Back to Square One – Chapter 13: Candiss’ Truth

Candiss glances over towards Greenlee and Ron, intrigued by their conversation. He wondered whether Ron was listening to her, and whether she was going to be able to help him.

Shaking her head, she couldn’t get the moment out of her mind and knew no matter what she needed to tell the boys.

“We’re ready to go,” Chad caught her attention as she glanced between them. Taking a deep breath, it’d be better if they found out now rather than later.

“Before we head off, I have something to tell you,” she starts, as Chad focuses his eyes on Jimmie.

“Sounds like she’s about to drop the baby bomb. So you stop street racing and decide to have fun somewhere else instead?” Candiss then looks at Chad with surprise as Jimmie crosses his arms.

“This should be fun…” Jimmie comments as Chad takes a couple steps back.

“I’m sorry, but that’s what it sounded like,” Chad pleads as she rolls her eyes.

“This is much more serious,” she counters, catching both of their attention. Jimmie immediately began to wonder if they were in danger once again. “It deals with Ron, actually, and something that happe-”

“Is he okay?” They both immediately ask together. Chad was royally confused now, having just seen Ron moments earlier.

“He’s fine – don’t worry.” She then takes a deep breath. “It’s just he had a panic attack on the way back here.” Jimmie felt his curiosity growing, having heard that Ron was having some thoughts from what happened.

“What happened?” Jimmie asks as she glances over at him calmly.

“I saw him and Greenlee walking back to the garage. I was frantic looking for you both so I grabbed his hand, saying his name, just ready to ask the question as to where you were. He immediately froze, letting out an involuntary shiver. It was why he was transfixed on something. I managed to snap him out of it by yelling his name, which caused the folder of papers to fall out of his hand.  I then calmed down, explaining why I had got his attention.” Before, Jimmie was worried as he wondered how much Ron was sleeping and thinking about it. However, he didn’t fixate on it knowing that was natural after a traumatic event and knowing Ron was strong, could find his way through. However, now he felt his worry intensifying and wondering if he should’ve said something sooner.

“Did he say anything else?”

“He didn’t say anything – except Greenlee answered, saying he had a flashback and was stuck in a tren-”

“Is she some psychologist or something?” Chad questions, still not sure about Greenlee’s involvement in their lives.

“She’s had a rough go at it through the years,” Jimmie answers, remembering the discussion he had with Ron about her. “From being kidnapped, believed to be dead, losing two husbands – I could go on for awhile. Let’s just say that she can relate to traumatic experiences.” Chad shakes his head, understanding. It was certainly a life far from normal, and he wondered what could be the cause of the turmoil.  What if she wasn’t as clean cut as everybody said?

“And you’re certain she’s a good girl and won’t cause us any problems?” Jimmie lets out a sigh, knowing he couldn’t answer with certainty.  However, he trusted Ron’s judgment.

`”Everything that happened – it was mostly not her fault. Sure, she made some mistakes but hey, Ron and I have also. She moved forward from those, still faced some turmoil not of her own making. Hence why she left Pine Valley and moved down here for a fresh start. Ron thought by offering her a job it’d help land her feet.” Chad still wasn’t satisfied, but wasn’t set to argue the issue till he heard more about her background. “What else happened, Candiss?”

“Ron apologized, saying when I grabbed his hand that it placed him back to that time,” she continued. “He then assured us he was fine now, and Greenlee made suggestion that they talk about it later – to work through it, I guess. I then told him that he could also call me if needed, and we separated.” Jimmie lets out a sigh as he leans back against the wall.

“I knew that he wasn’t over what happened,” he starts. “I mean, you don’t just get over that quickly. He also mentioned some nights of lack of sleep, too. I thought he had a handle on it. Given this information, obviously it doesn’t seem like it.”

“What are you going to do?” Chad wonders as Jimmie lets out another sigh. He wasn’t looking forward to the next step.

“I’m going to confront him and see how he’s doing. I’m going to see if he will open up, see if I can help him, and figure where he stands. Once I know that information, then I’ll know how to proceed forward. Maybe we’re making this a bigger deal than it is.”

“It’s a big deal when you freeze up like that, Jimmie.” Jimmie shakes his head, knowing that Chad was right. He just wasn’t ready to face something being wrong with his friend. After all, he was still partially to blame for everything that happened.

“Let’s just handle it one step at a time, okay?” Chad shakes his head in agreement.


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