Rekindling – Chapter 7

Clock on the dash says 3:35
There’s plenty of gas and the night’s still alive


They both ride it out, laying there flopped out on the bed afterwards.

“That was everything and more,” Ryan comments as he looks over at her, in which she simply smiles in return as she rolls over to face him.

“That was worth every bit of waiting, might I add,” she adds. “They say that distance and space makes love go fonder, and I think I have to agree. Thank you for being patient with me.” He smiles as he leans in and kisses her lips.

“It was well worth it. I’m glad that we still have that magic as we call it.” She then laughs as she mulls it over.

“Given how much of a mess we’ve created on these blankets and ourselves, I say that we may end up with something more to celebrate in a couple of months.” Ryan’s eyes lit up with the possible thought of her being pregnant. It was certainly one that caused them both to light up with a magical sense in knowing that it was a slim possibility months ago.

“I hope that you’re on to something….and as far as this mess, I don’t mind it all. As long as I’m with you, that’s all that matters.”

He then glances at the clock, seeing how it’s still early in the afternoon, meaning that they had the rest of the evening and night to spend with each other, interrupted, however they wanted. Knowing the feelings that they were both experiencing, it’d probably include more sex, as well as some precious cuddles. Regardless, it felt nice to have his Devon back.

“I think it’s time that I help you clean that up,” he says, standing up with a smile. He then holds it out his hand, helping her up off of the bed as they look into each other’s eyes.

“You don’t have some plan up your sleeve, do you?” She wonders and he shakes his head no.

“I just have an open afternoon, evening and night, and am willing to spend it with my girl however she may please. That could include more of the same, or something else. I don’t care what the activity is, as long we’re together.” She smiles as she takes him by the hand, and leads him to the bathroom.

“So there’s no plan about the fact that we’re heading to the bathroom together, naked?” He shakes his head no as he shuts the door behind them, not that it mattered as they were home by himself with no interruptions expected for the day.

“Nope. I just figured that it’d be nice to clean up. If anything else happens, then let it happen.” She then glances back with a wink as she turns on the tap.

“Just make sure that you are careful and don’t slip, please. I don’t want to have to explain that to Jack.” He then laughs as he waits for her adjust the water.

“Duty noted. I don’t think I’d want to explain that to the boss, either.”


The End

Stay tuned for the next story in the series, titled “The Journey”, in which will follow Ryan and Devon for the 2016 race season 😀


Rekindling – Chapter 6

Gonna make the most of every mile
Do anything to make your smile
Land on my lips
Get drunk on your kiss


“Excited to get home?” Amanda questions as she glances over at Ryan. He had officially gone and done the required appearance, and was now on his way home, thanks to a lift from his PR rep Amanda. He couldn’t wait to return home and be back in the arms of his lovely fiancé, dreading the past 24 hours without her.

“Is it that obvious?” He asks and Amanda shakes her head yes with a laugh.

“It’s okay – puppy love is a great thing. It’s nice to see you both so happy, and close with each other. I was honestly worried after everything that happened.” Ryan couldn’t agree more, as he did have his moments when she’d pull from him some. However, seeing how she’d always turn to him, and how they were able to grow back closer over the past week before he took the trip, it was reassuring.

“They say that tough moments can you make you stronger as an individual, and as a pair. I guess we’re a good example of that.” Amanda couldn’t help but smile in response as she pulled into the driveway.

“I will see you tomorrow at the shop. Make sure you stop by my office as I have a couple things to go over with you.” Ryan shakes his head, accepting, having grown used to that with Amanda.

“Thanks for the ride home.” He then climbs out of her Ford Focus, grabbing his bag out of the back for heading up to the front door of the house. He takes out his key, and slips it in the keyhole, turning the handle and heading inside. “Devon?”

He sets his bag down by the door, slipping off his sweater and shoes. He knew that he could take the bag upstairs and unpack things, but decided that he’d rather spend time with Devon instead. Some cuddles and discussions, perhaps some kisses, could do him well in erasing the losing feeling.

“I’m in the bedsroom!” She calls out from the bedsroom, as she laid sprawled out on the bed. She figured he would’ve headed there right away given that he’d need to unload his bag.

Ryan makes his way through the house, heading to the bedsroom. He glances in the room and immediately, his jaw drops as he notices the brunette sprawled across the bed.

Devon looks back with a simple smile, letting her hair drape around her face, showcasing the curves of her cheeks amongst the curls of the hair. The girls had debated putting it up and going fancy, but decided that wouldn’t be worth it with what was to come.

