Cabin Fears – Chapter 14: “$2 million? Are you for real?”

After spending the morning sitting filled with anxiety, Dale now sat at a table with a pair of the detectives. The thought that they were there with some information should be helpful. However, it was the opposite. Given the quick disappearance, Dale could only paint ideas on where Chase could be.

A glance up and seeing the eyes of Chase’s parents, and the anger at Chase for leaving without letting anyone know seemed it’d be boil over. It was one thing to do this when he was younger – when they were all younger, but not now when they were older. Didn’t he know stress wasn’t good for older people?

The room also saw the arrivals of the close knit group – Regan, Darrell and Ryan. Considering the three had always been the ones that Chase would lean on, they deserved to know whatever information was to be said. Perhaps they could help answer any questions that’d come up.

“Everybody’s here now,” Cindy states, breaking the silence that had filled the room for the past couple of minutes. “Where’s my son?” The detective truthfully wished he could spit out a location with ease. However, that wasn’t the case.

“We still haven’t located Mr. Elliott specifically, ma’am,” the detective starts, causing a sigh and eye roll from Cindy. Didn’t they know the danger he was in? Why hadn’t they done their job and found the kids already? “We did, however, find some things that have alerted our curiosity. We checked all the United States airports for the tail number, but had no luck. We then expanded the search to Canada and Mexico, to cover all basis. The plane has been located at the Norman Rogers Airport.” Glances of confusion filled the room at the name, not placing a location with the name.

“Where the heck is that?” Ryan asks the question which every person felt like asking.

“Kingston, Ontario.” Dale rolls his eyes at the thought. It figured as the last time they played possum with Randy it led them to Ontario. He remembered the shock of the trip from 15 years ago with Regan, not believing that they’d be chasing a guy across North America.

“We’ve been there….” Cindy’s voice trails off as she thinks about the same previous trip that Dale was thinking about. It was as if they had a light bulb moment as the pair glanced at each other and Dale shook his head yes. He remembered the pilot stating something about that in his odd bank of memories.

“The last time we chased Randy around when he kidnapped Chase, we ended up there,” Dale starts. “We drove two hours northwest to a hospital in the Blue Mountain area where Chase was.” The officer shakes his head as he flips through the stack of documents in the file.

“Mr. Elliott was admitted December, 15 years ago, as a result of hypothermia due to falling in a hole on Lake Simcoe after an altercation with Mr. Randy Roberts,” the officer reads from one of the old files. “That was why he was arrested and thrown in jail, for the third time, in relation to situations surrounding Mr. Elliott and your family. Certainly Norman Rogers Airport is the closest airport to the area.” Dale wanted to scream. He knew the craziness that had been flooding through Chase’s mind. If they were set to return to where everything happened, he knew that it’d only be a matter of time before it pushed Chase further. However, it still didn’t make sense as to why Chase ran off without a trace, especially to there.

“If I may, are you saying that in his search for Alyssa and being perhaps desperately worried, he returned back to where Randy’s last known attack location was?” Darrell puts the theory out there, almost causing a light bulb moment for Dale. If Dale added that to his thoughts, it was clear rationale thinking had gone out of the window.

“You may be on to a very true theory, Mr. Wallace,” the officer states as he flips back to the main page. “With him officially being missing, bank assets were being watched to see for something suspicious. It appears after landing at the airport, he rented a truck with his credit card. He then proceeded to make a stop at the TD Canada Bank, 13 minutes away on Princess Street, and make a significant withdrawal, big enough that they required him to fill out security forms. How does $2 million sound?” All the jaws drop in the room at hearing the number, with even more confusion and anger set to hit the fan.

“$2 million? Are you for real?” Dale questions and the officer shakes his head yes, placing a copy of the document in the center of the table. “That’s impossible. That is not like Chase at all. He’d never do that. I mean, no….”

“Unless he wasn’t acting like himself due to being worried and paranoid,” Regan starts, catching Dale’s attention. “We both called him out on his feelings and worries and we both had a turn or two each talking to him. We warned him about things, and said if he got close to say something. What if the latest batch of pictures, wondering if Randy would rape her by how she was bound down pushed him over the edge?” Dale didn’t want to consider the possibility. He wanted to believe that somehow Chase had kidnapped, taken there, and forced to take the money out. None of this was adding up at all.

