Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 77: Talladega Part 2

“Ugh, where is he?” Chase lets out as he lifts the blanket up on the bed.

“Where is who?” A sleepy voice answers him as he looks at her. He then leans over, kissing her forehead as he brushes his hand through her hand.

“Sssssh, it’s early this morning….” He then puts the blanket back on her, tucking her back in. “Go back to sleep. It’s like 8 in the morning.”

“Who is he?” He then lets out a sigh as he looks over both their night tables, running his hands through who his chair. “Chase, who are you looking for?”

“I’m sorry I woke you up…” Sarina then just shook her head as she sat up.

“Who are you looking for, though?” He then lets out a sigh as he checks underneath the bed.

“Hootie!” She then rubs the sleep out of her eyes, smiling as she sees his butt sticking out from underneath the bed.

“Why do you need Hootie?” Chase then looks up at her.

“Because Sara says I need to bring him with me.” Sarina then felt real confused as she watched Chase slowly.

“Sara?” He lets out a sigh as he stands up.

“One of the Hooter’s girls. I have my morning appearances – Hooters, NAPA, Chevrolet, and then Chase U. I’m supposed to bring the owl.” Sarina could only roll her eyes at those girls walking around with their short skirts. She had wanted to stick her shoe up the one girl’s ass on Friday when she seemed to be checking out Chase.

“He’s in the bathroom. Remember I left him there when you helped me with a bath?” Chase then smiles immediately, running into the bathroom. He remembered the night perfectly. After they had chicken wings, she was beginning to feel a little stiff and sore, beyond just her foot. That was when he carried her into the bathroom, filled the tub with water, before lifting her in, while keeping her foot sticking out of the tub. It was well worth it as between the sweet vanilla scent, and warm water it made her feel better. Of course, the massage afterwards didn’t hurt either.

“I got him!” He then runs out of the bathroom, holding the stuffed animal in his hand. He then stopped as he saw her swinging her feet out of bed, sitting up. “What are you doing?”

“Give me 5 minutes. I’m going to get ready and come with you…”

“Oh no you don’t.” He then hurries over, placing her legs back in the bed and underneath the covers as she looks at him confused. “It’s just sponsor appearances. Nothing that you need to fret or worry about. Besides, you’re probably stiff and sore and could use another couple hours rest. Get some more rest, and I’ll bring you back a late breakfast before the driver’s meeting.”

“But I can handle it….” He shakes his head no.

“I know that you can, but you should do a good job taking care of yourself. Besides, I’ll be fine.” Sarina could only roll her eyes, not liking the thought of him around those three zealous girls by himself. However, taking a deep breath, she knew that she could trust him completely. It’s not like he pull something funny.

“Okay, I’ll listen.” She then grabs the remote and flips the TV on. “Besides, I can probably catch up on Street Outlaws.” He then smiles as he heads out, knowing that he was running late.

“Got him?” Sara questions as Chase holds up the owl as he shuts the door behind him. “Good. I can keep my job for awhile longer.”

Chase then went through the morning appearances with ease, taking some photos with the fans and answering questions for all the VIPs. As he got done the final appearance of the day, he was thankful that he’d be set to focus on the race next with ease.

“So, what are you doing next?” Emily, one of the other Hooters girls, asked.

“I’m going back to the motorcoach to help Sarina get ready for the day,” he answered. “Then I’ll probably get my firesuit on and head to the driver’s meeting.” Emily just rolled her eyes.

“So the girl can’t get ready by herself?” Chase then stops and looks over at Emily, surprised.

“Oh she’s fully capable of getting ready herself. It’s just she’s a little sore from yesterday.” Emily made a mock response, earning a stern glance from the other two.

“I was glad that she wasn’t injured any worse after that,” Sara comments. “Scary deal.” Chase shakes his head yes, remembering his reaction.

“These cars are built safe for those types of incidents,” he replies.

