Cabin Fears – Chapter 82: “Bubbalicious”


Chase walks through the front door, closing it behind him, leaning against it as he lets out a long sigh.

The sooner this week was over, the better it would be. There was no way to describe how worn out he was feeling right now.

From emotional download session with Eric on Tuesday, to Alyssa’s appointment yesterday, followed by another complete emotional download. He almost felt like he was running on the last bit of steam within him.

He knew both sessions were well worth it, as he needed to do it if he was ever going to find a way to get through this chaos. His mind was pretty much figuring out piece by piece – seeing the image that stained his thoughts slowly fading to dust with each word spoken. Taking a deep breath, he knew there were only minor steps left.

Amidst his own chaos, he battled through a series of thoughts surrounding Alyssa. He was almost at the point of telling her to forego her crazy plan, and do what the doctor wanted for her own safety. He also felt nerves in wondering what if there were complications, and what if something didn’t go as planned.

Taking another deep breath, still leaning back against the door, he knew that was just his own anxiety talking. The doctors were smart. They would make sure everything went correctly. He had nothing to worry about.

Glancing at the time, he knew he had three hours before he was flying out to head to Kentucky for the next race weekend. He couldn’t wait to meet Alyssa in Kentucky as she had been there already all-day doing the XFINITY playoff media blitz.

He made a note to make sure to be ready on time since he was flying out with Jimmie and William. That meant making sure everything was packed, and out the door at that time.

But until then, he knew that he had some time to himself as he finally pushes himself up off of the door and heads up the stairs. He heads straight for the bathroom without a single word or thought, turning the water on.

Stripping down to nothing, stepping underneath the shower, he let the warm water bring relief to the muscles that felt tiring and sore from the continued non-stop actions of his life. He closed his eyes, letting all the emotions roll off, finding that brief second of escape where he could think about nothing at all. Sometimes, he wished he could enter this bliss forever – but knew that he couldn’t handle that permanently, either.

Stepping out of the shower afterwards, he wraps the towel around him before retreating to the bedsroom, changing into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He quickly packs the bag for the weekend, knowing he might as well get it over and done with.

Going back down the stairs, he drops the bag at the door without much of a thought. He then goes into the living room, setting the alarm on his phone, flopping back on the couch, eyes drifting closed for some much needed rest.


“Megan, are you coming this weekend?” Regan questions as he shifts through the closet, packing the clothes he needed. He knew he didn’t need much since his only reason for going was to run the truck race on Friday night, and return. A single day on the road didn’t require much. However, just in case, he packed a couple extra things.

“Have you totally forgotten?” Megan questions as she glances into the room. “Eliza’s dance recital is on Friday.” Regan freezes immediately. In all the chaos of trying to help Chase and going with Alyssa to her appointment on Wednesday, he was beginning to lose track of everything else going on.

“Shit! I totally forgot. Okay, so you’re not coming…” He then zips up the bag as Megan enters the room, walking up behind him.

“Regan, are you okay?” Regan stops, glancing over at his shoulder at her.

“It just slipped my mind with everything that’s going on. I’m fine. Promise me you’ll record it so I can watch it when I get home?” She nods her head, accepting, before giving him a quick kiss.

“How about you bring us back a trophy to make it worth our while?” He smiles, knowing that was definitely a good idea and certainly in the cards.

“I’ll do my best, okay?” She smiles, accepting, before leaving the room. Satisfied that he had everything that he needed, he picked the bag up and headed down the stairs. Time for a quick family dinner, and then he’d be off for the weekend…

“Regan, your phone went off…” He rolls his eyes, taking bets on which crew member was worried that he was going to miss the flight or coming up with the next idea to keep in mind for the weekend.

“Go ahead and look, please…” He was busy making sure that he had his passport, NASCAR license, and everything else in mind to really care about the details of the text message. There’d be no point in getting all ready if something was out of order.

“It’s Chase. He sent the word ‘bubbalicious.’ What the heck does that mean?” Regan freezes immediately, wallet slipping out his hand with the cards spilling all over the floor. “Regan?” Megan walks into the room as he scurries to pick everything up. “What’s goi-”

“Give me my phone!” She hands it over immediately, as he begins to furiously send back a text message in response.

“Regan?” He glances up after the message is sent, counting the seconds as they slowly pass by.

“If he needs me right away, something is wrong, or he’s in a complete panic, that’s our code word.” He then grabs the keys to his truck off of the night stand, rushing to the door.

“Be careful!!” He blows her a quick kiss, before running out the door and to his truck. He glances back towards his phone, seeing no message in return.

“Shit! Chase, come on buddy…” He then hits dial to make a phone call as he starts the truck and heads out, continuing to count each second as it passed.


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