As she stood up and walked towards him, Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off of her body. She had chosen to go to with a red dress that only came down to just past her slit. The dress showed off her curves correctly, hugging her body all the way around and down from top to bottom. Ryan’s eyes caught the top of the dress, seeing how it showed some of her breasts, with the top riding just below the top of them.

“I missed you,” she simply comments as she walks right up to him. She then wraps an arm around him, pulling him close. “The entire time that you were gone, I couldn’t get my mind off of you, or the conversation that we had. It seemed to be the perfect magic to rekindle a certain spirit in me, as all I could think about was your sweetness, your sexiness and the fun that we could have together.” She then kisses his lips, letting the passion fly without holding anything back.

“Are you sure about this?” Ryan manages to squeeze in between kisses as she pushes him back up against the wall.

“Ryan, there’s a lot of things that I questions till in my life, but there’s one thing I know for sure – I love you so much, and I want this with you more than ever. I want to forget the pain that I know, and remember the joy that I feel with you.” Every comment, combined with the outfit of choice, had him breaking down the barriers of resistance, wanting to cave and immediately go in for the kill. But yet, his worries and discussions of chances in hurting her, still lingered in his mind and he didn’t want to push too early.

“I’m only doing this if you’re certain that you’re rea-”

“I’m ready.” She then moves back far enough to look straight in his eyes. “I’m ready so will you please stop stuttering and help me?” That was all Ryan needed to hear as he pulls her back close, kissing her lips.

“You don’t know how much I have missed this and need you…”

“I need you too, baby…”

“But let’s take it slow…” He then reaches around her back, undoing the zipper before slipping off the top of her dress and watching it fall to the floor. “I like the new dress, by the way. I’m sorry to have put it on the floor so quickly and pote-”

“Stop worrying.” She then keeps him pinned back against the wall, as she slips off his t-shirt before running her heads down her chest.

“Are you sure that you’re ready for this?” He hated to continue asking, but couldn’t help but shake the nagging feeling that was left there.

“Of course. I’ve been ready since our discussion before you left.” She then moves her hands down his body, running the tip of one of her fingers around the button on his jeans.

“I just want to make sure.” She was getting annoyed of the question already, but understood. It was why she had taken time in making sure that she was ready for this.

“I know, and I love that about you. I love how you’re always here for me, always willing to take care of me and willing to protect me no matter what.” She then pops the button on his jeans, letting them fall to the ground.

“It’s because I love you so much, always and forever.” He then kisses her lips as she runs her fingers around his waist, feeling the fears and resistance fading away, and being traded with the temptation and thirst that it seemed Ryan always brought out in her.

“Then what are we waiting for?” She then runs her fingers down his cock, as he lets out a moan.

“I don’t know…” She then looks into his eyes, kissing his lips lightly as she rubs his cock gently, feeling it harden to her touch.

“Seems like your manly hood needs me.” Ryan wanted to burst out and tell her just how much, but still held back in fear that they’d be frozen at some point by her worry.

“I need you…badly…” She then keeps her gaze locked on his.

“Well then take me baby…”

“That’d be my pleasure.” He then picks her up and lays her back on the bed, gently, before climbing on top of her and going inside of her. He then begins to thrust gently, capturing himself in the moment but not wanting to hurt her by going too quick, too early.

“Ryan…” The moan escapes her body, without much control as she is further lost in the moment.


“Oh God baby…”

Rekindling – Chapter 5

Gonna cuss the morning when it comes
Cause I know that the rising sun
Ain’t no good for me


Following the shower together, the pair headed to the bedsroom together, laying down in the bed with their eyes focused on each other.

Ryan had been careful with the steps that he had taken thus far, slowly closing the gap, growing more comfort with each one. He didn’t want to push it and ruin the progress that he had made between them. It was all about finding the magic, reassuring her and rekindling the fire that they once knew.

Though a glance over her shoulder at the clock revealed that it was already quarter after one in the morning. He could only let out a sigh, knowing that meant about six more hours before morning when he had to fly out to do a sponsor appearance. If only he could buy himself more time with her…

“You’re thinking of something,” Devon cuts in his thoughts as he lets out a sigh.

“I don’t want this to end,” he offers. “I want to lay here for hours upon hours, spending time with you, kissing your lips, and enjoy the love that we have for each other. However, six more hours and I will be boarding a plane to fly across the country.” She hated to see have to leave, either. She had been planning on going with him, though still wasn’t comfortable with going out too much, especially that far. With that said, she had planned a girl’s day and night with Shelby and a couple others while Ryan was gone.

