Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 142: “Today is for you….”

Wednesday, August 23

The boys focus on getting ready, both laughing at one point in trying to get their hair to co-operate.

“Wait until after Darlington….” Chase muses, catching Ryan’s attention.

“You’re cutting it?” He asks in disbelief as Chase looks over, nodding his head. “Ugh!”

“Does my hair really break your heart that much?” Ryan nods his head.

“It’s a style statement, man. I thought we’d be comparing lengths by season’s end.” Chase laughs, shaking his head.

“I don’t mind it – but I’d prefer to be shorter. It’s just easier and not as sweaty. I’ve dealt with this since Daytona. I’m due for a change.” Ryan sighs as he double checks his chair is in place.

“Well if you’re asking me, I’m sticking with it no matter what. I love it.” Chase glances over.

“It looks good on you, actually…”Chase glances at the map, before looking back over at Ryan. “Are you sure you’re okay with the plan today?” Ryan nods his head.

“I think it’s incredibly sweet that you want to give her a couple things to do while here that fit her, and she’d enjoy. I mean, she did put up with us Monday…” Chase smiles, remembering that night.

“Dude, she didn’t just ‘put up with it.’ I can guarantee that she had fun.” Ryan glances back, smiling himself.

“I bet she’s going to ask you to dance again. You may need to do Dancing with the Stars to learn some moves.” Chase shakes his head.

“I’m not up for public humiliation, thank you very much. You, on the other hand, that sounds like it’d work…” Ryan looks back, surprised.

“I’d disagree with that statement fully.” Chase crosses his arms.

“Why don’t we go ask the waiter about what she thought of your dancing?” Ryan rolls his eyes.


“So what is today’s plan?” Sarina asks as the boys glance towards each other with grins.

“It’s a surprise,” Chase answers as she raises her eyesbrows.

“Oh boy….” She then gets on her bike. “Am I going to be thrilled by this surprise?” Ryan nods his head.

“Just follow Chase and he’ll lead you to where we’re going,” he offers as they head off together.

They rode through the tight streets, going a couple different roads as Chase followed the directions being given out by his phone. As they turned the corner, he couldn’t help but glance back to see the reaction on Sarina’s face.

“Do you recognize the house?” Ryan wonders, waiting for a reaction like Chase. Sarina simply nods her head. “Well?”

“Was this part of your original plan all along?” Sarina questions, and Ryan turns to Chase, giving him a nod.

“You’ve dealt with our antics and fu-” Chase starts.

“It was your trip together. I’m just the tag alon-”

“Not even close!” Ryan cuts her off. “You’re just as equal part to this as we are.”

“We actually had a couple open spots for a Wednesday schedule so I thought it’d be nice to give you a couple things to do that you’d enjoy,” Chase offers, causing a smile to form on her face. “Ryan easily accepted as he felt you deserved it, even helping to plan.” Chase glances towards the house, before turning back to her. “You mentioned how you grew up admiring Anne Frank, enjoying her diary, captivated by her story. Well, you can’t come to Amsterdam and not see her house.”

“You’re being serious right now….” Sarina muses and Chase nods his head.

“We’re willing to take a tour if you’re up for it. I mean, it’s actually nice to touch base with history…” He then takes her by the hand, leading her to the door with Ryan in toe. The group enters, easily accepting the tour as they take it in. with each room and step, Sarina recounted memorable moments in the book, pointing them out for the boys as they intently listened. Even Ryan found himself more interested than he thought he would be in how she managed to hide her family in there.

“Anne’s story reminded me of a lot of things. It was totally different for her, and I probably can’t even close to relating due to everything going on. But, I can say that I partially understand having been through the witness protection and moving cross country twice due to my parents. Reading her diary, seeing her bravery, and realizing my circumstances couldn’t hold a candle to hers, it gave me that bravery and extra push that I needed….”

“Did she make it?” Ryan wonders and Sarina looks back, shaking her head.

“They were found in October of 1944, deported to a concentration camp,” Sarina answers. “The conditions of these camps weren’t that good, and she died sometime in 1945. They don’t know the exact cause or date, just because that was never recorded then.” Ryan shakes his head in disbelief as he looks over the most recent room they came across.

“It’s crazy to imagine what happened then….” He then takes a deep breath. “And yet you see people crazy over racial issues now and fighting for the stupidest reasons.”

“Some people can’t take a hint…” Ryan nods his head in agreement. They make their way through the back half of the tour, exiting back outside. “Thank you – both of you, for this.”

“It was actually a good, eye-opener – so thank you.” Sarina smiles as both Ryan and Sarina glance towards Chase.

“Like I said – she couldn’t come to Amsterdam and not do the tour,” he offers, giving her a quick kiss. “The second surprise is up to Ryan.” Sarina then looks between them.

“Guys….” She pleads as the boys shrug their shoulders.

“Trust me – you’re not messing with our plans,” Ryan tells her as they head out for the next trip.

