A Proposal – Chapter 7

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Early January 2016 


Let’s take it slow, I don’t wanna move too fast
I don’t wanna just make love, I wanna make love last
When you’re up this high, it’s a sad goodbye


While the original plans had been to simply cuddle till his flight in the early morning hours, there were other things that were going through both of their minds. Emma knew that she couldn’t go a whole week without feeling him close to her, especially so closely after the most magical moment of their life – engagement.

Knowing his eyes were focused on her, as he wanted to mesmerize her beauty before leaving, she slowly let her fingers trail down her chest, slowly undoing each button, one by one after each other.

“Was sleeping even in your plans?” He asks and she simply smiles. It seemed that they were both already on the same page, without a method to the madness announced.

“Is there a problem with that?” She questions and he shakes his head no.

“Why didn’t you do this sooner?” The only thing that was flooding through his mind as he mentioned the words – time. Glancing at the clock behind her, it seemed that in the flip of some hours and minutes, he’d be on the plane and off to Canada for the week.

“Cause I wasn’t sure whether you wanted to celebrate by cuddling, or otherwise.” He knew that explanation was a load of crap since they both knew their ways.

“I think you know the answer to that as soon as you stated it.” She laughs, shaking her head as the answer was obvious. Was there any other way to celebrate an engagement?

“So what are you going to do now that I held out for awhile?” He contemplated the ideas, but knew that none of them would be fair for the situation because for that night, all that mattered was each other and love. “Besides, I may want to go get some cake instead.” She then goes to leave the bed, though he grabs her hand, causing her to lock eyes with his. There was no way that he was being stood up in this moment for cake.

“Now now, it’s not nice to be a tease, Ms. Blaney.” She then chuckles as she sees the playfulness in his eyes.

“Now now, it’s not nice to drop a ring on a girl’s finger and then leave the country.” He could let out a sigh in hearing that response. It certainly made him feel more guilty about how things had come together. However, he couldn’t wait a whole week to ask her later.

“I told you my reasons for doing that. Besides, distance lets the heart grow fonder. It’ll just make things even more sweeter than we reunite.” He then leans towards her, kissing her lips lightly. Perhaps increasing the temptation could distract away from conversation, and more towards action.

“I have heard that before…”

“We can prove it’s true….or not….”

“And if it isn’t?” He then smiles as he looks into her eyes – this was simpler than he thought.

“That’s why I am doing this tonight the way that I am.” He then wraps both arms around her, kissing her lips with even more passion than before. He figured a simple increase in the passion would allow that temptation to easily grow.

“Lance….” She tries to catch her breath afterwards, not believing he amount of passion that she felt. She knew that he loved her and could kiss her lips in a dear fashion, but that wasn’t expected.

“I’ve told you so many times that I love you…” He then kisses her lips once again.

“I just wasn’t expecting that…or this…” He then smiles as he brushes a bit of hair out of her eyes.

“I love you so much. That’s why I asked you to marry me. That’s why I am cuddling here with you. That’s why I kissed you so passionately. That’s why I want to do this tonight….and I want to do it the right way – fair, meaningful, slow, passionately.” He then kisses her lips once again as her hands find their way underneath his shirt, slowly pulling it off. Once the shirt is thrown aside, he wraps his arms around her, kissing her shoulder. She lays her head back slightly, allowing him to work the kisses up her neck, followed by more on the lips. A trail of kisses would certainly be something to hold on while she awaited his return. “I love you, Lance. You’re special to me all the time.”

“Awe you are special to me too…” A twirl finds his eyes as the kisses were all great, but he knew that he wanted to make most of the time that they had before he had to leave.

“Well then let me show you just how special you are…” He then pins her back down against the bed.


“So, you promise to text me as soon as you know when you’re leaving Toronto so I can meet you here?” She asks as they reach the airport in the early hours of the morning.

“I promise,” he tells her, before kissing her lips. “I also promise to text you each day, and call you each night as well. Don’t worry – the week will be done before you think so.” He then gives her one final kiss before heading inside the airport to catch his flight.

Glancing at her ring, she could only help but smile.

It felt nice to be so in love. It felt nice to be engaged. It felt nice to have a sweet moment together before he left.

Taking a deep breath, she knew that the week would probably go faster than her heart felt it would.


The End


Be sure to stay tuned for the sequel “A Season’s Quest”, which will focus on Lance’s second full year in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driving for Brad Keselowski Racing, while dating Emma Blaney.



A Proposal – Chapter 6

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Early January 2016

I really hate to let this moment go
Touching your skin, and your hair falling slow
When a goodbye kiss, feels like this

Laying there beside each other, the pair let out a long sigh and smile with a glance towards each other. It felt great to be there together. It felt great to be have woven through the sheets as they did together. It felt even better to be engaged together.

“Happy engagement,” he offers as he takes the ring out of the box, and slips it on her finger.

“Thank you,” she replies as she leans in and kisses his lips afterwards. “It feels amazing to be this close to you. Who knew…” He simply smiles in response as he runs a hand through her hair.

“I figured that I’d make tonight special together before I headed off.” She immediately froze upon hearing those words, as the thought flashed through her mind. How could she forget?

“You’re heading back home for a week….by yourself…” He freezes upon hearing the words out of her mouth. “I honestly totally forgot that we discussed that and you bought the plane tickets. I forgot that it’d be tonight that you’d be going and gone for a whole week.”

“I’m sorry to bring you that realization when we’ve just had this special time together, but that motivated me even more to ask you before I went. I wanted to leave for the week on a real high, and knew that it was the right time to ask you because of how close we’ve gotten.” She shakes her head, understanding. She wasn’t upset with his approach. She was just upset that he was leaving to go to Canada for a week without her in toe. She didn’t want to let go of him.

“It’s fine. I like how you went about it, everything. I think it is perfect. I just forgot and it’s hitting me…” She then lays her head against his chest as he runs his hand through her hair some more. “I don’t want to be away from you. I want to hold you each night. I want to have our close cuddles and discussions. I want to have someone to come home to each night. I don’t want to be by myself for a wee-”

“I told you that you could come with me.” She shook her head no, immediately. She couldn’t leave this coming week. There were times that she could take time off of work, or work away from home, but this wasn’t the case. If she wanted to be with him and Ryan through the NASCAR season, she would need to spend the extra time right now.

“I can’t go away from the boutique right now, Lance. I need to be there as there’s things to get in order, and so that way things work through the seaso-”

“Your mom can handle things at the boutique for the week and you can work on your lapto-”

“I want to make that work, but I can’t okay?” She then takes a deep breath. “There’s a lot to running a business, and some times when you can’t step away. This is one of them as we choose some of our spring styles. I’m sorry.” He totally understood, having found himself in situations where he wanted to do something but couldn’t due to work. He wished that he could do things differently, but knew that this would be only his time to return home for a week before the season started. He didn’t mind being away from his family to race, but there had to be a balance and seeing his family at times.

