Moving Forward – Chapter 26: Returning Home

Dale returned home later on that night, dropping the files on the table, before walking over to the crib and scooping up the little girl. He had noticed her eyes open immediately upon entering the room, and there was nothing better to put away a crazy day then by holding a sweet little girl.

“Did she wake up?” He hears and glances up at Marie, shaking his head yes. “That figures. She has been eating, sleeping, diaper change, cuddle and then eat again.”

“I’ll get the diaper this time,” Dale answers. “And hey, that’s the fun part of being a mother. You get to follow the same routine for a couple of months. I hope you can handle it.”

“I can handle you, so I think I can handle a little princess.” Dale smiles as he heads off as Marie then glances at the table and shakes her head immediately. She had gotten done her royal business earlier in the day than normal so had spent some time cleaning up the house a little. However, it seemed it wasn’t going to last as long as she hoped with Dale just dropping stuff down as he pleases.

“Doesn’t he know that these have a special spot to go?” She then scooped up the binders in her hands, walking back through the house.  It seemed they had visitors on a regular basis over at the house. What if someone showed up? What if someone started reading the binders? While she didn’t mind sharing wedding plans with some people, that list was very short and particular as she wanted everything to be right about their dream day.

She then walks into the office, dropping the binders on the desk satisfied. She could put them back in their drawer later on, but at least they were out of harm way if someone showed up.

She was set to leave the room and go back to the kitchen for the finishing touches on dinner, but caught herself frozen staring at the binders. She then sat down in the chair, curiously opening the top binder.

“Glad he at least likes the date,” she states seeing as though he had agreed to Saturday, January 14. She still wasn’t sure herself on the date, to be honest though. She had always dreamed of the perfect spring wedding in April with flowers beginning to bloom. However, with his racing schedule, the only time to fit in a wedding and be certain to fit all the royalty business which came with it was in the winter. Goodbye to her dreams, and hello to a wedding in January.

Her eyes then fell to the bottom of the page, noticing his familiar handwriting. She smiled immediately, having picked up on her favourite features of how each letter and word came off of his hand. However, as she took in the note of a four day honeymoon, followed by traveling to Pitronia, it helped ease her anger about the date. So they weren’t getting married during the time of year she always dreamed of – but they were getting time together and together was the important part, considering everything they had gone through. As he had with the date, she circled his note and offered her own quick initials so he knew that she had agreed to his idea.

She then sighed noticing there were no notes on the royal proceedings. She always believed herself to not be a tough Queen to deal with, keeping her rules and requirements to a minimum. However, it appeared as though these pages had not been touched and it bothered her. While she had changed certain laws, she was strict on tradition in having watched her generations of family follow everything. Now here was her dream husband not seeming to care or even inquire about what was in the pages that’d follow. Letting out a sigh, she just hoped that it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

She quickly found her happiness in opening the next binder, seeing the familiar checkmark and initials. He had chosen to get married in the Whiskey River Church. She was glad that he had chosen that spot – somewhere special, somewhere pretty, somewhere that meant a lot to them, and somewhere they could have some privacy. With knowing that everybody – royal and racing – would be all over them in the rest of the days before and following the wedding, it was nice to know that the actual wedding day would have the peace and serenity she hoped for.

She also saw the mark near the reception, which pleased her. It meant that they wouldn’t have to travel far after the wedding and could have some fun doing photos around the property. So far, the only issue was the traditions.

She then notices the rest of the folders had no notes of being touched so she stacks them neatly and keeps them in their spot on the desk. There was no need to panic or worry as they still had nine months for him to go through the rest of the binders she had before him.

She was about to stand up when she noticed the top binder fall off the pile on to the floor. She quickly scoops it up, making sure nothing fell out and gets set to put it on the pile. However, she finds herself frozen, smiling widely. Her eyes immediately lock on her boredom doodle in seeing her name written fully and completely for marriage. She then smiles a little more, though, as she notices the hand-writing beneath hers.

King Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. – or per your royalty documents madame, King Ralph Dale Belle Kastona Earnhardt Jr.


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward – Chapter 26: Returning Home

    1. March is the month that they’re up to in the story. As far as keeping Belle in a guy’s name, it does look strange however it’s country tradition – as established in the discussions which were featured by Chase and Alyssa in “Chasing The Love”.


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