The Mysterious Puppies – Chapter 55: Proposal…

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“As far as proposing goes, do what fits your relationship. Don’t try and do something that’s not true to who you guys are, but still special enough. Is there a place that has a special meaning? Is there some way that you can symbolize it together?”

Those exact words from Matt Kenseth continued to ring through Brad’s mind in the week that followed as he thought about the possibilities. What was a special place that meant more than anything to them? What would fit their extreme relationship?

He remembered when they first met. It was at JR Motorsports in Kelley’s office. She was hired as a new public relations representative with the company after having completed her schooling. He was just hired recently to drive for the organization full-time. Kelley had set up the meeting for them to meet and get to know each other on working terms before the first race of the season.

He could still recall walking in the office that day, taking one glance at her and immediately smiling. She was certainly pretty, and there was something about her that had his senses tingling immediately. He could even recall the furs on his back starting to stand on end, wanting to sniff her to bits as there was just something. It was probably the vampire in her as he looks back now.

Though, beyond that, she was extremely beautiful and speaking with her, he could tell that she was smart, sweet and kind. They just seemed to click immediately. They both didn’t put up with bullshit lately, and were very truthful. It made for a very quick, forthcoming friendship. Perhaps that’s why he spit out that he had a crush on her only two months into the season.

They both confessed that they liked each other, but were worried about forth coming with the relationship. They were both in their first year with JR Motorsports. they didn’t want to screw their business lives up with mixing in some feelings. However, it was too much to hold back and so it came out easily. As they noted, it was a great time together, but yet they managed to drift apart.

Brad couldn’t even recall the reason now that he was looking back. Either way, he was glad that they found each other again. He always knew that she’d hold a special place in his heart.

“I can’t do it at JR Motorsports,” he comments to himself. “That’d just be awkward.”

Though as he thought it over some more, he knew of a place. It was a place that they realized the truth about each other. It was a place where everything came out of desperation out of everything.

He knew what he needed to do.

He had been busy doing work from the cabin, but knew that he needed to actually check in with the guys at both BKR and Penske. He did this at least a couple times a week, getting Yolanda to help him with the trip. Though, today, he decided to take a new approach.

“You should come with me,” he tells Juliette as he puts his laptop in his bag. “You should come see Paul and Joey. They miss you and haven’t seen you in months. They know the truth so…” She shrugged her shoulders. It’d perhaps be a good idea.

“But how are we going to make this work?” She asks and Brad immediately smiled, plan thought out in his mind already.

“Don’t worry – I have this covered.”

They made their way from the cabin – after a lengthy goodbye and promise for updates from Danny and Yolanda – to the BKR shop. Yolanda hid out while Brad made his rounds inside, speaking to each of the crew chiefs and drivers. There was a lot excitement at the current time in having two young, talented drivers in the fold. With Tyler’s solid campaign the year before, everybody was hopeful for championship contention once again and possibly a championship.

Following the trip to BKR, they made their way to Penske – Brad took the conventional route inside through the front door, while Juliette used her flying abilities to go into Brad’s office through the open window. He made sure the blinds were closed, and allowed her to relax inside.

After about an hour had passed and he had done the appropriate meetings, both Paul and Joey stopped by to see Juliette. The experience was met with hugs, the typical catch-up discussion and wishes to see Melody soon. Juliette promised them both that the first race she was able to attend, they’d both be allowed to hold her.

Following a good lengthy discussion and a solid lunch, the boys left, leaving the couple to themselves. Juliette spun around in the chair, eyes locking on Brad.

“Anymore duties today for our superstar?” She asks with a smile as Brad sits on the edge on the desk, facing her. He knew it was now or never if he wanted his plan to fall into place perfectly.

“Do you remember the first time that we were up here together?” He wonders and she shakes her head with a smiling.

“There’s no way that I could forget that first moment together. I remember standing here before you, giving you the biggest bomb shell of your life. I remember the look on your face. You were so shocked when I said, ‘I’m a vampire. A real life vampire’.” Brad laughs as he remembered the look that he gave her in return. In reality, he wasn’t as shocked as he played it, though. He just didn’t want to suspect her side.

“I was shocked, but not as shocked I acted. I acted human shocked, but figured it was a possibility as I had heard of vampires from my parents.” Juliette could only wonder now what was going through Brad’s mind in reality, based on his parents, considering what they had said when they first met her.

“Why are you bringing it up?” He smiles as he stands up and walks over to her.

“I was just seeing, that’s all. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind going thru the woods like we did before.” She smiles as she remembered using the method of flight as proof, over her first thought in simply biting him.

“I actually thought of biting you and changing you into a vampire. I supposed being a werewolf that wouldn’t had worked, but rather striked an attack. Good instincts, perhaps.” She then stands up and faces him. “So you like flying, huh?” He shakes his head yes as he holds her hand out. “Fine, but just because you want this.”

“I can’t believe I trust you to do this now….” She laughs as she thinks back to that first flight.


Juliette then takes a deep breath as she holds out her hand, hoping that the more he saw the light, the more willing he’d be to listen to her. “Brad, please take my hand and trust me. Let me show you.” Brad looked towards her and locked eyes with her. There was no way he could deny her any longer. It was now or never to learn the truth.

“I told you from day one that I’d always love and trust you. I trust you….” Brad then places his hand in her palm, closing his eyes, feeling a flash of fear enter his being as to what could possibly take place next. His eyes glanced open for a quick second as he watched her reach for the window, sliding it open.

Then, without another pause, his feet began to lift off the ground. He held on to her hand tighter, feeling his own weight become less and less as it felt almost as though he was beginning to float.

Once again, without warning, his body thrusted forward into the air, through the small crack and cross the parking lot into the trees that lied below. The entire time, he couldn’t believe the sensation that he was feeling. A cool rush of wind, freedom, disbelief, dream state – wanting to pinch himself.

Before he knew it, his feet were back on even ground as they were standing between a pair of trees, facing each other. He pinched himself at landing, wanting to double check that it was real. As he faced the woman before him, a smile could only find its way to his mouth as he felt stunned. He glanced up towards the window, before letting his eyes return back to their current spot, seeing the distance that they had traveled in that short amount of time.


The pair land between the trees once again this time, facing each other as they did before. Rather than a look of shock, there was calmness on Brad’s face as he looked into her eyes.

“You told me at the time that this was a lot to take in and to take my time, while offering to answering any question that I had,” Brad starts. “My biggest was whether we could be together with me being a werewolf. But yet, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you due to everybody saying that we shouldn’t be together, as per my parents. I wanted to make it work. I didn’t want to scare you, so I kept quiet. I’m sorry…” Juliette shakes her head, understanding. She felt the same fear in hearing hat he was a werewolf at first, having been through the experience with Jason.

“I understand. I can relate to the fear in having told you that I was vampire while thinking you were a simple human. There’s no need to apologize now. It’s all worked out.” She then closes the gap between them.  “Brad, why are you apologizing now?”

“I’ve always wanted you to know that. I also want you to know that I meant what I told you – it was new and strange, but I still loved you. I’ve always loved you, even when we weren’t together. Even when you pushed me away. I’ve always wanted to be with you, and now I want to make it official.” He then pulls a small gray box out of his pocket as he kneels down on one knee, popping it open. “Juliette Daniels, will you marry me?”


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    1. We’ll just have to wait and see whom holds the baby at the wedding. It’s a long while off, though. There’s certainly other things that will be on the mind first in the name of wedding plan…..that’s even if she says yes 😉


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