This bike ride was short, just seven minutes in length and thankfully down a single street so there was no chance of getting lost. They did make a stop, though, going to the local café for a quick bite to eat and drink. Sarina had to chuckle at the boy’s reactions to the Frapuchinos at Starbucks.

Eventually, they came upon their destination, with Ryan stopping first, followed by Chase, as Sarina slowed behind them, confused.

“Museum of Bags and Purses?” She questions after reading the sign, and glancing at them. “Seriously? Or is something wrong with your bike?”

“Seriously,” Ryan tells her. “You mentioned that you were a bit of fashionista, so I thought this was one stop we couldn’t pass up. While you embrace the style, we’ll giggle at the ridiculous things you girls will wear.”

“There once was a time that men had purs-”

“Satchels!” They both cut her off at the same time as she laughs, rolling her eyes.

“Sorry…..” She immediately apologizes. “I guess we could check it out.”

“That’s the spirit!” Ryan says as he heads inside. He was already planning to snag some photos of what was the strangest and perhaps stylist to share with Emma. He knew that she’d kick his ass if he didn’t share something with her after going.

“How come you didn’t tell me about this fashion interest?” Chase wonders as they head inside.

“You never asked, and it just came out randomly while talking about meeting Emma,” Sarina answers. “And for the record, don’t go buying me any expensive clothes and purses or crap. While I enjoy a good fashion sense of style, I’m not one of those all out there brand princesses. I just have a certain look I am for.” Chase nods his head, easily accepting.

“Duty noted.”

As they walked through the museum, Sarina pointed out some of the more interesting designs – some of which she fell in love with despite being over 40 years old at times. Ryan took note of each one, taking a photo figuring that it’d be something to peak Emma’s interest.

The boys also had their entertainment, though, joking about some of the styles and sizes, and wondering why someone would want a purse that big. Sarina and Ryan then broke out laughing when Chase tried the one of their sample deals of one of their bigger designs jokingly, but making sure to snap photos along the way.

Sarina18: Nice bag there, @chaseelliott24. It certainly compliments you lol Enjoying another awesome day with my besties. Can’t thank them for enough the trip…and yes, I will repeat that every photo.

“Did you seriously send that out?” Chase questions and Sarina smiles, nodding her head. “You just wait….” Ryan glances over with a smile. Those words could be used to his pranking advantage.

“You’ll never catch something embarrassing of me…” Sarina comments as Chase just laughs.

“We still got three more days….”

After completing the tour, the boys went back to their originally planned schedule, making the six minute trek down to the Natura Artis Magistra, which was the local zoo.

They began with the butterfly pavilion, which allowed you to be around over a thousand dozen butterflies flying freely around you. They were even caught off-guard when a couple landed on their shoulders, snapping up photos for their own collection.

They then made their way through the aquarium exhibits, which featured a diverse range of marine animals. They were even captivated even more by the rain forest.

Their zoo trip was completed with going back to the main area, and taking a tour of the different animals. They tried to mimic the monkeys, while easily enjoying the dance to pet the lions. There were laughs and amazement in seeing the different animals – with the lamas being last on their list to see.

Sarina was immediately captivated by a brown one, trying to coo it so it would look up at her. As the sound escaped her lips, the lama turned, spitting at her with the spit landing directly in the middle of her shirt. Both boys immediately broke out laughing as Chase took full opportunity to snap a photo.

@chaseelliott24: Looks like the lama is trying to make friends with @Sarina18. I hope he don’t get jealous of having to share.

“Well, that didn’t take as long as I expected….” Chase comments after sending it, while she just shakes her head.

“That is just….disgusting,” she lets out as the boys laugh once again. “Like, whose spit is that big? It practically takes up my whole shirt!”

“Maybe he didn’t like the design,” Ryan comments as she could only roll her eyes once again.

As much as Chase enjoyed the moment, he did feel a little bad for her standing there like that. He then led her to the souvenir shop, allowing her to pick out a shirt to buy, before letting her change in the bathroom.

“That’s better,” she comments, emerging shortly after. She noticed the boys had gone back and bought some other things, too.

“Here’s a nice memory,” Ryan says as he hands a brown stuffed lama.

“Oh great.”  She holds it up, sticking her tongue out at it, before shoving it in her purse. “He can go hang out with Hootie…”

“I thought you liked Hootie now,” Chase comments as Ryan looks at them confused. “Stuffed animal owl that Hooters gave me for promotional purposes. Let’s just say she figured that he cursed us at Talladega and wanted him shredded. Somehow, I convinced her to make up with him.”

“Remind me to stay away, far away, from you guys then,” Ryan says as Chase rolls his eyes.

“So we have 3 hours and then we have to be packed and at the airport for our flight to Germany.” He saw the immediate look from Sarina at the thought of flying. “Relax – it’s just an hour flight, no longer.”

“Thank you….” She lets out as they head back towards the direction of their hotel.


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