Cabin Fears – Chapter 84: “It won’t come to that….”

Dale makes his way down the hall, glancing at the room numbers, remembering what Regan texted him. He freezes when he sees the number, glancing inside. He was surprised to see Regan sitting there in a lone chair, clipboard and paper in hand.

“Hey,” Dale says as he enters the room, catching Regan’s attention as he looks up from the clipboard.

“Hey,” Regan replies, before glancing back down. Dale takes a look to the right, noticing it was totally empty, before looking back toward Regan.

“Where is he?” Regan looks back up once again as he takes a deep breath.

“They took him for tests. X-ray, ultrasound, couple different things.” Dale could understand that as he made his way to the one side, leaning back against the wall.

“Oh, okay. How is he?” Regan takes a deep breath, knowing that was a loaded question as he tried to focus on the form.

“Scared out of his mind, confused, in pain. So much shit.” Regan then pauses as he looks at the sheet, shaking his head. “Fuck, I can’t fill this out!” Dale then looks over confused as normally Regan was the calm one in these situations.

“What is it?” Regan hands over the clipboard as he takes another deep breath. “Psych evaluation?” Regan nods his head as he looks over, taking the clipboard back. He knew whether he liked it or not, he needed to finish it.

“Because of how I explained it and how he’s feeling, they asked me to fill this out based on tonight and the past couple months.” Dale was confused, if it was possible to even more so after reading Regan’s initial message.

“Why?” Regan shrugs his shoulders.

“I guess to have an idea of his mental state.” Dale knew there was no more sitting around waiting. Things were serious, and he needed to know now.

“What the hell is going on anyways? Your text message confused me.” Regan takes a deep breath, not even knowing where to begin. How were you supposed to describe this to someone?

“My head has been swirling since he texted me, so bare with me…..” Regan then tells him everything in the best way that he can possibly describe it, just hoping that it made some sort of sense.

“What do you believe happened?” Regan admittedly had gone back and forth with possibilities since then.

“There’s no signs at the house. Heck, you would’ve known as you have all the security detail of who enters the property. Plus, he’s 99% sure that it’s just a dream. So I don’t see it as happening now. So it’s either a dream, maybe it happened before….” Dale ponders it over, while making a note to double check the cameras incase.

“He did sleep with Demi at the cabin a long time ago. That was feeling of betrayal, pain. You heard him when he told us. Could he be re-invisioning that with the images and thoughts from Kassandra?” Regan shrugs his shoulders as he glances back to the forms.

“Who knows at this point, to be honest. You could be right. Either way, for his sanity, we need to figure what’s going on.” Dale knew that was the primary focus, as he wanted to see the same thing – for multiple reasons.

“Well, you made the right decision coming here. If something happened, then we and they can handle it. If nothing did, the emotions can be handled.” Regan believed in those words, but he also remembered the desperation and tone Chase had used with him.

“I just don’t feel right filling this out. He asked me if he was crazy, losing his mind, and I told him he wasn’t. But filling this out, it doesn’t feel right….” Dale places a hand on Regan’s shoulder, sympathizing with him immediately.

“It’s not supposed to, Regan. He’s not the type to go crazy or lose his mind. He’s the calm, focused one. Heck if anybody should be that it’s me as I was always the nervous panic type.” Regan couldn’t argue with that, though, as he looks up with a small smile.

“You found your way, though, and he will too. I know that in my heart.” Dale believed in that, no matter what. It was the only way they could move forward.

“You’re right. He will…” Regan continues filling out the paper, not wanting his support to waiver, though the final words on the page catch his attention.

“It says here that by filling this out and understanding the terms and situation, the individual could be committed. I can’t see them doing that. That would be the last straw for both him and Alyssa. They both need what they can hold on to…” Dale couldn’t even imagine what Alyssa’s reaction would be if she was there, or he had texted her to tell her.

“It won’t come to that….” Dale’s voice trails off as they watch the nurse bring him back in the room, both flashing a small smile.

“Is that form filled out Mr. Smith?” The nurse asks Regan after she is done getting him situated.

“Yeah, pretty much…” Regan answers as he hands over the clipboard, not taking his eyes off of Chase in the process.

“Thank you. The doctor should be here soon with your results.” The nurse then leaves as both Dale and Regan keep their eyes locked on Chase.

“Hey,” Dale says quietly as Chase just gives him a little wave.

