Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 59: “Are you sure this is right?”

With no work to do in one of the only off-days of the week, Jared Seate was set to take some action into his own hands.

“Are you sure this is right?” Chad Avrit asked as he watched his fellow crew member pull his cell phone out of his pocket. He knew the phone number that was about to be dialed, having heard the idea prior to meeting together.

“I’m certain this is what needs to happen if they’re going to get anywhere,” Jared answers as he brings the number up. He goes to hit dial, but Chad grabs his hand. “What?”

“Are you absolutely certain? I mean, what gives you the first clue?” Jared lets out a sigh. He should’ve called Nick instead.

“He hasn’t talked to Sarina lat-”

“I heard he got a text from her yesterday, actually. She congratulated him on the pole.” Jared rolls his eyes. The text was nowhere near the communication needed.

“Anybody can send a text, but that’s nowhere near a heart-to-heart conversation or getting back together.” Chad couldn’t help but think over Chase’s words.

“I told him on Saturday when he was thinking about her to give her a call. But he said that he’d rather wait till she’s ready. Listen, he knows her better than anyone. Maybe there’s a good reason why he is waiting. Maybe there’s something that we don’t understand. Heck, there was a lot that happened there especially with her brother being involved and then the brain tumor.” Jared had heard the narrative before, and perhaps it was starting to resonate with him. Maybe he should hold off and let things play out.

“Perhaps you’re right – but did you not notice the look he gave me when I offered about calling her? If looks could kill-”

“Then why are you calling her today, huh?” Jared was now starting to realize more and more it was a bad idea. After all, he knew it could result in him getting fired.

“Because they damn well need to get back together, okay? He’s upset, heartbroken – but yet we know in some way that they both care about each other, regardless of what happened. Perhaps it’s nerves, perhaps uncertainty is why she hasn’t called him. Perhaps she doesn’t understand what he’s going through on his side.  Hence why I want to fix that.” Chad couldn’t argue with the logic, as perhaps that was going on. However, it still didn’t seem right to meddle.

“I’m sure she somewhat gets where Chase stands. He put it out there that he wanted to talk, maybe working something out – that means to her, that there’s a window of opportunity. However, he knows with the deal with her brother, not to push the envelope. What if she’s focused on family drama? What if she doesn’t want to mix that due to her own worries and fears? What if she wants to fight one battle before another? There’s many reasons as to why she hasn’t called him ye-”

“Okay, and what about his feelings? Sure, she can take all the time that she wants Chad. But, look at how it’s affecting Chase. What about those feelings?” Chad knew there were in a bind, as there wasn’t much that he could say.

“I’m sure she understands partially where he’s coming from, and if he wanted her to know so bad – he’d reac-”

“Bullshit as he’s Mr. Friendly, won’t push anything. You know that yourself.” Chad lets out another sigh, handing another round to the tire carrier.

“Regardless, I’m sure she knows more on those feelings than we do, having heard the argument words and having seen him the day in the hospital. There’s a touch of hope there via the text message. Do you want to screw that?” Jared knew there was a slight chance of that, but didn’t see that image happening.

“I don’t think we’d screw that up, though. I think we’d just make the ball move faster by making her truly see what we’ve been seeing all this time.” Chad lets out a sigh, as Jared did have a point. Incase Chase had been guarded with his feelings, this could help push things closer if she knew just how much he cared. Perhaps that was part of her worry, and they’d solve it. “Well?”

“I still don’t think you should call her. I mean, Alan said himself that she knows things, and he’d know because he’s talked to Chase about it. Besides, Alan is right, too – that they need to work it out, or let it break apart. If we start getting in the middle, we’re only going to make things more complicated. Do you really want that for Chase?” Jared shakes his head no.

“Then what are we supposed to do while we wait for that phone call, bud?” Chad knew there was only one answered, as evidenced on pole day.

“Just be there for him. If he needs someone to talk to, listen. If he needs someone to lean on, let him. If he needs someone to cry on or do something for him, be that person. Just like you were there on Sunday to help him get in the car and such. It’s all we can do – just being the best friend that we can.” Jared lets out a sigh. He so badly wanted to just make this go away easily and knew he could with a simple phone call. He wasn’t one to have patience. But, as he had listened to Chad, he knew that there was something wrong with the picture he had drawn here – or he had called the wrong crew member to help him.

“I guess. It’s just agony…” Chad shakes his head in agreement, crossing his fingers that Sarina would call Chase soon.


2 thoughts on “Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 59: “Are you sure this is right?”

  1. Maybe she needs to hear what he’s not saying. He’s quiet, so maybe that HAS made her wary. His not saying how he feels. Or it could her brother drama. Maybe both, even. What Chase hasn’t said and her family drama working together to keep her like she is.


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