The Mysterious Girl – Chapters 6 Thru 10


Chapter 6: The Truth

“It’s like I’m getting to know you all over again,” Brad revealed as they stood there facing each other, after the confession. Juliette feared those words, and feared that the new person that he got to know wouldn’t match up and they’d be over. She was hopeful that wouldn’t be the case, though, given that her personality was the same in both lives. Wasn’t personality the key factor of love and a relationship?

“That’s why I was afraid to tell you,” she reveals to him. “I’m afraid that you won’t like me anymore.” As she spoke those words, Brad felt as though a knife had entered his heart. How was that even possible? He couldn’t imagine life without Juliette.

“Juliette, it may be new and strange, but it doesn’t change my feelings. I love you and always will love you. This is just an adjusting period. Even though there’s a whole new side to you, I know the girl I fell in love with is still there.” Juliette felt as though the world had been lifted off of her shoulders in that single moment. There was nothing that could be said or done differently to make her feel better.

“I love you, too. I have always loved you.” Brad knew that she loved him, and that he loved her in return. For that reason, there was one question that he still wanted the answer too.

“Then why did you run from me?” It was a question that she knew he’d ask. She knew that she’d have to answer it and explain some things about another person in their lives. She wasn’t sure whether she was ready to continue to reveal secrets. However, she didn’t want to lose Brad again. She didn’t want to live with not being with him. For that reason, she knew she had no choice in that moment.

“I was afraid,” Juliette reveals as Brad takes a deep breath. He knew of that being part of the reason, for she had just gone through a traumatic experience. Though perhaps there was more to the story that she wasn’t letting on, yet.

“Just like Jason? What does this do with him?” Juliette took a deep breath, knowing that she had to tell Brad the truth if she was to find any sympathy in the actions that she had taken over the past while. She hoped that he had enough belief in her, though, to believe what she was about to say.

“He’s a werewolf. He turns into one under the full moon. That’s why he was sick each full moon race. He can also change at will. He’s the biggest threat to a vampire.” Brad shook his head, slowly letting the newest detail sink in. The newest detail brought forth confusion for if the werewolf is the biggest threat, why fall in love with one? However, he understood – by how she had fallen in love and confessed to him, despite supposed to be eating him as lunch. Creepy thought – let that one disappear immediately. Instead, he found sympathy. If the werewolf was the biggest threat, no wonder the fear was so strong.

“So when he threatened to kill you, that’s why you were so afraid.” Juliette shakes her head, glad to have found some understanding in the process. So far, so good in the period of time that they had been there together. She just hoped that it would keep going as she continued.

“Exactly, since he knew more than he should. Vampires and werewolves should never fall in love for that reason.” Brad was immediately brought back to the first question that had entered his mind originally.

“Why did you?” Juliette knew the reason, immediately. Whether she wanted to admit or not, she was a sap for sweet guys. It was why Danny always felt the need to protect her.

“I felt his words were true in that he really loved me and wouldn’t hurt me.” Brad shook his head as she knew that she had been betrayed in a matter of events. It honestly broke his heart, even more.

“But yet instead, he manipulated you and was able to cause harm in knowing your secret and his hidden animal.” The discussion had also brought another question to light, that Brad wanted to know the answer to even more. “I have to know this because it has bugged me since I heard – why did you drop the charges?” Juliette took a deep breath as she knew that would be the biggest question that Brad would ask, for Brad is human and doesn’t understand the thought process of a vampire in danger due to a werewolf. She hoped, in hearing that they were her biggest threat, that he’d begin to understand with her next words.

“He threatened to tell his family of where I and my family lived.” Brad knew of the threat to kill, but yet hadn’t heard this part. Still, he was left confused. Wasn’t a free Jason able to do this anyway?


“But what?” Juliette didn’t want to deal with Brad contesting her thoughts, for that would make the rest of the conversation that much harder.

“He could still do that.” Juliette knew that was possible and had heard the same explanation from those before Brad. Still, she was set to stick to her guns because in her mind, it was her only choice.

“I know. I’m taking a chance in trusting him. It’s working so far. He hasn’t spoken yet.” Brad couldn’t believe that she would take chance in trusting, for trusting him is what got her in this mess in the first place. How could she continue to take those chances and put the lives at risk in doing so?