“It’s only for two days, and then you’ll be home once again.” She then closes the space up that was between them, lying closer to him than she was before. “Then we’ll be back here together and can continue what we’ve started.” She then wraps an arm around his neck. “And perhaps we can take another step further.” She then pulls him closer, kissing his lips once again.

“I’ll be open for that, as long as you’re comfortable.” She then smiles as she looks into his eyes.

“Ryan, you don’t need to worry about that. I am comfortable here in your arms and I know that I can trust you. I can also assure you that I’m taking things at the speed that I can handle.” He shakes his head, glad of that reason. At times, it had him frustrated, but a deep breath and realizing just deeply he loved her made him realize that it was all for the right reason.

“As long as you know that, and know that I’ll never hurt you, that’s all that I need to know.” She smiles as she kisses his lips once again.

“I’ve always known that deep down. It’s just been hard to bring myself to have you touch me.” She then takes a deep breath. “Every time I think of a hand on a certain body part, or a certain feeling, it flashes my mind back to what happened. Though, slowly, with each touch, I’m realizing that there is no way to connect the pair of them together.”

“Anything that feels uncomfortable, you just say the word and I will immediately stop. I don’t ever want to push those boundaries.” She shakes her head, trusting Ryan with his word. If he could hold back and allow her to go about this at her pace, it showed enough commitment to go forth with that step.

“I know I’ve said it a ton of times, but I cannot thank you enough. I can’t thank you for the patience that you’ve shown. I can’t thank you for how you’ve helped me grow, and shown me love. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a second chance. I just can’t say it enough.” He smiles as he was used to these spells from her, but they weren’t needed. There was a reason that he had done all of those things, and that boiled down to one single thing.

“I did it all because of how much I love and care about you. I know the sweet side of you, Devon, and I want to be there to reach, touch it and enjoy it. As much as those crazed sex night, and the pressure to rekindle everything back to that is there, I also cherish simple moments like this in having conversation. It’s nice to have someone that I can lay my heart on the line to, and is there to support me no matter what.” A smile forms on her face as it was nice to hear that in return. Love was something that didn’t happen much in her life, and it was nice to know that despite all trials, it hadn’t changed one single bit.

“I love spending time with you. You let me be myself and do my own thing. You inspire others to do things beyond belief.  You are one of the most sweetest kindest people that I know. You’re always pushing the boundaries. Most of all, I also believe in you and what you can do on any given Saturday afternoon. I’m going to say this once and only once, but I think I may get to celebrate with you some this season in a big way.” Ryan knew what she meant by those words. He knew that the competition would be tough, and the new Chase format would present a unique challenge. However, as he put the ices together, he knew that he had a team that could possibly contend.

“No promises, but I will try to do you proud.”

“Ryan, you don’t have to do anything to make me proud. I’m proud of you everyday for what you’ve done in accomplishing your dream, pushing the limits and doing this. You don’t need to do any special to make me prouder.”

With each comment back and forth, it seemed that the barriers were falling and she felt herself willing to accomplish taking the next step forward. It was a thought that she went to sleep with that night, and knew that she had to work something up with the girls on that note.

Rekindling – Chapter 4

I’m set on cruise control
I’m slowly losing hold
Of everything I got
You’re looking so damn hot


Once they had arrived home, their eyes locked on each other, simply sharing a smile without any words as they both got out of the truck. They then headed inside, as she glanced back at him.

“Are you coming?” She asks as he looks at her surprised. “What?”

“Ladies first,” he offers. “You can go get a shower first to warm up, get some cozy pajamas and then I will get mine.” She shakes her head no as she grabs his hand and pulls him close.

“Ryan, you’re not sitting around in wet clothes as you’re going to get a cold. I think it would be best if we both got in the shower together so we could warm up and then get cozy.” Ryan was caught off-guard by her comment. There was a unique shyness to her through the process of healing from what happened. Though now here she stood, sounding like the girl that he had fallen in love – leader and powerful, set to get what she wanted. It reminded him of the many nights where they found themselves tangled up in the sheets.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you’re not just doing this because of our discussion and feeling ba-”

“I’m 100% certain so you better start marching your ass up those stairs.” She didn’t have to say another word as he quickly followed her up the steps and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

The actions that followed were easy and like a flew of motions without emotion – strip out of clothes, setting them aside to go in the wash, followed by her turning the water on. They waited till it hit the perfect temperature before climbing in together.