“I understand. The good news is it’s only one week – seven days – and we can text each other, talk on the phone as much as you want to make it go by easier. It’s not like we’re totally not in contact with each other.” He then kisses her shoulder. “Besides, when I get home, this will all feel that much more special once again.” She then looks up into his eyes as she shakes his head. There was so much more to him than she originally knew.

“Underneath that sweet cowboy charm, there’s a naughty boy who likes to play.” He shrugs his shoulders as he keeps his eyes locked on hers.

“Let’s just say that I have a good play mate and enjoy the playtime that we have.” She then glances over at the plane tickets sitting on the night stand, noticing the bag that was already packed beside it. She realized that he must’ve packed the bag earlier in the day before their date.

“When do you fly out, again?” He had totally forgotten the time, except that it wasn’t far enough away for his comfort in this moment right now.

“Middle of the night, around 3am.” She then lets out a sigh as she pulls herself closer to him, which seemed impossible considering how close they already were. She wraps her arms around him as tightly as she could. That meant that they only had a couple of hours before he had to head to the airport.

“Stay with me till the last minute. Don’t leave early at all.” He shakes his head in agreement as he keeps running his hand through her hair, while holding her close with the other hand.

“I won’t move till the absolute last second.” He then kisses her forehead as they remain cuddled, no urgency to move any time soon.

Don’t you wanna stay here a little while?
Don’t you wanna hold each other tight?

A Proposal – Chapter 5

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Warning: Chapter Contains Sex. If you feel uncomfortable reading that, feel free to skip the rest after they begin to take each other’s clothes off.


The pair go into the bedsroom, both flopping back on the bed together. For the time being, Lance had left the bedsroom light on as he glanced into her eyes.

“What are you looking at?” She asks as she looks over at him with a smile of her own.

“You,” he offers before leaning in and kisses her lips lightly. “I’m just admiring how sweet my girl truly is.” She then looks at him in surprise.

“Really?” He shakes his head yes as he wraps an arm around her.

“Absolutely. I’m glad that things have worked out between us, and we’ve been able to get so close together. I’m glad that you’re my girl.” She shakes her head, understanding. Though the entire time thinking back to the photos and how they were there together without much movement, yet, it seemed that something was up. For now, though, she’d go along with whatever he was planning.

“Well, I guess I could say that I’m glad that you’re my guy. I really love you.” Lance just hoped that those two phrases turned into a yes in a matter of minutes when he went forth with the next step in his plan.

“I love you, as well.” She then rolls over closer to him, intertwining her fingers with his. Over the past couple of days, she had been reflecting on their life together thus far. She’d been thinking about the tough moments and how they got through, the fun moments and how much she cared about him, to the sweet moments. She thought about how they continued to go closer, combining to moving into the apartment together earlier that year. She could honestly see them together for a long time based on the signs that she had seen, which seemed hard to believe at times based on where they started.

“Well maybe we can be together for a long time and continue loving each other, with some laughs amongst those times.” Lance felt his confidence growing in hearing her words, wishing that he would’ve blurted out the question already to her. Perhaps he had chosen the wrong way to go about proposing after all.

“Do you really mean that?” She then looks into his eyes, seeing right through everything as she shakes her head yes. She couldn’t wait till he actually said it, but couldn’t figure out which way he was going in going about it.

“Absolutely. I’m on to Lance. Do you think that you could away with all those sweet notes, photos and candles and not have me believe that something was up?” Busted. That was all that he could think about. Perhaps he had been too blunt in how he had gone about his idea for the evening.

“Perhaps I am on to something, and perhaps I am not….” She then rolls her eyes, wishing that he’d get out of the way already.

“Oh come on Lance….” He then lets out a sigh as she moves a little closer, closing the gap between them. She then strokes his cock lightly, as a groan escapes his lips. “Now, are you going to keep me waiting, or are you going to let that thing grow more?”

“Busted.” He then climbs out of the bed, walking back over to the doorway. “I was going to offer to go get some chocolate syrup for some fun, and then flip the lights off to show you this…” He then flips the switch as her eyes immediately fixate on the ceiling. Taped to the ceiling was a series of glow-in-the-dark letter stickers that spelt out I love you more than words can say. Will you marry me, Emma?, surrounded by some glow-in-the-dark star stickers.

“Lance….” She then looks over at him as he shrugs his shoulders. “I’m sorry that I spoiled part of the surprise factor by catching on to your idea, but this is definitely unique and special. I love it.” He smiles as he walks back over to the bed.

“And your answer?” She then looks into his eyes, kissing his lips lightly.

“Yes, I would like to marry you. Yes, I would like to accept your proposal.” He then smiles as he stands up and pulls her real close, taking her in for a long kiss on the lips.

“So, did I go too far in asking this way?” She then laughs as she runs her hands across his shoulders.

“It certainly was unexpected and unique, but I’ve come to expect that with you. It also may not had been the way that I was expecting, but I love nonetheless. You get an A+ on your proposal.” He then smiles as he reaches in his pocket, pulling out a small box. He then slips the ring on to her finger, in which she looks at immediately.

“Stunning, and perfect for me. You did a great job picking it out.” She noticed the pink diamond that was fixated in the middle of the ring, that had a perfect size small silver band to it. Simple, but perfect.

“I may have had some help from Erin, but I’m not supposed to share that she helped.” Emma then chuckles as she watches Lance go over to the dresser and open the drawer. He then pulls one of the condoms out, placing it carefully in his pocket before lying back on the bed with her.

“So, why’d you get that out of the drawer?” He then looks over at her with a smile.

“I figured we had some celebrating to do.”

“I think you may be on to something.”


WARNING: Content below is only for readers over the age of 18, due to the sexual nature. If you’re under the age of 18 or do not wish to read those details, stop reading now and go to the next chapter.


She then pulls him back close, kissing his lips. The pair allow their tongues to match perfectly, as she slips her hands underneath his dress shirt, unbuttoning it and slipping it off his shoulders. He then follows her lead, reaching around to unzip the dress and slip it down off of her body as their lips continue to meet together. “Lance….”

“Emma…babes….” He then brings his lips back to hers once again as he begins to slide her underwear off, while she slips his pants and boxers off at the same time together.

“I can’t wait anymore….” She pleads and he looks into her eyes, wiping a bit of hair out of her eyes.

“Neither can I. I’ve been waiting for this since we got home together…” He then slips the condom on quickly, before sliding himself inside of her.

“Come on Lance…” She then digs her nails into his back a little bit, in which he knows means one thing – she’s desperate, and wanting this as badly as he wanted it at this moment.

“I love you…” He then begins rocking against her, quickening the pace a little bit with each thrust. “Gosh I love you….You feel amazing….” She then wraps her arms tightly around his back, keeping them close, as the pace quickens just that much more. A moan escapes Emma’s lips before she can realize as she allows herself to get lost in the moment.

“Feel so good…..so perfect…..Damn Lance, you’re good.”

