Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 67: Rattler 250

Since racing together at Atlanta, the pair had been focused on their own lives.

Sarina returned to California to spend time with her brother and help him as he continued to recover from the brain surgery. Each day, she saw a little bit of progress, keeping her hopeful that everything would truly work out as planned.

Chase focused on his racing schedule, wishing he could shake the monkey off his back and snag his first career victory. He had been running up front every race this season, but had yet to break through and get the race win he wanted.

Though while Sarina focused on her brother’s recovery, she also didn’t want to wait till the next truck race to get back behind the wheel again. It was why she had asked Chase if him and Ricky wouldn’t mind getting the late model set for her to run on the weekend at South Alabama Speedway – the Rattler 250.

“I figured I’d go there and get you a pet to keep you company on the road,” she comments as Chase looks at her in total shock. “Don’t you want a pet snakey?” He shakes his head no immediately.

“I won that race, remember?”He questions her. “And you remember what I did when I won that race, right? I didn’t even let the guy put the snake on my shoulders like you’re supposed to when you win that event. There was no way I was getting close to the snake. And you think I want one as a pet?”

“I thought you maybe you grew up in the past couple years and shook that fear away.” He shakes his head no with an absolute definition. “So no Rattler for me?”

“Oh you can and you damn well win that race, but you better not bring that snake home.” She then smiled as she leaned in and snagged a kiss. “Ricky is already set to go as he had the cars ready to go. He said he just has to put the set-up in for that particular track, load up and make the drive down to Alabama.”

“Here’s to you getting a new pet!” She then walks away with a smirk as he simply rolls his eyes.

So after racing got done at Phoenix and he had debriefed with Alan on how they had fell back at the end, letting the top-10 slip away for 12th instead, he pulled out his phone as he sat back in the trailer. He told her and Ricky that they better text him once the race was done with the results so he knew, considering they’d be following the live timing and scoring from NASCAR in being done before him.

“So it looks like you’re not getting yourself a pet snake after all,” he read her text message and simply rolled his eyes. It meant that they hadn’t won. While he wasn’t fond of the snake, he didn’t want to see her lose the race. He also found himself with more questions than answers, perhaps some worry, as she hadn’t texted any other details from the event.

How’d you make out then?” He questions back, trying to keep himself as calm as possible as every scenario crossed his mind.

“Fifth. The handling was just a touch off and couldn’t catch the top-four.” He then lets out a sigh as he hated to hear that. It seemed they were back where they were last year, before snagging some wins during the second half.

”Guess we got some more work to do, again. It’s up to you and Ricky if you make the trip to Virginia this weekend for the next CARS event.” He hoped that she’d say no to the offer. He wanted to have her at the track this weekend to himself as he hated the time they were spending apart. Besides, he knew this weekend would be the easiest of them all for her to be at the track with him as they were racing in California, where her brother was staying as he recovered.

“Ricky offered to go but I turned him down. I figure with spending time with Chris, it’s easier. Besides, I have the truck race next weekend.” He smiled as he knew Martinsville was going to be a great opportunity for her to do well for KBM, considering her short track background.

“I’m staying out west all week. See you this week?” He thought about meeting her at the hospital with her brother, but still felt some apprehension there with everything that happened. However, he figured a night or two out together would work in the midst of everything else.

“We’ll both be in California…..” He then smiled as he knew the answer already.

He then leaves the small lounge, smile still locked on his face despite the pain he was feeling in his ribs, still a little. He then takes a deep breath, keeping the ice pack firmly placed there with his hand as he walks through the garage area.

“Well well, it appears things are going good for you,” he hears a voice, looking over and noticing Kyle standing there. It felt weird having this mutual bond of respect and conversation with him at times.

“Everything’s great,” Chase replied as Kyle simply rolled his eyes, wishing he could’ve said the same with a win that day. It was beyond him why Joey had to blow a tire at that moment.

“If it’s my guess, I’d say it’s cause Sarina won today because you certainly didn’t have the race you planned.” Chase rolls his eyes as he didn’t want to think about how the final restart went one bit.

“Nah, she got fifth. The smile is just ‘cause.” Kyle then lifts his eyebrows intrigued.

“Just ‘cause? Okay, I don’t want to know what text messages you kids are sending back and forth. Just promise me that you won’t be getting her pregnant before the end of the year.” Chase had to laugh at the comment as he could see where Kyle was coming from, but he also knew his own standards. There wouldn’t be any of that funny business going on.

“You have nothing to worry about, Kyle. You should know me better.” Kyle stopped, and shook his head. While there were always questions about to whether a boy would treat a young lady right, he knew that Chase was someone he didn’t have to worry about.

“I know who raised you, and I know you were raised well. I trust you. I just hope you’re both together because you truly love each other and have gotten over everything that happened. I don’t want to see either of you get hurt.” Chase shakes his head, understanding.

“We talked it over, and things are good. It’s like we’re back to almost what we had before.” Kyle then looks on intrigued, having caught the comment.

“Almost?” Chase wishes he hadn’t said anything.

“We both admitted that there’s going to be some trust issues at times because she basically lied straight to my face and crossed me. But, we both agreed that we’re going to work on that because we can’t deny how much we love and care about each other.” Kyle smiles, as he was glad to see them both happy.

“I’m glad, and I hope it does work out. I’ll see you later. Bye Chase.”

“Bye Kyle.” Chase then watches Kyle head off, before going over to check in with the team quickly before heading out.


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