Cabin Fears – Chapter 54: “That sucks….”

After waiting for what felt like forever, Alyssa’s car is pushed into the garage area with her still sitting in it. She just shakes her head as she climbs out, laying her head on the roof.

“That sucks,” was all she could manage, before she turned around to face the media.

Everybody stood back, allowing her to handle the questions asked of her from the various media members. Once the last question was asked, Regan was the first to walk over, wrapping both arms around her.

“I hated to see that,” he comments. “I told Kevin he should do a better job at calculating gas mileage.” Alyssa chuckles a little as she glances over his shoulder at the crew chief.

“Kevin does an awesome job on the pit box so I couldn’t trade him in,” she replies. “Besides, he had no idea that there’d be an overtime.” Regan looked back at the crew chief, before facing her.

“I’d rather be prepared than left out to dry.” Alyssa lets out a sigh, knowing he’s right as she leans back against the car.

“Oh well. Nothing we can do now, right?” He shakes his head yes in agreement before walking away, allowing the rest of the hugs to continue for her.

Once the hugs were complete, she headed into the hauler with Chase in toe to change, set to return home as soon as possible as she just wanted to leave the day behind. She emerges from the trailer shortly after, giving a hug to Graham and thanking him for coming.

“I’ll be in touch once your season is over,” he tells her with a wink and she could only smile.

“That’s a deal,” she replies as she watches him walk away. She then looks over at Chase. “Should I tell him that Marco has also offered me a ride with his team, too?” Chase could only look over in surprise.

“You’re serious about this open-wheel thing, huh?” She shakes her head yes.

“Is that okay with you?” He shakes his head yes, knowing that she’d be careful and safe – despite concerns from other parties. “I’d like to do the double one year, and I’d like to try Iowa and a street course. I need to start somewhere so might as well start with a test. It’s just a matter of whether I accept Graham’s offer or Marco’s.” Chase thought it over, knowing both sides had positives.

“I say that you should accept whatever you feel most comfortable with. Given how Graham helped you with tips this weekend, that may be a good spot.” She shakes her head in agreement, though wondered how Marco would handle the news once it got back his way.

With everything set in place, the group boarded the plane to go home, each taking their respective seats. It was a quiet initial ride, with each person busy with a book, or a game on their phone – even some sleeping, too.

Alyssa glanced over, seeing Chase had closed his eyes and was getting some much needed rest. She knew that he needed it with stressing himself on some things, and still continuing to push through what happened.

As he sleeps, she slowly stands up and makes her way back a couple rows, sitting down beside Regan – who gives her a cautious glance.

“I thought you’d be curled up with the boyfriend tired from your day,” he comments as she shakes her head no with a sigh.

“Don’t feel like sleeping actually,” she replies. “I just want to say thank you for that discussion before the weekend. It helped, in a small way.” Regan puts his phone down, focusing on her as a small smile forms.

“Glad to help, and you know the line of communication is always open.” She shakes her head yes as she glances forward, wondering whether this was a good idea.

“I was hoping that was the case, actually. I admit that I’ve talked to Elsa, Karsyn, Cindy and Chase about a lot of the details into what happened. But – there’s the thought of when I was by myself. I haven’t really said much.” Regan knew it was odd to be having the conversation while flying in the air with everybody, but he wasn’t about to say no.

“If you want to talk about it now, I am willing to listen…” She then takes a deep breath, knowing the sooner she got it out, it was better.

“If you don’t mind, actually.” He focuses his eyes on her, ready for her to continue. “I was over at JR Motorsports that day. I was just there for a normal, usual scheduled day. Heck, it was supposed to be like any other day. But anyways, I got done and headed outside, ready to head home. I had parked in my usual spot and headed out of the shop.” She then stops, glancing down as she takes a deep breath. “I walked through the parking lot, walking up to the car, easily set to go home….”

“Then what happened?” Regan reaches out, placing his hand on hers as he could see her tensing up.

“Before I knew it, he showed up behind me, arm wrapped around my waist, other hand on my mouth. I tried to bite, kick, scream – but yet I felt light headed immediately…” Regan could already tell what they did.

“Chloroform.  It’s the oldest trick in the book.” She shakes her head, having already assumed that.