A Proposal – Chapter 1

Lance took a deep breath, before knocking upon the door of the apartment. He knew that if he was going to take this step forward, he had to go see this one person before doing so.


“Lance?” Ryan says, caught off-guard by seeing his sister’s boyfriend standing there. The last time that Lance had shown up on his doorstep like so, things weren’t so peaceful about the relationship.


“Hey, are you busy?” Lance questions and Ryan feels a tinge of worry upon the tone of his voice. This could be trouble.


“Not right now. Why? What’s up?” Lance felt the butterflies flutter a little more, not believing that this was actually happening.


“Can I talk to you about something?” Ryan crosses his arms as the tinge of worry bubbles up further.


“What did you do?” Lance laughs and shakes his head as he walks into the apartment, before spinning around to face Ryan.


“I haven’t done anything – I swear. Everything is still as great as ever between us.” Ryan couldn’t help but smile in hearing those words. While he may not had agreed with the relationship at the beginning, he certainly couldn’t help but admit that he was happy for his sister.


“So, what are you doing here?” Lance reaches his hand into his pocket, trying to push the butterflies away as he pulls the small grey box out of his pocket. “No way….”


“I bought this about a week ago for Emma.” He then slowly opens the box, revealing the ring to Ryan. “I want to propose to her.” Ryan felt his breath hitch in his throat as he looked at the ring, and back to Lance. Was this really happening?


“Okay…..” Lance could tell that he had caught Ryan off-guard, but he hoped that didn’t mean that his trip was worth nothing.


“I want your blessing.” Ryan looks at Lance, surprised. He never thought that one of his sister’s boyfriends would do such a thing.


“Shouldn’t you ask Dad for that?” Lance bit his tongue, worry building. He had yet to talk to Dave yet, but knew that’d be the next stop before Emma would see the ring.


“I was going to go ask him after I asked you, Ryan. I know it’s customary to just get the blessing from the father, but I want your blessing as well. You, Emma and Erin are so close – especially you and Emma. I don’t want to do anything that ruins that. I….I feel it’s only right to do this. I won’t go forth it without your blessing.” Ryan just shook his head in disbelief as he stood there staring at Lance. Was this really happening?


“I can’t believe this is happening, Lance. I can’t believe that you guys are set to….well, I do believe that you’re set to because I know how much you love and care about each other. However, I still can’t believe that you’re standing here asking for my permission. Do you know what I first thought of you?” Lance shakes his head, remembering the lecture that he was given at the beginning about being ‘bad news’.


“I don’t think anybody could forget the lecture that you gave me.” Ryan laughs as he walks over and wraps an arm around Lance’s shoulders.


“You remember that lecture because it still stands true today. You ever hurt my sister, and I may have to kick your ass.” Lance then lets him go, walking into the kitchen. He then grabs a can of pop, and throws it to Lance before cracking one of his own open. “I also remember when I approached her about dating you, and what she told me….”


 “I just feel he’s bad news, sis,” Ryan says. Emma then rolls her eyes as she knew that it’d take work to convince him otherwise.


“From what I can tell, his intentions are purposely set on making things great between us,” she tells him. “We talked about everything that is at stake and I felt goo-”


“And are you sure you’re not just blinded by lust?” He then looks over at her as she feels her heart sink. Normally, they’d be able to have sweet understanding conversations. She wasn’t used to these cut throat discussions with him.


“If you want me to tell you the honest truth, I don’t know Ryan. I won’t know that till I truly start to get to know him more. Maybe its lust and perhaps it’ll lose traction. Maybe you’re right and he’s just crushing on me because I’m the easy bait. Either way, I won’t know the answers till I let him in.” He shakes his head as he looks away.


“I still don’t feel comfortable with this, Emma. I’ve warned you about guys like this – especially the news in town. I don’t want you getting hurt.”


“I know you’re worried Ryan, but you have to let me do this.”


“And what if he hurts you? Then who’s left picking up the pieces? Who’s left having to kick his ass?”


“If he hurts me, I can promise you that you won’t be picking up the pieces mister. I’ll be kicking his ass. I wasn’t raised to be a push over.” He then laughs as he wraps an arm around her.


“I know that. But regardless, if he does do something, it’ll still hurt you and I hate to see you upset. I care about you. I care about Leah the same way. Just promise me you’ll be careful.”


“You don’t have to worry. I promise.”


“I’m just glad that I haven’t had to kick your ass,” Ryan says as Lance laughs. “Listen, I believe that you two are meant to be so you have my permission. I wish you the best of luck, and make sure you blow that proposal out of the park. But – good luck getting my dad’s permission. I don’t know if he’s ready for his little girl to grow up quite yet.”



Winter Love – Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: Tony’s Thoughts

Dream and dreams
While I’m wide awake
The tree, the lights
Stayin’ up late
It’s true…
I’m in love with you (Oh)

Tony stands in the doorway, leaning back on the door with a smile on his face. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping, and that was a sight to cherish after knowing what her life had been like.

He never thought that’d be the type to have a girl to call his own. He had always prided himself on being the perfect bachelor, living his life as he pleased. But here she was, someone that was able to swept him off of his feet.

He was also used to having girls and having see with them. Those nights would welcome a fun slew of action for both him and his company, and then she’d be gone in the morning. He had enjoyed himself throughout the night with them, but didn’t want to bother with their lives. So much for that happening with Willow.

For once, here was a girl that wanted to truly get to know him for who he was. She was also someone that didn’t come in with any pre-concieved notions about him, either. He got a fresh start in building those feelings. Whether he wanted to truly admit it, it was the best feeling in the world.

Making his way down the stairs, he could only smile at the sight of the tree and lights. They had done a good job decorating and it certainly completed the front room. He also couldn’t help but smile at the presents, just counting down till morning when she’d see what he got her. There was also curiosity in the presents that she’d placed under, as well.

One present hadn’t made it under the tree yet as he wasn’t sure whether it was the right time. Perhaps he should wait a couple months, or perhaps he was making the right decision.

Glancing at his phone, he dials a number that he had grown accustom to dialing.

“Hello?” He hears as he takes a deep breath.

“I think I’m in love,” he states without hesitation. It was something that he had grown accustom to saying if anyone asked because it was true.

“Tony, I think we both know that. You spend every waking moment with Willow. You brag about her to everyone and what she means to you. You welcomed her hom-”

“I bought a ring a week ago.” He could picture his best friend choking on whatever beverage was near, or fainting in shock. That wasn’t a Stewart related thought.

“Okay….Tony, I know you love her a lot and she loves you a lot. it’s no doubt that you belong together. But, are you sure about this?” Tony lets out a sigh. That was the ever important question that night.

“That’s why I’m calling you, Kevin.” Kevin Harvick was probably his closest friend, and the first person he spoke about Willow to. He trusted his friend’s advice as they had grown closer over the years. It was also a benefit to be close to Delana for a female perspective as well.

