Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 60: The Parent Talk

Chase lets out a sigh, letting himself calm down before opening the door and entering the motorcoach.

He knew the pair of people waiting on the other side of the door. They had wanted to have a good chat with him about things since a week ago. However, since the call about California from Ricky, the only conversation was on how he was feeling and what was going to happen in the coming days, surrounding traveling plans and Daytona. The true talk that Chase knew they needed to have about everything that happened in the past of the past couple weeks hadn’t fell into the schedule – till now.

“I thought you were never coming,” Cindy says, standing up and walking over, giving him a hug. Chase had told them to come over, let themselves in with the spare key and he’d see them when he was done with his media obligations.

“Media went a little later than I intended,” he says. “I’m sorry I’m later than I said I’d be.”

“It doesn’t matter now,” Bill comments as he watches Chase open the fridge, grabbing a bottle of mountain dew. He watches the young man pop the cap off, followed by taking a pair of Tylenol. “How are you feeling?”

“Sore, to be honest. Every bit of movement just makes it seem worse.”  He then walks back over to his parents, sitting down on the couch across from them.

“We can come back when you’re feeling a little more up to having this discus-”

“No, I’m fine. I’m good enough to have this talk with you both. Besides, you deserve to know the whole deal with Sarina. I should’ve told you before I told Ricky, anyway.” He then takes a deep  breath,  thinking back to where he should start from. “So before we  were set to head to California, Kendall made  a stop by Hendrick Motorsports to talk to me, stating that she had some interesting information for me. She asked me what I knew  about Sarina’s childhood, and I told her everything that Sarina had talked about. She then asked me if I knew Sarina had a brother – which obviously, I did not kno-”

“So you’re telling me in the face of fear, Sarina lied about details?” Cindy cuts him off, feeling a combination of shock and anger wash over her.  As she heard these reasons, she became even more thankful and glad that Chase and her were separate right now.  She knew that girl was trouble from the start, despite what Bill and Chase had said otherwise.

“It turns out that she did – but I’d appreciate if you let me explain things myself, please,” Chase pleads. Cindy then takes a calculated deep breath, perhaps biting her tongue in the process. “She then explained that they’d received an anonymous tip, which led to the files being checked again once again. After going through the DNA and files, she discovered that Harry Butler is indeed Chris Dryer, brother to Chelsy Dryer. Obviously, you can put the pieces togeth-”

“So she did lie that night!?!” Chase lets out a sigh, having had the same reaction when he found out, explaining why he had flipped on her. He just hoped that his mom could see the light that he was starting to see with regards to her.

“Kendall then convinced me that I should talk to Sarina about things that night, figuring out what we’ve been missing all of this time. That  night when she got home from KBM, I told her that we needed to talk and there was some new information.  I threw the facts right in her face, and asked if she had anything to say for herself. She denied everythin-”

“What else is new?”  Bill gives Cindy a look as Chase rolls his eyes. Maybe it’d take more work than he thought convincing his parents to give Sarina a second chance, as he planned to. Maybe he should’ve kept this quiet.

“Can I please tell you what happened so you understand, and then tell you how I feel about things? Then, at that time, you can make your judgments.” Cindy let out a sigh, knowing that Chase at least deserved ‘a chance’, but that didn’t mean that she had to warm up to the idea.

“I threw it back in her face again – stating the similarities in the photos that she should’ve known, stating that she never had talked about her brother. I basically demanded answers. She then explained that her father’s involvement with the gangs wasn’t just police based, but rather her brother was up to illegal things. The real reason her father was shot was due to trying to get her brother out without a trace. She then explained that after they moved, the family never grew close back together, with Chris continuing to drif-”

“Anger, jealousy, rage, confusion turns into him turning his back on his family and trying to kill them?” Bill  questions as Chase shakes his head yes. That was the explanation that came together from Sarina eventually.