“But what if he does?” Juliette knew the answer to that question, already. There’d be war on her hands and she’d be in the battle of survival.

“I have bigger problems than simple charges. My family’s existence is at stake.” Brad knew that was the truth if something was said. It was why he felt a big dark cloud close in on them at that thought, for fear entered the mind in what could happen given time.

“I guess…” Juliette knew that she had found understanding. She knew that she could put the request in that she had waited for so far.

“Now, I want to be with you, brad. That’s why I told you.” Brad knew that there was a stipulation in her words. It was why she had stopped after her last word. He knew that either he had to move, become a vampire, or something to do with Jason.

“But?” Juliette took a deep breath, knowing there was no choice. She had to do what she believed was right for her family – even if that meant trusting a werewolf.

“I need you to drop your charges.” Brad’s jaw drops immediately as he couldn’t believe that was the stipulation. If he was to drop the charges, there’d be a circus surrounding him.

Joey, Paul and those around him would truly believe that he was crazy and probably not stop bugging that something was up given the fact that Juliette had dropped her charges as well. Plus, the truck boys would squeal in having seen her enter his office and be with him that day.

He also knew that there’d be a media circus for the charges were public record and everybody knew about them. What would be said by everybody – media, sponsors and fans alike – if he were to drop the charges? It would create a fire storm!

“I can’t be with you if you pursue them for they will get back to me and he may do as I fear,” Juliette continued with an even strict voice. “To be with me, that’s the only requirement.” Brad knew by the tone of her voice that she was serious and that this was truly the stipulation of their relationship. How was this fair? He had to accept that she was a vampire, and also drop the charges? “Once you do that, we can be together without any problems. Till then, I’m sorry but we can’t be with each other.” She then glances around, before grabbing him in both her arms and taking him back to his office, setting him down back in his chair as he continues to stare at her, shocked and in disbelief as to what she has said in the past few minutes. Was this really the stipulation? “I…I have to go, Brad. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye.”

She then kisses him on the cheek before waking out of the office, heading down the stairs like a normal human and exiting the building – not wanting to create suspicion. She could only hope that he would listen.


Chapter 7: Juliette’s Anger

“I could kill you both!” Juliette yells as she walks in the house, slamming the door behind her. “I swear I could kill the both of you right now and I wouldn’t give a damn about doing it.” She then storms into the living room, finding the pair sitting on the couch together. “What were you thinking walking your ass into his shop and as you say brother, spreading word to stay away from me?” Yolanda looks over at Danny with her eyes raised.

“I told you that she’d be mad,” Yolanda comments as Danny rolls his eyes while focusing on his lunch. In his mind, no matter what either lady said to him, he had done the right thing.

“I was mainly doing it to protect you because you can’t see things for yourself,” Danny states as Juliette rolls her eyes. “You and a human together is bad news. I’ve told you that numerous times. You haven’t listened so I did what I had to do as your big brother.” Juliette lets out a laugh as she walks over, standing in front of her brother with her eyes locked on Danny’s.

“What you had to do as my big brother?” She questions, rolling her eyes. “What you did is something that I’d expect a parent to do, Dann-”

“Well, that’s not happening so I’m your next best bet, right?” Juliette freezes as she thinks it over the thought of her parents being gone, though quickly flashes it out of her mind in getting things back on track.

“Your move is still not justified, Danny. For whatever reason you may want to say, it’s not a justified reason for what you did. It’s my life. I can make the decisions myself – the end. You’re not to make the decisions. This is my life. I’m old enough to make them on my own.” Danny rolls his eyes as he crosses his arms, already having a comeback in mind.

“Right. Where has that gotten us, sister? A vampire loathing for us, perhaps just you or perhaps the whole family.” Juliette rolls her eyes as no doubt Jason wasn’t a bright light in her life to date.

“I’ve made a mistake – a big one. Everybody makes mistakes, though. You haven’t been perfect, either. So don’t go picking on me for my one single mistake that I made. When it comes to Brad, you stay out of it. It’s in my hands and my hands only.” Juliette then turns around and walks away from the pair, not wanting to see either of them any longer. She just hoped that notification came through in the next near while that everything was clear for her to return to Brad as that’d be her only saving grace at this point.