“If you’re second guessing yourself, then you need to hold off. This is a big step that you need to be ready for, Tony.” Tony lets out a sigh. That wasn’t the problem. He knew that he was ready. He knew what he loved her a lot and wanted to be with her. In his mind, all the timing was right. But is that the same across the board?

“I am ready. I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I love her so much and I’m certain I am making the right decision. I just don’t know if she’s ready for this step.” In truth, Tony was afraid of rejection, or even worse in scaring her off.

“You guys can talk about anything with ease, as you told me. Nothing has ever been a problem for you. If she’s not ready, I’m sure she will explain why and you can move forward till the time is right. Plus, you could do a long engagement.” Tony understood those points as they sounded valid. However, there was a nagging fear.

“What if she is scared and runs?”

“If that happens, go after her. But I don’t see that happening. She can’t resist spending time with you.” That wasn’t a shadow of debt as nether could resist each other.


“Only do it if it feels right, and good luck. Ill talk to you later. I have to get up early with Keelan.”

“I will let you know how it goes, and make sure to tell him I say hi. I hope he enjoys his gift.” Tony smiles as he knew Keelan would, with it being a miniature track to race all his little cars.

“Will do. Bye Smoke.”

“Bye Kevin.” He then hangs up and lets out a sigh.

Turning the box in his fingers, he knew this was a big decision that had both positives and negatives. Though after talking it out with Kevin, he knew he had his mind made up for tomorrow.


Chapter 7: Christmas Eve

Swept completely off my feet
This snow globe scene is turning me
This Christmas Eve
“I” became “we”
Don’t wake me please
From this winter dream, dream
Winter dream

“Willow, there are so many reasons that I could say to you right now….that doesn’t sound right,” Tony says to himself as he finds himself sitting in the chair by the tree watching the snow fall once again later that night.

He had returned to bed with Willow, only to wake up a couple hours later and return to his previous spot by the tree with the box in hand. He had pretty much made up his mind that he was going to ask her to marry him. He was prepared for whatever she may say and set to give her every reason to stay. He had worked out all the things that he wanted to say in response to her possible responses in his mind.

But how was he going to ask to begin with? That was the tough question.

Taking a deep breath, he decided to give it another shot.

“From the moment that my eyes met yours, I knew that you were special and we were meant to be,” he starts. “I knew that I had to get to know you. Then we had those first conversations and my thoughts were assured. You were the only person that I could honestly sit there and divulge everything to without holding a thing back, and understand. From your experiences combined with mine, we were meant for each other because we have an understanding. I can talk to you about anything, and you can help me through any thought.

“Love wasn’t something that I believed in. I didn’t know if I could find that person, but I have found that with you. I don’t want to spend a single second away from you. I want to be with you forever, and never have to know what it means to be apart. I just want to hold you close, cuddle you, kiss those soft lips and spend the rest of my life with you.

“Willow Salone, will you marry me?”

Willow had made her way to the steps about a half hour ago, wondering why the other side of the bed was cold, empty. She knew that Tony had gotten up and after realizing that it wasn’t a simple bathroom trip, she had grown curious. Perhaps he went for a midnight snack, perhaps he had something on his mind.

She went out of the room and heard his voice from the living room, sitting down on the steps. She didn’t want to disturb him as she could tell that he was in thought, but she was also curious. She heard as he debated his words over and over and it sounded just….perfect. She laughed at the frustration with mistakes, smiled at his reveal of how much he loved her.

She wanted to run down the stairs and cure everything away….but….she was frozen on that top step. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for marriage.

She had watched a marriage fall apart in her own childhood. She had watched what she thought was love turn into a nightmare. Her heart knew that things were awesome with Tony and not bound for that fate, but how could she convince her brain of that?

Besides, they had only known each other four months. Did they honestly know that they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together based on that small period? It seemed small in relation to the long relationships that she saw her friends in, and heard worked best. She didn’t want to dive face first into something and get her heart broken into pieces again.

She then hears him get up from his seat, knowing that he has found himself satisfied on the speech, finally. In just over three to four hours, she’d be hearing that same speech and faced with the question. It was a question that she wasn’t sure she could answer, and a question that she knew would keep her awake for the next couple of hours. How could she answer that question so easily?

“Willow?” She is snapped out of her thoughts as he stands at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at her. Letting out a sigh, she was caught in the spot and knew that she couldn’t move. With one look into his eyes, she had decided on her answer. She also knew that she couldn’t wait for the time to pass. Besides, this would give them some time to celebrate before heading to his mom’s.

“Tony, those words that you were saying….” She starts as she makes her way down the stairs.

“Wait – you heard?” She shakes her head yes as he feels his stomach flip flop. “Willow-”

“Repeat those words. Say them once again. Let me hear them. You may be surprised as to your answer.” He then looks at her in surprise, and knows by the tone of her voice that perhaps he was doing the right thing that night.

“Forget the whole speech. Let’s just move to the big question….” He then kneels down on one knee as he holds the box out. “Willow Salone, will you marry me?”

“Anthony Stewart, there’s only one answer that I could ever say to that question. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt – yes!” He then pulls her close, kissing her lips with every bit of a passion. “Woah…easy….stairs….”

“Let’s go upstairs. Much safer.” She then grins in agreement as they both head to the top of the stairs. They then head into the bedsroom, flopping on the bed besides each other. She immediately pulls him close, and kisses his lips as he wraps his arms around her. As she slips another kiss on his lips while tugging at his boxers, he slips the ring over her finger.

“Can you believe this?” Tony asks as they lay in bed a couple hours later with her lying in his arms. “Merry Christmas…”

“Merry Christmas, indeed.” She then glances at her hand, checking over the ring. “Beautiful ring, by the way. It’s perfect.”

“I may have had a little help….”

“Danica or Delana?”

“Both.” She just laughs as she knew that he’d go to those two for advice on this very topic.

“Well, they did a good job helping you choose.” He then kisses her bare shoulder as he looks over the ring on her finger. The simple blue stone on the gold band certainly looked beautiful.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you, too. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If this is a dream….”

“It isn’t a dream, trust me.” She then glances back at him.

“It feels like it with how good everything has to come together. I just don’t want to wake up and be disappointed.” He then runs his hands over her shoulders.

“You’re not dreaming, and I will never, ever disappoint you or break your heart. I love you, and I promise to take care of you.” He then kisses her cheek, before kissing her shoulder once again.



“If you keep this up, we will never be ready on time.” Tony then shifts them both around so he’s on top of her.

“I’m never on time. They don’t need to know about our secret.”


Be sure to read the sequel “The Demons” to continue the journey with Tony and Willow


Winter Love – Chapters 1 Thru 5


Chapter 1: The Limo Ride

Drawing hearts on the foggy glass
New love chase away my past
Nothing but the open road
Saddle up
Here we go…

Sitting in the back of the airport limo, 42-year-old Willow Salone relaxes back, counting down the seconds and minutes till she is in his arms. With his schedule and her need to see her parents, the pair hadn’t seen each other for a whole week. For Willow, that felt like an eternity. It was no wonder why her body and heart craved to be back in his arms as soon as possible, if not sooner.

