The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 54: Media Day

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Notice – the quotes from Brad from media day are his actual quotes.


“Do you realize what this means?” Juliette asks as she watches Brad get set for media day.

“What is that?” He wonders as he glances at himself in the mirror. She then walks up behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“You look handsome, incredible, and every other nice word that I can think of. You don’t need to worry anymore.” She then kisses his cheeks before letting go. “As for what this means – we’re only a mirror weeks away from the start of the season.”

“As much as I’ve enjoyed spending this time with you and our daughter, I’m just as excited to get back in the car.” She then laughs, knowing that was probably the truth as she could see how stir crazy he was getting, even with the test break in the middle. Though, there was a reason why she had brought the topic up.

“You have races to travel to and while I love staying here and being with our daughter, it’s as equally painful being away from you each weekend.” He then slowly turns and faces her. “Brad, I know we have things in place because of our daughter, but somehow I want to figure out a way to be there each race day with you.” He wanted to spit out how much he wanted her there as well as he wanted to have her support with him. He wanted to speak about how much eh missed her there last year. However, he couldn’t do that. There was a reason why they had set things in place.

“Melody is getting big enough that she will be able to leave the incubator soon. Once she is out, about another week after that, she can come out of hiding to our friends since she will be transitioned to keeping her werewolf-vampire behaviors hidden well enough. Of course, we both know what means – she can join us at the race track and our lives can return to as much normal as possib-”

“What about before then?” She then takes a deep breath as she debates saying the idea outloud. She had already spoken with Yolanda and Danny, so it seemed only fair to share it now with Brad. “I was thinking that I could stay here till race day, and then join you – like some of the other wives who simply fly in on the day. Danny and Yolanda could watch her and warn us if there were any issues.” It seemed like the easiest solution, and Brad found himself comfortable with how much he had grown to trust Danyn and Yolanda through the past couple of months.

“As long as they’re okay wi-”

“I already asked. I wanted to make sure that it was before I brought it up. They both automatically accepted.” A smile forms on Brad’s face in response, as he couldn’t hide the excitement in being able to have her there any longer.

“You’re truly amazing. You seem to think of everything.” He then picks her up his arms and kisses her lips. “I can’t tell you how much I love you.” He then kisses her lips once again. “Have I told you latel-”

“Well, if you keep on that route, we may have another kid here,” a voice cuts in on the conversation. The pair of them immediately separate with a slight giggle as they look up at Danny. “I just thought I’d remind you what time it was as it’s time to go if you want to be on time for your so called media appearance.”


Brad takes a seat in his designated spot to answer questions for the day as he watches the swarm of reporters walk over. Taking a deep breath, it was time to go through the next half hour, talking and talking some more. He didn’t mind voicing his opinion or answering questions. However with Melody and Juliette waiting at home, he was hopeful to return to them soon.

He casually went through answering questions about the upcoming season without any issue, as it was easy to tell them what they wanted to hear. This is what we did wrong last year. this is what we’ve done over the off-season to make sure we don’t repeat our mistake. This is why we’re going to win. This is why the package that NASCAR has put in place will work to our advantage, and the general package thoughts.

Simple, easy, just as any other year.

“What did you do during the off-season?” A reporter asks, causing Brad to freeze up for a minute. He couldn’t tell them the truth. He couldn’t tell them that he was a werewolf and Juliette was a vampire, and they had spent the holidays away at a hidden cabin. He couldn’t tell them that his daughter had come two months early so it was about watching her grow in an incubator. He couldn’t say that he did nothing but watch his daughter.

Taking a deep breath, though, he knew that he owed them an answer.

“I’m really glad to have a break – well, not really a break,” he answered as he thought over some ideas. He could simply get out of this by detailing things that he did work related. He did go test at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He had stayed in constant contact with Paul, discussing set-up ideas and team planning. He had even managed to contact the marketing team at both Penske and BKR, and discuss sponsors. The off-season hadn’t been a total lost. “I’ve been testing. I’ve been working on sponsorship stuff – a break from the action that everybody sees. But that’s about to end.” He couldn’t wait to get back in the car as he wouldn’t have to share any more stories.

“What did you do as far as vacationing wise?” He wished he could just avoid answering, and return of the racing questions. Why did the reporters have to be curious about every aspect of their lives?

“We did go to the zoo, but that’s the extent of the vacation I’ve taken,” he offered without a thought and felt shocked afterwards. Though taking a deep breath, his life was sort of like a zoo. They were not quite animals – well they were and weren’t – but they were a zoo in how they were different, a little wild and some probably hoped that they’d be caged up. Perhaps it was a decent answer considering. Now to complete the answer and hope the questions would change. As he thought it over, he ahd the right answer that would reveal the truth, but without many details. “A lot of staycations, which are good. when you travel all the time, your vacation is, I get to stay home. I’ve dedicated this offseason to normalcy, doing normal things with my family. It’s been great.”

“As a Camping World Truck Series team owner, what are your thoughts on the Chase?” He simply smiled as he thought about his answer. It felt good to return to racing questions.

“It seems like the natural progression to go from the Cup side down to the two lower levels. The effects in one series aren’t always what they’ll be in another series—and that’s important to keep in mind. But it makes sense for the fans to see one series and another series and have the same rules. But as for how successful it is, we’ll have to see how it plays out.”


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    1. Scarlett got to be in victory lane at Kentucky for an XFINITY win. I remember seeing the photos. As far as Melody, we’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for reading and reviewing 🙂


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