re getting married in July so why not going with something that’s light and cool?” Juliette knew that Yolanda was right on that thought as they flipped through the book. “You know, there’s more dresses out there than what’s in this book. There’s this thing called the internet where you can look all over, even order to your location.  There’s also this thing called stores, too. Have you heard of those?”

“Considering I’m not a big dress person, I thought I’d just flip through, choose a style, and get Sherry to order it so I could try it and make sure it looked right.” Yolanda rolls her eyes as she puts the book back on Juliette’s lap.

“Sweetheart, you have a lot to learn when it comes to weddings.” She then stands up and walks away as Juliette looks back at the book. She then flipped it openly randomly, figuring she still had time to waste waiting for the boys to get back so might as well keep looking. As the page opens, her jaw drops immediately as she stares at the image before her.

“This is it!” Yolanda runs back into the room, flopping down beside her as she looks at the photograph. “This is the dress. I’m certain. It’s perfect.”

“Elegant, sophisticated, traditional, but yet cool enough for a summer wedding and not over the top so you don’t appear as yourself.” Juliette shakes her head in agreement.

“I like how it has the look of the traditional wedding gown with the length and cut in the front, but yet it’s light looking and summery almost.” She then looks at Yolanda with a smile. “I’m going to order it.”

“You could even add a couple red roses right around the waist area to keep with vampire tradition, too.” Juliette shakes her head yes as she pulls out her phone, set to call the number.

“Now I just need to decide whether I put my hair up or not, and the size of the wedding party.” Yolanda thinks it over, knowing that would depend on a couple factors. How much would the desire for tradition affect who they could invite?

“If you’re going full tradition, you can’t just invite everybody on this earth. Not everybody knows the truth.” Juliette shakes her head in agreement, knowing that was a conversation her and Brad would have to endure.

“We haven’t decided just how traditional the words of the ceremony will be, though. I mean, both sides have their traditions. Where we go?” Yolanda smiles as she knew the options were endless.

“Go with your gut and what feels is right. Who cares what everybody else says as this is your wedding.” Juliette smiles as she dials the number. Yolanda then leaves the room, knowing she deserved her privacy.

“Step 1 complete, 99 to go…..”


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