“The cold must be in the air,” she muses to herself as she begins to draw a heart on the window. She hadn’t been to Indiana much in her life – having grown up in Southern Florida – but she knew that she was going to make this area of the United States home now.

In her mind, she couldn’t believe that she was going to see Tony Stewart at his house, having his arms wrapped around her with their lips crossing each other’s at certain times. However, well it felt like such a big shock, it was the best feeling in the world.

In August, she was working for a newspaper and when news broke of an incident between Tony Stewart and a young man at a local short track, she was assigned to cover the story everyway possible. The thought disgusted her as she wasn’t the type to be around racecars and egotistic men that typically drove those racecars. She was normally your basic news editor, but with nobody else available, she was chosen. Plus, she had good experience in getting the right statements that were required from the family affected by a crime, and the police.

Set to do her job to the fullest, she immediately flew up and began getting those statements, while finding everyway possible to immerse herself with the NASCAR culture. She tired to attend as many races as possible, getting as much information that she could on this Tony Stewart individual.

Based on the analysis, she learned that it wasn’t the cut throat story that her editor had pointed in a man killing a young boy clearly. This was also an individual that could be tough and had experience with anger management, but also had a sweet caring side. She was told stories by fans in the garage area, and his fellow competitors, that developed a whole new image on him. it was an image that allowed her to paint an article that pictured a man that was possibly being bullied for a simple mistake.

Though giggling to herself, she couldn’t have pictured the day that the pair crossed paths at the track. Being new to the NASCAR culture, she didn’t know where anything was or where she was allowed to be. Trying to find one of the trailer as quickly as possible due to Kevin Harvick, one of Stewart’s drivers, being available to talk, she was running around in circles in the garage trying to find where to be. Lost in her own notes and trying to get there, she wasn’t watching where she was going – causing her to bump into the one individual that has was there to watch closely.

Stumbling back on her feet, her notes go flying out of her air and scatter across the ground before them.

“Oh shit!” She lets out as she immediately bends down and begins picking them up. Tony then bends down, helping her gather some pieces of paper and handing them to her.

“You may want to watch where you’re going,” he suggests before standing back up.

“Sorry about that. I was lost and focused on what I should be doing and just wasn’t watching where I was going…” She then stands up as she brushes the pages up, cursing herself as they’d be no fun to reorder.

“As I said, watch where you’re going.” He then goes to walk by her without a care in the world, though the pair catch each other’s gaze. With his eyes locked on her hazel eyes, he was frozen, unable to move. “What’s your name?”

“Willow, Willow Salone. I’m here on behalf of the Miami Press to cover….things. I know who you are, Mr. Tony Stewart?” He shakes his head yes as he watches her closely. It wasn’t like him to date reporters – you never know when they could be using you for information – but this was one person that seemed real special.

“Off the record, how would you like to go to dinner tonight?”

She didn’t know what propelled her to say yes – whether the look in his eyes, the strange attraction that she felt to him or the curiosity that she had in reference to being a journalist.

The dinner was great, but the desert session was better. as they wanted to further their conversation, they went back to his motorcoach and well, other things took over. As they say, the rest is history as the connection continued to grow between them in the weeks to come.

She also began a big piece of his life, helping him in healing from what happened. She helped take care of him in doing the laundry, getting meals, etc. She was also his emotional rock as he told her the emotions that he was feeling, ranging from the anger in the media accusations to the sadness of the situation. There was one night that he told her that he wondered where’d be without her as she had done so much for him.

However, that feeling went both ways.

While he spilled his guts about what happened, she was busy spilling her guts about her emotions. She had a dark past of her own, filled with abuse as a child from her parents. She ran away from home at the age of 14, living on the streets and friends till she was able to get a steady job at the age of 18 to afford a rundown apartment.

In the past 28 years since running away from home, she hadn’t found a single person that she could tell the details to about what happened. There was nobody that she felt comfortable enough to describe the abuse and the triumphs that she felt in detail. However, it seemed to easily pour out with ease when her and Tony were cuddled up together. For the first time in her life, she felt free from what happened.

“This house here?” The limo driver breaks her from her thoughts as she glances out the window. She could see the large ranging property, the familiar truck she knew well and the nice house.

“This is the place please,” she states as the limo turns out the long driveway.

She looks around, her smile firmly planted on her face as she looks around. there was something special about being out in the wide-open. After being confined at a child, she loved to be out in the country and open, able to roam free and do as she pleased.

It was another reason why she knew that she could get used to Indiana as she remembered coming up in early November, and the experience then. Tony took her out on the property and showed her around, but shared one of the biggest secrets that the property held. If you watched closely enough, you could see a couple deer. She got that opportunity, spotting a pair of deer wandering the woods together. It brought a smile to her face that day, as she glanced at Tony and kissed his lips, the pair sharing how the deer reminded them of another special pair.

As the limo stops before the house, she takes a deep breath as she looks towards the house. It was finally time. It was finally time to be back in his arms and surrounded by the love that she had grown to truthfully adore and appreciate over the past couple of months.


Chapter 2: Christmas Promises

First winter here in your arms
Flames rising as well fall like stars

Tony could only smile as he opened the door, seeing Willow standing there before him. As her bags dropped to the ground, he immediately pulled her close, kissing her lips with as much as passion as possible.

If you would’ve asked a couple months ago, even years ago if he would’ve been standing here like this on Christmas Eve with the woman of his dreams and making passionate love, he wouldn’t had believed you. Sure, on the passionate love – but not with someone that he loved as much as Willow and could see his forever with.

However, that was just how much she had changed in his life in the span of five months since crossing paths. She had entered his life when he was at his absolute lowest point needing someone, and helped him pick up every piece along the way. In his mind, she was an angel in disguise.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she finally comments when she gets a chance to breathe as he slowly lets her go. “Let’s promise to not spend that much time apart again, please.” She then reaches down and picks up her bags, making her way inside the house as he closes the door behind her. She then slips her boots off, followed by her coat as he hangs up. Knowing that she needs to put her bags away in their room, she reaches to pick them up, though finds a pair of arms wrap around her in the process.

“You can worry about those later Willow,” he tells her as he places a kiss on her cheek. “Right now, I want to make up for that lost time.” He then spins her around and holds her close to him as he leads her to the couch.

“I don’t have any objections to that.” She then sits down on the couch as he sits beside her, keeping her held close to him. He then cups her cheeks in hands, bringing her face close to his before sharing another kiss.

“How was your latest search for great journalism?” She then laughs it off as she wraps an arm around his neck.

“Not as good as this right here, right now. How was your fun with the boys?” He then wipes a strand hair out of her eyes, wanting to glance right into her.

