Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 56: “It’s the Four Musketeers”

Disclaimer – I am a fan of the musketeers from KBM so don’t be offended if it comes all out the wrong way here at times.



“Well, well, it’s the four muskateers,” Ricky comments out loud with a small tinge of joke to his face, causing an interesting pair of glances from Kyle and Erik. “What? It fits. Besides, we could hear you all the way from the other end of the hall. If you wanted your conversation and worries to be private, you failed.”

“Blame these two twits,” Christopher says as he points towards Erik and Kyle, earning his turn for the glares.

“Remember – I’m your boss,” Kyle states before looking back over at Ricky and Chase. “Sarina has been a little worried about you and she wanted to see how you were doing. Against the judgment of those two numskulls, I agreed to bring her to see you – as long as you’re okay with it.” Kyle knew it was a touchy subject, having learned the connection between Sarina and Harry – whoops, Chris. It was why he had told Sarina that he’d take the lead, incase Chase was set on chasing her out of the room.

“It’s fine,” Chase accepts, easily. It was nice to know after their fight and his altercation with her brother that she cared enough to stop by and say hello. It was points towards the positive in reconciling.

“Kyle told me about your injuries, per what Ricky said,” Sarina starts as she walks over to the edge of the bed, remaining at the bottom as fear ran through her mind. “How are you feeling, though?”

“Really sore, to be honest. As sore as I was last year when this happened, if not worse.” Sarina felt as though her gut has been punched by the comment, as it served as a reminder that this wasn’t the first time her family had hurt him. It was like there was no hope in making things work down the road. “But, on the bright side, I don’t have a concussion and I’m cleared to run Daytona as planned. Needless to say, I’ll take it.”

“Seriously?” Erik questions and Chase shakes his head yes as he glances towards the fellow youngster.

“I ran last year with my ribs broke so what’s stopping me this year?” Chase offers and Erik couldn’t argue that, remembering how he had looked on in amazement with how Chase handled that situation.

“Are you still running the Clash?” Kyle wondered, simply out of curiosity. It was a question that Chase hadn’t pondered yet. He was for certain going to qualify, run the Duels, and the 500. As far as the rest, there were so many questions.

“I don’t know, yet,” Chase answers truthfully. “It depends how practice goes and whether I feel up to it. With Alex running Dale’s car, I know that I could possibly get Dale to run mine as he’s technically qualified also.” Kyle shakes his head accepting as he couldn’t see a bad thought in how Chase was planning this.

“Would this be the time to explain the deal with Chr-” Christopher Bell starts, catching everyone’s attention.

“Have you not learned yet when to keep your mouth shut?” Erik cuts him off, as Ricky gives them a curious glance. “That’s Sarina’s choice, not yours. However, I don’t believe that she should give Chase the time of day considering what happe-”

“You have no right to judge considering that you weren’t there and you don’t know the dynamics of what was happening,” Ricky cuts Erik off as he stands up. “Kyle, why did you bring the twits, especially if they’re going to talk like this? I mean, Sarina and Chase are going through this together. They know each other well. We’ve both seen that and hence why I accepted his words earlier about her, and why you brought her here. But these two? They may be able to drive, but buy them a clue.” Erik’s jaw drops in shock as Christopher puts his hand over his chest as if to act hurt.

“Ouch!” Christopher lets out as Kyle glances over at his younger driver. Letting out a sigh, he forgot how young the pair were and perhaps their supportive native for Sarina had caused him to overlook the truth here.

“Ricky does have a point, as much it hurts to hear a comment like that directed to you guys,” Kyle starts. “This is their deal, Christopher. Therefore, they can speak about the details as they both wish and desire. If Sarina doesn’t want to say anything, that’s fine. If she does, then that’s fine. Let her make the decisions to control her life. Erik, while you were right in your words for him, you were wrong in your words for Sarina about Chase. You may not agree based on what you know, but that doesn’t damn well mean that you throw those words out there in their face. It’s up to her to decide and her alone as it’s her life. If she wants your opinion, she’ll ask. Got it, boys?” Both of them shake their heads yes as Kyle smiles.

“It’s really strange seeing you as the mature one here,” Ricky comments as Kyle lets out a small chuckle. He had to admit it felt odd, especially considering how at odds him and Ricky had been over the years.

“Fatherhood seems to have a good effect on me. Well, that and running a race team.” Ricky smiles as he sits back down in his chair alongside Chase, glancing at the youngster.

“You could say this one had the same positive effect on me, too.”

“Glad you all have made up and agreed that sometimes you all need to shut up about things,” Chase starts, catching everyone’s attention as the room had turned sweet for a moment. While Chase wanted to keep the positive vibe and turn it into his comments for Sarina, there was another pressing matter. He didn’t like secrets in reference to the man who tried to kill him just hours ago. “However, Christopher’s words did catch my attention. Sarina, what was he referencing?”

