Beautiful Nightmare – Chapter 6: Tired @ Work

I gave you love

Gave you everything you asked for

And this is what I get

The silence only fills my head with noise



Denny lets out a yawn as he walks through the shop to where he had to be, set for another day of commercials. With hardly any sleep the night before, he was ready to get done as soon as possible so he could go back home.

“Hey, you don’t look like someone who got sleep after I left last night,” he hears and rolls his eyes as he looks over at Kyle.

“Maybe it’s cause I didn’t get that much sleep,” Denny comments as Kyle lets out a sigh.

“I told you that you should’ve come back to my place, or we should’ve talked longer.” Denny continued to ignore him, but figured he was probably right. “So, what was on your mind so much last night?”

“More nightmares of her, obviously. From not recognizing the first signs, to one of our initial fights at the track, to the deal at Bristol last year. It just seems everything keeps revolving around in my head.” Kyle could see that, based on Denny’s actions. He then stopped him as he reached where he was supposed to be.

“Have you thought about what I said in talking to someone?” Denny lets out a sigh, wishing to avoid the discussion. He didn’t feel there should be any need to talk to someone, whether he knew them or a stranger, about some girl. Break-ups happened every day.

“I’m fin-”

“Not sleeping and drinking your pain away is not fine, Hamlin.” Denny lets out another sigh, focusing his eyes elsewhere.

“Listen, we can deal with this later. I have a job to do today.” He then takes a deep breath, heading into the room and set for the list of commercial productions on the docket for the day.

He got through each of them with ease, followed by some on-phone interviews, not saying a single complaint. His focus was kept on them, getting through it as quickly as possible, not letting the thoughts of Diane fill any voids in his mind. He just had to stop thinking about her and all the pain, and everything would be okay.

“That’s all for today,” his PR rep says after awhile and he lets out a sigh. “Thanks for your patience and coming in today.”

“Thank you,” he simply replies as he watches the door to his office close.

He then stands up, glancing at himself in the mirror as he snatches his t-shirt and jeans off the back of a chair. With everything in the books, he could change out of his firesuit back into something comfortable, relax, and work towards getting some sleep that night.

He slips the firesuit off easily, followed by slipping on the jeans accordingly. He then looks up at himself in the mirror, eyes setting in on the scar that remained on his shoulder.

Denny walks into the house, taking a deep breath as he leans back against the door. He walks into the front room, eyes setting on Diane.

“We need to talk,” he tells her as she looks over, confused.

“About?” She questions as he glances down towards the floor.

“Us, and this relationship.” He then walks further into the room, sitting down on the couch. “Listen, I love you, probably will always love you as there are certain things that make me amazed by you. But, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t handle the pain anymore. I can’t handle the late nights, the bruises, trying to pretend nothing is wrong. I can’t handle the lies, and I can’t handle you. I’m through, Diane. You need to move out.” She then gives him a surprised look.

“So you’re breaking up with me, Denny? Haven’t you forgot about our deal?” He shakes his head no with a sigh. He knew it wasn’t going to be pretty if she revealed the truth, but what was he supposed to do? He couldn’t do this any longer.

“Go ahead. Tell everybody. Show everybody. I don’t care. I can’t do this, Diane. We’re done.” He then stands up and goes to leave the room, unable to face her any longer. As much as he hated her faults, he still loved her. It made this extra tough to do. “You can leave now.”

“You’re not getting rid of me that easy, Hamlin.” She then stands up and walks over to him, wrapping her arms around him. He grabs them, placing them off of her as he turns to face her. He had to make sure she knew the truth – it was over.

“I am, Diane. I’m through. Leave or else I’ll call the cops for trespassing.” She then leans in for a kiss, but he backs up at the last minute. She then reaches out, brushing his cheek.

“What about the kisses? What about the love? What about the sex?” He knew he’d miss the kisses and the amazing sex, but it was worth it.

“We’re don-”

“I’ll change, I’ll be better. I told you that I’m going to work at it.” He shakes his head no with a sigh.

“You’ve been saying that for six months. Diane, I can’t do this anymore so leave!”

“You bitch!” She then pushes him when he’s least expecting it, forcing him down on his back as he lets out a groan. “I can’t believe you’d do this to me!” She then gets down to his level, set to pin him on the ground, using the weakness she knew of his knee to her advantage as she went to pin that first. He then pushes her back before she can though, catching a look of surprise. “Oh so that’s how it’s going to be?”

“I told you we were done.” He then goes to reach for his phone, wishing he had of called sooner. Just as his fingers clasp the plastic, he feels a smack, sending the phone sliding across the floor.

“And I told you that we could work it out.” He then lets out a sigh as he sits up.

“We’re far beyond that point, Diane. I can’t keep lying for your sake.” She lets out an aggravated sigh as she stands up, walking towards the front door. “Goodby-”

“You’re not getting rid of me that easy.” She then turns on her heels, picking up a photo from the sideboard and bringing it over to him, where he still sat on the floor. “What about these happy moments? What about this time in victory lane just a month ago? What about the smiles here at Daytona?” He lets out a sigh as he hated the thought of her connected to his lone Daytona 500 win.

“Those aren’t directed to you, but rather the happiness of finally accomplishing my dream to win the biggest race of them all. I forced that smile with you to keep everybody off our case. Now, like I said, go ahead and tell everyone.”

“So that’s all that I mean to you?” She then takes the photo frame, smashing it on the ground. “After everything I’ve done for you, that’s all I mean?” She then stands up, whacking the other photo frames off in one swift motion as he lets out a sigh.

“I’m sorry you’re hurt, but I told you, I can’t do thi-”

“Let me guess – Kristy came back into your life? Or was it Janessa this time, Hamlin?” He then lets out a sigh, wishing he could be with one of them rather than Diane right now.

“There was no other girl that affected this decisi-”

“Oh, so it was Larissa?” She then walks back over. “Or how about Franchesca? I heard she called the other day looking for her favourite lover. Gonna go give her a booty call after I leave?” Denny shakes his head no, knowing he was going to probably be stuck in his own sadness for awhile. “Well, there’s no way that it’s happening on my watch just like that.” She then picks up a piece of the broken glass, chucking it at him as it digs into his shoulder.


“When I get back, get your mind off this trip and know that you belong to me, Denny.” She then grabs her purse, leaving the house as he places his hand over the cut, feeling the blood seep out as pain filled him everywhere.

“Denny?” He snaps out of his thoughts as he looks back towards the door. “Woah man, are you okay?” He then lets out a sigh as he goes back to putting his shirt on as he was.

“I’m fine Wheels,” he tells his crew chief, before turning around to face him. “What’s up?”

“I was wanting to talk a bit about this upcoming weekend at Martinsville if you had some time before leaving.” Denny then shakes his head yes as he walks over to the desk, sitting down in the chair.

“I’m all ears, bud.” Mike keeps walking over, eyes focused on Denny as he sits in the chair before him.

“Are you sure? I mean, you seemed pretty spaced out when I came in here. Everything alright?” Denny shakes his head yes as he fumbles around with some papers on his desk, hoping to get him off the case. “Denny, everybody knows what happened. If there’s something going on, you can ta-”

“There’s nothing going on, Wheels. So let’s just focus on what you want to talk about.” Mike takes a deep breath, knowing there was no way of getting through to Denny. He just hoped that whatever was going on, his driver started to handle it properly sooner than later.


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