A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 7: Melody

Brad walks into the house, walking through the halls as he turns the corner, facing Juliette.

“Where have you been today?” Brad questions as she looks up surprised.

“Excuse me?” She asks in response as he walks up to her, showing her the text messages. She then picks her phone up, opening the screen and showing back in response. “Gonna change your tone?” He then lets out a sigh as he sits down on the couch.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. It’s just I worried when you weren’t answering me, and I can’t help but be nervous after what happened with Jason.” Juliette puts the magazine to the side, reaching over and rubbing Brad’s shoulders as she kisses his cheek.

“I love you, Bradley, and I know that you love me. You don’t need to worry about me. Everything is fine. Remember what Edward told us, right?” Brad shakes his head yes as he looks back at her.

“It doesn’t ease the fears that I had that day.” He then kisses her lips before switching screens on his phone. “So I was trying to get a hold of you because Danny texted me and said that he’s not available next weekend to babysit.” Juliette was surprised that her brother texted Brad first rather than her, but wondered if he had sent something and she hadn’t gotten it due to her phone issues. “Normally, I’d just say fine and we’d take Melody with us to the track.  Besides, it’s Kansas and it’s normally a relaxed weekend. Except I checked the calendar….”

“Isn’t the full moon mid-week?” Brad shakes his head yes as he pulls up the calendar, showing it to Juliette. “Well then we’d be fine….”

“Not Exactly. Full moon lasts the whole week. That’s a whole week of her threatening to automatically transform and given that she’s 11 months, I have a feeling there may be some unwelcome transformations past the moon days – because I went through that.” Juliette rolls her eyes, wishing that they didn’t have to deal with these odd issues. However, it was part of being them.

“….and she’ll probably be a little blood thirsty, which isn’t a good look for the garage area.”  Brad chuckles and shakes his head no. “Brad, we had everything put together. We’d travel together, and Danny would watch her when she couldn’t travel. We were the perfect family, set to get married in a couple months with everything in order. What is happening?” Brad looks back surprised with a chuckle.

“The first sign of crisis and boom, your world is falling apart. But yet, I’m not supposed to worry about you.” Juliette knew that she may be over-reacting, but it was warranted as she didn’t want things to get messed up. Taking a deep breath, she also knew the only solution.

“Guess that means you’re going to Kansas next weekend by yourself.” Brad then looks at her surprised, once again. There was never a thought of them being apart on a race weekend. “I can handle one weekend without you at the track, and vise versa. We’ve done it before. We’ll just text and face time each other whenever possible, and get through it. If we have a weekend like this once and awhile, it doesn’t hurt.” She then picks up a booklet. “Besides, I have some wedding planning to do.”

“Oh really?” She shakes her head yes.

“I went and got my dressed properly fitted today, thanks to Sherry’s friend. It looks amazing.”  Brad then leans up close to her.

“So where’s my preview?” She shakes her head no as he lets out a sigh. “Going to be traditional there, huh?”

“You can wait. It’s only two months now.”  He then sits back as he tries to imagine what she chose, knowing the possibilities were endless with the only guideline being that it was white.

“Did you know that you’re such a tease?” She then laughs as she looks over.

“But you love me for it, Brad.” He then smiles as he takes the book out of her hand.

“The only problem is that it gets me all hot and bothered, and I need to satisfy my craving for you…” She feels her breath hiccup in her throat at the thought as he runs his finger up her leg lightly.

“Going to run around the house panting next?” He then kisses her along the waist line of her jeans, feeling her freeze against his touch.

“That’s if you’re not craving to suck every bit of me first.” She then goes to reach for him, but glances towards the stairs.

“Melody….nap time…she’ll wake up soon…” He then runs his fingers under the edge of her shirt.

“We’ve got time if you stop teasing and let me have my way.” She then pats her hand on his head.

“Down puppy down, you can play with your toys later.” She claws his hands off of him as she stands up. “Besides, I need to check on dinner.” His curiosity peaks as she walks down the hall.

“What did you make?”  She looks back with a smile.

“Your favorite.”  He couldn’t help but smile as he chased after her towards the kitchen, wrapping both arms around her as he kissed her cheek. “Brad…”

“We can finish this later.” He then gives her another kiss before letting her go and retreating back down the hall. She then looks back, her heart torn between checking on the food and chasing after him. Licking her lips, she couldn’t deny how much she wanted to taste him right then and there.


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