“You deserve to know firsthand having gone through what you did, and you’ll probably find out anyway from the cops,” Sarina starts calmly, trying to keep her voice as steady as possible. “Immediately after his arrest, my brother pulled the psychiatric card of apologies and such – as I expected. With a past on his proper record, they quickly submitted him for an evaluation. Needless to say, it came back in a positive lig-”

“Because it’s true or he’s a good actor?” Ricky cuts her off, catching a stare from Chase and Kyle both. So much for staying out of their lives.

“It’s the truth – trust me. I’ve seen plenty of evidence and know it’s not something that he wants to do, Ricky. Whether you believe that or not, it’s up to you but that’s my word for you.” Ricky shook his head, understanding. He wanted to believe her, as she had been a great gal to date. However, he couldn’t admit being skeptical following her lies to Chase. “Upon that, they submit you for a CAT scan so therefore they can check out brain activity as part of your initial admission – something they had previously forgone doing. However, it turns out that it was the right decision. My brother has a brain tumor in the frontal lobe part of his brain.”

“Seriously?” Chase asks and Sarina shakes her head yes. “So everything came about due to a misdiagnosis for years?” Sarina shakes her head yes once again. Chase felt his guard dropping immediately, feeling bad that Sarina and her family had gone through that due to the lack of care given. On top of everything else they’d dealt with, it didn’t seem fair that this was the case.

“How does that explain what he di-” Ricky questions, still skeptical.

“The frontal lobe, per the doctor, is what controls your movements, intelligence, reasoning, behavior, memory, decision making, judgment – everything that you saw going wrong,” Kyle answers, having overheard the doctor and getting tired of Ricky’s interruptions. He wanted to see Chase and Sarina make some headway. “With how it was pressing against the brain, it was causing a split personality disorder –where he’d be sweet and kind to Sarina one minute, yet turn and want to kill someone the next.”

“So what happens now?” Chase asks, feeling his worry and concern growing with further explanations. Perhaps his comments to Ricky earlier about wanting to forgive and more forward were closer to reality than he thought then. After all, how he could blame Chris when he had this going on? How could he blame Sarina for her fear in not knowing anything?

“He’s currently in surgery right now. Sarina wanted to come see you while she waited as a distraction, if you will. It gave her something else to think about. Being a Grade 2 tumor, though, they think they will be able to safely do the surgery and he will be able to heal accordingly over the next three to four months, slowly relearning everything.” Chase shakes his head, understanding. He knew that’d probably mean that Sarina would want to help him, given how he was her only family left and deserved forgiveness despite the harm caused due to it not being purposeful. He wondered if he should go for the golden apology now so she could have someone to lean on, or to wait and let things play out as he had originally intended.

“Well, I do hope it goes smoothly and he is able to heal accordingly, despite the feelings I may have,” Ricky states as Sarina simply gives the crew chief a quick nod of the head.

“Thank you Ricky,” she states as she glances at Kyle, getting a nod, before looking back towards the group. “It’s also why I am breaking the terms of my contract with Kyle Busch Motorsports. I want to be there for my brother fully, and I don’t feel I can do that while racing. Chase Ricky, I know you hit terminate when we had the fight, but I want to ask for the same from you.” Chase could only nod his head and accept. Truthfully, his mind felt in overdrive with the new information.

“I totally understand as family comes first,” he let out, pushing his own personal feelings aside for now. “I wish him the best in his recovery, and hopefully it works out for you both.”

“Thank you. I hope you’re able to heal up fast.” He smiles as he glances towards Ricky.

“I have a decent caretaker so I should be okay.” She then had to chuckle a little, knowing the dig thrown in there. Perhaps there was a future for them.

“I’d like to stay and chat longer, but I want to be there for when he gets out. Thank you for hearing me out, and…..” Her voice trails off as she wanted to say See you later, but didn’t know whether that would truly happen, based on Chase’s anger previously. Chase caught the apprehension, and didn’t want to leave things on a sour note – again. it was why he knew he had to spit it out.

“See you later, Sarina. We’ll talk about things when the time is right.” She smiles and shakes her head accordingly, before heading out of the room, followed by the musketeers in tow.

“Are you okay?” Ricky asks once the group was out of earshot. Chase could only let out a sigh as he lies back against the pillow again.

“I got a lot to process and think about now, Ricky,” he states and Ricky could only shake his head in agreement.


2 thoughts on “Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 56: “It’s the Four Musketeers”

  1. I remember something I read in a magazine as a college girl. There was a 17 year old boy with a brain tumor and it affected his memory. So I know a brain tumor can mess someone up. You’d think he’d have been having some headaches. Brain tumors can cause really bad ones. That and dizziness. Now maybe her brother can in time be like he once was and not murderous.


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