“Everything go smoothly?” Regan questions and Chase nods his head. “Did they say anything?”

“Not a single world,” Chase answers as he tries to get comfy, rubbing his stomach. “Oh man…”

“How long has that been bothering you?” Chase knew where Regan was going with the question and knew that needed to end right there.

“It just started today when I woke up.” Chase then closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, as he lies his head back on the pillow. “I still can’t believe myself….”

“About?” Chase opens his eyes as he focuses on Regan.

“The reason I texted you initially. I don’t get how that flashed in my mind so vividly…” Regan and Dale glance at each other, as if they could share mental notes, before both focusing on Chase.

“Nightmares can be like that…” Dale remembered a couple of his own, along with Alyssa’s past experience.

“Sometimes they’re worse than what happened itself,” he adds as Chase glances towards the small window.

“I don’t get why this is so tough to wrap my arms around,” Chase starts. “The others – yeah, they were tough, and they certainly freaked me out. I know they took time to handle, too. But this just doesn’t seem to be getting better, and almost endless at times…” Dale wanted to simply walk over, hold him, do whatever he could to just make everything go away in a flash. But he knew that wasn’t the answer.

“This is just feeling worse for reasons that we can’t explai-”

“Not only were you attacked, but the number one person that you love with everything as well,” Regan interrupts. “That’s why it’s tearing at more heart strings than you could imagine. You’re feeling what you felt towards you, but you’re also feeling a strong sympathy pain and regret for what Alyssa experienced.” Chase could see where Regan was coming from with that explanation.

“And it will get better eventually, right?” Chase asks and Regan nods his head. He wasn’t sure how soon, or even how to begin with, but he would never give up on his friend.

Their attention is then caught to the doorway as they watch Eric enter, slipping the door closed behind him. Regan’s eyes immediately find Dale, every possibility of the paper he filled out swirling through his mind.

“Hello Dale,” Eric says quietly as Dale simply smiles.

“Hey,” he replies. Eric then glances towards the chair at Regan.

“You must be Regan. I’m Eric.” Regan shakes the man’s hand.

“Nice to meet you,” Regan replies. “Wait – how do you know who I am?” Dale just chuckles in response.

“You’re a superstar….” Dale muses as Regan just rolls his eyes.

“I do watch some racing, but I figured you’d be here as I know Chase turns to you on a lot of things,” Eric comments, which Regan could see easily making sense. “And then there’s you. We just saw each other earlier today. I mean, I don’t mind seeing you, but not under these circumstances. How are you feeling?”

“Sore,” Chase comments quietly as Eric could only nod his head.

“That’s understandable. When the doctor comes in after, he’s got something that’ll help with the pain, okay?” Chase nods his head, accepting. “Now, I’ve read over everything that they gave me that you and Regan told them, along with everything they figured out.” Eric then places the file aside, keeping his eyes on Chase. “I don’t care what the paper says. What really matters, end of the day?”

“My feelings.” Eric nods his head.

“Right. Now, obviously the biggest concern from both you and Regan was a potential rape scenario. What are you thinking about that, right now?” Chase takes a deep breath, as he focuses up on the ceiling. He would rather not say a single word.

“That I was a fool for saying that happened. I was totally wrong in every aspect of what I said. The more I think it, the more I realize that I was just woke up panicked from my dream – like when you wake up screaming because you’re set to scream in a nightmare.”

“You’re never a fool, okay? Actually, you’re a bigger person for doing something about it and contacting a friend. You’re also a bigger person for lying here, and having figured out what happened. The doctor went through with the rape kit, checking to see if there were finger prints or any trace anywhere of the possibility. Nothing came back. With what you’ve said and what we’ve found as a whole, I am confident nothing happened and what you’re saying is true.” Regan felt more confused now as he watched the pair closely.

“Then why is he feeling this random pain in his stomach?” Regan wonders as Eric glances back at him.

“There’s a reason, and you will get that reason when the doctor comes in after,” Eric answers. “For now, I’d like to take the steps in talking about why I’m here.” Regan nodded his head, accepting. He knew why they had called Eric as it was all about the paper he filled out earlier. “With what I’ve told you, does that make sense and can you accept that?”

“Yeah,” Chase says, as it made sense. A combination of trapped in his dream, along with a new pain, would easily equal what happened.