“It was fun, but I was missing you the whole time. There’s nothing that can replace our time together, Willow.” She then smiles as she lays back on the couch, bringing him down with her.

“Then why are we still clothed, Mr. Stewart? I thought I was supposed to be doing some investigating of my own this Christmas eve.” He then smiles as he reaches for the edge of sweater.

“Anything that makes you happy, Ms. Salone. I told you that I’d make this Christmas special.” He then slowly runs his fingers up underneath her shirt as he kisses her lips with every bit of passion along the way.

For him, it was fine. He could spend every moment making love to her, if that made her happy. That was part of the promise that he gave her the last time that they were together.

Knowing that they each had planned, they were set to span their separate ways. It was that final night that he made her promise to come see him and spend Christmas Eve with him. It was a special holiday, and he wanted to make it special for her with a gift of his own.

Of course, he didn’t expect that promise to turn into another emotional night of discussion between the pair.

“I don’t know, Tony,” she comments as she lies in his arms. “I’ll have to see.”

“What do you mean you’ll have to see?” He questions as he runs his fingers through her hair.

“Christmas…I don’t know…” He could tell by her words that she was holding something back, unable to spill the details to him.

“Talk to me, Willow…” She lets out a sigh as she sits up, thinking back to previous years.

“Growing up, every kid looks forward to Christmas. I wasn’t any different as a little girl as that was the one day that my parents were actually nice and gentle. They wanted me to have that, at least I guess, so I wouldn’t blab to those at school, but instead share the stories like theirs of getting gifts from Santa. I couldn’t wait for that day as it not only brought a break, but it also was a day that I got something. One year it was a doll, the next year it was a book that I wanted. I wouldn’t get much – one or two things – but it at least gave me a chance to feel special.” He rubs her shoulders as he thinks back to other nights in how she told him about the abuse that she went through.

“That sounds like a good memory, Willow. That’s something that you can at least cherish from your childhood.” She knew that he was right in saying that, as she did. It was at least one moment that she could say that things were great between her and her parents, that she had a positive with them.

“When I chose to run away, I knew that I had to get away. That first year, Christmas came and I was homeless at the time, in between houses. I stayed at a shelter with some other people like myself, just thankful to have a roof over my head in the cold. While it felt great to be away from them, that was probably the loneliest day of my life. For the first time, I never got a present for Christmas. For the first time, I had nobody to share the most loved holiday with. For the first time, I felt like I was on an island, unloved, not cared about, unwanted – all my emotions came clashing down in the span of hours. I spent the whole day hiding in the shelter bathroom, crying. I’d stop when someone came in not wanting to be found, but other than that – I just cried, Tony.” He felt tears coming to his eyes as she recounted the tale, and even more brokenhearted in realizing that she was 14 at the time.

“But you are loved, Willow. Lots of people love and care about you. your friends at work love and care about you. Most importantly, I love you dearly and can’t imagine my life without you now. You’ve done so much for me, Willow, that I just want to hold you forever and let you know over and over that I love you.” She shook her head, expecting that type of comment to be displayed in the tale of her story to date.

“I know, Tony, and I am thankful each day that I have the friends that I do, and even more thankful that we crossed paths that day in the garage. I don’t need to be told that…” She then takes a deep breath, wanting to get to her point in telling the tale that day. “Christmas has never felt the same since. Each day, it brings up memories of being lonely. I don’t want to ruin your Christmas with your sister and your mom by being there and having thoughts back to my loneliness. I don’t want to spoil your happiness because I’m thinking of how lonely I was those years, and feeling sorry for myself. I’ve spent these past Christmases alone, and I don’t see this year being any different.” Tony wasn’t going to let her spend this year alone, or go through those feelings again. He wanted to be there for her, just like she was there for him.

“It would ruin my Christmas more knowing that you were unhappy and lonely. It would ruin my Christmas more not seeing your pretty face on Christmas Day.” He then takes a deep breath as he looks down into her eyes. “Come to Indiana and spend Christmas with me. Let me rekindle the Christmas spirit for you and show you how happy it can be. Let me make this Christmas special for you, and one to remember.”

As they laid there on the couch, clothes tossed all around the room with their arms wrapped around each other, enjoying the relaxing heat and crackling of the fire in the background, she was right – Christmas was certainly sweeter being there in his arms, in Indiana. He was certainly doing right in his promise of making her Christmas special and one to remember for a long time.

She just didn’t know how special he was going to make it in the hours to come.


Chapter 3: Playing in the Snow

Making angels in the snow

“Alright, enough cuddling – we can do that later,” Tony starts, catching her attention as she looks back at him. “Let’s go outside and play in the snow.”

“Are you serious?” She questions and he shakes his head yes as she slowly gets up off of him, with him following.

“If you’re going to spend Christmas here with me, then you need to have some fun in the snow. It’ll be fun.” Willow then looks at him surprising as he heads towards the door.

“It’s cold out there – freezing. Are you crazy?” He then laughs as he holds out his hand, grabbing hers and pulling her close to him.

“That’s why you dress really warm in a heavy coat, hat and mitts. You’ll be fine, trust me. You’ll be having so much fun that you’ll forget about the cold.” He then slips his boots and coat on, before returning his eyes to her. She continued to stand there with shock written on her face in disbelief. “Well, are you coming?”

“Do I have a choice?” He then giggles and shakes his head no as she lets out a sigh. “Fine – as long as I get to wear your sweater underneath my coat.”

“So you need me to stay warm?” She then walks right up to him and wraps her arms his neck, pulling him down to her level.

“I’m always my warmest when my Smokey bear is around.” She then kisses his lips, carefully holding the edge of his lip in her mouth for a tick longer before releasing him. “Now why can’t we just stay in here where it’s warm and continue to do that?”

“We have all that night for that, and we can use that to warm us back up afterwards.” He then throws her a sweater as she slips it on before grabbing her coat. “I promise you’ll have fun. Remember – I told you that I’d make this Christmas special for both of us.” She then lets out a sigh as she puts her coat on.

“You better make going outside worthwhile mister.” She then finishes getting ready, following him outside into the bitter cold. She could only hope that he had a good plan in mind.

Once they were outside, Tony took her for a walk across the property into the trees. While she was stubborn about coming out originally, she had to admit – it was very beautiful in seeing how the snow had sat nicely on the trees. She had heard people talk about how beautiful the winter scenery could be, but she never had seen it’s beauty for herself. Now seeing it and with the man that she loved, it certainly was almost a bit romantic in her eyes.

She had no clue as to what Tony had planned, as he wasn’t normally planning surprises like this. Their relationship, so far to date, has consisted of just finding the time to spend together, even if they weren’t doing much. He invited her to the banquet but beyond that, no events stood out in her mind. For them, it was all about cuddles and good conversation.

She heard some of her fellow girls at work commenting how they’d go on dates, or how their significant other would be doing this and that for them. She didn’t need all that, and she assured the others of that. For her, this was perfect. She had loathed to find that one person who would understand her and help her with her thoughts, and now having that she wasn’t about to screw things up.