“You told him, didn’t you?” Juliette freezes as she hears the words escape her brother’s mouth. He had figured it out and honestly, it wasn’t that hard. It was a simple fact considering the time that she spent talking with him and how she spoke of things being in her hands now. He also predicted it upon her sweeping into the situation and going beyond the doors with him, alone. “Juliette!” Juliette turns and faces her brother.

“What does it matter to you? It’s against your wishes so you shouldn’t care. Plus, you’ll be too busy waiting for when it’ll screw up so you can be the sweeping person to try and fix it all again, and then blame me for making a bad decision.”

“I tol-”

“And I told you that it’s my life to lead, my mistakes to make.” Danny rolls his eyes as he stands up, eyes on his sister.

“What about Jason?” Juliette shrugs her shoulders.

“What about him? Because of one choice, my next love choice is a failure? It won’t happen this time. Brad has always loved me from day one. Brad has waited for me to come to him, to be with him. He’s shown dedication beyond boundaries. He helped me get away from Jason. Brad is for real and vampire or not, I’m going to do what it takes to be with him.”

“I can’t believe you….”

“Doesn’t Brad still have a charge held against Jason?” Yolanda wonders and Juliette calmly shakes her head yes, remembering the final words that she said to Brad.

“I told him that if I am to be with him, he needs to drop that charge so that way, in hopes and form of promise, Jason doesn’t tell the rest of his counterparts where to find us,” Juliette reveals. “If he does that, then don’t expect me to stay around here long.”

“You’re still trusting Jason,” Danny comments, shaking his head in disgust.

“What other choice do I have?” Juliette questions. “Anyway, he said that he’d go after me no matter what. As long as I kept my word quiet, he wouldn’t go after the rest of you. Consider this my way of trying to save your ass from him. Don’t ask me why I should do such a thing as you both disgust me.” Juliette then leaves the room as Yolanda’s eyes cut to Danny.

“I told you that it was a bad idea,” Yolanda touches before following Juliette out of the room. “Juilette!!” Juilette stops and turns back to face her best friend, shaking her head in disgust, before looking away.

“I can’t believe that you listened to him. I can’t believe that you went along with him. you told me that I should do what the heart desires. You told me that I should go see Edward and see how to go about this. However, you go with him and confront Brad. I had no choice but to intervene given your behavior with my brother. I can understand him doing that, but you? So much for best friends.” Yolanda looks down, letting out a quiet sigh. She knew that she had screwed up and regretted the decision completely. “Don’t bother coming to apologize now, either. I don’t need you if you’re going to betray me that easily. I can do this on my own.”

“Juli-” Yolanda starts but is met by a blond running through the halls of the house to her room and the slamming of a bedsroom door. Yolanda then turns and leans back against the wall, shaking her head.


Chapter 8: Brad’s Thoughts

“If I tell you something, promise me that you won’t say that I’m crazy?” Brad requests as he ponders whether this is a good idea, over and over.

“Brad, let’s face it – most things you do or say are crazy,” Joey comments as Brad laughs. It was no secret that his life was always full of twists and interest. However, this probably took the cake. Perhaps this was why it happened to him.

“I think this takes the cake, though. This is pretty far out there.” Joey sits back, intrigued. He wondered as to what his teammate was about to tell him. He knew about Juliette’s visit and that was why he agreed to meet up with his teammate.

“Just tell me, please.” Brad takes a deep breath, knowing there was no going back now.

He then proceeded to tell Joey about what happened the previous day with Juliette’s visit.

He spoke about Danny and Yolanda showing up first and going on about whatever reasons they believed. As he went through what the pair was saying in knowing Juliette’s truth, he understood why they were there as they wanted to protect Juliette, or were afraid that Brad would run if he knew the truth. He felt bad for being as hard on them as he was, and perhaps even wanted to apologize, which was rare. He could understand their behavior as being a brother himself, he wanted to make sure that his siblings were safe.

He told Joey about the moment that Juliette showed up and yelled at the pair, also understanding why she did that. They were trying to control her life, which he could understand being frustrating. It was never fair to sit back and listen to someone tell you what to do. If you want to do something, you should be able to do it.

