Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 141: Peaceful Getaway

Tuesday, August 22 – Amsterdam

Sarina emerges out of the bathroom, wiping her towel with the hair as she tries to dry it as much as possible.

“Ugh….”She hears, glancing back towards the bed with a smile.

“Good morning Chase,” she replies as he sits up in the bed, letting out a yawn.

“What time is it?” She had to chuckle at the question. There were probably going to be running later than their original schedule.

“It’s 9, according to their clocks.” He lets out a sigh, having thought it was initially later. “How you feeling?”

“Actually, to be honest, I’m feeling pretty good.” He then stands up, watching her brush her hair. He then walks up behind her, taking the brush out of her hands to the back as he knew it had to be tough to reach around. “Were you worried I’d be hungover?”

“Well, you did have quite a few drinks last night…” He chuckles, remembering them. He had to figure out the name of that one Cinnamon beer, and the other one they all loved – Goose Island was how it started.

“So maybe I had more than I would usually. But, it wasn’t like at any time I lost myself…” She then chuckles as she thinks back to the singing, and the dancing. She thought hearing him sing was the best thing ever, but dancing just took it to a whole new level. She could still feel them swaying to the music together.

“You were certainly carrying on a tune last night…” He rolls his eyes, knowing how that probably sounded based on videos taken by friends in other experiences. “Oh, and I do say – the dancing was nice. You aren’t that bad at line dancing, but you’re a pro when it comes to a couple…”

“Oh really? Well, thanks for the compliment, I guess…” He then grabs a hair tie off the dresser, putting her hair up in a pony tail for her. “Don’t come to expect that all the time, okay?”

“Your secret is safe with me – I promise.” She then spins around, facing him. “But for the record, you better always save the last dance for me…” He smiles, leaning into kiss her lips.

“You don’t have to ever worry about me dancing with someone else.” She smiles, as she had no issue with every dance being saved for them both.

“That goes both ways.”

“Oh will you two please get a room?” A voice comes out of the sheets over in the corner. Sarina goes to throw a pillow at him, but Chase grabs it before she can.

“Why should I when you can’t mind manners with that girl of yours?” Chase then questions, giving Sarina a look as she tries to not giggle.

“What?!?” Ryan then sits up right away, looking around the bed, before glancing at the pair. “You mean….I…..”

“Remember the waitress?” Ryan smacks himself in the head as he looks around the bed, again.

“I didn’t, really?” Chase chuckles as he flashes a grin towards Sarina. “Did you guys see her leave?” Chase and Sarina both shake their heads. “Of course not, you dumbasses! I remember just as much about last night as you both do!” Chase lets out a sigh, as Sarina smiles. She knew it was a worthless opportunity.

“You guys were having quite the dance together…” Ryan rolls his eyes as he sits up.

“She’s a nice girl, and all, and yes – I had fun dancing with her. I just don’t want to be one of those one and done guys.” Chase and Sarina both nod their head, respecting that.

“Well, you did behave,” Sarina assures him as she relaxes, having finished getting set for the day. “Now, when can we get out of here and find some food?”

“You’d think she was eating for two,” Ryan comments as Chase shoots him a look. “What? Can’t I cut a joke?”

“It’s fine, Ryan….” Ryan then crosses his arms as he watches Chase grab a pair of boxers.

“Someone hung over?” Chase then spins around to face Ryan.

“I’m feeling perfectly fine, thank you,” he replies before heading into the bathroom.

“He probably was worried that’d it be caught insensitive to me,” Sarina reasons as Ryan lets out a sigh. “Real question, though – how are you?”

“Not my worst hangover, but not my best. Please find me the Tylenol…” Sarina laughs as she throws a bottle over to him. “You’re a life saver. Thank you!”


“So what’s the plan today, boys?” Sarina asks as they head out of the small café following breakfast together. Chase and Ryan grin as they remembered their plans put in place.

“We’re going for a peaceful tour of a nearby city that is supposedly the best place to go for a bike ride,” Chase informs her as she looks on intrigued. When they were going trail riding at each track, he always seemed to have some nice lookout spots – so she could only imagine the international flavor. “It’s an olden part of town with some alleyways, but it’s supposed to be stunning.”

“Jordaan is the name, if you’re curious,” Ryan adds as she nods her head.

