Cabin Fears – Chapter 36: Night Wanderer Con’t

Chase and Regan walk back to the motorcoach, stopping as they reach there.

“Thank you,” Chase says and Regan simply shakes his head in response.

“You know what I told you, right?”  Regan questions and Chase shakes his head yes.

“So Chase, are you going to explain this little adventure?”  Chase then faces forward, surprised to see Cindy sitting there right before him. Even though he was a grown up now, he still felt a lump form in his throat. “I got a phone call from Alyssa that she awoke in the middle of the night, alone, nowhere as to your whereabouts, wondering if you came to see me. I told her that wasn’t the case. Bill is in there right now, but what about you?”

“I should’ve left her a note – I apologize,” Chase replies, feeling bad as despite his own feelings, he knew there was also a lot going through Alyssa’s mind. “I couldn’t get to sleep and decided to go for a walk to clea-”

“What did we say about being alo-”

“Mrs. Elliott, I already gave him the lecture,” Regan cuts her off, knowing where this was going. He knew they didn’t need to go this far right now. “He gets our concerns and worries, and has made certain that he won’t wander off again. For the time being, he wasn’t by himself as I joined him and we had a talk. I should’ve thought of Alyssa, but I was focused on his wellbeing.” Cindy simply shook her head, accepting Regan’s explanation. She always liked the relationship that Chase had with him.

“Is everything okay now?” Cindy questions and Chase just lets out a sigh.

“If I’m being truthful, it’s far from being okay,” he starts. “I still got a lot to work through and a lot to figure out. But Regan helped me brush the surface, get some perspective, and work towards taking the next step. I’ll be fine for tonight.”

“You know that I love you, care about you, and am here right?” Chase shakes his head yes as he reaches out, giving his mom a hug.

“I know I’m still your little boy, even all grown up. I’ll be fine, Mom.” He then heads inside, set to see Alyssa. Regan takes a deep breath, turning on his heels and set to walk away.

“Regan?”  He freezes immediately, turning around to face Cindy. “What’s your take?” Regan wanted to be fully open with her, but remembered the promise he kept to Chase always.

“The discussions that Chase and I have are between us only,” he starts. “That was our agreement always. I was only supposed to say something if I felt there was an extreme need. By what I heard tonight, it’s what he said.” Cindy simply shakes her head accepting, but was frustrated with the lack of details.

“Can’t you tell me anything?” She questions as Regan takes a deep breath. He debated what to say from the conversation.

“He admitted that he’s got quite a bit to work on and the rough details. He admitted that he isn’t sure where to start, who to talk to – but knows that he has options. It’s just figuring out the best first step to take. He admitted that amongst that knowledge, there are times that he feels lost in trying to work it out. That’s when I reminded him that he has me, others, and never hesitate to get in touch to talk. We then finished it off with a small discussion about Alyssa and them moving forward, together. Happy?” Cindy shakes her head yes, though couldn’t help but let out a sigh. There were certainly concerns based on those comments from Regan.

“Regan, is it ever going to be normal again?”  Regan didn’t know the answer, for sure. The truth was that things like this changed you. However, he had a strong belief.

“He’s gotten through it before, he can do it again. Despite his own thoughts, he’s strong deep down and can overcome anything. Cindy, I know you worry and I know it breaks your heart, but I can tell you that he’s amazing and it’ll be fine. Be patient.” She then smiles as she walks over and gives Regan an unexpected hug.

“Thank you.” He simply accepts the hug with a smile.

“You’re welcome. Now, can I head back to bed?” She shakes her head yes as he heads off. She then waits for Bill to come out before heading off herself.

Inside, Chase apologized to Alyssa for running off without leaving a note or anything, before explaining brief details as to why he went for a walk and the discussion with Regan.

“You know that you can always talk to me, right?” Alyssa questions and Chase shakes his head yes. “I mean it – no matter what it is, I’m here for you, just as you say you’re here for me. We’re in this together, forever. I love you.” She then kisses his lips lightly.

“I love you, too, and I’m sorry,” he replies before lying back down in the bed with her. He lets her cuddle right back up against him as he wraps an arm around her. “Back to needing cuddles again?”

“I don’t sleep as well unless I’m in your arms. I start thinking about other things…” He then runs a hand through her hair.

“We’ll work it out.  We’ll figure out what’s bugging you the most now to cause this, and work it out. For now, though, I don’t mind being able to hold you close to me.” She smiles as she lets herself get comfy before closing her eyes. “I love you, and I’d do anything for you.”

“I know. I love you, too.” Chase then lets out a sigh, before closing his eyes.

He knew that the conversation with Regan that night had been worth it.

It was just to be able to start somewhere for a change, rather than bottle up and fight against it. He knew he had friends, but it was nice to hear the words spoken out loud to him. He knew he’d repeat those words anytime he felt like he was lost without any hope of figuring this mess out.

Now, it was about figuring out the rest of the steps. What was bugging him? What was the most important? Who was the right person to discuss this? How long did he feel that it’d take?

Though he knew he could worry about that in the days to come. For now, that night, his eyes were closed and set to sleep, dreaming of a fairy tale future with his princess.


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