Cabin Fears – Chapter 12: The Text Message

Since hearing the news of what Demi had discovered, Chase found himself in a bit of daze for the rest of Wednesday. You could say it was mostly based on disbelief.

Never in a million years did he ever expect Demi to come back into his life and do something positive for him. However, she had discovered the note delivery person and taken that information to the right people. In a weird way, he actually wanted to say thank you to her.

Taking a deep breath, perhaps she was truthful that day in the Hendrick office 15 years ago when she apologized for her involvement in what happened. Perhaps she had learned her lesson and was truthfully set on making a positive change. In a way, it added a bit of relief to the sting of the pain in what was remaining.

However, you could say it enhanced his current worry situation. How would he receive notes now? What would happen to Alyssa? It had officially been 48 hours and there hadn’t been a word heard from her. Would they get the happy ending that he envisioned?

He knew he couldn’t ponder that question. Of course she was going to be okay. Of course they’d get their happy ever after. Of course they’d get to be perfect pairing of princess and prince that they joked about all those times. Why would he think otherwise?

Letting out a sigh, he hears the ding of the oven, taking the pizza out of the oven. Slicing the small pizza into four pieces, he takes the plate and plots himself down on the couch. It may not be the most tasteful dinner, but it was better than having nothing at all and it was quick, easy to make. Right now, that was the best avenue considering all the thoughts on his mind.

He was almost done his pizza when he heard his phone go off. Setting down the last slice and glancing over to the phone, his mind wondered who could be messaging him. His first thoughts surrounded Dale, Regan, Ryan, Darrell or his parents – all wondering how he was doing, and whether he wanted to talk about feelings. In a way, he felt hope in it being Regan as a discussion could be warranted now.

Though as he picked up the phone and noticed who the call had come from, he felt himself freeze, afraid to unlock the piece of technology before him. How was she texting him?

Alarmed, paranoid, afraid – he knew that he couldn’t answer his questions by leaving his phone alone. He quickly unlocks his phone, opening the text message to read it. As he began to look at the writing, he knew that it wasn’t from Alyssa – but whether Randy. Figures.

“Chase, it’s so nice to reconnect with you after all these years,” the text message started. “I never thought that we’d see each other again, but hey, guess here we are. Hope you’ve been well, and warm; I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold buddy. Besides, if you did, you wouldn’t be able to run as a result of leg pain.”

Shaking his head, taking a couple deep breaths, Chase tried to chase every thought that was entering his mind away with all the reminders of the past. Randy still knew how to push his buttons, and was doing a good job as he felt his heart rate quicken.

“Anyways, enough with rekindling as we have business to take care of,” the message continued. “I have someone that you want – and you have something that I want. You know what I’m capable of and you’re lucky I haven’t pulled anything on your darling princess. However, things won’t stay that way. You have 12 hours to make your way to my location and must bring $5 million to get what you want. Do as I request, and it’ll be over. Fail to follow orders, and it may be over in another way.”

Reading the words outloud, Chase felt goosebumps all across his skin, heart rate quickening even more, as panic and fear laced his thoughts. In a instant, rather than remembering the necessary precaution steps or any rationale thinking for that matter, he was focused on one thing – saving Alyssa.

He then waits for the next message to come in, with an address on it.

“Canada,” he says out loud as he quickly switches to the map app on his phone, copying over the suspicious address. He lets the map load on his phone, seeing how it’s in the northern part of the country. He then taps the street view in anticipation of getting an idea of the area. Another skin crawl, and it was obvious where they were. At least it didn’t seem daunting being summer now. However, why hadn’t he thought of that spot sooner? “Of course. Where else would he be?”

“Coming now,” he types back quickly before hoping off the couch quickly.

He then hurries up the stairs, grabbing a couple changes of clothe and throwing them into a bag before running back down the steps.

Whether it was the fear talking, anxiety, or overzealous hope in being able to see Alyssa soon, it was clear the rationale thinking was right out of the window. Instead of speaking to the officers on the property or even Dale, he found himself outside, sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, backing out of the drive way.

“Wait up!” He hears the officer yell as he quickly spun the car around, heading down the lane way to leave the property.

The normal drive to the airport would’ve taken about 40 minutes, but he had made it there in 20 minutes as he was determined to get to Alyssa as quickly as possible, no matter the means possible.

Climbing out of the car at the airport, he makes his way quickly across the airport to where the plane was kept. Letting himself into the hanger with ease, he pulls out the small plane without flinching. There was no thought of going through the usual safety check – that’d just waste time – as he threw his bag in the back and climbed into the pilot’s seat. Quickly turning on the switches, he made his way down the runaway before taking off into the night sky, set to reach Alyssa’s location as soon as possible.

