Moving Forward – Chapter 38: Hide and Seek!

After the meeting with the doctor, Marie let those closest to them know what was said and the plan in which Mickey had in place. Everybody easily accepted as if the doctors said it was the best thing to do, than it must be.

“If it makes it easier on you, I can take the kids a couple days a week?” Chase offers, catching Marie’s attention. She hadn’t expected that offer.

“Chase, you don’t nee-” She starts, not wanting to place the burden of responsibility on his shoulders.

“Trust me, it won’t be an issue. I like your kids, they’re fun to play with, and it’d give you a small break. You don’t have to worry. Besides, I’m always over at your place a couple times a week anyway.” Marie couldn’t deny that as she knew of how great he was with Alyssa at times.

“Fine, it’s a deal.”

Like clockwork, Chase kept to his agreement, coming by at least twice during the week to take the kids off her hair. With it being warm out, he’d usually do something with them outside so it was truly alone time for Marie and Dale.

As he held the seven month baby in his hands, he glanced over at Alyssa, wondering what the plan was for today.

“Hide and seek?” She questions as he looks at her surprised. Normally, it was either some sports game, go-karting, or playing in the grass.

“Where do you want to play that?” He asks as they continue to make their way across the long spawning backyard.

“Whiskey River!” Knowing that he could trust her, he shook his head in agreement. He just hoped that it wasn’t the wrong decision and they got into some sort of the trouble.

“Do I get to hide first?” The five year old immediately shakes her head no. “Really?”

“I go first. Ladies first.” Chase then looks at her surprised.

“Really?” She shakes her head yes as she flips her hair back, just like you’d see a girl do on the TV. Chase knew that she had been stuck watching too many shows with Marie. “Alright fine, you can go first. But I’m sure Elsa and I will find you.”

“’Lyssa!!” Elsa lets out as she reaches out of Chase’s hands, watching her sister run to hide somewhere.

“Easy there,” Chase says as he keeps Elsa held in his arms. He the moves her slightly, so he’s looking into her eyes. “We’re going to go find her very shortly and you’re going to be help me…” She then pushes away a little again, and Chase knew that it was because she wanted to get down and play, too. Normally if they were by the go-kart track or playground, he would let her play on a blanket on the grass. Though being down at this end of the yard, he knew there was too many little things for her to get her hands on. “Hey now, you have to stay in my arms. You can go play later.” He then tucks her back close.

“No..…” Chase then lets out a sigh as this was going to be harder than he had originally imagined. It was easier when she was a little younger.

“Elsa, listen to me please. You can get down later. Let’s go find Alyssa!” He then takes off in an instant run, hearing a chuckle out of her and knowing that he had help turn her mood around, for now. He then began to look around the different places in the yard, checking behind the different buildings. He decided to go in the jail first, opening the door as he glanced around the corner and saw a bit of brown hair. “Who’s there, Elsa?”

“Lyssa!!!” Alyssa then slowly climbs out of the corner of the cell that she was sitting in, letting out a sigh.

“You found me quick,” she says as Chase simply smiles.

“I had a good helper,” he comments with a glance at Elsa. Meanwhile, it was just pure luck that she was in the first spot that he looked. “Now, can we go hide now?”

“Otay! I count to 10!” Chase then hurried off as he heard Alyssa begin counting. He debated where they should hide, though settled on the church as he went inside, sitting behind the one row of benches.

“Go….” Elsa lets out as she tries to crawl out of Chase’s arms but he holds her tight.

“No no, you stay here,” he says quietly, hoping that Alyssa didn’t hear her. “Why don’t I sing you a song?” He then sets her on his knee, bouncing it up and down slowly, as he debates on what song to sing. “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high like a diam-”

“Lyssa!!” Chase then looks up, seeing Alyssa sitting in the bench looking down at them.

“You found me even quicker than I found you.” She simply smiles.

“You singing, I hear you,” she replies as he lets out a sigh. Guess he wasn’t as quiet as he thought.

“Well this one wouldn’t sit quietly so I thought I’d sing to keep her calm – guess that failed, huh?” He asks and Alyssa shakes her head yes. “Oh well. You win. Say, why don’t we go back up towards the house and either play mini-putt or on the playground? This one seems to be really active today!”

“Hide and seek later?” Chase shakes his head yes, knowing that he could do a day without Elsa – just him and Alyssa together, like old times. “Okay!!” She then took off, knowing where she was headed as Chase and Elsa followed.

“Wait!!” He then clutches on to Elsa even tighter, running to catch up with her as she just laughs and hurries off a little quicker.

“I going to win….” He then chuckles as he catches up, giving her a little bop on the shoulder. “Hey!”

“I don’t think so.” She then tries to run a little faster, tripping over her feet and going for a tumble down the hill. Chase hurries over to where she landed, leaning down to her level. “Are you okay?”

“Yah, I just go over and over…” She then stands up and walks a little bit, touching the edge of the sandbox. “And I won!” He shakes his head as he stands back up, letting out a sigh of relief as he makes his way over.

“Nicely done. Now, what are you thinking first – slide or swing?” She points to the swing, before hurrying over and jumping on. Chase follows, carefully placing Elsa in her little swing and giving her a push. He listens as she giggles away before giving Alyssa some pushes.


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