“So what do you want to do?” He questions, catching her off-guard as she snaps out of her thoughts with a glance his way.

“Aren’t you the one that dragged my ass out here?” She asks in response with a bit of snarkiness. She was over the cold and what she had said inside in the scenery, but that didn’t mean she had to tell him that.

“Right…Well, the choice is up to you. We can either build a snowman, or a snow fort, or I have some AT-”

“What if we make snow angels?” Tony was then caught off-guard by her request as he had thought of everything possible to do in the snow, but that. It seemed like an odd request considering the options and the fact that she didn’t want to come out originally due to the cold.

“Snow angels?” She shakes her head yes as she crosses her arms. She had more than one reason for asking for a snow angel. For one, she couldn’t wait for him to lie down before her in the snow and make it – then the fun of getting up afterwards. Though beyond that, she also had her own personal reasons.

“Is there a proble-”

“Well, if it’s snow angels that you want, then it’s snow angels that you’re going to get.” He then sits down in th snow, laying back. He then begins to wave his legs and arms, forming the angel, though stops as he glances at her. “You better get down here and make one as well.”

“I’m surprised that you accepted.” She then lies down beside him and begins to follow the same motions, smiling as she does so. The entire time, she was being reminded of one of her most cherished childhood memories.

Before her parents broke into their evil ways – for their own reasons, they were the most caring and loving people. she remembered the hugs and stories that they shared, as well as the fun times in the yard. One of those memorable times – making a family squad of snow angels across the front lawn so everybody knew who lived there.

It was a simple memory, but something that they did every year for the first six years of her life. While she hated her parents for what had happened between her and them, she also knew that they were good people underneath everything and that was one of her reminders of that fact. It was also a reminder to herself that she had good in her, and it was her choice whether to keep being good.

“Willow, don’t ever let yourself think that you’re evil, bad or anything less than perfect, beautiful, kind, awesome and the most darling woman that I have ever met,” Tony tells her after she finishes telling her story, before leaning in to lightly kiss her lips.

“You’re going to mess up your angel!” She yells at him, pushing him backwards back into his form.

“Did I just hear that, right? Did you just deny a kiss from me?” A grin then forms on her face as she looks over at him.

“That never happens, does it?” Tony shakes his head no as he looks into her eyes.

“And I’m not letting it happen, either.” He then goes over to her, tackling her as he starts placing kisses all over her face while she laughs beneath him.

“Tony…Tony…you’re running your…Tony…” She couldn’t stop the giggles that was coming out of her as he continued to place kisses all over her. He finally stopped, released her a little as he looked into her eyes.

“I better stop before I start taking off your coat.”

“And I was worried about getting cold.” They both then laugh as she pushes him back. “Now we have to redo our angels!” Tony then stands up first, seeing how messy they now look as he holds out his hand, helping her up.

“Does that mean more tackling and kisses?” She just shakes her head as she walks away from him.

“Oh Tony, you’re ridiculous. But for messing up my snow angel….” She then reaches down into the snow, forming a snowball in her hands. “It’s war!” She then chucks the snowball at him, hitting him straight in the chest as he looks at her surprised.

“Oh really? Do you know who you’re messing with?”

“Bring it on.”


Chapter 4: Cuddling By The Fire

Warm, fuzzies, frozen toes…
Is this a dream?

After a fun snow fight, followed by building a snowpig (to match Pork Chop), the pair headed inside to get warm. Getting changed in some warm pajamas and Tony making some hot chocolate, the pair curled up together on the couch in front of the fire.

“I think my toes are still frozen,” Willow comments as she wiggles her toes a little underneath the blanket.

“What about the rest of you?” Tony questions as he rubs her shoulders.

“That is all warm and cozy, but I wouldn’t know why or how.” He then looks down on her, kissing her lips softly with a smile.

“I wouldn’t know that either. Is my hotness rubbing off on you?” She then rolls her eyes with a laugh.

“More like cuddling up to a Sasquatch would warm anybody up.” Tony then looks at her, surprised.

“Hey! I thought we agreed to leave my hair alone.” Willow chuckles, remembering one of their first times together and the thoughts that she had on his hair.

She had never been able to get close to someone with lots of body hair – it tickled her and made her feel uncomfortable. In any previous intimate experience, she had to make sure that her boyfriend was cleanly shaved on all fronts. Another thing that surprised her about them being together.

However, that changed upon her first time with him as while the hair still tickled her belly and other parts during intimacy, she actually enjoyed it. It was a good tickle that made the moment even that much more special with a couple giggles. Tony also wasn’t scared away by her giggling noises either, joining in the laughs in surprise. Of course, it was a good break in the hot and heavy parts as no doubt they had a real strong core connection.

“Atleast I’m not trying to make you shave or pull it out,” Willow comments as she turns to face him slightly, running her fingers up underneath his shirt. “Perhaps I should get you a wax.” Tony then looks at her in horror, causing her to laugh even harder.

“Been there done that out of a dare and never doing that again,” Tony proclaims, still wanting to kill Kevin over that incident. He then lays back as she wraps her arms around him. “You just love having your hands all over my body.”

“What can I say? I want to get warm and know that fuzzy will do that for me.” Tony shakes his head in disbelief.

“It’s not that. You honestly can’t keep your hands away from me. You’re so attracted that you have to be touching me at all times…”

That statement was no lie as it seemed each time they got together, nine times out of 10 resulted in all clothes removed with full body contact. It went without any doubt that they had a strong physical relationship, stronger than either could’ve had with previous partners.

Willow had been in a couple dating relationships, but nothing like this or this strong. While they got to slip it in the hole, they didn’t have the right amount of understanding for her to be truly comforted by them.

For Tony, he’d certainly had his way with the ladies in the past. But nothing felt as pure and wonderful as when he and Willow had sex for the first time. He always proclaimed to his friends that he’d never fall in love, but that turned out to be a big fat lie.

“Is it wrong to be so physically attracted to a man that you feel lonely and lost without him by your side?” She questions before softly kissing his lips as she wraps her arms around his back to hold herself close to him.

“Not at all, as long as it is okay for that man to want to hold that woman close to him all night long without letting an inch of separation happen,” Tony answers as he returns the kiss.

“That’s not a problem at all…”

“Please come spend the whole season with me. Don’t let me have a weekend without you.” It was a surprise request as Willow had not been expecting Tony to bring up work during their cuddle discussion. However, the request made sense.

Being an investigative journalist, her job took her cross the country to whatever assignment her editor felt like giving her. as a result, she missed the last couple races of the previous year. It was a feeling that neither wanted to feel again in being apart as it drove them both nuts. Beyond that, her worry for something happened increased majorly as she couldn’t be there watching firsthand, seeing that things were fine.

It was those feelings that brought on for her to put a request into her boss, and even more surprising to hear her boss accept the request. It was that meeting that had created one of the reasons for their separation the past week.