He explained how the pair went up to his office at BKR and slowly revealed the truth of Juliette being a vampire. He still couldn’t believe what happened as it didn’t seem possible. However, he believed it, thanks to her stunt that she pulled to make him believe.

It was why he also understood the shock and confusion on Joey’s face at that moment.

“A vampire?” Joey questions and Brad shakes his head yes. “Are you sure that’s what she said?”

“Absolutely,” Brad answers and then went on to explain what happened in the flying incident.

“Woah woah….are you sure you’re not losing it? Are you just telling me this to test me or something?” Brad shakes his head no as he knew that he couldn’t do that to his true confident.

“This is the truth, I swear.” Joey shook his head, knowing that his teammate was lying. In his mind, Brad had officially gone nuts and probably was making up this story. Perhaps because Juliette told him that she was running away forever, perhaps for some other reason because he couldn’t accept losing his girl. Either way, Joey was ready to dial up Paul’s number, followed by the local looney bin.

“Brad Keselowski, do you realize what you’re saying? Vampires don’t exis-”

“I have proof. Would you like to see the tape?” The whole incident between the pair had been caught on security tape. Brad had waited to everyone left the day before, retrieving the tape from the security office to make sure that nobody else came across the footage.

“Are…you…serious?” Joey was in total disbelief now as he couldn’t believe that this could possibly be real.

“Watch this.” Brad then played the tape before his teammate, which showed the whole exchange in the office, followed by the pair flying out the window towards the trees. Brad then fast forwarded past the part where they discussed things outside – not being able to see that – before showing Juliette returning Brad to his office.

“I can’t believe what I just watched.”

“I couldn’t believe it when she first told me.” Brad then shuts the tape off before turning his eyes back on his teammate. “However, I also told her that doesn’t change a thing between us as I can live with that fact and we can work around whatever is necessary.” Joey watched Brad carefully, as he hoped his teammate truly knew what he was getting into. Dating a vampire was obviously not going to be the simplest measure.

“So where is she?” Brad lets out a sigh as he sits back in his chair. He had yet to tell Joey about the stipulation that Juliette had left before leaving. He knew that the stipulation would bring up a lot of discussion, and even more if he went through with it.

“I have to drop the charges against Jason. If he is charged in anyway for what happened, he’s going to send his family – werewolves, by the way – after the Juliette and her family. If he let go, he will only ever go after her.” Joey was shocked at what he was told, though not totally surprised given the twists as to what had happened so far.

“So what are you going to do?” Brad glanced out the window, continuing to think it over. Would he do what his heart wanted to get the girl of his dreams? Or would he do what was actually right due to pressure from the outside world and himself in knowing Jason deserves this? Was there a way to stick the charges and still get Juliette?

“I can’t see myself walking into the police station and dropping the charges for what he did, no matter what Juliette says.” Joey watched his teammate in intrigue, surprised. He knew the decision was due to being scared as to what could possibly come from outside sources. He knew that Brad wanted his girl and would’ve dropped the charges, if he wasn’t who he was. For being the guy that normally did his own thing and didn’t care, this was a change.

“Because you’re worried about what everybody will say?” Brad’s jaw drops as he expected them both to move on to how Brad could get Juliette without the charges being dropped.

“So you’re saying that you want me to drop the charges?” Joey then throws his hands up.

“That decision is totally yours, and yours alone. But Brad, if the charges stick, they go after her, Danny and the entire family. I’d rather see them dropped and some protection put in place for Juliette till we can figure out a way to make Jason disappear.”

“Are you feeling alright, Joey? Because I don’t believe what I’m hearing.” Joey knew that it sounded strange for him to say what he said, but it was within good reason.

“You want this girl more than anything. You can’t move forward till you get this girl in your life. We both know that. We also know that you wouldn’t want her or her family to get hurt. It’s your decision, but rather than think about what I would want, what Paul will think, what Roger will think and the whole world would think, think only what you want. Make your decision based on your own feelings and thoughts alone. You’re the one that has to live with it.”