“Sounds interesting,” she comments as Ryan smiles.

“Of course, we’re calling that the calm before the storm. The next opportunity leads us to the Heineken Experience if we follow original pla-” Sarina knew by the name what it entailed – a beer tasting and tour of the factory. Needless to say, she wasn’t about to be the party spoiler. Besides, it may be interesting.

“Like I said yesterday, it’s fine. I don’t mind seeing you boys have some drinks, and enjoy the atmosphere. I’m sure I can find things to take in and besides, we all need someone to look out for us.”

“She’s just hoping that you guys dance again…” Chase rolls his eyes, but also shot Sarina a smile at the same time. He had been surprising last night at how easily she accepted that dance.

“We were then going to follow that up with a relaxing evening on the water docks – Oosterlijke Eilanden, or something like that,” Chase tells her. “We can explore town cuisine and drinks, while taking in an evening water show.”

“You guys really planned out something special and unique here, huh?” Sarina questions and the boys nod their heads.

“Like I said – it’s a trip that’s been a couple years in the making,” Ryan offers.

Per their original plan, the group made their way down to Jordaan, ready to explore the area. The idea was to just go about it randomly, and then when ready to leave, use their phone GPS to find their way out and to the next stop.

As they rode through the alleys, the music of the street performers filled their ears, giving their ride an even more relaxing feel. A bit of romance classical never hurt anyone – even if Ryan teased the pair should embrace a dance.

The journey included passing by several small markets, in which they did stop at a couple. Between the outfits they tried on causing each other to laugh, to exploring the dutch trinkets, the random city stop was a nice change of pace compared to their hectic lifestyle. They each even found some souvenirs to grab for themselves and friends back home.

Riding around, Chase and Sarina stopped in front of a small creek that ran up the middle, showcasing the buildings it was known for on either side. Chase snapped a photo quickly, sending it out on Instagram as per his usual trail guide (

“Wait!” Sarina yells, catching their attention as the boys were set to move on. She then pulls Chase by the hand, bringing him close to her with a smile. “Please?” He nods his head accepting, posing for a photo together which Ryan easily accepts taking.

“You guys look adorable,” Ryan comments as he hands her the phone.

“Come here…” She pulls him in close, taking a selfie of the three of them together. “Now that’s cute.”

Sarina18: Absolutely enjoying Amsterdam with @chaseelliott24 and @ryanblaney10. Can’t believe all the great spots to explore – especially Jordaan. Can’t wait for the rest of the week.

After exploring the small town for most of the morning, they then retreated back into Amsterdam, set for the Heineken Experience.

As Sarina predicted, it turned out to be an alright time despite her want to stay away from the alcohol beverages of choice. The group received their guided tour, exploring the steps in how the tasty beer was crafted, along with lessons in aging. Sarina even found herself intrigued by the different aromas used to create the flavors, followed by the fact that some take 50 years to age before they taste as warranted.

As the boys explored different parts, Sarina snapped a couple more photos on her phone, while Ryan played with the Snapchat filters for some others. He was particularly proud of the filter used on Chase while he stood in one of the barrels.

Following the tour, the group was offered a selection of the brand’s beers to try, in which the boys easily accepted. They compared the different flavors, stating their likes and dislikes – tough settling on the fact that the selections from last night were more tasty.

“Who knew something called Goose Island could be so good,” Chase comments as Ryan licked his lips at the thought of it.

“I’m making sure to order me a glass – a full one, too – of that while we’re at the docks,” Ryan adds.

As planned, they made their way out to the water docks that night around 7 as the sun was setting, finding a good spot to sit along the dock. They immediately were captivated by the show – filled with dancing, singing, and effects – with the water being used perfectly the whole way through. While normally not something of any of their preference, they were captivated in the story all the way through.

Following the completion of the show, music played as the scene became a big social gathering. The group stayed, chatting as they enjoyed drinks, taking in the nice weather and pure experience of a whole other world.

“Is this okay?” Chase whispers in Sarina’s ear, wrapping both arms around her.

“This is perfect,” she answers. “You told me this was the best getaway you could imagine, and you were right. It’s exactly what we needed, and more. Thank you….”

Chase smiles, giving Ryan a little wink, before focusing back on the show. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow as he knew their final day in town would be the specialist, with the boys keeping someone in mind.


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