“Pretty much the short explanation to everything that she told me that night. She didn’t like it, though, and had tried to contact him sometimes, with the last contact being three years ago. He told her that he was done with her, but yet contacted her a month  before the plane incident. That was why she was on high alert and fearful in the hospital, and why it took a bit to pull everything from her. They argued and he wanted her to leave racing to join him but she told him no wa-“

“Again, why didn’t she  say something that day in the hospital?”  Cindy questions as Chase lets out a sigh.  It was a question he had asked himself many times.

“She was afraid, mama,”  he states. “She was afraid of what he was capable of. She was afraid of everything from her childhood. She  was afraid of driving me further apart from her. She was afraid that everything she knew would come crashing into pieces. Fears, insanity – everything combined together forced her hand. I get it, I understand it – but that night standing in the living room face-to-face with her, I wasn’t taking an-”

“I don’t blame  you as you realized what has happened twice because of her?”  Chase shakes his head yes, obviously knowing the pain that he was in.

“At the same time, I have contacted her back and want to talk to her, possibly  work it out.  I get her fear. I get everything that was running through her mind. Hence the thoughts that I had through everything, too.  Hence my apprehensions even today about flying.  I understand, mama, and you should too.  When you’re afraid, you sometimes do things that don’t make sense realistically but do in your fears.” Cindy still wasn’t  convinced about Sarina re-entering Chase’s life once again, still holding apprehensions. There were things you couldn’t forget and forgive.

“Continue what you have to tell us, please.”  Chase then remembers where he left off, taking a deep breath.

“Their discussions together made her realize that his anger was truly out there due to jealousy – he was jealous of what I had with her in his crazed eyes. Hence why she didn’t want to say anything. If I find out that I am reason, I may run far from her to remove that fear.  She was afraid of ruining what we had built  based on her family history and issues. She told me that it may cause me to go against her if she  spoke then, rather my own reasoning or others around me – like you guys.  Again, I get it because of the fear talking.  That night, though, I continued to throw it back in her face and we continued to argue. Our argument came to a head and I told her that she wasn’t going to Winter Showdown, I was terminating our deal together and I was done. If she couldn’t be truthful with me, then I wasn’t going to put up wit-”

“What has made  you change your mind then?” Chase then lets out a sigh, remembering the discussion with Ricky at the hospital.

“Level head, calmness, realization of her side of the story based on her family and feelings. Letting me see things from her perspective, rather than my selfish reasons. Put yourselves in her shoes. What would you have done?”  Cindy hated to admit it, but she could see herself doing exactly what Sarina did under the right situation.

“Maybe her actions are excusable…”  A slight smile forms on his  face as he was glad that he got somewhere with his parents. “Maybe there were reasons for it.”

“Is there any way to come back from where you guys went that night, though?” Bill asks, wondering how far the argument went. Chase looked away from his parents, having asked himself that question many times.

“I said a lot of things that night that I wish I could take back. From straight up yelling at her, to accusing her of not loving me fully, to throwing the lack of trust in her face, to saying that she forced me to do things in front of you guys like not believing your words. I said a ton of things that night I wish I could take back.” Chase then glances at the floor, taking a deep breath. “It’s why I told her that I want to talk when she gets a chance. I want to talk through everything and see where we stand with everything on the table. She has yet to arrange for that to happen.”

“Perhaps it’s just cause she needs time to process everything, perhaps because she’s focused on her brother right now.” Bill then switches over to the couch that Chase is sitting on, rubbing his back. “Maybe once she’s had her time and gets everything in order she’ll give you that call. I wouldn’t lose hope. I heard she texted  you on Sunday so that’s a start.” Chase shakes his head yes, as he glances up to look at his dad.

“I guess. it just hurts more than I realized it would to be apart from her. I didn’t realize it’d hurt this much.” Bill smiles a little as he trades a glance with Cindy.

“It’s because you realize how much you care about her, truthfully. It’ll work out, somehow. Everything will be fine.”


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