Without a thought, he simply wrapped his arms around her bare shoulders, rubbing them as they stood underneath the warm water together. It felt nice to have this closeness together. From the moment that her attack happened, he wondered if they’d ever get back to this stance. He kept wondering, and even asking Elliott time and time again.

“Give her time,” Elliott kept telling him. “Give her time to heal and she’ll come to you when the time is right. She trusts you because she can tell you anything that is on her mind. That is the first step. You can tell that she loves you because of how much she wants you to be around. That is the second step. When she feels comfortable, everything will return to normal.”

At times, it was hard to believe those words were true – but yet here they stood, heading back to those sweet moments that they knew before. What if things could simply move forward easily?

As Ryan rejoiced in the moment, the feeling was starting to wash over Devon, slowly.

Since the attack, she had tense, closed, not wanting to feel anymore pain ever again. She was afraid to feel the simple thing called love, because she didn’t want to have her walls shattered again. She was afraid to show her skin and body, not wanting to share the scars that were left from had happened.

Though feeling his tender hands on her shoulders, followed by his soft lips, she found herself losing control. She found the boundaries that she had put up coming down, one by one, just like he had done before. He taught her love when she was lost after her parents, and here he was teaching her love once again.

There were few people that she’d do anything for, but he was certainly one of them with how much that he had done for her.

Slowly, she turns around in his arms and faces him, kissing his lips, lightly, tenderly. There was part of her that was craving him deeply, wanting to just take over and take everything. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do that – the pain was stopping her. She knew that, for her sake, she had to take it slowly. First came the touching, and now the light face-to-face kisses.

“I love you so much,” she tells him as she wraps her arms around his body and holds him as close as possible. “I love you…”

“I love you, just as much, as I’ve always,” he replies as he looks into her eyes. “I’d do anything for you, and I’d wait till forever it that was needed. I told you I was here for the long run and I meant it.”

“I know, but I have to admit – I’ve missed this, and I’m glad that I’m brought back to it. Thank you.” She then lays her head against his chest as he runs his hands through her hair, untangling it.


Rekindling – Chapter 3

You got your hands up
You’re rocking in my truck
You got the radio on
You’re singing every song

Sitting in the barn together, the pair sat on the ground and ate the meal with ease. They discussed a couple of things, from some of her lingering feelings to Ryan’s worries.

“I just….I didn’t want to push it and hurt you,” he offers. “I saw that you were hurting and it was tough on you. I just didn’t want to push you into doing something that you were uncomfortable with. I wanted to sit and wait and be patient.” She then shakes her head as she listens.

“And where has that gotten us?” She questions as he shrugs his shoulders.

“It’s better than hurting you, because I don’t think I could live with doing that to you. I love you, and want to do everything to protect and love you. One of those things includes being patient here.” She then glances into his eyes.

“But there’s something else in those eyes….” He shakes his head, knowing the feelings that he has felt.

“It’s been hard to be patient. I miss those cuddles. I miss the make-out sessions. I miss the nights we’d get in the big tub together with bubbles and relax. I missed those long nights where we were totally open with each other. It’s been hard – not as hard as when we first met, but it’s been hard. However, it’s nothing in relation to what you went through so I knew that I could handle it.” Her eyes glance down towards the ground as she lets out a small sigh.

“I guess I could’ve been a little more open and accepting. I should know that you won’t hurt me.” She then slowly looks back up into his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He then reaches out for her hand.

“You have nothing to apologize for. It’s not your fault for what happened, or how you’ve felt afterwards. It’s natural, and it’s okay. Like everything thus far, we will work our way through it – as we are here.” She believed those words. It was odd sometimes with Ryan. Before, she was scared of opening her heart, and letting feelings affect her. Before, she would shy away and not let anything touch her. Though there was something about the way that he was with her that it helped bring everything out, good or bad. It seemed she was finding that quality once again tonight as she kept her eyes locked on his.

“I want to remember how good it was. I want to go back to that.” He then lightly grabs her other hand, holding them both together.

“I’m willing to show you, only if you’re ready.” She then shakes her head yes as he leans in and slowly kisses her lips, before pulling back. “If at anytime you want me to stop, you know how to do so. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m not scared…and your lips taste wonderful tonight.” She then keeps him held close with her own hands as he leans in and places another kiss on their lips.