Back at the property, the officer had reported Chase leaving to the others in hopes of him being found quickly so they could keep an eye on him for his own safety. A quick search and the car was found at the airport, hanger door left open and plane having left.

With the information in hand, the lead officer took the information to Dale, wondering if he knew a thing.

“I have no idea,” Dale answers simply, pulling his phone out of his pocket. He then tried calling Chase’s number twice – no avail – before sending a couple text messages. He then texted Regan, Darrell, Ryan, Chase’s parents and a couple others as if to ask if they’d heard from him.

“So you have no idea where he’d be going?” The officer asks and Dale shakes his head no.

“We haven’t gotten any more leads or anything, so I don’t know. I know he’s concerned about her and a lot on his mind, and sometimes does some searching via driving and flying, but he’s a good guy. He’s normally co-operative and waits for someone to go with him. This is totally out of the ordinary for him.”

“Well, we’re going to track the tail number and have people check airports across the country. As soon as we locate the plane, we’ll let you know.” Dale shakes his head, accepting, as he runs his hands through his hair. It was enough worrying about where his daughter was – but now the worry was increased in knowing Chase had disappeared into the night.

Where was he?

After touching down in Canada, Chase parked the plane where he was told at the small local airport that was located just an hour before the cabin.

“Do you know where the closest bank is?” He asks the airport service member, who was still oblivious to the fact that this was Chase Elliott he was talking to, which was fine by Chase.

“There’s one about 10 minutes up the road if you head north, 20 minutes if you head south,” he answers as Chase accepts, easily.

After renting a truck from the local rental place – again, surprised that nothing was said when he handed over identification and his credit card, he quickly headed up in the north direction. He stopped at the first bank that he came across, making his way inside.

It shouldn’t have surprised him that the teller gave him a wide-eyed look when he asked to withdraw $5 million from his account. He shouldn’t have been surprised when the manager gave him the same look, or was curious as to the reasons why Chase needed the money.

“It’s for a business deal that I am making,” he lied as he stood there before the manager in her office. “The guy directly asked for $5 million in cash funds.” The manager shook her head in surprise as she looked over the account information.

“Well sir, we are not allowed to give someone that much in cash – unless you go to the head office in Toronto,” the manager states. Chase shook his head as he knew that wasn’t possible. Being Thursday morning, he only had a couple hours to get the money to Randy and knew he couldn’t make that time. “Given the amount that is in your account and what we have available in the branch, I can give you $2 million, but you need to fill out a government form.” There was no other way around it.


After going through the necessary paperwork – taking longer than he had hoped, – and going to the local department store to purchase some totes – he returned to take procession of the 20,000 $100 bills. He loaded the truck with some privacy at the back of the branch, carrying each tote on before closing the back gate.

Climbing back into the driver’s seat of the truck, he shook his head as he glanced at himself in the mail. For the first time in the past 10 hours, it seemed rationale thinking had hit him as he glanced down at the receipt.

“Am I crazy? Have I gone insane?” He asks himself.

Though just as quickly as he turned back to reality, his eyes caught the clock and he knew there was no turning back now as he headed on down the road. Being careful and watching everything and everybody – high chance of being robbed here with all the money, he made his way through the route that he had planned in his phone to get to the cabin.

As he pulled up to the front of the cabin and shut the truck off, he takes a couple deep breaths. It was like a flash of feelings hit him, remembering being locked in a basement room over night, dragged up the stairs and knocked out for trying to escape. Glancing off into the distance, at least he wouldn’t be dunk into a ice cold hole with no snow in sight.

Climbing out of the truck, he walked up to the front door and knocked. He didn’t know what he was going to say, especially being short $3 million, but anything was worth a shot.

“Chase, it’s nice to see you that you made it,” a female greets him at the door. “Kassandra is the name. you may come in.” Chase then takes a step inside, hearing the front door slam behind him. As he glanced around the cabin, it seemed to surreal to be a place where someone was being held hostage. “Randy will be up to see you shortly.” He then watches her walk towards the stairs to go to the basement – knowing that’s where Alyssa would be – and goes to follow, but a hand is held up in front of him. “You can’t come down with me, Chase. As soon as you step on the first step, say goodbye to your girlfriend.”

He then freezes, swallowing a little inside at the thought, before watching her go through the door and head down the stairs. He could only stand there and wait, wondering and worrying about what would happen next when he faced Randy, again.


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