Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 91: Testing

Tuesday, June 6

Chase Elliott walks into the garage, seeing the crew looking over the car as he lets out a sigh. He glances over, seeing Daniel Suarez standing there texting someone on his phone.

“Bored yet?” He questions after Daniel had finished typing the message.

“Impatient,” Daniel answers as Chase laughs, shaking his head in agreement. “No Sarina?” Chase shakes his head no.

“She had to do some stuff at the shop for Kyle so she couldn’t come.” Daniel shakes his head, understanding. “Do you have a girlfriend?” Daniel shakes his head no as Chase looks on shocked. “Really? I thought you would’ve talked some girl up all nice in Spanish.”

“No senorita yet to accept. Do you know any Spanish?” Chase chuckles.

“Does Un and hola count?” Daniel rolls his eyes. “Seriously, how did you learn to speak English?”

“Cartoons. I watched Barney – he’s a little strange. I watched teletubies and found them stranger.” Chase couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t believe I watched those when I was younger and loved them just because of how strange they are now. Please tell me that you watched Caillou?” Daniel smiles and shakes his head yes as Chase laughs. “Oh wow….”

“I’m just a kid whose four, each day I grow some more, I like exploring I’m Caillou. So many things to do….” Chase just laughs as he hears the song again. “You know the words?”

“Unfortunately, I do remember them as doesn’t it go each day is something new, I’ll share them with you, I’m Caillou. My world is turning, changing each da-”

“Please tell me that you aren’t singing Caillou,” David Ragan interrupts the pair as they laugh. “Oh my gosh. I thought I heard enough of that from my kids. Why oh why?”

“Daniel was telling me about how he learned English from watching Caillou, Teletubies and Barney,” Chase explains as David looks at the rookie in surprise.

“Really?” Daniel shakes his head yes. “Did you watch Sesame Street?”

“Learn to count thanks to Count Dracula,” Daniel comments. “Elmo and Big bird were good, too.”

“Least you watched some good shows,” David says before walking away.

“Why you ask?” Chase thinks back as to why the discussion originally started.

“I was just curious, honestly,” Chase says.

“Did you want to learn Spanish?” Daniel wonders as Chase thinks it over.

“Maybe…” Daniel then smiles.

“Go home and watch Dora, and then Dieago. They are good.” Chase laughs and shakes his head no immediately. “No?”

“I am not sitting down and watching Dora go exploring. That darn swiper fox will annoy me.” Daniel had to admit that Chase was probably right.

“You can try watching La Ritita Presumida or Charlie y Lola. They are better.”  Chase thinks it over, catching his interest. “Now, you want to impress senorita. Does she know, Spanish?” Chase wasn’t sure of Sarina knew any Spanish as he’d never asked.

“I don’t know…” Daniel thinks it over.

“Buy flowers and chocolate. Then say, ‘Oh Sarina, eres la mujer más bella que conozco. No puedo describir lo mucho que te amo.’ She will be impressed.” Chase then looks at him shocked.

“Say what? Can I have that written down or something?” Daniel chuckles as he writes it out in text message, sending it to Chase. “Yeah, okay, that will take practice. What does that mean?”

“She is beautiful and you love her so much.” Chase smiles as that sounded right. “You could say, ‘Sé que soy el mejor piloto, y podría ganarte cualquier día de la semana,’ but she may kick your ass.” Chase then looks on confused. “You are the better driver, and could beat her anywhere.”

“Send me that…” Chase knew it’d be a good test of her Spanish knowledge, even if he didn’t know for sure whether Daniel was truthful.

“I will send another she love…” Chase looks on confused as he looks at the message. “Sé que soy un imbécil que realmente no habla español bien.”

“Translation?” Daniel just smiles as he walks away.

“She will love you…” Chase couldn’t help but be confused. However, noticing the team was ready, he knew there was no time to waste.


Wednesday, June 7

Sarina pulls him close as he walks through the door, giving him a big hug.

“You actually got home a couple hours early,” she says as they walk through the house together. “What gives?”

“We got done early so I headed out of there,” he tells her as he keeps an arm wrapped around her. “I wanted to spend time with you before you left.” She smiles as they sit down on the couch together. “Kyle make you work hard?”