Just as they were getting into the groove for a good make-out session, the skies opened up, and no wonder it was an abandoned barn as there was water leaking in from all directions. They both then scurried up as quickly as they could, running to the truck and getting inside of it. Devon then looked over at Ryan, and simply laughed in seeing how soaked he looked. Though a glance in the mirror and she felt the same feeling, in seeing how soaked she had gotten.

“I still think you’re the most incredible, beautiful lady that I’ve seen,” he offers and leans in to kiss her lips.

“Even with my hair a total mess, tangled and messed up?” She asks and he shakes his head yes.

“It’s not about how you look on the outside – even though you are very beautiful, it’s all about what’s in here.” He then places his hand on her chest. “I fell in love with you during those early moments for this. I fell in love for you for the passion that you had. I fell in love because under that hard exterior, I knew there was a sweet person that would be perfect for me. That’s what truly matters.” He then pulls the keys out of his pocket.

“What are you doing? We escaped to get back to us. This is only part of th-”

“We can continue once we get home and are dried off. I don’t want you to get sick.” He then puts the key in the ignition, starting the truck up and pulls out of the driveway. The radio then comes on as she starts humming the tune to herself.

It makes me wanna go back in time, I know you remember when you and I, didn’t give a damn and we would go all night, 19 in 99.” Ryan rolls his eyes as he hears her sing out loud, though had to admire her voice. “What?”

“I just never thought you’d be singing this song.” She then looks at him surprised.

“You’re surprised. I am 24 now. Back when I was a teenager, the Backstreet Boys were the band to listen to and Nick Carter was the heart throb of America. Just because I have grown older doesn’t mean I don’t listen to his new music.” He just shook his head in disbelief. “What? Seriously?”

“So you’re a pop girl?” She then lets out a sigh.

“Right…I forgot that wasn’t the coolest thing to be doing in front of a racecar driver, who probably either listens to hip hop or country. You can put on Luke Bryan if you want. I don’t mind that at all as I can sing that, too.” He then smiles as he flips the radio station.

“By the way, you have a nice voice.” She smiles as she grabs on to his hand. He gives her a simple glance and a small smile, before focusing back on the road ahead.

The sooner they got home, the better.

Rekindling – Chapter 2: Heading Out

I’m so glad you trusted me
To slide up on this dusty seat
And let your hair down
Get out of town
Got the stars coming out over my hood
And all I know now is it’s going good


Devon relaxes back in the seat and glances over at Ryan with a simple smile, before returning her eyes back to the road. She had no idea where they were going, or what he had in mind. It was fine, though, as she trusted him, just as she had over the past year with ease. He would do anything for her, and nothing to hurt her, and that’s all her heart needed to know to trust him.

“Do I have to keep my hair up for what you have planned?” She wonders and he shakes his head no. She then lets out a sigh, immediately pulling the hair tie out of her hair as it falls down her back.

It had been an issue to put her hair up before they headed out. Her hair didn’t want to co-operate and she had to pull the tie a little tighter than she wanted, which was why it was starting to pull slightly. There was a reason why she normally left her hair down all the time.

“Better?” Ryan asks with a grin, knowing that she wasn’t one for doing herself up fancy when it came to her hair. She shakes her head yes with a smile in return. “Remember that for the wedding. I don’t care if you don’t do a fancy do or such, as long as you are happy with your dress and how we decide to plan that day out together.”

“That’s a deal,” she answers as her mind immediately enters a flutter of thoughts. She never saw herself as getting married. She never thought of a wedding, or where she’d want to have one or how to plan it. What if she completely froze up with the decisions? What if everything was a disaster as a result? She knew that she shouldn’t worry as she’d have Karla and others around her to help, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t feeling a tad bit nervous now. It was time to change the topic. “So, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” Ryan hadn’t told her any details, or the fact that there was a picnic basket in the back of the truck, packed with treats for the evening. It was just about letting everything fall in place with them finding their destination, and the experience.

“Don’t I get a single clue?” He thought of possible things that he could tell her to hold her off, but then knew that’d be wrong. He wanted to truly surprise her with everything in mind.

“You’ll see.” Rather than trying once again, she looked back outside, noticing how the sun was pretty much set and the stars were starting to shine brighter than ever. As they drove further away from the city and into the country, it helped enhance the image and made her heart melt more than she would’ve admitted. At least the drive to the location was nice. “Besides, I think we’re almost there.”