Chapter 9: Yolanda’s Quest for Answers


While Juliette refused to talk to Yolanda or accept the apology that was offered, Yolanda was not going to give up on her best friend. She knew and trusted that Juliette would come around in due time, once she understood what the pair were trying to do. Besides, Danny could be very forceful in his attempts at times.

Though while everything was in limbo, she decided to make the best attempt possible at trying to find answers and to do that, she knew there was only one person could possibly help her.

She hoped in some way, some form, he would understand and be willing to give her some answers – even though she was a total stranger. After all, he had found himself in the same situation before with Bella. Seeing as that he had found happiness, she hoped that he’d be willing to allow others to do the same.

Yolanda takes a deep breath as she walks up to the front door of the mansion, taking a deep breath before knocking on the door. She knew it was now or never in receiving the possible answers, or denial of answers, that she wanted.

A smile forms on her face as she sees a tall brown haired female answer the door, with brown eyes that now matched that of other vampires. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, or simply known as Bella Cullen now. If there was to be any sympathy, it’d be from her.

“May I help you?” Bella asks as she stares at the lady before her. Bella could only find confusion as she had yet to see this woman in her life, but yet still knew it was safe to answer the door due to the vibe the blond had.

“I’m here to see Edward,” Yolanda states, sending more confusion through Bella. She knew that her husband wasn’t cheating on her, but yet here was a woman looking for her husband that she had yet to meet.

“Is he expecting you?” Yolanda shyly shakes her head no, knowing that it was now or never to reach the sympathy level that she was hoping for.

“Listen, I heard your story and what happened between yourself and Edward. My best friend is sort of stuck in the same situation right now and I want to help her. I figured with having gone through it, Edward could give me some answers. You have to know how I feel.” Bella knew the fear of the unknown, and the fear of discovering things. She also knew everything that had gone through, from proving herself worthy to person after person, to the struggles of her pregnancy. Add in her best werewolf friend causing problems and certainly Yolanda was right – sympathy was there.

“Come on in. I’ll go tell Edward that you’re here.”

“Thank you.” Yolanda makes her way into the house, glancing around inside as she takes in the beautiful décor. She then follows Bella to the living room, having a seat on the couch as gestured. She watched the woman leave the room, as curiosity becomes her main thought.

It seemed as though Bella’s human past was totally gone and not existence in her behavior. She had now taken in the full role of vampire since the transformation and looked comfortable in her skin. She also didn’t gesture any human strong scents that would’ve triggered Yolanda’s other motives – thankfully. Yolanda knew if she wanted Juliette to ever be happy with Brad she would have to get those under control – yet another question to ask.

“You came calling for me?” She hears and glances up, seeing Edward standing there. The man was as handsome as rumored to be as he stood before her in that moment. tall, slender, fit to perfect shape with his brown hair combed to perfection; she could now see why Bella had easily fallen in love with him.

“I want to talk to you about vampires and humans falling in lov-” Yolanda starts as Edward sits beside her.

“Bella already informed me of why you were, however she didn’t need to. See, my sister sensed you at the door and read you like a book. Your name is Yolanda and your sister, Juliette, has fallen in love with a male – a racecar driver named Brad Keselowski. You don’t have knowledge of the racing world, unlike your sister who has lived with humans working in their public relations department. You want to help your friend – despite her animosity towards you – so that’s why you’re here. Like I said, my sister read you easily. Nobody comes knocking up my door without being checked out first.” As Edward described her total explanation for being there, she felt every hair stand on her back. It certainly saved time as that way she didn’t have to explain everything. However, it did make the situation feel a little strange.

“Your sister is very good at what she does. Now, can you help me?” Edward smiles as he crosses his arms, watching the young blond beside him.

“What do you need help with?”

“There’s questions that I have and I know Juliette would like answers too, as well. It may even help her brother Danny grow comfortable with her decisi-”

“What are the questions?” Edward was growing impatient in hearing her reasons. If she wanted to help her friend, she might as well just get to the details to not waste time. Given how Yolanda was there and not Juliette, he hunched that something was affray.

“We know it’s possible – but does he have to become a vampire?” Edward thought it over, remembering how he was forced to do that with Bella due to the pregnancy. In those thoughts, he remembered the times of discussion with family in discovering what they needed to do.