“I woke up awhile later – I don’t know how long, or whatever, but it must’ve been awhile later. I was sitting in a room with bright lights. Nothing in the room – bright white light, bare walls, a rough bed. That was all the room contained. I stayed awake for as long as I could from the first time that I woke up, trying not to fall asleep as I didn’t want to chance anything. But I did, eventually.” Regan could only wonder as to the events that she was going to tell.

“Did they do anything?” Alyssa looks over, shaking her head no.

“I woke up in the very same spot, no attention given, just a simple room. I walked around for a bit, but knew I had to conserve energy so I sat back down. As I was in there, I could hear the voices outside – Randy and Kassandra. I heard her wondering whether they were doing the right thing. He then said something about needing a reason to make them worry more before asking for something.” Regan felt his stomach turn at the thought of what they could’ve done.

“Did they do anything to hurt you?” Alyssa could only  shrug her shoulders at the thought as she knew the true pain only came once they had both her and Chase.

“Not really much before Chase got there. I mean, they know how to scare the crap out of someone and torment them, but  there wasn’t anything too physical.” Regan lets out a sigh. He knew that was part of Randy’s appeal, given the previous times he had sat down and talked things through with Chase. It was why it made it so hard for Chase to talk about things, his own thoughts twisting in confusion.

“Go on….” She then takes a deep breath, wondering how to begin.

“He entered the room shortly after, saying hello and telling me there was a plan for me. That was when I found out that he had a gun, as he pulled it out and pointed it at me. He then told me that I had to come with him or else he was going to shoot me. I reluctantly agreed.” Regan felt his stomach twist more in wonder as to what was to come from her, knowing what Randy was capable of.

“Anybody would’ve done the same thing….”  She knew that, but it didn’t make her feel any better.

“He led me down a hall to another room – same bright white light, but yet there was a bigger bed in this room, and this was a torturous spot as it had everything to strap you down to it. He made me lay down on the table, and immediately Kassandra began strapping me down.” She then feels a lump in her throat, quickly swallowing it. “As she was strapping me down, Randy took the gun and tucked it in my pants.”

“Oh gosh….” Regan then wraps an arm around her shoulder, seeing how she was getting choked up by the discussion.

“He removed the gun shortly after, instructing Kassandra to take photos. He then let me drink some water, which I immediately grabbed chance to because I was so thirsty. They then left the room. He returned twice a day to give me water, but that was it – other than that, he left me to my own thoughts till Chase came.” Regan found himself letting out a small sigh, glad that it wasn’t worse for her by herself.

“I imagine you had a lot of thoughts during that time…” She shakes her head yes.

“Regan, it’s not like he did anything during that time. He didn’t hurt me. He just restrained me. But yet, I feel scared and shiver at the thought.” Regan pulls her a little tigher as he thinks it over.

“You’re right that he did nothing physical – but fear is so powerful sometimes. It makes you do and feel things that you never would otherwise. Look at Chase and what he did. Sure, they didn’t hurt you per se – but they made you feel things. They made you imagine things and feel fear. He made you uncomfortable with no lack of control, touching you in that spot, and vulnerable. The feeling of vulnerability and knowing that someone can so easily overpower you is worse than anything.” She shakes her head, understanding as she looks over at him.

“So it’s okay to feel like I am about this?” He shakes his head yes.

“Absolutely. Anybody would in your position. Just ask your parents and Chase. It’s easily reasonable.”  She then glances down, feeling a couple tears, before looking back.

“How do I make it go away?”

“You just got to assure yourself that you’re safe and everything is okay. Keep reminding yourself of the good things, and the fact that you survived. Keep reminding yourself that you can overcome obstacles. Make yourself feel that you can outpower that next evil guy that should step in your path. Also, know that your loved and you have people that would do anything for you, no matter the day or time. It’ll be okay…” A small smile creeps on her face as she lays her head back.

“Thanks Regan.”

“You’re welcome. Now, you better go back and sit up with lover boy or he may get worried if you’re not there when he wakes up.” She then chuckles as she stands up. “You have my number…”

She then makes her way back to her seat, sitting back beside Chase as she lays her head against him.

“Are you okay?” He whispers, as she looks at him surprised. “I know you left. I know you went to see Regan. It’s okay…” He then lifts his arm up, allowing her to get a little more comfier against him.

“I’m fine,” she answers. “I just needed to talk to him for a bit about everything.”

“I know, and I understand. I’ve done it plenty of times. But know that you’re always safe in my arms, okay?” She shakes her head yes. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


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