Love & Work: A Combo of Madness – Chapter 32: Date Night


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“This is crazy,” Travis comments as he looks over at Kevin. “We’ve been watching this man’s house and closely for three days and nothing. What makes you think that something will happen?” Kevin rolls his eyes as he glances back towards the house.

As discussed on the weekend, they had been keeping close eye on Dale, waiting for him and Angelica to do something that was out of the norm. They had been watching each car come into the driveway, while watching each place that he went to see if it was to see her.

“If they’re together, they will want to see each other outside of work,” Kevin offers as he relaxes back in the seat. “Are you starting to doubt this whole idea?” Travis shakes his head. All he could think about was getting caught.

“I think this has just been a big waste of our whole week,” Travis replies as Kevin rolls his eyes. Supposed the car chief was right, though, as they had nothing.

“Did you have anything else planned? At least you have some company….and I bought you dinner two nights this week.” Travis lets out a sigh and knew there were some advantages.

The pair’s attention is then alerted when they watch a familiar 2013 Camaro pull up to the gates on the property. They glance at each other with a smile, having recognized that car from the shop. Kevin may have memorized the license plate, too.

“Maybe this wasn’t a waste after all,” Travis comments with a smile as he watches the car drive through the gates. “But how are we going to get anything from out here?”

“She’s going to see him outside of wor-” Kevin starts.

“They could be spending extra time on wor-”

“Well, what do you suggest? Hopping the fence and sneaking into our boss’ property? You can do that, but it won’t be on my coincidence if you’re fired tomorrow.” Travis lets out a sigh as he flops back against the seat in the truck. So much for that plan. “Let’s just sit tight. Maybe there’s something more that they’re up to that we can see…”

Angelica pulls the camaro up to the house, turning it off before climbing out as she watched him step out of the house. She smiled, perhaps licking her lips a little, as she took in the view before there. There was nothing like seeing a sexy man dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.

“You went with the right outf-” He starts as he takes in a view of her tight blue fitting t-shirt, along with her denim – fit every curve known to man – jeans.

“You told me that we weren’t doing anything fancy and to wear something comfortable so here I am,” She cuts him off. “I can see that you found something very nice to wear as you look good.” He smiles, knowing that she always enjoyed the appearance. “So, what’s the plan?” He had long debated what to do and where to go, but came up with the right method to his madness. It just took some careful talking, though.

“I thought we could go for burgers and go-karting.” She couldn’t help but smile at that brought forth memories of one of their first nights together. “I may have been a dumbass and filled in the go-kart track here, but I know a friend that owns an outdoor track. It closes at 8, but he said that he’d leave it to us for an hour alone aft-”

“You told someone. I thought we agree-”

“He just thinks that we’re going as friends, and will be busy in his office to know nothing else.” She then smiles as he walks over. “Ready for a fun night?”

“Ready to get your ass kicked?” He then laughs, crossing his arms.

“Last time we raced, I beat you and the time before that, we wrecked each other. Good luck with that.” She then chuckles to herself.

“I may have had some teaching from someone since then.” He then looks at her intrigued as she gives him a wink. They then climb in his car together, as he glances over at her. “No, it wasn’t Hamlin jackass. It was Johnson.”

“I may be in trouble after all.”

They then head out of the property together, earning a pair of glances on their way out as the crew members look at each other with a smile.

“Just going to do work, huh?” Travis questions as Kevin starts up the truck. “Don’t tail too closely. We don’t want to draw suspici-”

“Will you shut up?” Kevin cuts him off with a glance. “I think I know what I should do.”


The pair stand by the track afterwards, eyes focused on each other as Dale smiles.

“Told you I’d win,” he tells her as she just rolls her yes, while putting her helmet up.

“Well, I’d expect that as you’re supposed to be winning races on Sundays,” she offers as she continues to follow him out. “But come on, it was better than the last time.”

“Least you didn’t wreck me, again.” She then gives him a surprised glance.

“And what do you call shoving me into those tires?” He then looks back with a smile.

“Strategic blocking. You didn’t say there couldn’t be contact.” She rolls her eyes.

“I want a rematch.” He couldn’t help but smile more in return.

