The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 53: Testing in Las Vegas

Thanks for reading and reviewing 🙂 A lot of you are curious on the proposal plan, I haven’t even thought about that yet with regards to this particular story, in having to plan two other proposals for two other stories. With that in mind, it may take a couple chapters to think of something perfect for Brad and Juliette….


“So why do you have to go do the test?” Juliette questions as she watches Brad pack some things in a bag.

Rather than do the normal travel back and forth each night, Brad was going to stay in Las Vegas over night through the two days of testing. It was something that had given both him and Juliette jitters, since this would be the first night away since the birth of their daughter. However, it was something that he wanted to test the waters right now for, rather than waiting till the actual race season started next month.

“Because of the schedule that NASCAR has set for testing,” Brad answers as he shifts a piece of paper in her direction. She then picks it up, reading the schedule as laid out by NASCAR for testing.

“So why can’t Logano go testing for you?” Juliette wonders as Brad shifts to the next piece of paper, shifting that in her direction. She then picks that one up, reading the detailed schedule as put together by Team Penske for testing. “Oh.”

“And when the captain gives me orders, do you think there’s a way to get out of them?” She shakes her head no as she gives him back both pieces of paper with a sigh. “Listen, it’s only two days and then I’ll be back up here with you.” Juliette shook her head, understanding. It wasn’t bad. It was just 48 hours, not quite but close enough. She could handle it.

“But then media week is the following week, which will take you away agai-”

“For about another 24 hours.” He then stops packing and walks over to her, pulling her close. “I know it’s hard for us to be apart. Trust me, it’s hard to go away for that long without being able to watch our daughter grow and become the little girl that she’s becoming. But we have to grow used to it sooner than later. It’s part of the life that we live in the fast lane.” Juliette knew that he was right as she slowly shook her head.

“That doesn’t mean that I have to be in total acceptance, though.” He then chuckles a little as he kisses her cheek. “Promise me that you’ll call tomorrow night?”

“I’ll text you whenever I can throughout the day, and I’ll video call you tomorrow night so that way we can see each other and Melody. I love you.” Brad then gives her a kiss before backing away and focusing back on packing the rest of the things that he believed that he needed.


Following a day of testing, the group of drivers decided to go out to dinner that night together before retreating back to their rooms. The discussion had been fun thus far, with everybody discussing what they did during the off-season.

While Brad and Jimmie didn’t spend a lot of time together, it was nice to hear about Jimmie’s skiing adventures with the family. Brad was fine on the details, not sharing much but that he and Juliette simply spent some much needed time together as the season normally gets busy.

“On that note, I was wanting to ask you guys something,” Brad then starts as he looks between the three drivers. “Juliette and I have grown really close. I was thinking of proposing to her. I have permission from her brother and best friend, since her parents died when she was 14. It’s just planning how to propose.” Brad had been debating a couple ideas, but hadn’t narrowed it down to a single idea quite yet. He figured he could draw on some inspiration from his fellow drivers.

“I did mine while I was on a trip,” Jimmie starts, remembering how he proposed to Chandra. “After we had been dating for a year, I took Chani on a snowboard trip to Colorado. I then asked her when we were at the top of one of the hills. She didn’t believe at first that I was serious, even when I mentioned the photographer. But she said yes.”

“You don’t have to do the big trip, though,” Kurt offers. “You guys are really close and seem that have that quiet bond together where you don’t do a lot of big trips and such.” Brad wanted to rip right into that, but decided that it’d be best to keep things where they were. He didn’t need the friends getting curious as it was enough explaining things to Dale and Joey. “You could do the classic proposal in a restraint. Take the ring with you and offer it someway over dinner, or ask to give a toast and do it that way. Everybody is always going for these big proposals, when a romantic idea could be something so simple.”

“How did you turn into the ultra romance type?” Matt wonders with a slight chuckle. “IT seems odd considering everything with – let’s just not go there, okay?” Matt then looks over at Brad. “As far as proposing goes, do what fits your relationship. Don’t try and do something that’s not true to who you guys are, but still special enough. Is there a place that has a special meaning? Is there some way that you can symbolize it together?” An immediate smile forms on Brad’s face upon Matt’s suggestion as to what he could do.

“I think I have an idea of what to do.” He had the special symbolizing ring. It was just a matter of putting the rest of the pieces together.


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