“If this was a long time ago, the answer would be simple – yes. However, the society has become more open to half blood vampires such as Bella, and non vampires being with vampires. They have learned that it is possible to have a relationship, keep the details secretive to not worry the humans, and hold back the urge to bite the human – or worse. By the way, you need to work on that.” Yolanda let out a sigh, knowing that fact already. “Because he is a male and not going to carry any babies, he has a choice whether to become vampire or not. If he chooses to, he will have to watch his own behavior and urges around friends. If he does not choose to, he just needs to be wary of vampires who don’t have control when going to family or friendly gatherings.” Yolanda felt a comfort in that answer, glad that her and Juliette hadn’t been misled on that question. She also knew that would make things easier on Brad’s perspective.

“Is there anything special that they need to do?” Edward shook his head no, remembering the changes that the society had made over recent years.

“Not at all. The decision is only their own and they can make it and go forward with their lives without issues – except for as I mentioned above.” The confidence continued to grow as she knew that would make things easier, and also possibly give Danny the comfort that he needed to be more accepting of Juliette’s behavior.

“That’s great. I mean, this will definitely make things easier.” Edward felt the hesitation in her voice and knew there was more to the story.

“There’s mo-”

“I’ve told you all that I know of the situation.” Edward shook his head no as he was glanced out of the room, almost willingly wanting to call his sister to continue to pick at the girl’s mind.

“You’re asking for my help. You came here with questions, wanting answers, needing may help. If you’re going to ask someone for their help, you need to open your mouth and tell them the whole story. You are not. Now, speak.” Yolanda knew that even if she didn’t talk, they would find out what was going on as after all, there was a mind reader in the house. She also knew that she wasn’t good at lies or these types of situations, hence her behavior with the humans and how much she hated going along with Danny.

“We have a werewolf problem, as well. It seems as though Juliette crossed paths with the wrong werewolf.” Edward then watched her closely as he was intrigued by this fact.

“Well, that does change the situation. Speak of details.”

Yolanda then took a deep breath, before telling the story of how Juliette fell in love with Jason, and then how he turned on her. She also went on to tell the story of how Brad was brought involved, the threat laid upon Juliette’s shoulders and the charge that was at hand.

“So let me get this straight – Jason is determined to harm Juliette, either way,” Edward starts. “However, he will only harm her if he gets away with what he has done to date. But if the charge sticks – even on the part of this Brad guy – the whole family is at risk.” Yolanda shakes her head yes.

“That’s why I came to you for help since you’ve crossed paths with humans and werewolves,” Yolanda adds as she hopes that she is finding her way through to him.

“There is only one way to keep a werewolf away from a family, and it will take an individual in the family accepting something crucial. However, it can’t be any individual. It has to be someone that means something to a said werewolf.” Yolanda felt confusion drift over her as she thought it over.

“Once a member of the family is imprinted by a werewolf, nobody in the family may be harmed by a werewolf,” a new voice chimes in as both Edward and Yolanda face the door. Their eyes lock on those of Edward’s daughter, Renesmee.

“This is my daughter – Renesmee,” Edward introduces her as she walks into the room. “She has the ability to transfer knowledge with the simple touch of her hand to someone. She also knows the imprint of a werewolf better than anyone.”

“She was imprinted?” Yolanda questions as Edward shakes her head yes.

“Jacob cares about myself and Bella a lot, and didn’t want us harmed so he imprinted me at a young age – 2 months – so therefore no werewolf could ever harm the family,” Renesmee states as she walks over to Yolanda. “As my dad said, nobody in the family can be touched once one is imprinted. But, you can’t just have any werewolf imprint anybody. The werewolf must have a big reason for doing it – like Jacob’s care and love – or else it will not work.”

“So we have to find a werewolf that deeply is fond of one of us and have them imprint us?” Both Edward and Renesmee shake their heads yes.

“That’s the only solution to your problem. Now, I will come and help you as much as I can with your problem. I don’t know why – but something draws me to what is going on. It is now just your duty to find someone to be imprinted.”