“Next Thursday? Same spot?” She shakes her head yes as she wraps an arm around casually around him as they walk together. “I have to admit. This has gone a lot smoother than I thought it would.”

“The racing was nice, but the conversation was even better.”

Prior to taking to the track, the pair had sat by the track with their burgers and had a lengthy conversation. They talked about how things have been for each of them separately over the past several months.

She talked about how tore apart she was following the break-up, how she fell in love with Denny (friendship grew to more), but how it fell apart in realizing that wasn’t the right step for them.

He talked about how he had tried to find the right girl after her, but no girl seemed to measure up to the standards he had set. It was when they were reunited that he had realized he was comparing every girl to her, and missing her more than he wanted to admit.

“You never elaborated on your fears, though,” she offers, catching a glance from him.

“What do you mean?” He asks as he leans back against the truck, facing her.

“You said that you were going to tell me why you chased me away then. You were going to tell me about your fears. You never did.” He then glances down, knowing it wasn’t a topic that he wanted to discuss. However, he knew if he really wanted this chance with her, he needed to face it.

“You know my past. You know what happened with my parents. It tore me apart for awhile in watching two people that I thought loved each other dearly separate for reasons beyond their control. I tried to ignore it, but then I got into my first couple of relationships. I found girls that were using me for their own fame, or just wanted to say that they had slept with NASCAR’s most eligible bachelor, or whatever reas-”

“So you thought that I was doing that?” He looks up at her in the eyes and shakes her head yes.

“Jimmie was married, and Chad is the hardest man to crack so that’d be hard to get him in bed. That left the option of me. If you sleep with me, you become more well known and could boost your profile in the organization….or so I thought at that time. Sounds ridiculous now.” She laughs and shakes her head yes.

“Really ridiculous now. Do you think I wanted to be known as the girl that slept my way to the top of the food chain? Do you think that I wanted rumors spread through the shop? Do you know what Rick would say?” He knew that she was right, and that was why he could only shake his head in disbelief of his actions.

“Like I said, it sounds ridiculous now. But that was me then. I was so used to people using me, or trying to get what they only wanted through me at that time. I had girls clawing at me for their own reasons. I had people trying to tell me what they wanted me to do in my career for their own reasons. It seemed everybody was trying to use me, or control me.”

“So you automatically thought that I was one of those types?” He shakes his head yes.

“You were the young engineer. It would make sense….in my crazy mind at that time, anyway. You were either using me for your own gains, or because I was someone that you could easily get your way with.” He then takes a deep breath, thinking over his words carefully. “That’s why when I saw you close with Denny, I began to worry. What if you’re just some pit lizard? What if you’re just one of those girls? What if…. I asked myself so many questions that I couldn’t take it anymore and cut the cord. I forgot who you truly were out of my own worries.” She shakes her head, understanding. His reasoning makes sense, based on those around him and everything that happened. She still felt pain really deep in what had happened, but felt it lessen in hearing some reasoning.

“So what’s going to stop that from happening again?” He wasn’t ready for her to come out and ask that. He wasn’t even aware that they were all the way to fully committed. However, he wasn’t going to back away from the question.

“I’m older and wiser. I also know that having the ability to forgive me for hurting you like I did and hear me out, you’re not one of those girls. I also realize looking back at all those moments we had together – not just the sexual fun ones, but our deep discussions in how you heard me out on frustrations and offered advice – that you weren’t one of those. You were someone that I shouldn’t have let go of, and should never let go of again.” It was all that she needed to hear as she stepped forward and gave him a hug.

“With what you’ve told me, I’m willing to give you another chance, and accept another date next week so I can see if I can kick your ass fairly.” He looks into her eyes.

“You’re on.” She then reaches up and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

“Good.” She then lets him go as she walks around the other side of the truck. “We have a flight to catch soon, don’t we?” He shakes his head yes as he climbs into the truck.

As the pair drove away, the crew members couldn’t help but smile as they glanced at each other. Travis sat there with the camera in his lap, flipping back through a couple of the photos.

“You’re a sneaky bastard….” Kevin teases as he looks at the photos that Travis managed to snag of them together. “But God damn I love you, and can’t wait to show these to William tomorrow.”

“Just don’t let Angelica and Dale find out that we got these or else we’re dead.”


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