A VampWolf Wedding – Chapter 5: Wedding Planning


“What are you doing?” Brad asks as he glances over at Juliette on the flight home.

With the Duck Commander 500 in the books, all the pair could think about was getting out of Texas Motor Speedway and not thinking about the night again. After believing that he could possibly have a good run, he’d ended up 19th after having to make an unscheduled stop at lap 128 with a loose wheel. He was mad about it, but couldn’t stay angry with the team as they normally treated him well. It was why he was already set to move forward.

“Looking at some wedding gowns,” she offers with a smile as Brad simply returns to the favor. He makes a glance in Melody’s direction, double checking that she’s still sleeping. “It’s a good way to distract myself from a disappointing night.”

“Can I see them?” Brad wonders and Juliette shakes her head no with a laugh.

“Good try, Brad. I thought you knew the deal in that you don’t see it till our wedding day.” Brad shakes his head, remembering that tradition discussion. It pained him as he kept wondering whether she was going long and flowing, or short and informal. However, he couldn’t wait for the surprise on the day.

“It was a good attempt though, right?” She just rolls her eyes. “At least I know that it will be white and you’ll be carrying red roses.” She shakes her head in agreement, remembering their initial discussions. They had decided that they wanted to get married on a beach at sunset time, with her wearing a white gown and the pair surrounded by red roses. The roses were a special touch to her vampire side, and reminded her of the special retreat that they took for themselves a year ago.

“Don’t worry – I will pick something nice and look prett-”

“Hey now, it’s not hard to do that. You would look good wearing a paper bag.” She then smiles as he leans over and gives her a kiss, trying to sneak a peek but she moves her phone away.

“Brad!” He then lays back and lets out a sigh.

“Oh, have you thought about my request?” She then looks over, reminding herself. Along with the previous conversation, they had wanted to the wedding in July – this coming year to boot. A Daytona Beach wedding, so to speak.

“That’d mean cramming all of this wedding planning into three months? I think that’s a little tough, Brad.” He then looks at her, curiously. What all was going into these plans?

“I thought we were going for a simple wedding.” She shakes her head, in agreement. She didn’t want to do anything too fancy, but rather just invite some close family and friends and do it simple.

“We are, but there are still lots of planning involved. I have to choose the right gown, we have to finalize the guest lists, get a minister, figure out our vows, figure out the rings, and everything that pleases ourselves, our families and our traditions.” Brad could only roll his eyes at that comment. He hadn’t even began to thought about traditions, nor was it something that he worried about. He just wanted to call her Mrs. Juliette Keselowski.

“So that means that we’re going to hold it off and do it….in February?” She had thought about that, thinking it could work as Daytona was somewhat warm and that’d give them some more time. However, it didn’t fit the theme of summer wedding.

“We wanted a summer beach wedding, Brad. What season is it in February?”

“I don’t want to wait a whole year to marry you!” She then sets her phone aside, focusing on him.

“What difference does it make if we rush it or if we wait? We’re still together, regardless.” He then takes her with his own, focused on her eyes.

“We’ve waited a long time for this. We’ve been through a lot together. We have our daughter together now. I want to officially be together, and I want to call you Juliette Keselowski on a daily basis. Hence why I’m being impatient.” She then smiles a little as a smile forms in hearing that name out loud.

“Well, you’ve never been patient, either.” She then glances back at her phone, knowing that she’d narrowed down her choices a little. “Alright. We’ll aim for this year in July, Daytona weekend at the beach on the Sunday after race weekend. If we find the plans aren’t coming together by June, we’re going to change it, okay?” He shakes his head accepting, glad that he had gotten his way, even with the stipulation.

Besides, there wasn’t much to planning a wedding. It’d all be planned out in the matter of the next couple months, right?


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