“Didn’t you mention something on the phone about Randy getting closer to wanting to reveal the details?” Bill then speaks, catching both of the boy’s attention and Dale shakes his head yes. “Catching the messenger, that’d force Randy to either want to act quicker or become desperate. What if he has Alyssa’s phone? What if he texted Chase something, sent him over the edge and he went into overdrive to satisfy the need?” It was a surprise to hear the oldest man in the room, completely worried over his son’s safety, actually be the smartest in the room with a theory.

“Why hadn’t this area been checked before knowing Randy’s past, anyway?” Dale questions as he looks back at the officer. He was starting to think about Chase’s words and the fact that the officers weren’t quite doing their jobs. It appeared they failed once again in not having any idea where Chase was now, either. “And please damn well tell me that you’re checking the entire area now.”

“I can assure you that there is a search party covering all the area up by Blue Mountain, and the surrounding areas,” the officer starts. “We checked the ski lodge where he was picked up from before, and we checked other discussed locations. We haven’t found anything yet.”

“What else is new?” The comment then caught the officer off-guard as Dale lets out a sigh. Perhaps it was his own frustration beginning to shine through but his attitude was wearing thin. Now he understood Chase’s actions based on his own feelings now.

“I suggest you get off your ass and find them then because this is getting ridiculous!” Cindy lets out as tears roll down her cheeks. Bill just sits there quietly, rubbing her back as he keeps his eyes on the officer.

“We are doing the best that we can, ma’am,” the officer assures her. “We were also wondering whether from what you’ve been told about the previous instances if you had any ideas.” The room fell silent as thoughts began to kick into overdrive. Given Randy was going over previous traces, there had to be something else they were missing – something obvious.

“The cabin,” Ryan spits out, catching everyone’s attention. “Before he dropped him in the hole, he kept him in a cabin not far from the lodge and open water over night because he didn’t want to travel then due to darkness. Perhaps he has the cabin still, or access to it.”

“Did Chase ever mention any names surrounding the cabin?” Ryan thinks it over and shakes his head no.

“There was a female that owned the cabin because he heard their voice speaking with Randy before leaving, but that’s it. No way to identify.”

“I’ll pass this information along to the right people, and perhaps they cross reference previous crime ring contacts and see if they can find something,” the officer states before leaving the room to make the phone call.

“He’s going to be okay, he’s got to be okay,” Bill says quietly as he continues to rub Cindy’s back. While he appeared to be the strong one of the pair, it was no secret that he was hurting on the inside as well.

“You’d think they would’ve checked, had posters, been doing all these things before we mention it,” Regan comments and Dale shakes his head yes.

“Chase mentioned something about how he didn’t like the officer and his behavior,” Dale starts. “Something about how incompetence, inability seemed to ring a bell. He actually got the officer assigned to him removed. It makes sense with those fears and his own irrational behavior out of worry that he’d escape without a trace.” Cindy then looks up from the table, eyes locked on Dale.

“Then why the hell weren’t you keeping a closer eye on him if you knew these details?” Cindy questions as Dale glances up, surprised by her attitude. It shouldn’t have surprised, to be honest, with her worries – but he had his own this time as well.

“I’ve been a little consumed with something else, thank you very much.”

“Guys, this doesn’t help matters,” Regan interrupts the pair as they both look over, steel-eyes in lock mode. “Besides, Dale is right. He has his own daughter missing, and a family to worry about. Knowing that, I should’ve kept a closer eye on him than I had been doing. I apologize for not doing that, Cindy, but if he was determined enough then nothing would’ve stopped him from going. You know his determination.” Cindy lets out a sigh, knowing that Regan was right. However, it felt comforting for a second to have someone else to blame.

“Well well, it seems the suggestion by Mr. Blaney has pawned something up,” the officer states as he returns to the group. “Kassandra Terrance owns the cabin, and happened to be arrested on crime ring charges eight years ago, but was let off. We are sending a task force over to the location now.”

“Glad we could do your job for you,” Dale states before standing up and walking away from the group. As he walked out to the kitchen, he just hoped the pair would be alright and able to heal from whatever they’d been put through.


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