Chapter 10: Danny


Danny took a deep breath as he looked over the desert, smiling. He had put a lot of effort into the cake, even though he wasn’t fond of eating any himself. The thought of it just made his stomach churn and he was immediately making himself a blood thirsty smoothie upon completion of the cake.

Once the smoothie was drowned down his throat, he picked up the cake and walked through the small house to the small deck out back. He eyed his sister, was curiosity, feeling the small bit of guilt in his stomach build. He knew the anger was mixed in with everything else that she was feeling was caused by him, and he hated that. While he may not agree with every decision, it wasn’t fair to hurt her further than she was being hurt by others.

He opens the door, quietly, and walks out, setting the cake down on the table beside her. He watches her eyes turn to the cake, glance up at him, before returning to the cake. No doubt she was thinking in her own mind as to why he made the cake, and probably whether it was safe to eat considering he made it.

“I brought a fork – if you want,” he offers, placing a fork beside the cake. He then sits down in the other deck chair, waiting for any response from her. He thought the gesture would be enough to get her attention, and that’s all he needed for now. “Consider this my apology. I’m sorry.” Juliette was surprised by his words, considering that once her brother set his mind on something it was set. However, to hear him apologize, it meant a lot to her based on everything that had taken place in the past couple of days.

“Honestly?” She questions, still in disbelief, as she looks over the cake. While the apology was a shock, she was more shocked that he had baked her a chocolate cake when he swore to stay away from anything chocolate when she introduced the flavor into the house. She wasn’t sure whether it’d be safe to eat – who knew how well her brother handled human baking – but she appreciated the gesture, none the less.

“Honestly.” She smiles as she shakes her head, in appreciation. She could tell by the dullness of silver in his eyes that he meant the apology that he had put forth to her. Something had changed his mind – whether Yolanda, or finally believing that his sister was growing up, or something else. Either way, it was a nice change of pace because it would make things easier around the house.

“I appreciate the apology and accept it. By the way, how well did you read the instructions in baking this?” He smiles as he remembered reading exactly what the box said, having chosen the easy instant cake baking mix since he heard that even little children could make a cake out of it.

“I read them as closely as possible, and carefully chose the right ingredients. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you didn’t eat it, though.” She then chuckles as she continues to look it over, smelling it, debating whether it’d be a good idea. Even if it wasn’t the best baked deal, it wouldn’t affect her immune system badly; it’d just leave a bad taste that she wasn’t sure if she wanted. “I still may not agree with you dating a human, or what you’re laying before you in making Brad made a decision. I also may not agree with how you’re handling things with Jason. However, it’s your life, so you should make the decisions and choose how to run it. I’m not going to sit here any longer and stand in the way of the person that you love.”

“That’s very nice of you, and I’m glad that you realized that. Though, Danny, if I do end up with Brad or if things go wrong, will that chan-”

“I will always love and have your back, no matter what. I just realized that having your back doesn’t always me agreeing with what you’re doing.” She then reaches over and hugs him, before returning her eyes to the cake.

“I spoke to Yolanda about the discussions that she had with Edward. It all seems promising on the front of Brad and I getting together.” Danny shakes his head, having had the same discussion with Yolanda. He had cornered her after she got back from going to see Edward out of pure curiosity.

“I heard. Now, do you think Brad will drop the charges?” Juliette shrugs her shoulders. She hoped that he made the decision, understanding the underlying threat that was against her family due to the charges. However, she also understood the box that she placed him in with everything at his end.

“I can only hope that he does the right thing, but will also understand if he doesn’t.” Danny then glances over at his sister, with a burning question on his mind.

“And if he doesn’t, will you let him go?” Juliette knew there was now ay to answer that question as she knew her brother wouldn’t understand the answer that she had to it. The answer was obvious. This guy captured her heart, and nothing would change that.

“Let’s just say it would make things very difficult. Oh, Edward is coming over tomorrow to further discuss werewolf imprinting. He’s bringing his daughter and Bella sinc-”

“I know the daughter is imprinted, and I know Bella’s story.” He then holds up the Twilight book as Juliette can only laugh.

“You actually read the series? Wow.”

“I take an interest in my sister’s life. I figured this would teach me something about what you’re getting into.” Juliette could only grin as it was nice to be back on talking terms with her brother, and knowing how much he cared for her.


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