“Nah – just some autographs and a debrief with the guys. Nothing I can complain about. Alan make you work hard?” Chase shakes his head no.

“Just turning left multiple times, followed by explaining how that felt. I think we settled on a good set of tires for everybody.” She smiles as it was always nice when a test went well.

“I heard you and Daniel were practicing Spanish….” He then smiles, shaking his head yes as he takes out his phone. “Uh oh….”

“Sé que soy el mejor piloto, y podría ganarte cualquier día de la semana…..I think I said that right.” She then chuckles.

“Do you even know what you said?” He shakes his head yes, reading the translation underneath. “Right, because that’s a load of crock as I bet your ass that I’d win.”

“Didn’t I win at Martinsville this year? I also beat you at Atlanta, too.” She then rolls her eyes.

“Why don’t we go get some go-karts and I’ll show you how the bump and run works?” He then looks on surprised.

“Oh really? That’s how this is going to be?” She shakes her head yes with a smile. “As tempting as that is, I say we spend the night in cuddling since I’m going to be missing you for three whole days.” She then curls up close to him, easily accepting without a fight.

“So, what else did he teach you?” Chase re-opens the text messages, debating which one to read next. He knew for sure what the first one meant word for word, but was unsure about the second given how quickly Daniel walked away.

“Oh Sarina, eres la mujer más bella que conozco. No puedo describir lo mucho que te amo.” A smile forms on her face immediately as she looks up into his eyes.

“Oh Chase, eres muy guapo también. Te quiero mucho y te amaré siempre.” He then looks on a little confused as she smiles. “It means your handsome, I love you and I’ll cherish you.” He then steals a quick kiss from her. “I see he was showing you his charm for the senorita.”

“You could say that, after he got done singing Caillou.” She then laughs as she heard about the singing experience that happened.

“Least you weren’t caught singing Barney. I think that’d be more embarrassing.” He shakes his head in agreement. “What else did he teach you?”

“He told me one more thing to tell you. Sé que soy un imbécil que realmente no habla español bien.” She then breaks out laughing even harder as she shakes her head in amazement. She couldn’t wait to text Daniel back after this experience. “That bad?”

“I know I’m an imbecile who does not really speak Spanish well.” He then looks on shocked.

“Honestly?” She shakes her head yes. “I knew that last one had to be a prank because he was laughing as he walked away. What a jackass!” She laughs even harder as she curls back up close to Chase.

“It’s okay, I love you and I appreciate the effort. By the way, if you want to learn, trust me instead. I’ll at least not lie to you.” He could only shake his head in disbelief.

“Yeah, thanks….” She then keeps her arms wrapped around him as she brushes her lips against his, taking them in.

“Chase, I’m going to miss you…” He keeps his arms wrapped around her, rubbing her shoulders.

“It’s only three days….”

“Three days too many…” She then lays her head back against his chest. “Promise me you’ll be careful?”

“You better promise me the same thing.” She shakes her head, accepting. Why was it they were both at two of the fastest tracks apart from each other? “And don’t you dare accept drinks from strangers.”

“Again, you better promise me the same. I don’t want no hospital text messages.” Chase could only shake his head in agreement. “Why is it so hard this time around?”

“Because we both realize how much we mean to each other, and we both scared the crap out of each other.” She feels her nerves twitch at the thought of Talladega on the mind.

“No repeating Talladega, okay?”

“No repeating it either.” He then rubs her shoulders, once again. “We’ll be fine. We’ll both have amazing weekends as we text and face time each other whenever we get a chance. We’ll do it so much that we’ll annoy our crew chiefs.” She then chuckles, knowing that was easy with Marcus.

“Long as your crew guys aren’t reading the messages, I’m okay with Alan….” He then chuckles, knowing how troublesome his crew could be at times.

“I’ll keep their paws off, don’t worry.”


One thought on “Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 91: Testing

  1. I learned Spanish in school. I like both drivers, but I like Chase a bit better than Daniel. It’s a rookie thing. I mean, I don’t latch onto rookies real strong unless they win. Chase was a secondary guy of mine last year, but now he’s a main one. Daniel’s just secondary and only added this year. Btw, quite the Spanish lesson. I watched those shows, except I only watched part of Caillou. Our clocks were a bit fast and I liked a show on after Caillou.


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