Cabin Fears – Chapter 27: The Reunion

Recall from “Chasing The Love” that the current make-up at Hendrick consist of Chase Elliott, Ella Gordon, Genieve Johnson and Cameron Hayley.

Alyssa glanced out of the hauler, seeing all the hustle around the car as various media members took glances, followed by photos, and interviewing the various people around.

“Care if we come see our girl?” Alyssa hears and glances just outside the doors to see Ella Gordon and Genieve Johnson standing there. She simply smiles, giving each of the girls a hug.

“It’s nice to see you both, as well,” she replies with a glance between them.

“You look absolutely amazing considering everything,” Ella compliments her. “When Dad came home and told me everything, I couldn’t believe it at all and felt myself scared for you. But damn, you look just as wonderful as always.”

“Hey, that goes both ways. You still look as beautiful as ever, picking up on those looks from your mom obviously.” Ella chuckles with a slight smile.

“I know that I’m a dear, but you – you’ve been through all that and look just as amazing.”

“You don’t look bad either Chase,” Genieve adds with a glance towards Chase as he stood in the trailer, waiting for the minutes to practice to tick away. “How are you feeling?”

“Still pretty sore at times, but it’s not too bad,” he answers honestly.

“Cameron mentioned to us after the team meeting that he was hoping to see you at some point this weekend to say hi,” Ella mentions, referring to their teammate Cameron Hayley.

“Well when you see him, tell him I wouldn’t mind that and can work at making that happen before the end of the weekend.” Ella smiles, making a mental note of the message.

“So how the heck did you everything approved by NASCAR?” Evie wonders as she glances over at Alyssa, who simply shrugs her shoulders. To her, it was a miracle that they had approved it.

“Go ask Stevie because I have no idea,” she answers, honestly. She still wondered what Steve had told them. “It also didn’t help that the test at Hickory went well.”

“Enough that you could win this weekend?” Alyssa smiled, and hoped that was the case as that was her plan. Confidence seemed to radiate ever since the test and how well it went despite the apprehensions so she was going to ride that all the way to victory lane that night. Besides, she had been strong back in March at Bristol.

“That’s the plan. Just need to do what I know best and make it happen.”

“Just remember to be careful too, okay?” Chase throws in, earning a glance from Alyssa who shakes her head easily.

“Trust me Chase, I’ll be careful and watch too,” she adds as she moves over to him, wrapping an arm around him. “Trust me. I know how to take care of myself and that I am doing the right thing. I also know that I can handle everything else around it. Just trust me. It’ll be fine.” She then leans in and snags a quick kiss as he wraps his arms around her. She knew the reasons for his nerves, as it went everything that had been experienced since what happened. However, she was willing to be patient and handle everything each piece at a time.

“They’re just the most adorable couple in the garage,” Ella comments as she glances towards Genieve. “Even cuter than Brexton (Busch) and Taylor (Hamlin) if you ask me.”

“What about your brother and Elladee (Crafton)?” Genieve questions as Ella shrugs her shoulders. She hadn’t made up her mind on them, yet.

“We’ll see how that goes, to be honest. Although, Karsyn and Ryan aren’t that bad, either.”

“I remember when I heard that Chase and the Dillons played matchmaker to make that happen,” Alyssa interrupts the pair as she leans back against Chase. “I was at first surprised that he and Ty managed to co-operate for that long, but also surprised that those two hadn’t picked up on each other sooner.”

“Karsyn was stubborn in her ways at times,” Chase comments, remembering some of his careful and interesting moments with her. There was a night in particular that they had crossed paths in the garage after one of his hidden meetings with Alyssa that would always stick in his mind. He was glad, though, that things had worked out that everybody seemed happy through this summer thus far.

“She’s still stubborn at times to be honest,” Genieve starts. “I thought Tony was going to have to find a tranquilizer when she went after Brexton a couple weeks ago for that incident.”

“Whose fault was that anyway?” Chase wonders as Genieve shrugs her shoulders.

“I got no idea, but Tony says that it was Brexton’s – but then again, he owns Karsyn’s car so who knows.”

“I called it as one of those1 racing incidents where both did something,” Ella comments, having watched the replay.

“I was wondering where you both ran off,” Cameron interrupts the conversation as he walks over to the group. “Nice to see you both back at the track.”

The group kept trading sentiments and jokes around, which was a nice distraction for the time being for both Chase and Alyssa as they waited for practice. It was nice to catch back up with their fellow track peeps, and hang out for awhile.

Though as he kept his arms tightly wrapped around Alyssa, Chase knew it was just a temporary distraction. There were still a lot of things on both of their minds, emotions to work through especially for him. There was still a tinge of fear and anxiety in simply walking out through the trailer doors into the crowds that surrounded the garage area.  There was also the unsettling fear and worry of possibly being split from Alyssa one day, and she being gone. Even with the laughs spent with his teammates, those thoughts wouldn’t dare try to leave.

His mind was then cut off from thoughts when Kevin Meendering poked his head through the trailer doors, telling Alyssa that it was time to come to the garage area with only 10 minutes till the first practice.

“I’ll see all of you later as I’ll be around all weekend,” Chase lets his teammates know, and following a couple trades all the way around and good luck wishes, the pair was headed out to the garage.

The walk across from the trailer to the garage stall was only five minutes, 10 minutes with the fans that wanted autographs and comments along the way. However, it felt much longer with feelings flip flopping the whole way till they were in the safety of their own spot.

Alyssa reaches the car, taking a glance in, before turning around to face Chase as she leans back against the car.

“This shouldn’t feel odd or strange, but it somehow does,” she starts. “I guess it’s because you’re standing here dressed in no firesuit.” She then takes a deep breath. “I love you, and I’m ready to have some fun.” He smiles as he brings himself right close to her.

“I love you too, and I trust that you’ll be careful while having some fun,” he tells her. “I’ve always been a big believer in your ability behind the wheel, and am now more than ever. I know that you can do it. I believe in you. Good luck, have fun, and go show ‘em what you’re made of.”

“That’s the plan.” She then gives him a quick kiss before facing the car to begin the process of getting ready and climbing in.

The next eight minutes went by quicker than she anticipated with excitement and nerves building as each second passed. With a flick of the fingers from Kevin Meendering, she hit the switch to fire up the car and head out to pit road, ready for her first laps of the weekend.

Taking a deep breath, there was no looking back now. It was time to practice hard to win.


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