Cabin Fears – Chapter 56: Call for Help

It didn’t take long after receiving the text message for Dale to show up at the house, immediately facing Chase. Dale could see the tears in the young man’s eyes before him, combined with the emotions on his face. He could only wonder as to why the sudden urgency to come over.

“What’s going on?” Dale questions, breaking the silence as he enters the house, with Chase closing the door behind him.

“I snapped again….” Chase lets out quietly, causing Dale to spin around instantly. Since he had spotted Alyssa’s car leave the house not long ago, his stomach flip-flopped especially with the emotions on Chase’s face.

“Please tell me that you haven’t called my ass over here because she ran away….” Chase immediately shakes his head no.

“She caught it right away and she remembered what I told her – it’s not meant to be directed at her, but rather a matter of circumstance due to my own twisted feelings. She actually helped calm me back off my edge with some words of advice, and we talked it out. She then offered to stay but I told her to go to JRM and do her usual things.” An involuntary sigh of relief escaped Dale, glad that the pair had found a common ground. If Chase had said something otherwise, there was no telling what would’ve happened next.

“So you called me because you wanted to let me know or…..”

“I needed someone to talk to immediately before I completely flip and go insane.” Dale then looks on completely surprised, considering previous recent discussions had sounded like Chase was making slow, but steady progress and getting further off the edges of what happened.

“Why do you say that?” Chase hated to be repeating this once again – it felt like a movie replaying in his head of the previous three times. He had been through this before. Why couldn’t he get a grip on it and just move forward?

“I’m having so many thoughts right now, mix of everything, thanks to Randy and what happened. From confusion, to pain, to being purely upset, to anger – it’s just a mess of thoughts that I can’t seem to find any way to control. Psychological war fare is what I called it when I told Alyssa. It’s been there small since what happened, but it just seems to have grown and I’ve been handling it….but I can’t do this, Dale.” Dale  felt his stomach drop in the last couple of words, feeling lost as to what to say. He almost pulled his phone out after hearing those to dial Regan’s number, seeing as Regan had been the one Chase turned to the most. However, he fought back, taking a couple calming breaths of his own at the revelation. Admitting that it was tough was the first step, and admitting that he needed help for step two. Now it was just working through it, and they’d done it before.

“Have you done anything to help these feelings at all?” Chase rolled his eyes, remembering the suggestions from Regan and Tony.

“I’ve talked a little with Regan and Tony on that note, but it doesn’t seem to be relieving what I’m going through. They both suggested talking to Eric, as well.” Dale shook his head, figuring that was probably the second direction that he’d take should a text to Regan result in nothing. He had even thought about suggesting it himself, though held back for a second in remembering the reaction previously. Regan normally had better luck with that.

“I know it’s frustrating and I know you’re feeling like you’re in a mess – but remember, first step is to admit it and second step is to figure out the best way to get help. You’re working at both of those, and that’s great. I know it may not mean much to you right now, but it’s a start.” Dale then takes a deep breath, glancing down at the ground as he thought things through. “Everything you’re describing reminds me of something. Do you remember when I had that real bad concussion and I was out of the car for months?”

“How could I forget that? It scared the crap out of everybody wondering if you’d get better….” Dale shakes his head, remembering everybody’s reactions surrounding him.

“It sort of reminds me of what you’re saying right now in being confused, unsure of direction, stuck in what you’re going throu-”

“It’s not the same thing, Dale. You had a concussion. Mine is a psychological insanity iss-”

“They’re both mind field games, Chase.” Dale then looks up at him. “Listen, I know you’re probably going to hate the thought, but maybe Tony and Regan are right. Maybe you should go see Eric and go see him immediately. I had a lot of anxiety and crap going on. Till I could handle it, Mickey gave me a mild-anxiety drug that just calmed my system down. It allowed me to remain calm while I healed from the other side effects. Eric could give you the same thing, and then that way it could make figuring out the rest of this mess a little easier.” Chase thought it over, having remembered the same suggestion from Alyssa. Maybe she had more knowledge than he was crediting her for.

“Maybe you’re right….” Dale had to admit that he was surprised, not expecting that reaction right away from Chase. “I mean, I can’t describe this to anybody and make them get what I’m feeling. I’m anxious, panicing, angry, fear, confused, trembling, unable to sleep…..there’s just so much that I don’t know how to put it into words.” Dale kept his eyes on Chase, having known the feeling all too well.

“Deep breaths, count to 10 and relax. You may call this a damn psychological insanity issue as it may feel you’re going insane. But really, it’s a panic attack causing a heightened anxiety and increasing everything that’s still there barely…” He then reaches out to Chase, grabbing both his hands. “Look at me. Deep breathes. Count to 10…” Chase closes his eyes, taking a couple deep breathes. “That’s it….”

“How do I describe this to Eric, though?” Dale lets go of Chase’s hands as he sits back, trying to figure out the best wording. With Mickey, he just knew what to do for Dale.

“Tell him you’re having a mix of thoughts. Tell him that you feel you’re on the edge of control. Tell him that your friends saw it as a panic attack. Tell him about what happened at Bristol. Ask him for permission for something to take the edge off. If you find the task daunting by yourself, ask for someone to come with. I’ll come with you, if need be.” Chase thought it over. It felt daunting to come out and straight out admit that he needed that help, but he knew that he wanted to erase this feeling as quick as he could.

“Thank you….than-”

“I told you that you never need to thank me, Chase. I’m always here for you – always.”

“I know….” Chase then wipes the next layer of stray tears from his eyes. “I just….” Dale then immediately makes his way over, wrapping both arms around him.

“Let it go, Chase. Please just let it go…” Chase then lets himself open up, leaning against Dale as the tears continue to fall.

After spending time like that, the pair separated with Chase making a phone call to Eric to set-up an appointment. The psychiatrist easily set-up something for later that afternoon, which Chase was set to attend no problem at all.

“Are you sure you can do this by yourself?” Dale questions as Chase is getting ready.

“Yeah, I’m good,” he answers before heading out.

Dale watches him leave, pulling out his phone.

He sends a quick text message to both Regan and Tony, letting them know a couple details on the latest crack from Chase. The three of them had been keeping in close contact with each other, keeping updates flowing, all wanting to do whatever they could to help Chase. They figured if all three were keeping a close eye, they could help him tackle things with ease.

He then sends a text message to Alyssa, giving her a quick update and reminding her that they could always talk if need be.

Leaning back against the door, he just hoped that everything would cool off soon.


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