The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 49: Holiday Planning

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Since revealing the details surrounding the baby, it seemed that his mom and sister were in a need to call every two or three days, wanting an update. Each time, Brad kept it simple as there wasn’t much to say about how Melody was doing. She was the same, all vitals good from the doctor, and growing slowly; same timeline for her to escape the incubator. It seemed dreadful to repeat the same thing over and over, but what else was he supposed to say? It wasn’t like a miracle was going to happen over night.


Though with his sister Dawn, sometimes their conversation lengthened with other things being discussed, from life to her budding romance, to the race team. While he was spending time with Melody, Dawn was doing the work that he needed to do at the shop quietly, without letting anyone notice. She then e-mail him anything that he needed to look over and he’d reply back, or fax it over his signature. A lot of times, their phone discussions surrounded things that couldn’t be described through e-mail.


“So, what are your Christmas pla-” Dawn asks.


“Do you have to bring that up?” Brad cuts her off, not wanting to discuss the holidays much. He was looking forward to Christmas just as much as anyone, but wasn’t too keen on family discussions surrounding the subject.


“Uh oh. What’s wrong Scrooge? Wait let me guess. You can’t find the perfect gift for Juliette, right?” Brad rolls his eyes. He didn’t need any help in gift shopping as he already done his homework and gotten Juliette her gift.


“Do you not remember how Thanksgiving went?” Dawn let out a sigh, remembering the fight at the dinner table. It wasn’t the most proudest moment for the family.


“Listen, I know that was difficult but they had to finally let it out at each other, Brad. Perhaps given some thought, it’ll give Dad some perspective. So with that said, I’m guessing that you’re not coming, right?” Brad wasn’t quite sure if he was resting at that point quite yet. He had some other thoughts in his mind regarding the holidays.


“You know that I can’t miss Christmas with the family. When have I ever missed a Christmas?” Dawn couldn’t help but smile, letting out an inner cheer. Despite everything, she wanted to see her brother over the holidays.


“But Juliette isn’t coming….right?” Brad let out a sigh as he glanced out over the forest from the porch. There were so many ways that he could answer this question, whether right or wrong. He hadn’t necessarily brought up the discussion with Juliette yet.


“I don’t know, honestly. We haven’t discussed it yet. I don’t think she’d be too welcome considering what happened.” Dawn couldn’t help but agree, and wished that she could convince her father otherwise.


“I understand. But, you know Dad better than anybody. He gets into the Christmas spirit with decorating and buying gifts, and nothing ever gets him down. If there was time that Juliette and Dad could co-exist together, it’d be Christmas. Plus, it wouldn’t be the same without everyone there.” Brad understood what his sister was saying, and knew that she was right. The whole family had to be there to make Christmas right as Christmas with Juliette wouldn’t feel complete. However, he also knew how she felt about his dad, and how she felt about her brother.


“It’d be wrong to take her away from her brother and Yolanda, though. They’ve been together, just the three of them, since they were 14. Can you imagine forcing them to spend a Christmas apart for our own benefit?” Dawn knew the simple solution, but shook it off immediately. It was enough to convince her father to allow one vampire in the house, let alone three.


“I’m sure they’d be okay with her having dinner wit-”


“What if we do Christmas at Danny’s house?” Brad didn’t know what came over him when eh made the suggestion. However, it made sense. His dad was always in a better mood at Christmas time so it’d make spending time with vampires either. It could also give his family a chance to get to know her family before a possible proposal – or after, depending on timing.


“Brad, you can’t be serious….” Brad wished it was that simple to convince himself otherwise right now. However when he got his mind stuck on something, it normally didn’t change.


“Listen, everybody wants to see Melody so that’d give you all the chance to do that. You’d also get to understand how things have been going from our perspective in trying to raise the child. Plus, perhaps it’d help give Dad some more perspective on Juliette in meeting some of her family in the process. It’s a solution to all the problems, with an extra gift on the side.” Dawn wanted to argue against Brad’s idea immediately. He had to be crazy, right? However, perhaps he was on to something with the suggestion. She did want to get a chance to see the baby herself, after all.


“I like it, I really do Brad. I just wish you the best of luck convincing your father. Do you think that you can do that?” Brad let out a sigh. He was normally pretty good at convincing his father about things, however wasn’t sure how’d this go. He couldn’t convince his father to like his girlfriend. How would convince his father to go along with this idea?


“I’m going to give it my best shot. That’s all I can do, Dawn. Hopefully it’s enough to convince him.”


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