Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 79: “I’m fine….”

Chase came down the stairs, fixing his shorts and t-shirt once again, causing a curious glance from Sarina.

“Going for a bike ride?” She questions and he shakes his head yes. It was common for him to go for a ride at least three times a week as part of his work-out routine. He had a couple trails that he liked to ride throughout both Georgia and North Carolina, and found himself a nice trail at each track they visited. It also didn’t hurt that Jimmie normally knew all the hot spots.

“I should be back in about a hal-” He starts as she stands up off the couch. “Where are you going?” She then looks back over at him with a smile of her own.

“I’m going to get my shorts and a t-shirt.” He rolls his eyes. He always loved her company when he went for bike rides as they were fun to enjoy together. However, he didn’t feel as confident about that today.

“Sarina, you should be relaxing and chilling out. You don’t need to come…” She then looks at him with a surprised glance on her face.

“Oh really?” He knew the way that came off certainly had set-off on her wrong as he walks over to her.

“You’re coming off your big wreck at Deg-”

“Umm, and who rode the backstretch wall?”  He then lets out a sigh.

“Who hurt their foot, though?” She then looks down at her foot, pointing it. She had gone to the doctor’s office yesterday, gotten some x-rays done and was put in the clear. She had simply just rolled it the wrong way and there was no issue moving forward.

“The doctor gave me the all clear on my foot, Chase.” He remembered hearing those words as he had gotten to the appointment with her.

“I get that, but lingering soreness and – Look, I’m just concerned that you’re going to push yourself too quickly and then be dealing with pain all weekend at Kansas. I want you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.” She takes a deep breath, understanding his concerns.

“Chase, I’m fine. You do not need to worry about me. I can go bike riding and be fine…” He knew how stubborn she was – having seen that through the years, and wasn’t yet to give in quite yet.

“You just keep brushing it off like nothing – just rolled your foot. Did you listen to what the doctor said? You sprained all the lingaments in your foot – that’s what the doctor said. And did you see the look on Sam and Kyle’s face when we mentioned it to them? Samantha told me to make sure to take care of you, and that you took care of that foot. If I let you go ride, that’s not taking care of it.” She rolls her eyes.

“I’m fine, Chase Elliott. You can stop you’re overbearing episode. I can handle it.” She then hurries up the stairs before he can say anything else as he just rolls his eyes. He lets out a sigh, walking outside and getting his bike out. It didn’t take long for her to join him afterwards.

“Just promise me that you’ll be careful?” She then rolls her eyes, again. “And don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“You do realize that I have more stubbornness in me than you do, and we’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t just let me do this.” He wanted to keep it going, but couldn’t bring himself to as he got up on his bike.

“We’ll take it easy to start…”

The pair rode off from the house, going out to roads and to the route that he had planned on taking that day. He slowly went up in pace, continuing to glance back to check on her before doing so.

They went through the route without issue, returning to the house later on that afternoon. He gets off his bike, watching her slowly get off. She then stands there, holding her bike, as she rotates her ankle.

“Sore?” He questions, seeing the expression on her face.

“Just a little,” she answers, before looking back up at him. “But I’m fine before you start your tirade about it being sore. Besides, they said to work it out as I can, but just make sure to put ice on afterwards. I’ll do that when we get inside.” He couldn’t be bothered to argue anymore – hating it every time, so he helped her inside and to the couch, before bringing her some ice.

“I’m making dinner tonight.” She then looks over surprised.

“What are you making?” He just smiles as he walks away. “Chase!!”

“Just trust me…” She then rolls her eyes as she lays back. Perhaps she pushed it a touch too far.

She laid there watching TV, feeling her senses continue more and more as smells escaped the kitchen. She then heard footsteps coming her way, glancing at him with a big smile as she saw the plate – fried chicken and fried rice.

“Chase…” She lets out as he sets the plate down before her.

“You mentioned the other day that you haven’t had any fried rice since moving with me and you miss it,” he starts. “I don’t mind fried rice and am fully open to having it some nights for you. I just hope it turned out alright.” She then takes a scoop, putting it in her mouth and licking her lips immediately.

“That is….oh gosh that’s amazing.” He then chuckles as he heads back to the kitchen. He grabs his plate, before joining her. “Even though I’m not a big tomato sauce fan, I’ll have chicken parmesan with you a couple nights since you’re willing to do this for me.” He smiles as he leans over, kissing her cheek.

“Oh, and I got ice cream and sprinkles and chocolate chips and sauce for later, too. I figured a nice sweet desert would make up for our argument.” She then looks over surprised. “What? I heard the whole missing sweets comment at Talladega and bugged Ricky till he told me your favs.” She then laughs, remembering some of the road trips with Ricky and forcing him to stop at times for a snack.

“Hey, you’re no innocent boy. I heard from Ricky that you steal candies from the hauler.” Chase couldn’t hide it as a smile formed on his face. “You know, you can always come see me on the weekend. We always got M&Ms in the hauler.”

“And your boss won’t get mad?” She then smiles and shakes her head no as she knew that Kyle was happy about her and Chase being in a good place together. “I’ll remember that since Alan was about to bite off my hand two weeks ago.”


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