“What if this is a case of a rape that happened but he totally blocked it out of mind and it wasn’t caught due to other things?” Dale then questions, remembering his conversation with Regan about the possibilities. It was better to explore them now with Eric, than enter that scenario later.

“That’s possible, but I feel this is more a combination of his fear and thoughts twisting around itself,” Eric explains. “We’ve talked about fearing rape, scared of what could’ve happen if things had played out as envisioned. We talked about fearing a rape against Alyssa by photos that Randy had taken. We talked about fearing a rape by Kassandra when at her disposal and hands, even being touched unfairly in that moment. A new sense of pain, combined with nightmares of a possibility, and you have this scenario.” Chase could only shake his head as Eric broke it down. There was only one more thing to say.

“So I am crazy….” Chase comments, causing a surprised glance from everybody in the room.

“Chase….” Regan says quietly, remembering their discussion earlier.

“Going through the trauma that you experienced, and running into a situation like this does not mean you’re crazy,” Eric tells him. “It just means that the mind is having a hard time processing everything and making sense of these feelings. In this situation, we’ve simply watched your nightmares pick up to a new level of intensity. It happens as there are plenty of people who deal with this scenario. So for future sessions, we can talk about that, and work through strategies to make coping with them easier.” Chase nods his head, accepting. As long as there were answers that could get rid of this feeling, he was on-board.

“What do we do in the meanwhile?” Eric glances over at Regan, again.

“He has a mild anxiety drug that he has been taking once in the morning to soothe off extreme emotions – and it is working for what we want it to do. For the night time, I can either suggest taking another dosage or a sleeping pill to allow him to relax. That’s something that me and him can discuss.” Regan nods his head, accepting. He could now understand why Dale always suggested to go to Eric when there were problems. “Other than the words that I’ve spoken, there is not much else that I can say. Do you have any questions?”

“This pain…” Chase comments, voice trailing out.

“The doctor has an explanation for you that connects in a way, but I will let him explain,” Eric states, as he picks the file backup, opening it. “The doctor did request a psychological evaluation form to be filled out and overlooked by myself. Regan, I appreciate your patience in filling it out accordingly. The form is meant for me to give my recommendation on what to do from a psychological standpoint. Now, this can include treatment, drugs, further evaluation under a physician, or ground rules of a type of sta-”

“So basically, you’re supposed to judge if I’m to be admitted to the psych ward or not?” Regan froze at Chase’s revelation, glancing towards Dale. Dale just glanced back at Regan with a calm glance, hand slightly up.

“That is part of it, yes, depending on patient safety and whether they’re a danger to themselves or the public.” Eric flips through the pages to the last one in the file. “I’m not supposed to tell you my recommendation or what I write in here, but we have an open-book policy so I owe it to you. I am simply going to state that I went over with the patient the bearings of what happened, and we determined that a trauma-caused nightmares were the result of your feelings. It is also worth noting that previous time spent with you showed clear signs of PTSD. My recommendation is to either increase our anti-anxiety medicine or give you a sleeping pill to put off the feelings until they can be further discussed, broken down, and handled accordingly. That seems right, so far?” Chase nods his head.

“That’s exactly what you told me.” He then lets out a yawn as he lie back. “Sleeping has been a pain in the ass, so I hate to say this but maybe that’d be a good idea…”

“The focus should be on yourself, your health, and how you’re feeling. If it’s going to help make things easier, then I would fully open that door if I was you. That doesn’t mean you have to open it forever, or become dependent. It’s just a strategy till you find a better one.” Chase nods his head, accepting, even if part of him wanted to chuck the pills across the room. “Furthermore, I do not believe you to be a danger to society or yourself, so I see no emergency reason to keep you on a psychological basis. I will strongly recommend that someone be with you at all times – 24 hours a day, just in case an episode creeps up until we see some noteworthy progress. Is that possible?” Chase nods his head, with both Regan and Dale joining in.

“I’ll come spend time if nobody else is available,” Dale adds, knowing he’d do whatever it took.

“My signature is on the file, and we are done,” Eric says as he signs off, closing it. “Now, I will let the doctor see this, and then he can tell you what he has to say. Trust me, you’re going to fully understand why you’re experiencing the pain once you see the results. My advice? Take every bit of what he is going to say and consider it. You can always call me if you need me.” Eric then leaves the room, as the group takes glances towards each other, pondering what is next.


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