She was caught off-guard by his comment as he turned onto a smaller narrow dirt road, driving up it and past a gate that was up the ways. She glanced back before looking over at him and then back forward.

Where were they going?

“A friend of mine owns the land before you ask,” he tells her as he pulls up to a barn. He then shuts the truck off and looks over at her. “I know it’s been difficult for us since everything that happened. I know that you’re trying hard to move on piece by piece, and I understand. Take your time and do everything as you want to, as you feel comfortable. I’m here for you along the way. I just thought that it’d be nice for us to get away and have some quiet, personal time to ourselves.”

“I think I’d like that,” she tells him before they both get out of the truck. He then grabs the picnic basket and blanket out of the back of the truck before leading her into the empty barn.

She knew that it’d be difficult since everything that happened. It’d be hard on herself to not feel comfortable in a close sense to Ryan due to everything; it was even harder to know that he was probably missing that, as well. She’d give anything in the world to make all that immediately go away.

Slowly, it had gotten better noticeably. She was able to cuddle to him, share quick kisses, and be real close without the lingering nerves. It now just about that next step and she didn’t know if she was ready.

Perhaps some quiet time and relaxation with him would be the perfect answer.

Rekindling – Chapter 1: The Idea

Girl I know I don’t know you
But your pretty little eyes so blue
Are pulling me in
Like the moon on your skin



Ryan couldn’t help but look back and realize that the past year or so had been a rollercoaster ride, professionally and non-professionally. There was no way that he could the ups and downs of the NASCAR season, from winning at Daytona to the mid-season struggles. But that wasn’t his focus right now.


Love was the focus on his mind.


He hadn’t been looking for love. He was more so solely focused on having a good time, spending time with friends and focusing on his budding racing career. However, then came that day at the autograph session and when his eyes laid upon hers, the thought was out of the picture. He was immediately intrigued and found himself having a deep new profound interest in a girl.


There was no way that he could’ve known that she would take him on the ride that she took him on through the beginning months, with the incredible sexual tension together and his first time, to the games that he found out she played. In a moment one of the most irresistible girls had become someone that he couldn’t believe.


Love conquers all.


He had heard the saying many times through the years, but never believed it. In this instance, though, he learned it to be the truth. A formal confession from her, and explanation that this time things had changed from a game to true love, and boom they were back to where they were.


He had to admit – it took longer than eh wanted to find the trust in each other again, solely from his part, but he couldn’t blame himself too much for that based on how things started. Though in time, they were able to build it back up and form the couple that he could’ve only dreamed off originally.


Of course, life isn’t a bed of roses, and for Ryan, he found the hand that was dealt in the worst way possible. There was no predicting what they went through that past fall, in the trouble that they ran into with his father. As he thought back, just thinking of what Winston did to her had him sick to his stomach. How could a father do such a thing like that? How could a father violate his own daughter? It just didn’t seem natural at all.


Since then, it’d be a small step-by-step process in helping Devon move forward beyond that, in healing both physically and mentally. She had healed physically for the most part, jus baring a couple scars that were not there before. Mentally, though, there was still some ways to go.


As they entered the new year, they had everything that they wanted as a couple, except one thing – close, comfortable love. They’d have a couple cuddles when she was comfortable and some kisses, but no make-out sessions or sexy nights like before. It was something that Ryan missed deeply, but wanted to patient. He didn’t want to push Devon before she was ready with everything that happened. When she was ready, they would rekindle that magic.


That time to rekindle the magic was now, as she had told him in a heart-to-heart discussion in explaining her feelings with everything. He easily accepted, carefully, and then kicked the planning gears into overdrive. If they were going to rekindle magic of that kind, then they might as well do it in an extra special way.


Looking over at her and taking in the light blue dress that flowed down every inch of her body, to go along with the blue sparkling eyes that had lured him in the beginning, she was everything that he could dream of. In return, he had dressed sexy with a pair of jeans and a nice button-down dress shirt to match the dress. It wasn’t a necessary for what they were going to do, but might as well go all the way.


He then held out his hand, in which she easily accepted with a smile. Spinning her around, he then spins her towards him and kisses her lips lightly.


“I love you,” he tells her. “At anytime tonight, if there’s anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell me and we’ll stop right there. I don’t want to rush into this if you’re not ready.” She simply shakes her head, accepting as she lightly kisses his lips back in return.


“I love you too, and appreciate your patience and caring.”


They then separate from their hug and head out the front door together, holding hands, set for the night ahead.