“Say, do you ever get bored with taking care of her and such?” Emily questions, earning another two stern glances and a confused look from Chase. “If you do, you can always come see me. I know how to show a boy a good time.”

“And that’s enough, Emily!” Sara finally lets out as Chase just rolls his eyes.

“I’ll see you girls later, and Emily, no thank you ever,” he states before heading off by himself.

“Ugh. Thanks to you, we’re probably going to get all in shit now. Do you realize what you did?” Emily just smiles as they walk through the garage area.

“Oh Sara, these are drivers,” she starts. “You obviously haven’t been around the garage long enough. There are drivers, and there are pit lizards – pit lizards hook up with drivers and have a little fun on the side. Just ask any of these guys as it happens with all the youngsters. He’ll be calling before long.” The third girl, Isabella, just rolled her eyes.

“You forget that Chase was raised to be respectful, honorable and honest,” Isabella says. “He is the furtherest thing from a pit lizard horndog – same with his best friend. If I was you, I’d be looking for a new place to work if this gets back to the boss.” Emily just smiled as she glanced around the garage.

“Not everybody is whom they seem on the outside. He may just be good at hiding it.” Isabella and Sara trade a glance, before both rolling their eyes.

“Remind me to talk to Sean about her,” Sara whispers as Isabella shakes her head in agreement.


“Are you okay?” Chase asks as he and Sarina stand by the car pre-race. She simply shakes her head yes. “You have to be thinking something….”

“Just don’t repeat what I did,” she warns him as he simply smiles.

“Don’t worry – today is going to be a great day.” He then puts an arm around her, pulling her close as he gives her a quick kiss. “Besides, you said that I look awesome in white. Maybe I’ll just make it extra special today.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” He just smiles, but knew that she was telling the truth after Daytona.

“So, I assume that you’re sitting up on my pit box today. For that reason, I already talked to the guys and they’ll gladly help you up the steps as you need it.” She then rolls her eyes.

“Chase, you don’t need to look out for me…” He then looks into her eyes.

“It’s because I love you, sweetheart. Face it – you’re stuck with me.” She then laughs as she wraps her arms around him.

“I love when you say that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She then puts her head against him, as he wraps his arms around her in return. With everything they had been through together, they both were thankful to have this moment together. It was like with each passing day, they were appreciating each other more and more.

“I really did fuck up asking him like that, huh?” Emily questions as she watches from the other side of the car with her fellow girls.

“Told ya,” Isabella states with an eye roll. “You’re lucky he hasn’t reported your ass.” Sara keeps an eye on the pair.

“He doesn’t seem like the type that’d cause trouble – unless you kept at it,” Sara comments.

“Should I go apologize?” Emily wonders as the girls look at her with a ‘duh’ expression. “I hate apologizing.” Emily then takes a deep breath, walking around the car to where they stood. “Chase?” Chase then releases Sarina, turning to face Emily with an eye roll of his own. “I want to apologize for what I said earlier. That was totally out of line.”

“Apology accepted, but don’t let it happen again,” Chase states and Emily shakes her yes, before walking back away.

“Do I want to know?” Sarina questions and Chase shakes his head no as he pulls Sarina back close. “Are you going to tell me?” Chase lets out a sigh, knowing the promise they made to each other about honesty always after what happened.

“She tried to play the classic horndog-pit lizard line on me. I purely ignored it, and it seems that the girls talked some sense into her.” Sarina looks over Chase’s shoulders at the three of them, death-stare instantly tuning into place as she held Chase even tighter. “Sarina….”

“I told you those girls were trouble.” Chase then looks down into her eyes.

“They may be trouble, but I can promise you that my eyes are always just focused on you, and you alone.” He then leans in and kisses her lips, once again.


One thought on “Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 77: Talladega Part 2

  1. Not sure if this comes into play with fictional Chase, but real Chase graduated from a Christian school. So if fictional Chase is anything like real Chase, he wouldn’t cheat on his girl.


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