“You won’t have to feel that feeling again, trust me,” she assures him. “You’re looking at the new lead NASCAR journalist for the paper. So as long as you teach me what I am missing, I can follow you all year long reporting on you and your fellow mates.” He then smiles as that was the best news to hear, ever. He knew that things were falling together more perfectly than possible – almost too perfect. Perhaps the plans for the night weren’t totally out of the question, but rather fitting for the relationship they had.

“Are you sure that you won’t get distracted by your teacher?” He questions as she simply smiles.

“Not at all because when you start teaching, I won’t be able to take my eyes off of the lecture,” she answers with a smile. He then slips out from under her, walking over to the movie cupboard. His plans for that Christmas Eve were simple – spend time cuddling with her and talking. The plan for tomorrow was to meet up with his mom and sister.

“Since we’re going to Daytona in February, you have to watch this movie.” He then holds up Days of Thunder with a smile on his face before slipping it in the DVD player. “Consider this the start of your education.” He then cuddles back up with her on the couch as the movie starts.


Chapter 5: Post Movie Cuddles

Build a fire to escape the cold
Bing Crosby on the stereo
Tracing letters on my skin
Slowly starts sinkin’ in…
You love me

“Okay, so that was the cheesiest movie of all time,” Willow comments after Days of Thunder is over, as Tony lets out a laugh.

“But you have to admit that it’s a good movie?” He questions as she shrugs her shoulders.

“I’d take my Hunger Games over it, but it’s not that bad.”

“Just wait till I pull out Stroker Ace and Speedway. Then you’ll be happy.” She then watches him curiously as he goes and shuts off the movie, now in the credits.

“Oh, so I don’t get Talladega Nights?” He then glances back at her.

“Really?” She ten shrugs her shoulders.

“I find it entertaining and funny when I was forced to watch it by Stephanie when I stayed at her place.” He then walks back over to the couch, sitting back beside her.

“Fine – we can watch that movie the week before Talladega.” She smiles accepting, as she pulls him closer to her.

“Can we also vote on a Fast and Furious marathon?” He immediately shakes his head no.

“You’re not allowed to drool all over Vin and Paul.” She then laughs as a smirk forms on her face.

“Oh Tony, you’re forgetting something. Everything that I need is right here before me.” She then leans in and kisses his lips, lightly, slowly pulling back as she keeps her eyes locked on his. There was no doubt that every inch of her craved him every single second of the day. How could one man be so captivating? “You know, there was one scene that I thought we could study further…”

“What is that?” She had a perfect plan in her mind to result in more close contact with him. She had watched carefully, understanding what Cole was saying in the film. Though she could only imagine how much more understanding and knowledgeable it’d be hearing it from Tony.

“The sugar packet scene in learning about drafting. How the second car is supposed to slip behind the other car, and then slip out to make the pass.” Tony smiles as he knew that would be along her mind, and he wasn’t about to contest the discussion one bit.

“I could help you out with that. Come on…” He then leads her to his bedsroom, both of them laying on the bed together as she keeps her eyes locked on his. He then grabs two ‘sour keys’ packages, placing them down on the bed.

“You’re doing it wron-”

“I have no sugar packets!” She then laughs as she shakes her head no, laying flat on to her back and spreading her legs out.

“I meant you’re doing it in the wrong spot, Tony.” He then grins with a head shake.

“I knew you were doing this for the wrong reasons…” He then places the pair of packages on her leg, lined up straight.

“Not at all. I’m very innocent, Tony, I swear. I want to learn about drafting. Now, teach me, sir.” He then lets out a small laugh, before slowly moving the packages up her leg.

“Daytona is all about drafting. Due to restrictor plates – metal flat plates placed on the carb – we are stricted to running in packs with the air dictating what we do, hence drafting. Drafting is following that perfect slip of air to gain speed.” She then shakes her head as she looks down at the pair of packages.

“So, at Daytona, it’s quicker to be lined up like that rather than separate?” Tony shakes his head yes.

“Now, as for what you saw in the movie…” He then slowly moves the one package out from behind the first package and to the side, slowly and gently, as if to give her a slight tickle in the process. “To make a pass, once you have enough air to your car and feel a pick up in horsepower, then you swing out and try to go by.”

“Called a slingshot?” He shakes his head yes.

“You’re doing very well, Ms. Willow.” He then leans in and kisses her. “That’s your prize for behaving.”

“What do I get if I pass the whole class?” He then sits back and glances into her eyes.

“I thought you said that you were being innocent about this?” She then lets out her own little laugh, as they both knew that wasn’t true. Neither one of them had been innocent sine the day they met. Sexual activity made up a good half of the relationship; having heart-to-heart talks made up the second half. The pair knew how to balance the two, in respect toe ach other, and that was something neither could find with someone else. “Of course, I saw right through your plan immediately.”

“So, what does the good student receive?” He then moves the packet up her leg further, closing in on her opening.

“Perhaps there is a treat for you at the end of the tunnel.” She then pulls him close to her, kissing his lips with every bit of passion laced inside of her.

“Tony….you want it….” He then snatches one of the packets up off of her leg and opens it, sticking one of the sour keys in his mouth.

“I thought you’d never let me.” She then shakes her head as she removes the packet from his hand and places it aside. “Bu…”

“That’s not what we both know you want.” She then gently grabs his hand and brings it to her opening, putting it over her crotch. “Face it, Smokey. There was a reason why you brought me up here.”

“We needed more room to teach. That’s why I offered the bed….and it’s getting late. We need to sleep so that way we both get up tomorrow nice and early for Christmas.” She then lets out a sigh as she flops back. He was playing hard to get and it drove her nuts. It seemed every time she wanted him badly, he would keep playing around with those feelings. Though the want would grow, and eventually he would give in.

That want was slowly increasing with Tony this time once again, and had been growing since the teaching started. Seeing her legs bare before him, working his fingers up the toned muscles as he got closer to butt with the packets before, to feeling the top with his hand – it was the perfect mess to draw him in closer.

Eventually, he couldn’t resist anymore as he brought his lips to hers, kissing them softly and slowly, before building into harder and more passionate kisses as he worked his body closer to hers.

As he brought his body on top of hers, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, holding him close as she didn’t want to be separated. If he was willing to fill her need, then she was going to fully make sure that it happened.

Her fingers ended up coming across the tattoo that covered his back, as she remembered the first time that she saw it.

It had surprised her in their first night together, stopping the instant path that they were headed across that night. She had taken a closer glance, questioning the meaning and analyzing the detail. She hadn’t seen a tattoo of this size that covered the majority of his upper back, nor with as much care in the design as this seemed to have.

It brought forth a side of admiration, and while she wasn’t for guys with tattoo, she couldn’t pull herself away from him so they had continued with the process that night.

Now fast forwarding to the current night that they were under, she wasn’t letting her distract her or pull her away as she just wanted everything that her Smoke had to offer.