The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 59: Melody’s Escape


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February 16, 2016

“I have media to attend later today so I thought I was supposed to leave this morning,” Brad starts as he makes his way through the house and into the bedsroom. With no on-track action on Monday, he had made the decision to head back to the fort to spend time with Juliette and Melody. “I thought the idea was for me to go there as early as I could to get done early, and then return back to here.” He then crosses his arms. “So what’s up with this?”

“Well, if you want miss the chance to hold your daughter for the first time, then feel free to leave,” Melissa comments as Brad freezes in his tracks, jaw dropping.

“What do you mean?” She then turns back and smiles.

“As I was explaining to Juliette before you rambled off, it seems that everything is where it needs to be with her vitals and growth. It’s time for her to leave the incubator.” Brad walks over, disbelief washing over his face.

“Really?” She shakes her head yes. “Well then, what are we waiting for?”

“What about having to leave and be at media day, Brad?” Juliette questions as he gives her a look.

“I told you I wasn’t going to miss a step in this kid’s growth, and I mean it,” he offers as Melissa smiles.

“Perfect parents,” she compliments as she loosens the lid. “So with this in place, her official birth date according to your friends will be today. Also, she will be able to travel to Atlanta with you, but will miss the Daytona 500.” The parents look at each other, shaking their heads with no complaints. It just meant that their first trip to the track as a family would come a week later than they would’ve preferred.

“It’s better than waiting two or three weeks,” Juliette comments. “Just promise me you’ll stay out of trouble this weekend.”

“I plan on winning,” Brad states matter-of-factually. “Would that involve causing trouble?” Juliette rolls her eyes, knowing the possibilities of Daytona and what that left as far as thoughts in her mind.

“Just promise me…” Brad wraps his arms around her shoulders, kissing her cheek.

“I’ll be fine. Stop worrying. You never used to worry like this. I thought you enjoyed the restrictor plate races.” She then rolls her eyes.

“It’s different when I’m there than being here.” They watch as Melissa carefully picks up the little baby, handing her over to Juliette’s open arms.

“Meet your baby, Ms. Melody Keselowski,” Melissa states as Juliette immediately wraps her arms around her, as Brad looks over Juliette’s shoulder.

“She tickles,” Juliette comments, in reference to the small hairs that were sticking out through her body. The ears and visible hair were the exact reason why she couldn’t go out in public yet. Once a week old, those visible signs disappeared, except in sight of full moon, so she could make her beginning appearances. “But she has the cutest ears.”

“They’re just like her daddy’s,” Brad comments as he rubs the back of one of them, causing a little giggle to escape her lips. The pair of them immediately laugh in return. “She has her mommy’s nose, though.”

“I think I see your eyes, though.” Juliette couldn’t help but smile as the baby immediately cuddled up against her. “She’s so cute and perfect, though. Can you believe it?”

“I…I can’t believe after everything…” Brad keeps his eyes locked on her. “I’m sorry that I even tried to stop this from happ-”

“You were worried about me, its okay.” She then turns around, facing Brad as she uncurls her arms a little. “You need to leave soon so you’re not late, but I figured you’d want to have this moment, and hold her before you leave.” Brad smiles as he carefully takes Melody from her arms, holding her tightly close to him.

There was no way to describe the emotions that were going through him at that moment. There, in his arms, was a miniature version of him and Juliette put together. It seemed surreal, despite having watched her grow in the incubator over the past couple of months.

This was certainly a great way to start a new season.


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